Everyone’s marching around in circles.

Somewhere around the Rose Garden, a rally was held wanting or demanding or hoping that the Portland Trailblazers basketball franchise would sign Lebron James.

Meantime, down by the waterfront a motorcade of police officers slid alongside a grouping of Anarchists, hemming them in and likely using the word “Containment” in discussion of strategizing what to do with this march — as they chanted, “No Justice, No Peace, Fuck the Police”.  Or so I heard.  I can’t quite get it down, because it seems like there should be a phrase in between the “No Peace” and the “Fuck the Police” — try it and say it aloud  — three or four syllables are missing in the cadence.

The Oregonian has, at oregonlive, coverage of the James rally.  I don’t see the 75 or 100 Anarchists there — for that, I have to go over to Portland Indymedia.  Granted, I don’t see coverage of the Lebron James rally at Portland Indymedia either — might be tucked in their Sports section somewhere.

On Sunday, I found myself mid-morning unexpectedly surrounded by Lesbians.  Gay Pride Parade!  I walked past it, and saw a few exhibits.  It’s a conservative and highly corporate affair.  I don’t know what Bill O’Reilly does anymore to get some “Scary” footage — No groups of nearly naked men prouncing about in underwear to the tunes of ABBA (It’s a Bill O’Reilly clip I saw years ago that is seared into my mind).  No NAMBLA float.  Politicians of the local city council stripe ushering in their staff (rhymes with “Saltzman”, following close on the heels of an Airline crew with small inflatable airplane balloons.  Are the parade of churches at the start or finish of these things?
Don’t see any mention of this thing at Portland Indymedia.  Probably view it as a bunch of Yuppies.  I see that the Oregonian article has over 80 comments — Brace yourself for comments such as:

voicefromthehood June 20, 2010 at 6:54PM
I’m from Massachusetts. We started 15 years ago with a gay parade too. Look where we went…
Don’t know if that’s pro or anti.  I think I’ll jump around various blogs and toss up indecipherable comments like that at various “Culture War” items.
Next week, the Queer Basketball fan Black Blocks are going to hold a march — be there or be… um…

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