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what shoes are you wearing?

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

Yes, I hate that Illegal Immigration Bill passed in Arizona.  No, I do not have a compact answer to the attendent problems from Illegal Immigration, and this is just as well — I do not think such a thing exists.
I’m not a big believer in Utopia.  It is a remarkable political solution that dissolves a problem in full.

Throwing out few sign-posts on the “Answer” (I have my assorted ideas), I can say this for sure.  The people trying and finding ways to explain why the search for illegal immigrants won’t simply settle down onto “Racial Profiling” — say for instance, the now frequently quoted California Rep Brian Bilbray, siding next to the Wisdom of Law Enforcement in following the clearly deliniated Law —

They will look at the kind of dress you wear, there’s different type of attire, there’s different type of…right down to the shoes, right down to the clothes, but mostly by behavior …

Sheesh indeed.  I think he means that their shoes are more ragged?
Brian Bilbray can indeed take solace in that his shoes are pretty good.

Thinking about the political ramifications, it weighs John McCain down in his primary battle, makes mince-meat out of a lot of commentary we’ve had over the last year about the lack of salience on this issue, shelves climate change legislation, and makes everyone appreciate the governorship of Janet Napolitano, who we can now wish Obama had not pulled into his Administration.

Mostly my thought corners back over to the rhetoric of the Tea Party movement and our overlap with whom are supporting this law.  It becomes clear that the protest rhetoric against the encroaching state is a luxury item… see their attitudes if they are stopped and asked for their identification — what was that Rage against the Census all about anyways?  If the legal Mexican Americans, about to be stopped in the near future at regular intervals, started packing heat en masse, would everyone be fine with this?

But again, these protesters have on the right shoes.

Carol Johnson-Smith sets out to become the next Kesha Rogers. Or something like that.

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Hm.  One good thing may be that this can happen.
Fans of the Tea Party movement were not disappointed on the first anniversary of the tax day event at Barley and Hops this year. Well, perhaps with the exception of Lyndon LaRouche supporters with a giant “Impeach Obama” sign; they were kindly asked to leave it off the premises.
But swirling around that vein, I see taht that damned stupid piece from Cliff Kincaid, and its similar progeny, continues making the rounds.  And I laugh at this comment.

Taylor H said…  Infighting like this seems to be what the elites would want. It takes our mind out of focus.

Actually it’s not so much what the Elites want, but what the Cult want — to think they’re joining in the battle against the Elites.

There are worse connections to be made than shuffling about the debris of Tea Party fracus.  Take this connection for instance.

What about starting with the password to enter the secret sex society. It is “Fidelio”, which is oddly enough a opera by Beethoven. Dr. Harford (Cruise) got it from the piano player: but remember it isn’t really the piano player’s password – it’s Kubrick’s. He wrote the script. If we look at the text of the opera, we find themes like deception, imprisonment, rebellion against tyranny. But this doesn’t sit well, because the setting is in Spain in the late 19th century and could just be another smokescreen intentionally put in by Kubrick.

Do “Fidelio” and conspiracy have an affinity? Follow this link:

If you did, you’ll find “Fidelio” is the name of a magazine – it is presided over by Lyndon LaRouche, someone who heads up an organization that gets it’s inspiration from various conspiracies! It was started in the early 90’s, but the question remains: is this reason enough to say there is a connection? Does the magazine inspire the movie somehow?

The answer:  no.

Moving right along…
If it weren’t a bit of a hassle to register to this forum for John Byrne, star-artist of some Superman comic books in the 1980s, I would register and post one single post and then leave.
Michael Retour?  To quote Congressman Joe Wilson, “YOU LIE!”  And it looks like he’s going to get away with it, unless — I suppose — Matthew McCallum or Michael Roberts like to engage in vanity google searches.

But I would like to know — why is Retour / Revenire lying?  He’s proud of his association with Larouche on this blog.  He’s proud of it in his factnet posts.  But he hides it when discussing John Byrne?
Note for the record:  then again Wikipedia doesn’t always get things ‘correct’ and no less a talent than John Byrne bans any mention of Wikipedia from his site.

Then again:  Retour:  I am running three congressional campaigns now: one in Texas, one is Massachusetts and one in California. My Texas candidate won the primary.
Doesn’t matter to me if someone here doesn’t believe that.

Michael Roberts:  As a number of us at the JBF are political junkies, it would be great to know which three candidates you’re working for right now. That way we can cheer on your successes.
Question: is there a similar set of candidates for California, Massachusetts, and Texas other than Summer Shields, Rachel Brown, and Kesha Rogers?

A good cull of information metrices from a “Kevin Brown“.

