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Tom Cruise Wants You To Die

Saturday, January 19th, 2008

“Maybe one day it’ll be like that. Maybe one day it’ll be like, “Wow, SPs… They’ll just read about those in the history books.”

Just so you know, Scientology is wild and wooly.  And Tom Cruise is all about “KSW”, the Scientology equivalent of “Keeping It Real”.

SPs?  This line, of course, means that Tom Cruise wants you to die.  He wants all of us to die.  I do not know how this great purification happens, and I can only guess that L Ron Hubbard has prophesized it, and it will be followed.  At the hands of Tom Cruise and John Travolta and Will Smith.

Under the soundtrack to Mission Impossible.

Perhaps the closing credits to the Scientology Apocalypse can be Bob Seger’s  “Old Time Rock and Roll”.

SPs is interesting, because Bill O’Reilly has taken to using that term, in an awkward attempt to get the two letters into the commonly used lexicon.  The “Secular Progressives” who are out to destroy Christmas and force twelve year olds to take birth control.  The clean people are the “Traditionalists”, or I guess God’s Special People — the Great Silent Majority, perhaps.  At any rate, the market on “SP”s, sorry to tell Bill O’Reilly, has been cornered by the Grand Estate of L Ron Hubbard.

No word yet on O’Reilly imagines his version of SPs will someday be simply a part of the History books.  Or if he’s managed to K whatever it is he is keeping W.

Because the World is demanding… The Apostle’s Creed, of sorts

Thursday, January 17th, 2008

I suppose any number of people will pop by and think the sarcastic “Wow! News Flash! Larouche is Insane! Again!”.  Also … you know… irrelevant to the day to day operation of everybody except the, um, 80 cult members and times a few former cult members.  I also suppose that the 80 cult members ordered off the Internet after following a handful of websites are… well, probably still around, I suspect. But, you know, I think there is something in the following about meme production in running such an operation.

For more tan thousands of years, from the rise of Sumer, a colony of Dravidian India, which spoke Dravidian, not a Semitic language, through the Semitic empires of Mesopotamia, and Canaan, the Middle East had become the cockpit of the greatest evil the planet had known, perhaps even to the present day. It wasn’t as well known as the modern versions of evil, but it was evil: so evil that it seemed the human species had no chance, as long as this evil existed.

All so very brilliant, in it’s way. But does it mean anything? You can be excused for shrugging it off, assuming he’s referring to the Jews, and walking away to engage in something more productive — staring blankly at a White Wall for a couple of hours, for instance, or — um — opening up a myspace account? But. Evil. A different variety of Evil than the one we know today, a more potent type of evil, yet… somehow… obscure evil. Okay. Gotcha!

The points of resistance were northern Egypt and Greece. Northern Egypt, or forces in Northern Egypt, collaborated with forces in Greece which we call republicans. The forces in Greece associated with the Ionian city-state republics, associated with Solon of Athens, associated with Plato, and Socrates; notably: These are the forces of civilization; these are the forces that gave us the first step to an alternative to Mesopotamian imperialism, the Mesopotamian oligarchical culture.

The syntax is kind of funky. Maybe this might be acceptable if this were a transcript of words spoken. For a moment I thought that the “first step to an alternative to Mesopotamian Imperialism” — need I say that this was Evil — is “the Mesopotamian Oligarchical Culture”. Surely this cannot be. Oligarchy is a 4-letter word, after all.

Everything we’ve achieved on this planet, in terms of better conditions of life, political freedom, freedom from insanity for the human species throughout the the planet, is derived, directly or indirectly, from the success of what was begun in collaboration of certain Egyptians, and certain Greeks, the Greeks identified with the Ionian city-state republics, with Solon of Athens, Plato, Socrates, and so forth.

But this didn’t work, this great republican scheme. It didn’t work because of democracy, like a kind of democracy, like Project Democracy, a democracy represented by those who indicted and committed judicial murder of Socrates. Those democrats who called themselves the Democratic Party of Athens, were actually Persian Agents, or Magi agents. This failure to understand how to deal with democracy, this weakness, doomed Greece. Conquered by Macedonia, the Greeks struck back, the friends of Socrates and Plato struck back, through Alexander the Great. Alexander was destroyed, and {Plato struck back, through Alexander the Great. Alexander was destroyed, and the great idea remained, but it was unsuccessful, until Christianity.

