Carol Johnson-Smith sets out to become the next Kesha Rogers. Or something like that.

Hm.  One good thing may be that this can happen.
Fans of the Tea Party movement were not disappointed on the first anniversary of the tax day event at Barley and Hops this year. Well, perhaps with the exception of Lyndon LaRouche supporters with a giant “Impeach Obama” sign; they were kindly asked to leave it off the premises.
But swirling around that vein, I see taht that damned stupid piece from Cliff Kincaid, and its similar progeny, continues making the rounds.  And I laugh at this comment.

Taylor H said…  Infighting like this seems to be what the elites would want. It takes our mind out of focus.

Actually it’s not so much what the Elites want, but what the Cult want — to think they’re joining in the battle against the Elites.

There are worse connections to be made than shuffling about the debris of Tea Party fracus.  Take this connection for instance.

What about starting with the password to enter the secret sex society. It is “Fidelio”, which is oddly enough a opera by Beethoven. Dr. Harford (Cruise) got it from the piano player: but remember it isn’t really the piano player’s password – it’s Kubrick’s. He wrote the script. If we look at the text of the opera, we find themes like deception, imprisonment, rebellion against tyranny. But this doesn’t sit well, because the setting is in Spain in the late 19th century and could just be another smokescreen intentionally put in by Kubrick.

Do “Fidelio” and conspiracy have an affinity? Follow this link:

If you did, you’ll find “Fidelio” is the name of a magazine – it is presided over by Lyndon LaRouche, someone who heads up an organization that gets it’s inspiration from various conspiracies! It was started in the early 90’s, but the question remains: is this reason enough to say there is a connection? Does the magazine inspire the movie somehow?

The answer:  no.

Moving right along…
If it weren’t a bit of a hassle to register to this forum for John Byrne, star-artist of some Superman comic books in the 1980s, I would register and post one single post and then leave.
Michael Retour?  To quote Congressman Joe Wilson, “YOU LIE!”  And it looks like he’s going to get away with it, unless — I suppose — Matthew McCallum or Michael Roberts like to engage in vanity google searches.

But I would like to know — why is Retour / Revenire lying?  He’s proud of his association with Larouche on this blog.  He’s proud of it in his factnet posts.  But he hides it when discussing John Byrne?
Note for the record:  then again Wikipedia doesn’t always get things ‘correct’ and no less a talent than John Byrne bans any mention of Wikipedia from his site.

Then again:  Retour:  I am running three congressional campaigns now: one in Texas, one is Massachusetts and one in California. My Texas candidate won the primary.
Doesn’t matter to me if someone here doesn’t believe that.

Michael Roberts:  As a number of us at the JBF are political junkies, it would be great to know which three candidates you’re working for right now. That way we can cheer on your successes.
Question: is there a similar set of candidates for California, Massachusetts, and Texas other than Summer Shields, Rachel Brown, and Kesha Rogers?

A good cull of information metrices from a “Kevin Brown“.

I am involved in national politics at a visible level.  That isn’t going to go public here.  You can, as always, believe what you like.
Jodi my wife actually won her election. 
I also work for a private intelligence agency (nothing like the CIA).  My work in sensitive.  It might not qualify me as an internet quarterback but hey, we all do what we can.
I’ve worked with Maxine Waters, Brad Sherman, Henry Waxman, and other SoCal Dems.  I served on the State Central Committee.  Anyone really aware of the California Democratic Party knows what that is.  
Al you remind me of Rumpelstiltskin but with even more rage.  I am sure your wife appreciates the break you give her by fighting windmills online.
Just accept I am what I say and move on.  

Continuing:  I’ve been at this political junk for 30 years in all sorts of capacities.

One of my congressional campaigns in California was in a predominantly white area. The other candidates were whipping up the population into an anti-immigrant frenzy. At a campaign event of 300-400 people we candidates shared the stage. This event was televised. It was a standard Q & A session with teleprompter like responses from most of the candidates, although one rather bloodthirsty one did say he would pull the switch on his own grandmother (playing to the pro-death penalty crowd). I asked for a show of hand of people who had lost their jobs to illegal immigrants.

Matthew McCallum:  (I hate giving up on my LaRouche theory, because the pieces all fit, dang it!)
Dear Matthew McCallum: Don’t.

California, Masschusettes, Texas, and… Wait.  Another candidate?  This one in Indiana?