I am involved in national politics at a visible level.  That isn’t going to go public here.  You can, as always, believe what you like.
Jodi my wife actually won her election. 
I also work for a private intelligence agency (nothing like the CIA).  My work in sensitive.  It might not qualify me as an internet quarterback but hey, we all do what we can.
I’ve worked with Maxine Waters, Brad Sherman, Henry Waxman, and other SoCal Dems.  I served on the State Central Committee.  Anyone really aware of the California Democratic Party knows what that is.  
Al you remind me of Rumpelstiltskin but with even more rage.  I am sure your wife appreciates the break you give her by fighting windmills online.
Just accept I am what I say and move on.  

Continuing:  I’ve been at this political junk for 30 years in all sorts of capacities.

One of my congressional campaigns in California was in a predominantly white area. The other candidates were whipping up the population into an anti-immigrant frenzy. At a campaign event of 300-400 people we candidates shared the stage. This event was televised. It was a standard Q & A session with teleprompter like responses from most of the candidates, although one rather bloodthirsty one did say he would pull the switch on his own grandmother (playing to the pro-death penalty crowd). I asked for a show of hand of people who had lost their jobs to illegal immigrants.

Matthew McCallum:  (I hate giving up on my LaRouche theory, because the pieces all fit, dang it!)
Dear Matthew McCallum: Don’t.

California, Masschusettes, Texas, and… Wait.  Another candidate?  This one in Indiana?

But Johnson-Smith, a Corydon native who’s political career thus far is limited to a failed run at a Harrison County Council seat, said the nation’s spending is out of control due in part to egregious financial bailouts.
“We don’t have an economy anymore,” she said. “There’s no good leadership in the [Democratic] party.”
Johnson-Smith describes herself as a Lyndon LaRouche Democrat, taking her lead from the former candidate for U.S. President who focused much of his campaign on economics.
Though a Democrat, Johnson-Smith favors the impeachment of President Barack Obama because of his support of bailouts and said the nation needs to return to the financial policies established by former President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Keep up to date with her campaign blog, facebook feed, and twitter account.  There doesn’t seem to be as much here as for the others.  Will she be noting things from LPAC such as — ?

The fact is, civilization is rapidly running out of time and options to respond to the existential threat facing it. And it is also a fact that only LaRouche has presented a policy for safe passage out of the New Dark Age that the British are otherwise actively unleashing. So, if we do not succeed, there will be nothing left to worry about. The apparatus that you use for worrying will be taken away from you; so whatever worrying you plan to do, do it now—and then act promptly and effectively to make sure that we win. Because either we win, or civilization doesn’t have a chance, and you will only have a relatively few moments before expiring.

I note that this can be found in an article entitled “Towards a New Periodic Table Of Cosmic Radiation “, published by “Executive Intelligence Review”, and FOUND IN GOOGLE NEWS!!!!!!

Anyway, good campaign rhetoric to be mined from that one.

Okay.  So we now have a quartet of candidates to look out at instead of a trio.  Now let’s see how the Street Theater Crew are doing.  Number One.

“No, but I don’t think he’s Hitler.” Then I tried to reiterate one last time that they didn’t really believe that. One of them literally said, “We don’t have to defend ourselves against you.” And the other said, “Yeah, your academic BS…” And that was it, an unfinished musing on the nature of argument. What could I respond with? […]
No, the net result is that it’s just sad. Someone got ahold of their young brains and polluted them…you can’t hold the boys responsible, but they’re anything but innocent. They’re like telemarketers on their first or second day: They still actually believe in their product and think it’s a worthwhile investment that everyone should have.
No Shows in Seattle, indicating possible victors in that Seattle’s “War Against the Larouchies”.  (Hey!  That’s what the media is calling it.)

Tea party member Ty Welch warned that a group run by Lynden Larouche commonly attend the Tax Day rallies, but if they were there, they didn’t make themselves known.

But they’re in San Francisco going for Summer Shields.
Asked one LaRouchie to explain why she linked the president to the Nazi leader. About seven minutes and several follow-up questions later, there still wasn’t a link…and my ears were starting to melt and slide off of my head.

The Larouchies are being out-staged in Sacramento.


BeeCensored wrote on 04/17/2010 10:52:06 PM:  …where two dozen or so supporters of political oddball Lyndon LaRouche sang hymns with banners unfurled…
And you gave us a snap shot of these four overdressed clown types to make your point?

Yeah well.  They’re more inventive.  To conclude that thought:  Their work done, the LaRouche protesters soon finished their songs, rolled up their banners and left.