Okay, it is here that we find our Cult Leader discussing his prison sentence, railing against those who “committed judicial murder” not so much of Socrates as of SocRouche. The Persian Agents and the Magi Agents, who we can now sort of update here in the year 2008 as not even so much being George Herbert Walker Bush as of being Molly Kronberg.

The de facto conversion of Socrates posthumously to Christianity, by Christianity, the adoption of Plato, the recruitment of Plato to Christianity, a conversion of Plato to Christianity posthumously, effected by the Christian church, revived and made possible the success of all that was good in the Greek republican idea. And, this led to the emergence of European republican Christian culture.

Wait. Defacto conversion of Socrates posthumously to Christianity? Also Plato? Do they know they now accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior? Did somebody exhume them and baptize them?

But it wasn’t that simple. Because the enemy of this Christian tendency was pagan Imperial Rome, the tradition of Tiberius, and Augustus before Tiberius: of Nero; of Diocletian; of Julian the Apostate, and so forth. The tradition of the Third Roman Empire, people who believed in a Third Roman Empire, who believed that Christianity, the God of Moses, again a reflection of the Egyptian – Greek fight against the evil Mesopotamian gods in those cultures, the Mesopotamian Pantheon, of Beelzebub and similar people: the Mosaic God is also the Christian God.

I can’t quite tell what is going on here. Little help? Something about good Jews and Bad Jews, the former conveniently don’t exist, and the latter all literally personifying Beelzebub?

The anti-Christians, those who believed in Pagan Rome, from then to the present day, fought to exterminate Christianity and to exterminate those aspects of Judaism which were Mosaic, and thus linked, as the same thing as Christianity, in the eyes of these fellows.

That war goes on. Bolshevism and fascism, or communism, and so forth; many socialist parts in the Socialist movement generally, and all parts of this Paganist movement against Christianity, such that if Christianity today were to be suppressed globally, or suppressed in the places where it has been dominant, it is probable that the human race would go under pagan Roman influence, called fascism, sometimes called Bolshevism, the New Age: the rock-drug-sex-neo-ecologist culture, the Gaia worshipers, similar scoundrels. That’s the end of the human race.

Bolshevism = Fascism = Communism = So forth = many socialist parts of the Socialist Movement (and not = other socialist parts of the Socialist Movement, and feel free to explicate which parts belong to which category) = all parts of the Paganist Movement (ALL!!!) = the New Age = the rock-drug-sex-neo-ecologist culture (rock = drug = sex = neo-ecologist) = Gaia worshipers = similar scoundrels = suppressors of Christianity globally, or at least where Christianity is dominant (maybe not so much where Christianity does not flourish?) = bringing human race under Pagan Roman Influence = The end of the human race. Gots that?

What is being fought out, curiously, in the Middle East, fought out again, is precisely this battle. Some may call it the Battle of Armageddon: well, don’t take it too far, don’t be too literal; you might be right, that’s what’s threatened. (Okay. It’s not the Battle of Armageddon. I was taking that too far. LIterally speaking, we’re not battling over Armageddon. That’s alarmist talk. Oh, wait. I might be right? It is the Battle of Armageddon? That is what is threatened? Whiplash!) A war whose purpose is to exterminate Christianity, to bring about the rule of that which has prevailed in the Middle East, prior to Socrates, and Plato, a way to establish that Middle Eastern tradition, the Third Rome policy. That means the end of humanity; at least, a New Dark Age, whose effects on humanity are beyond description, at least from our poor standpoint. That’s what’s at stake in the Middle East: the old issue, and the new one. Because the people in Britain, in the United States, and in Moscow, who are for this United Nationss Condominium, who are for the geopolitical policy of Castlereah, of playing Russia against Germany, as a way of controlling Germany; who are for economic warfare from the United States against Germany and Japan; who are population wars to reduce the number of persons of darker hues of skin on this planet: those people are the true followers of pagan Roman Imperialism, admirers of that tradition. This is what one-worldism is, that’s what the so-called Moscow-London-New York detente is, the New Yalta Agreement is.

This is a bit confusing. The war’s purpose is to exterminate Christianity, apparently. To destroy the memory of the Christian Greats such as, um, Socrates and Plato? End Humanity. New Dark Age. The Dark Ages before the Christian Era of… um… Socrates and Plato. The rest of the pamphlet tells us it’s all some oil Scam from the British. (As the paragraph goes on, part of Britain’s long standing desire to bring down Germany — which is why Germany needed to fight World War Two, right?) Pushing aside those parentheses, that is a far more mundane matter than this War of the Gods the Cult Leader has set up. Maybe they’re not mutually exclusive, but there is something about human motivation that’s being pushed asunder round about heres — Earthly pursuits of power politics need not apply.

