Sexism and Racism, and the two Democratic Front-runners, Part 5623

My sense is that the sexism regarding Hillary Clinton is more overt and thick than the racism for Barack Obama, speaking in as far as Media Punditry delivers. This is as I would guess it — casual sexism is more fashionable than casual racism, and so many personas out there are based on an element of Machismo.

I do note that there is a contradictory storyline going on with Hillary Clinton. The touted Experience she claims, she lacks, and she cannot take her eight years of service as First Lady and claim it as meaning anything. (The same, I guess, is the case with her first ladyship of Arkansas). Posing the question — so, with nary a record in sight, why did you hate her through the 1990s? The Health Care thing sustained you for eight years?

I suppose one can think of the “shuck and jive” as… an unfortunate choice of words, something on par with the particular choice of the word “Lynch” to describe what young golfers ought to do to Tiger Woods to get ahead. What words ought be utilized to describe Obama’s dearth of Senatorial deeds and the idea that we have “Style over Substance”, I guess he could have just stated that Obama is a case of Style over Substance —

— better to suggest Poetry and Prose, but these have no intrinsic values.

But the thing is: nobody has felt empowered to pinch Obama’s cheek.

Anecdotally I can say that on this blog some confluence of higher and lower case letters which roughly equate to the “n” word followed by a “H8R” left a comment to express vitrol toward a black commenter responding to a couple of racist comments.  Partially this is the power of anonymity that comes with the Internet.  I have yet to have a similar thing happen with Hillary Clinton, but that may stem from the peculiarities of a post pointing out that Obama was officially “Assassination-Worthy” (when he received early secret service protection).

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  1. Says:

    Racism? What Barack Obama is facing isn’t racism….

    What Barack Obama is facing right now isn’t racism. It’s everyday life.

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