The anti-Jerrysters aren’t quite as active competition as this act is:
We did the same thing outside when the despicable LaRouche pigs showed up with their giant banner of our President wearing a Hitler moustache, singing about impeaching President Obama, and we oversang them with the Star Spangled Banner so they could no longer be heard.

Worry now because your capacity to Worry is about to be taken away from you.

While there didn’t seem to be an organized effort to picket the President, a few disaffected protesters managed to make the scene. A small crowd of Lyndon LaRouche organizers crowded a nearby street corner, clustered around a poster of Obama sporting a Hitler mustache. Angrily buttonholing pedestrians, they declared that the Afghanistan war is actually a colonial war in support of the British Empire, that the proposed health-care plan bears a startling resemblance to Hitler’s policies and that Western civilization is in immediate danger of apocalyptic destruction. But passers-by gave the LaRouche supporters wide berth.

The Gays are invading Riverdale!!!

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

A year ago, I had this thought that maybe Archie Comics should have just gone ahead and thrown in the towel and called it a day back at about the time Dan Decarlo died.  This thought came with the publicity that swirled around their story where Archie married Veronica — sometime in the not-too-distant future, naturally.  My thought had nothing to do with the story or the stunt of the story, but because of the art that came with the story.  Stan Goldberg is by now a legacy cartoonist for Archie.  He was competent through his long career.  Now he’s bad.  And it’s what they showed for their broader public.

Moving on would be good, because comic book industry would continue the posthumous honoring of Dan Decarlo and move on to publish everything else he’s done (Is there a Homer the Happy Ghost collection coming soon?) , a scattering of fans in the know can celebrate and take a gander at the creativity in the work of Samm Schwartz, and people can upload comics with “WTF?” subtexts  that elicit the easily answered “Wait.  Who wrote this stuff?” — it stands to reason that if it’s anything that you want to post online, it was written by Frank Doyle.

Today, I have to wonder what do I make of this ?  I like the non-chalance of the cartoonist being interviewed, but really there is a feeling of a stunt at work here.

A gay character arrives in Riverdale.  Everybody knows that he’s gay except for Veronica.  Apparently, as the page here shows, Jughead’s not going to tell Veronica just for the laughs of watching her wonder why or why is this guy not interested in her advancements?

Huh.  Will this play in Peyoria?  For hints to that question, we can ask — Is this commenter from Peyoria?

The gay lobby at work trying to plug their agenda anywhere, what’s next?, a gay Batman?, ridiculous.
Posted by: eaglestrk01

And now that they’ve successfully gotten a gay character into anachronistic Riverdale, I’m sure the Gay Lobby can call it a day.

The better question might be — the  Evangelistic Christian Archie characters from the alternative universe of Spire Comics — as created by Al Hartley — how are they going to handle this gay guy?  Will they successfully get him to an Exodus Therapy Conference to kick the gay out of him so he will find the salvation of Jesus Christ?  Peyoria might be fine.  And Riverdale-1 might be tolerant of the gays. I have to worry about about Riverdale-2.

Mother Should I Trust the Government?

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Question:  what does it mean that “The Government” has such a low trust rating?

Well, one thing is that the Trust Rating at its height — the fat complacent and comfortable Eisenhower years — was an absurd inflation.  There were just as many, if not more, reasons, to distrust the Government at that point in time than there are now.

The next problem is this sort of question of what precisely does this mean?  The Government is not a monolithic entity.  I don’t want to ever say that I Trust such a thing, but I do “trust” this thing in it and that thing in it.  Meantime, I kind of just have to resent the question, because to answer it is to know that analysts will be making broad conclusions with the numbers.  Look at it this way:  you know I.F. Stone?  A great Leftist man.  Last year he was embroiled into a long-standing controversy with various right-wing and conservative Honchos shouting in triumph a supposed “confirmation” that he was a Soviet Spy!  Meantime, there’s a pretty good quote that I see bandied about from various Libertarians — “All Governments Lie.”  To wit, he would answer the question with a negative.  And his answer heads into an entirely different direction than — say — this clown.

Meantime, go down the list.  Nobody trusts a damned Authority in their lives right now.  The Republican Senate front runner, Sue Lowden — spells out a matter of government authority by coming out in favor of the Barter System as a different tact than the “Massive Government Take-over” of Obama’s Health Insurance Reform.  Interesting devolution for Collateral being put up for Big Business.  And what can we say about Organized Religion?  The Catholic Church is not inspiring much trust right now.  And Islam is busy picking a fight with South Park for reasons neglected before 9/11.  Works well enough — remain skeptical — Trust But Verify, Verify before Trust, etc etc.