So, let’s hope that the Anglo-American-Muscovite faction loses. The fate of humanity — whether your family has any future at all — may depend upon it.

The whole thing is dizzying — which I assume to be the desired effect, and — in the right frame of mind — amusing. There is an Apostle’s Creed quality to these two pages of text (even if dated — we’ve lost the “Muscovite” threat with the collapse of Communism and a new Authoritarian Russian Government), a “This I Believe” creation of Myths which belies whatever mission the denziens are on at the moment, whatever economic or political insecurity they have been wound up to confront. Sing Choral songs about the Mortgage Crisis, what they are thinking is somewhere from this odd little essay from “Bush’s Global Crisis: The Beginning of World War 3, an EIR Special, September 1990”.

The Ron Paul Newsletter Controversy

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

“When you give your political heart to a guy who spends so much time worrying about international bankers, you’re not going to get a tolerant cosmoplitan.” — Virginia Pastel, and who’s Virginia Pastel? I don’t know… Some Libertarian or other, it appears, who never warmed up to Ron Paul.

“I’m not a racist. As a matter of fact Rosa Parks is one of my heroes. Martin Luther King is a hero. Because they practiced the libertarian principle of civil disobedience, nonviolence.

Libertarians are incapable of being a racist because racism is a collectivist idea. You see people in group. A civil libertarian like myself see everybody as an important individual. It’s not the color of their skin that is important. As Martin Luther King said. What is important is the character of the people. What’s really interesting, though, and this might be behind it because as a Republican candidate I’m getting the most support from black voters and now that has to be undermined.” — Ron Paul

I’m probably giving Ron Paul short swift in quoting him there, as he goes on to explain his problems with the judicial system and the disproportionate burden it places on black Americans, as well the war as reasons that he is “getting the most support from black voters” of any Republicans and why he is not a raciste. The numbers for that — woohoo! The Most Popular Republican amongst Black Americans! — would have to be rather absurd, discoverable through the power of a microscope… what with the 9 to 1 ratio in voting habits. Also amusing is tying your legacy to Martin Luther King, Jr and Rosa Parks — heroes, I guess — the Civil Rights legislation of 1964, as well the toothless measure in 1957, being — y’know, not at all libertarian and charged with ye olde claims of Federal Government Intervention, rally the Confederates against the New Reconstruction, etc.

Which is whereabouts Ron Paul got in trouble here in the first place.

I could add that there is a reason right wing cranks, as littered the newsletter released through the 1990s bearing Ron Paul’s name, claimed Martin Luther King, Jr attended some Communist Training School and on from there. For instance, from the belly of the Beasts — one step removed from the type who’ll throw up that McCarthyite charge.

Back to the first quote. To what degree do you believe in something of an “International Bankers’ Conspiracy” — which, I suppose to the extent that financiers move money around and wield power across international boarders has that level of legitimacy, even if that is short of its real meaning of… The Jews.

Aiie aiie aiie.

My sense is that Ron Paul doesn’t really have any excuse for it, and his pleading of a conspiracy to undermine his black support is somewhat pathetic. My sense is that your newsletters ended up as a sort of “Ron Paul Fan Club”, and in the period of time that would have been the almost exclusive terrain of militia types and … um… Art Bell fans. (Today edged a bit further to the realm of… anti-war activists and liberals and leftists who believe that “At least he believes in the constitution”, but I’m giving him short swift in some respects. He has the 9/11 Truthers behind him, after all.) I actually did see the controversy looming, if anyone cared to look into it, based on some blog posts stating that they exist.

A bit more interesting background:

Kirchick, a New Republic associate editor, first contacted Wisconsin Historical Society circulation librarian Laura Hemming in November. The Historical Society has Paul newsletters under four titles: Ron Paul Investment Letter; Ron Paul Political Report; RonPaul Survival Report; and Ron Paul‘s Freedom Report.

At the time, the Historical Society’s Paul newsletters were not microfilmed and were stored off site. Because of Kirchick’s query, and Paul’s presidential candidacy, the society has since put them on microfilm. Kirchick was then able to obtain them through an interlibrary loan.

The newsletters attacked Martin Luther King Jr .; praised the KKK’s David Duke ; championed quarantining people with AIDS; bashed Israel, “an aggressive, national socialist state”; and supported the right-wing, anti-government militia movement in the United States.