But Johnson-Smith, a Corydon native who’s political career thus far is limited to a failed run at a Harrison County Council seat, said the nation’s spending is out of control due in part to egregious financial bailouts.
“We don’t have an economy anymore,” she said. “There’s no good leadership in the [Democratic] party.”
Johnson-Smith describes herself as a Lyndon LaRouche Democrat, taking her lead from the former candidate for U.S. President who focused much of his campaign on economics.
Though a Democrat, Johnson-Smith favors the impeachment of President Barack Obama because of his support of bailouts and said the nation needs to return to the financial policies established by former President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Keep up to date with her campaign blog, facebook feed, and twitter account.  There doesn’t seem to be as much here as for the others.  Will she be noting things from LPAC such as — ?

The fact is, civilization is rapidly running out of time and options to respond to the existential threat facing it. And it is also a fact that only LaRouche has presented a policy for safe passage out of the New Dark Age that the British are otherwise actively unleashing. So, if we do not succeed, there will be nothing left to worry about. The apparatus that you use for worrying will be taken away from you; so whatever worrying you plan to do, do it now—and then act promptly and effectively to make sure that we win. Because either we win, or civilization doesn’t have a chance, and you will only have a relatively few moments before expiring.

I note that this can be found in an article entitled “Towards a New Periodic Table Of Cosmic Radiation “, published by “Executive Intelligence Review”, and FOUND IN GOOGLE NEWS!!!!!!

Anyway, good campaign rhetoric to be mined from that one.

Okay.  So we now have a quartet of candidates to look out at instead of a trio.  Now let’s see how the Street Theater Crew are doing.  Number One.

“No, but I don’t think he’s Hitler.” Then I tried to reiterate one last time that they didn’t really believe that. One of them literally said, “We don’t have to defend ourselves against you.” And the other said, “Yeah, your academic BS…” And that was it, an unfinished musing on the nature of argument. What could I respond with? […]
No, the net result is that it’s just sad. Someone got ahold of their young brains and polluted them…you can’t hold the boys responsible, but they’re anything but innocent. They’re like telemarketers on their first or second day: They still actually believe in their product and think it’s a worthwhile investment that everyone should have.
No Shows in Seattle, indicating possible victors in that Seattle’s “War Against the Larouchies”.  (Hey!  That’s what the media is calling it.)

Tea party member Ty Welch warned that a group run by Lynden Larouche commonly attend the Tax Day rallies, but if they were there, they didn’t make themselves known.

But they’re in San Francisco going for Summer Shields.
Asked one LaRouchie to explain why she linked the president to the Nazi leader. About seven minutes and several follow-up questions later, there still wasn’t a link…and my ears were starting to melt and slide off of my head.

The Larouchies are being out-staged in Sacramento.


BeeCensored wrote on 04/17/2010 10:52:06 PM:  …where two dozen or so supporters of political oddball Lyndon LaRouche sang hymns with banners unfurled…
And you gave us a snap shot of these four overdressed clown types to make your point?

Yeah well.  They’re more inventive.  To conclude that thought:  Their work done, the LaRouche protesters soon finished their songs, rolled up their banners and left.

The anti-Jerrysters aren’t quite as active competition as this act is:
We did the same thing outside when the despicable LaRouche pigs showed up with their giant banner of our President wearing a Hitler moustache, singing about impeaching President Obama, and we oversang them with the Star Spangled Banner so they could no longer be heard.

Worry now because your capacity to Worry is about to be taken away from you.

While there didn’t seem to be an organized effort to picket the President, a few disaffected protesters managed to make the scene. A small crowd of Lyndon LaRouche organizers crowded a nearby street corner, clustered around a poster of Obama sporting a Hitler mustache. Angrily buttonholing pedestrians, they declared that the Afghanistan war is actually a colonial war in support of the British Empire, that the proposed health-care plan bears a startling resemblance to Hitler’s policies and that Western civilization is in immediate danger of apocalyptic destruction. But passers-by gave the LaRouche supporters wide berth.

9 Responses to “Carol Johnson-Smith sets out to become the next Kesha Rogers. Or something like that.”

  1. Rachel Holmes Says:

    Personally, I think if conservatives decide to go after LaRouche and Webster Tarpley, that will be a Good Thing.

    We could have the perfect storm. From the left, from the right, and all points in between–voices raised to say, “Ewww, get that guy out of here.”

    If Cliff Kincaid et al. succeed in showing that Tarpley is LaRouche redux, under the radar, as it were, how bad can that be? The “Truther” movement is an excrescence in any case, and I couldn’t have agreed more when Tom DeWeese–I think it was–recently called LaRouche the “intellectual author of the 9/11 Truth movement.”

    Poor Lyn–He claims to be the intellectual author of the SDI, but the truth is something a bit less exalted.

