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Did you hear about Pat Robertson’s outrageous remarks?
Actually the remark not all that outrageous.  Or, better to say they are outrageous — maybe even as outrageous as other things he has said, but with the depressing remark that it’s a tad too normal a sexist trope.  Anyway, Dog Bites Man — Pat Robertson noted.

So, you hear about what Rush Limbaugh had to say?
Okay.  As with Pat Robertson, it sort of seems pointless to backtrack whenever Rush Limbaugh says something “provacative”.  But I’m a bit at a loss.  The thing about Rush Limbaugh is that there tends to be an item of “nuance” in his “provacations”.  To his admirers, he’s “exposing Liberal hipocrisy”, and there’s a supposed set up with these things.  Bear in mind, I am not defending him per se, so much as giving him his definition.
So what do we have with this one?  Really, nothing so much as I can tell.

What Limbaugh is expressing is his frustration at seeing every year an evergreen story about Childhood Hunger, that students who rely on the School Lunch Program are now left without that meal.  He does not want to hear about such a problem, or to consider it a problem he would have to deal with in any measure.  His experiences — the listeners’ experiences, presumably, are that when they were children, they could easily obtain food from the Pantry and Refrigerator in their house.  There is a smidgeon of resentment about the poor spending  food stamps on cheap processed junk food in lieu of preparing more nutritious food items — such that we hear about the potato chips and “perhaps even can of corn”.  Skip to the Dumpster Diving and the curious remark about “videos that have been produced to show you how to healthfully dine and how to dumpster dive” —
Understand, when I hear of a remark from Limbaugh, I always try to sort out what attitude he’s trying to “expose”.  I may be giving him too much credit for this one, but I … guess there might be a hinge-point here.  Did he, like, see an article in the Village Voice vaguely supportive toward Anarchists’ videos on how to most healthily “Dumpster Dive”?  Is this just showering resentment to the middle class, even lower-middle class, audience members to deride poorer people than them and helply identify with them the upper class they strive to be part of?  Then again, some current trends suggest the possibility that we’ll just cut parts of the public out of the Economy, so the game becomes one of projecting the children fifteen years into the future.


So, did you hear about Jerry Brown’s outrageous remarks?  Still smarting from the Dead Kennedys song, I take it.

But back to the problem of the children…
Orrin Hatch thinks their parents are all on drugs anyways.

There is a spectre that looms over the midterm elections, and it’s kind of weird.  It came from out of Representative Barton’s remarks, which posit the Democratic Party with a pivot point.  The Democratic Party just might end up losing the most negligible of ground.  Roll down the Senate seats — it’s long been pegged that the Republicans start off with four currently held contested Senate seats — North Dakota, Arkansas, Indiana, and Delaware.  Maybe Indiana or Delaware will shift — but I doubt it.
After that — shoot.  The Republican candidate — Mark Kirk — in Illinois has run into a headache.  In Nevada, if Harry Reid were given the opportunity to draw up a profile for any opponent he could, he wouldn’t dare draw up “Tea Party Favorite” Sharron Angle.   The fifth most likely Republican pick-up seems to be Colorado, where the Democratic candidate has surged upward in the polls, seemingly based on a consolidation of Hispanic support in the wake of political happenings over there in Arizona.  And, no I don’t see “Tea Party Favorite” Pat Toomey beating Joe Sestack in Pennsylvania — (Wait.  Wasn’t that Sestack scandal the new Wategate?)
Meantime, Charlie Crist has consolidated Democratic support in Florida after quitting the Republican Party and is skipping ahead of Marc Rubio by a sizable amount — the the effect that I gather Crist will end up beating (“Tea Party Favorite”) Rubio.  Ohio and Missouri are toss-ups, and New Hampshire almost is.  I’ve been trying to keep an eye on the polls in Kentucky — my guage is that “Tea Party favorite” Rand Paul will end up winning the election on Election Day by eight or so points but who knows?  North Carolina comes across about like that.  And the Democrat in Louisiana seems to have had a polling up-tik — frustrating things happening off the ocean there.
So, I gather Republicans pick up two three seats, where a month ago I’d figure they pick up five or seven?

Even as the “party in power” has troubles “reconciling the contradictions” of the public opinion, it is simply a matter that in a period of Economic Frustration, eventually the concerns of leading Republicans like Rush Limbaugh toward reading about the existence of poverty (even relatively low level) seem a little misplaced.  Actually, this exchange largely reminds me of this SNL bit.

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