Why were these newsletters collected in Madison and almost nowhere else? Because the Wisconsin Historical Society in general and its longtime librarian Jim Danky in particular have worked diligently to catalog all manner of seemingly fringe publications, because as this week demonstrates, you never know what may one day be important.

“We acquired them because we try to cover politics comprehensively,” Danky told me Thursday.

It has perhaps the best collection anywhere of leftist, underground publications. And the Historical Society’s collection from the political far right was praised in an essay by Chip Berlet in the Sesquicentennial Issue of the Wisconsin Magazine of History.

Berlet, who is with Political Research Associates in Massachusetts, wrote: “There are other collections at libraries and archives around the country, but none offer the range and depth of the collection combined with the cheerful staff knowledge and painless retrievability. The society’s periodical collection is a national treasure as far as our staff is concerned, and we mine it frequently. Where else can you find a librarian who asks if the particular type of hate-group newsletter you are looking for is Ku Klux Klan, racial nationalist, neo-Nazi, Third Position, homophobic or Christian Identity?”

Chip Berlet? Never heard of him.  Doesn’t he write for High Times or something?

Anyway, it is amusing to scan by the Ron Paul fans — see — squirm.

Sexism and Racism, and the two Democratic Front-runners, Part 5623

Tuesday, January 15th, 2008

My sense is that the sexism regarding Hillary Clinton is more overt and thick than the racism for Barack Obama, speaking in as far as Media Punditry delivers. This is as I would guess it — casual sexism is more fashionable than casual racism, and so many personas out there are based on an element of Machismo.

I do note that there is a contradictory storyline going on with Hillary Clinton. The touted Experience she claims, she lacks, and she cannot take her eight years of service as First Lady and claim it as meaning anything. (The same, I guess, is the case with her first ladyship of Arkansas). Posing the question — so, with nary a record in sight, why did you hate her through the 1990s? The Health Care thing sustained you for eight years?

I suppose one can think of the “shuck and jive” as… an unfortunate choice of words, something on par with the particular choice of the word “Lynch” to describe what young golfers ought to do to Tiger Woods to get ahead. What words ought be utilized to describe Obama’s dearth of Senatorial deeds and the idea that we have “Style over Substance”, I guess he could have just stated that Obama is a case of Style over Substance —

— better to suggest Poetry and Prose, but these have no intrinsic values.

But the thing is: nobody has felt empowered to pinch Obama’s cheek.

Anecdotally I can say that on this blog some confluence of higher and lower case letters which roughly equate to the “n” word followed by a “H8R” left a comment to express vitrol toward a black commenter responding to a couple of racist comments.  Partially this is the power of anonymity that comes with the Internet.  I have yet to have a similar thing happen with Hillary Clinton, but that may stem from the peculiarities of a post pointing out that Obama was officially “Assassination-Worthy” (when he received early secret service protection).

On the sun-set of the Mike Gravel presidential campaign

Monday, January 14th, 2008

It might be about time to dissect the significance and meaning of the Mike Gravel presidential campaign.  A flow-chart should be drawn to explain where certain themes became prevalent and tactics became prominent.

When launched, I gathered he was setting out to advance a few relatively esoteric ideas he had been championing — most notably the National Initiative.  Whatever degree he ever had covarage, they tended to be pushed aside for more immediate items on the political cultural scene — which is to say, his anti-war credentials.  It got to the point where he disowned his tax proposal, more or less, when asked saying not to worry about that because no congress would ever pass it.

Rounding through the debate circuit — the stage set up gravitating toward a set up which moved from the center to the edges — Clinton and Obama, Edwards and Richardson, Dodd and Biden, and then Kucinich and Gravel — question time following this line of progression, and the point of his campaign became the message of not being allowed to speak, even as he became noted for robust barbs against his opponents.  Thus his mute youtube videos — minimalist one item of symbolism.  The last of the youtube videos — just after the cane came and pulled him off debate stage Vaudeville style, a rendition of “Give Peace a Chance”, holding his banishment from grace as coming due to him being the one taking on the Military Industrial Complex — and the duct tape pulled right onto his mouth.

But I suspect this all should be pushed aside for the real message, the bottom line, of Mike Gravel Candidate for President.  Asked whether he had ever had premaritial sex, he teased the question before gloating about his premariatial sex.  Thematically roll this to the proposal to lower the drinking age, and then toss in his words of wisdom to a high school audience last week — which was that you should not drink because smoking pot is better.