  2. chator Says:

    This is the first time i hear of this Carol Johnson-Smith person, or shall I call her CJS for short? She isn’t on the LPAC site and from her picture on her blog page, looks a little too old to be a LYMette. Will she get the LYM treatment? Her own website, Mug-shot posters, Obama-Hitler banners, and mention on DWTT?

  3. Justin Says:

    rachel brown holmes: I couldn’t have agreed more when Tom DeWeese–I think it was–recently called LaRouche the “intellectual author of the 9/11 Truth movement.”

    Spiritual Cousins, at any rate.
    Post – posting Update: Ghost – Writer of several passages?

    chator: This is the first time i hear of this Carol Johnson-Smith person

    Howie G knows her, long time.

    ( As an aside and Speaking of Howie G, I see him throw out a “All We Are Saying is Give Larouche a chance!” to a posting of the DeWeese piece.

    We also see CJS advocacies around here.
    In 2008, Johnson-Smith ran for the Harrison County Council and lost.

    I suppose a better purpose for the Larouche organization. There she, I guess, would introduce and pass a HBPA Resolution.

    For some reason or other, a Libertarian Senate candidate supports her.
    Maybe they’re just friends sharing a common interest that is shown round about here:
    I don’t know the hurly burlies of the Indiana Libertarian Party to know where she stands, as a “Citizen’s Candidate”.

    Anyway, Carol Johnson Smith is nothing if not persistent, as we see in 2008.
    “I think it’s going to be the dark ages again,” Carol Johnson-Smith said of the economic future for the country during a forum on fiscal responsibility hosted by Congressman Baron Hill Wednesday.

    She’s answered the League of Women’s Voters questions.
    What is your plan for putting America back to work?
    My plan is to use the true American System, embodied by Lyndon LaRouche today, to take control over the nation’s finances

    Anyway, chator: I suppose she’s not coordinated for the big Rogers — Shields — Brown Campaign. To go to sancho:
    “You can still support the cause like Howie G, who now has a family and diversified interests, but still proudly waves the flag of the Triple Curve Function.”
    That might make them affiliates.

  4. chator Says:

    Yeah, i was just reading her blog page. She’s a middle-aged mom, who has a job and has held some respectable positions. She was recruited to LaRouche in 1994, before the advent of LYM. So she’s not exactly the poster-child the cult is looking for-unemployed, full-time LaRouche activist, college drop-out, no political or leadership experience required, etc.

  5. Justin Says:
    Still, that hasn’t stopped another of his opponents — Carol Johnson-Smith, of Corydon — from going to door-to-door to convince voters that she’s the right choice. She’s part of the Lyndon LaRouche movement, which advocates the impeachment of Obama and opposition to federal bailouts and the new health care law, preferring a single-payer system instead. interjection note: I don’t think to say she “prefers a single-payer system instead” does her position justice. LaRouche is a perennial presidential candidate.

    My whole point in running is to get out these ideas,” Johnson-Smith said last week between stops at houses on Spring Street in New Albany. “I’m talking in front of groups, meeting the Tea Party people, meeting people at the bookstores. I already feel it’s been worthwhile and successful.”

    Better that than the “Post Office Campaign”, I suppose.
    Cliff Kincaid may want to figure out whether the poster “Take Back America” is a Larouchie or a Tea Parier.
    After over 20 years of this completely idiotic Post Office campaign strategy, one would think they would finally get it. But they don’t, and that is why The LaRouchers are all quite insane.
    Oh, they’ve succeeded wildly. Kind of.


  6. Justin Says:
    disagreed politely and mentioned that I was professor of political science. She then proceeded to lobby me for classroom visits to meet my students! I almost laughed. I ran up to get my camera in my office.

    I suppose I should point out the appearance of one “Roger Ogden” in the comments. Apparently a Tea Party organizer, sees parallels of Nazi Germany with Obama, has a website “Stop Obama Now”. Fine, whatever.
    Considering the name “Ogden”, I’ll pass it over as a coincidence.

  7. Rachel Holmes Says:

    BTW, Justin, you misquoted Rachel Holmes above, or rather, misidentified me, by quoting something I posted and attributing it to Rachel Brown, the LaRouchie LYMette who is running against Barney Frank.

    Just wanted to alert people–Rachel Brown did not agree with Tom DeWeese’s remark about LaRouche as intellectual author of 9/11 truthers.

    And Rachel Brown wasn’t around when LaRouche made his first foray in that direction, in the memorable Stockwell show of 9/11/2001, where LaRouche was his most odious.

  8. Justin Says:

    Correction made in comment.

  9. Anon Says:

    Well, I think we all know who Michael Retour is now, don’t we?

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