Conservapedia weighs in on Springsteen

Interesting observation in the margins at “Conservapedia”, the website devoted to clearing up wikipedia’s Liberal bias, the commentary provided for “In the News”:

An overweight and over-the-hill Bruce Springsteen is performing songs from the 1980s at the Super Bowl halftime. Wonder why? He supports the liberal agenda hook, line and sinker. But he hasn’t yet performed his “Born in the U.S.A.” … perhaps Obama types wouldn’t like that one???

He flubbed the hook, line, and sinker of the liberal agenda regarding Wal-Mart.  But I impressed of a possible double standard being sunk in comparison with the recent flub over Jessica Simpson.  Born in the USA’s lyrics are found here, by the way — Springsteen didn’t play it — he turned it into a down-tempo song years ago, and one would think that would be a downer in a Superbowl concert.

The set was disappointing.  I was hoping Springsteen would play homage to prvious Superbowl Half-time shows.  Alas, Springsteen did not expose his nipple.

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  1. SME Says:

    I don’t think Conservapedia is supposed to be used for cheap laughs, but that’s exactly the purpose it serves for me. The homosexuality entry actually has a photo of Aleister Crowley with a caption explaining that he was bisexual (not a word about J. Edgar Hoover, however).

  2. revenire Says:

    i have never heard of this site conservapedia but it sounds like a good laugh reading about it

    crowley? lol

  3. revenire Says:

    hoover? wasn’t there a book out that said he used to dress up as a woman and liked to be called Mary? someone names summers wrote it but i can’t remember but i seem to recall reading it long ago – he liked clyde tolson and hoover but indulged his appetite for younger men in the book

    hoover never admitted to organized crime’s existence (maybe because he was placing bets at the track) lol

    sure is a different FBI than the one we grew up watching reruns of on TV

  4. Justin Says:

    Google “” and one will see the topics which animate:

    Big Bang Theory,
    Richard Dawkins,
    Rush Limbaugh,
    Adolf Hitler,

  5. Samuel John Klein Says:

    When I try to read up conservapedia today I get a blank screen in one browser and ‘Failed to open page” in another.

    Could there be a lot of Boss fans with mad computer skillz who don’t care for having their politics and hero bashed that way?

  6. revenire Says:

    lol, it is a pretty funny site – i love the section on lyndon the leftist

  7. Justin Says:

    revenire is referring to, of course, Lyndon Johnson — the 35th president of the United States (referred to as #36, but as always, I hasten to mention Cleveland was not two people).

  8. Justin Says:

    Conservapedia has found out that a leading creation science organization intends to significantly increase their amount of refutation dealing with the specific subjects of atheism and agnosticism. Other creation science organizations may follow suit in the coming months. Please stay tuned for further details!

    The world is in its thralls on the edge of a collective seat of a collective couch.

  9. revenire Says:

    yeah, Lyndon Johnson 🙂

    Conservapedia is weird – who runs the place? the Illuminati? the British (code word), Soros? Wizard of Oz? Heritage Foundation? i better get someone from ‘the basement’ right on it — ooops, i am sitting in ‘the basement’ right now & don’t have a clue

    “Conservapedia is a clean and concise resource for those seeking the truth. We do not allow liberal bias to deceive and distort here. Founded initially in November 2006 as a way to educate advanced, college-bound homeschoolers, this resource has grown into a marvelous source of information for students, adults and teachers alike. We have received over 50 million page views!

    “The starting point for increasing your knowledge, your faith and the well-being of you and those around you is to understand concepts better. Conservapedia enables you to do that, and to impart what you have learned to others by editing here. The truth shall set you free.

    “No other encyclopedic resource on the internet is free of corruption by liberal untruths. Please look around while you’re here, share this with others, edit your favorite entries, and enjoy the benefits of new insights that you never realized before. For example, do you know why pretzels have their shape? Click it to find out!”


    Conservapedia’s entry in Islam is very racist

    get this: Conservapedia cites Ann Coulter as a “source” in its entries, now that’s funny!

    “As a Christian, Coulter adheres to the Judeo-Christian tradition the view that human beings are utterly and distinctly apart from other species.” – Conservapedia

    now someone would have to prove to me Coulter is human first – Coulter reminds me of some sort of horse, maybe it is the face – what species is Coulter? she sure isn’t a Cylon – Coulter’s not good looking at all and most of the female Cylons are

    Conservapedia doesn’t even have an entries on Jack Kirby, Eleni Mandell, Marc Ribot, Will Eisner, Tom Waits, Paul Weller, Milton Caniff, Cat Power, Illustration Magazine, or Mekons??? what is up with that? useless place!

    then again Wikipedia doesn’t always get things ‘correct’ and no less a talent than John Byrne bans any mention of Wikipedia from his site

    the battle for the mind!

    people that are already ‘conservative minded’ (if they know what that even means) will cite this Conservapedia as ‘the truth’ and they claim to have had 50 million hits, Wikipedia probably has 50 zillion hits

    i like Wikipedia a LOT more

    Springsteen overweight? i don’t see that when i search for a picture

    he should have done “Born In The U.S.A.” at the game & they should have flashed the lyrics across the TV screens for everyone to sing along – i think of lot of people believe that song means something it really doesn’t and haven’t read the lyrics

  10. Justin Says:

    Is there some sort of Conservative viewpoint on Will Eisner that an aggrieved party feels needs airing?

    You’ll be happy to know that there’s apparently an editor at conservapedia pretty well obsessed with Chip Berlet, if that makes any difference.

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