It is about the only Gravel is going to make news, if only minor blurbs.  I don’t think it can carry him that much farther, and of course electorally there is by definition no underaged sex-recreational drug- drunk voting block.  One could look at Gravel as either being the Uncle who is trying to hard to be cool with the kids, or as somehow addressing the America that we live in as opposed to the one we like to pretend we live in.  What platform he has to continue I do not know — maybe now these civic lessons teachings are the only platforms that will be available for him.

Kerry endorsed?

Saturday, January 12th, 2008

John Kerry has endorsed Barack Obama.

John Kerry, otherwise known in the parlance of 2004 politics as “Not Bush”.  The campaign that Democrats looked the other way during, and whose status is best represented in this photograph.

So, is this a good thing?  Better than an endorsement from Dukakis, I suppose.  But probably not as good as one from McGovern.

Steve comments

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008


Oh, let’s just run with this.

As to Factnet I really don’t care how many people are there whining that Lyn did them wrong. And I only care marginally whether or not he may have actually done them wrong. We are imperfect beings – even Lyn, though I know there are members who would disagree on that point. We all do and have done and will do bad things. So he may have done some wrong to some people. That does not make him an evil hearted individual. Surely what mistakes he may have made in his behavior toward some of his associates, if in fact such claims are even legit, are outweighed by the great good he is struggling to acheive for all humanity.

And the beat goes on.

New Hampshire

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

Explaining what happened between Iowa and New Hampshire, or rather, explaining what happened from this weekend — I think the polls were basically right which reported a ten point Obama lead– is something which shall be dissected for years to come.  And no one will ever get a complete answer.

The campaign was flailing for a time.  Segments of the electorate laughed it up as Bill Clinton’s attack dog routine served up the goofy sounding comment “I can’t make her any younger.”

Hillary Clinton teared up, and this is supposed to be what turned it around for her.  From this we get the contradictory positions of it being staged, and it showing some sort of over-emotion.  (The gender issue puts the no-win situation for her.)  For some background on the first idea, Pat Buchanan brings up the case of Richard Nixon staging a tear during his 1968 Acceptance Speech.  The good news for Hillary Clinton in being compared to Richard Nixon is that Nixon cannot be accused of lacking in human emotion, so that gets us somewhere.

More interesting, the hecklers shouting “Iron My Shirt”.  Staged?  No, this is a real current in our society, and attached to Hillary Clinton.  But the viscarel response on the female voter must be massive.  Hell, if I were there I would have wanted to vote for Hillary Clinton to spite that attitude.

Subtle cues apparently worked their way through the other campaigns to benefit the female turn-out.  I did not see the debates, and I can’t say I would have noticed if I had seen it, but apparently there were some irksome moments.  I did see that the John Edwards campaign disgrace themselves by offering up blustering machismo with Clinton’s tears.  And I do not ever need to hear from Mudcat Saunders again.

Thinking about this campaign, and this idea that a muddled result in the tediously named “Super – Duper Tuesday” will stalemat the campaign to the conventions, I realize that the balance is tipped toward Hillary Clinton — the tie goes to whoever has the most Establishment Clout.  This is the undemocratic “Super-Delegates” factor, the votes coming from Democratic insiders — the balance of power that put Walter Mondale over the top over Gary Hart in 1984.  After the debacle of 1968, the Democrats had a commission which reformed the nominating rules, headed by George McGovern.  Curiously enough, the candidate who best understood the nominating rules to take advantage of them in 1972 was George McGovern.  So, after the debacle of 1972 and perhaps the even greater debacle of 1976 — the nomination of an outsider — the party changed the rules and added the great smokey-room esque “Super-delegates”, which helped set up the debacle of 1984.  To clean up that mess, the DLC formed, and forced Southern Primaries to the forefront, setting the stage for the debacle of 1988, where the Democrats had to fight off Jesse Jackson, to get us to election of 1992.

The debacle of 2004 was setting the system up so that the Democrats would hae a candidate as quickly as possible, to better take on Bush.  This impetus doesn’t exist in 2008, or maybe it does — I need to talk with Democratic insiders to see what the heck they are thinking — so, you know, we can have as prolonged and theoretically a “Delegate Count” fight to the eventual nomination of Hillary Clinton, because the Republicans are having a similar muddle with a greater chance of this supposed “brokered convention” conclusion.