The Gays are invading Riverdale!!!

A year ago, I had this thought that maybe Archie Comics should have just gone ahead and thrown in the towel and called it a day back at about the time Dan Decarlo died.  This thought came with the publicity that swirled around their story where Archie married Veronica — sometime in the not-too-distant future, naturally.  My thought had nothing to do with the story or the stunt of the story, but because of the art that came with the story.  Stan Goldberg is by now a legacy cartoonist for Archie.  He was competent through his long career.  Now he’s bad.  And it’s what they showed for their broader public.

Moving on would be good, because comic book industry would continue the posthumous honoring of Dan Decarlo and move on to publish everything else he’s done (Is there a Homer the Happy Ghost collection coming soon?) , a scattering of fans in the know can celebrate and take a gander at the creativity in the work of Samm Schwartz, and people can upload comics with “WTF?” subtexts  that elicit the easily answered “Wait.  Who wrote this stuff?” — it stands to reason that if it’s anything that you want to post online, it was written by Frank Doyle.

Today, I have to wonder what do I make of this ?  I like the non-chalance of the cartoonist being interviewed, but really there is a feeling of a stunt at work here.

A gay character arrives in Riverdale.  Everybody knows that he’s gay except for Veronica.  Apparently, as the page here shows, Jughead’s not going to tell Veronica just for the laughs of watching her wonder why or why is this guy not interested in her advancements?

Huh.  Will this play in Peyoria?  For hints to that question, we can ask — Is this commenter from Peyoria?

The gay lobby at work trying to plug their agenda anywhere, what’s next?, a gay Batman?, ridiculous.
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And now that they’ve successfully gotten a gay character into anachronistic Riverdale, I’m sure the Gay Lobby can call it a day.

The better question might be — the  Evangelistic Christian Archie characters from the alternative universe of Spire Comics — as created by Al Hartley — how are they going to handle this gay guy?  Will they successfully get him to an Exodus Therapy Conference to kick the gay out of him so he will find the salvation of Jesus Christ?  Peyoria might be fine.  And Riverdale-1 might be tolerant of the gays. I have to worry about about Riverdale-2.

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