What hath Saturday Night Live Wrought?

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

As I skip from Michael Moore’s to “Dude, Where’s My Country?” — 2003 — over to Jerry Doyle’s “Have You Seen My Country Lately?”, I recognize one major difference.  The “Left” throws a greater jab at convemporary popular culture than the “Right”. 

Here I would encourage you to read the wikipedia synopsis of “Dude Where’s My Car?”  In part because there’s a good chance you didn’t see it, and it behooves you to know a little bit more than you did before.

So it is there that we get a further comparison of the celebrities put forward in what falls (regretably) into a sort of “identity” protests for the two administrations.  The Right were always beating the drums against the various celebrities who voiced an opinion against Bush and against the War.  It is talk show host (themselves nothing but opinionated celebrities) Laura Ingraham’s “Shut Up and Sing“.  It is Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s “Team America: World Police”.  For that matter, it’s the Decembrists’  16 Military Wives and the
“Fifteen celebrity minds
Leading their fifteen sordid wretched checkered lives
Will they find the solution in time
Using their fifteen pristine moderate liberal minds?”

Well, mostly anyone tuned them out.  The people really paying attention to them were rallying to the cause of … Clint Black.  But I will say this.  I don’t know who on the roster of celebrities voicing opinions is quite like…

Victoria Jackson.

The Voice of a Movement, everyone.

Bad Confluence of Days in History

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

There’s sort of a bad confluence of events for History on April 19 and April 20.

For April 19.

1993 – The 51-day siege of the Branch Davidian building outside Waco, Texas, USA, ends when a fire breaks out. Eighty-one people die.

1995 – Oklahoma City bombing: The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA, is bombed, killing 168. That same day convicted murderer Richard Wayne Snell, who had ties to bombing suspect Timothy McVeigh, is executed in Arkansas.

So it is, the New York Times published this essay yesterday:  Can You Have a Happy Birthday on April 19?

To be sure, other events of note occurred on April 19, some good, some bad — the beginning of the Revolutionary War in 1775, Lincoln’s blockade of Confederate ports in 1861, Captain Cook’s sighting of Australia in 1770, the destruction of Toronto by fire in 1904, the abandonment of the gold standard in 1933, the Warsaw Ghetto revolt in 1943, the marriage of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco in 1956, the sentencing of Charles Manson in 1971, the installation as Pope Benedict XVI of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger in 2005 (good or bad; hard to tell), the Broadway opening of my favorite musical, “Carousel” (1945), the birthdays of Ashley Judd (1968), Murray Perahia (1947), Dudley Moore (1935), Jayne Mansfield (1933), Eliot Ness (1903), and the deaths of C.S. Pierce (1914), Charles Darwin (1882), Benjamin Disraeli (1881), Lord Byron (1824) and Paolo Veronese (1588).

I think the “beginning of the Revolutionary War” figured into a connection for McVeigh.  Uber-Patriot Timothy McVeigh went out to avenge the Government’s killings at Waco by a terrorist act aimed at the government in Oklahoma City.

And you know what else?
For the government, April 19 is a day to worry about. When F.B.I. agents arrested nine members of the Christian militia known as the Hutaree in late March, they acted because of information indicating that the group was planning an attack on police officers sometime in April. The betting is that the date they had in mind was April 19.

On edge.

Meanwhile, April 20 brings us

Birth:  1889 – Adolf Hitler, German Nazi dictator (d. 1945)

1999 – Columbine High School massacre: Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold kill 13 people and injure 24 others before committing suicide at Columbine High School in Jefferson County, Colorado.

Are these things related?  The answer is no, except in the early news reporting which I guess was based on some rather flaky unreliable student interviews and conjecture.  Perhaps too an internet posting that day from a screwy neo-nazi citing the unleashing of “Sleeper cell” in Suburban Colorado.  But this fell by the wayside in due time, I suppose.  But I guess that was only slightly less relevant to what happened than the Columbine High School clique group that had mostly graduated out in 1998, which the “Trenchcoat Mafia” has long become a short quick-hand reference.  Or to Marilyn Manson, for that matter.  These all sort out to become the equivalent of the siting of an Arab near the premises — something still today you get as evidence of a further conspiracy.

Our popular awareness of the Oklahoma City bombing is pretty much accurate, and our popular awareness of Columbine is not particularly accurate.  The latter gets infused with conceptions of adolescence and high school, and a Moral Panic of “What is happening with our children?”  Meaning needs to be found.
Well, I think public and private schools are a bit on alert for today.  If it works to distract anyone, 4:20 and its attendant Stoner Isle of a Stoner Holiday is right around the corner.