social mores

Hm.  Interesting Letter in the paper.

Uncomfortable exposure
We shouldn’t have been surprised, I guess, that while at a family gathering outside the Rose Festival Waterfront Village looking at the floats, a group of police department-condoned nude bicyclists/exhibitionists pedaled by, waving at all the people, including the small children in our group. What a sick statement that makes to the general population and the children. Why does this perverted minority in Portland have the right to disturb the majority? This is clearly wrong. A society has the right to establish mores and values by the majority. The “Rose Festival” now to us will simply connote “anything goes” and out-of-control liberalism.

We will boycott Portland events and urge others to do so in the future, at least until there are more rational government and police enforcement entities in office.

West Linn

To clarify the situation for Chris and Kathy Scheller of West Linn, and from what I understand, Nudity is legal if it has no Sexual Gratification attached to it — or to put another way — the Nudity is legal so long as you go out of your way to be unsexy.  So there are your mores.
Wait.  Was this in the floatation exhibition thing?  I thought they pedalled away in disunion with a

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