Because the World is demanding… The Apostle’s Creed, of sorts

I suppose any number of people will pop by and think the sarcastic “Wow! News Flash! Larouche is Insane! Again!”.  Also … you know… irrelevant to the day to day operation of everybody except the, um, 80 cult members and times a few former cult members.  I also suppose that the 80 cult members ordered off the Internet after following a handful of websites are… well, probably still around, I suspect. But, you know, I think there is something in the following about meme production in running such an operation.

For more tan thousands of years, from the rise of Sumer, a colony of Dravidian India, which spoke Dravidian, not a Semitic language, through the Semitic empires of Mesopotamia, and Canaan, the Middle East had become the cockpit of the greatest evil the planet had known, perhaps even to the present day. It wasn’t as well known as the modern versions of evil, but it was evil: so evil that it seemed the human species had no chance, as long as this evil existed.

All so very brilliant, in it’s way. But does it mean anything? You can be excused for shrugging it off, assuming he’s referring to the Jews, and walking away to engage in something more productive — staring blankly at a White Wall for a couple of hours, for instance, or — um — opening up a myspace account? But. Evil. A different variety of Evil than the one we know today, a more potent type of evil, yet… somehow… obscure evil. Okay. Gotcha!

The points of resistance were northern Egypt and Greece. Northern Egypt, or forces in Northern Egypt, collaborated with forces in Greece which we call republicans. The forces in Greece associated with the Ionian city-state republics, associated with Solon of Athens, associated with Plato, and Socrates; notably: These are the forces of civilization; these are the forces that gave us the first step to an alternative to Mesopotamian imperialism, the Mesopotamian oligarchical culture.

The syntax is kind of funky. Maybe this might be acceptable if this were a transcript of words spoken. For a moment I thought that the “first step to an alternative to Mesopotamian Imperialism” — need I say that this was Evil — is “the Mesopotamian Oligarchical Culture”. Surely this cannot be. Oligarchy is a 4-letter word, after all.

Everything we’ve achieved on this planet, in terms of better conditions of life, political freedom, freedom from insanity for the human species throughout the the planet, is derived, directly or indirectly, from the success of what was begun in collaboration of certain Egyptians, and certain Greeks, the Greeks identified with the Ionian city-state republics, with Solon of Athens, Plato, Socrates, and so forth.

But this didn’t work, this great republican scheme. It didn’t work because of democracy, like a kind of democracy, like Project Democracy, a democracy represented by those who indicted and committed judicial murder of Socrates. Those democrats who called themselves the Democratic Party of Athens, were actually Persian Agents, or Magi agents. This failure to understand how to deal with democracy, this weakness, doomed Greece. Conquered by Macedonia, the Greeks struck back, the friends of Socrates and Plato struck back, through Alexander the Great. Alexander was destroyed, and {Plato struck back, through Alexander the Great. Alexander was destroyed, and the great idea remained, but it was unsuccessful, until Christianity.

Okay, it is here that we find our Cult Leader discussing his prison sentence, railing against those who “committed judicial murder” not so much of Socrates as of SocRouche. The Persian Agents and the Magi Agents, who we can now sort of update here in the year 2008 as not even so much being George Herbert Walker Bush as of being Molly Kronberg.

The de facto conversion of Socrates posthumously to Christianity, by Christianity, the adoption of Plato, the recruitment of Plato to Christianity, a conversion of Plato to Christianity posthumously, effected by the Christian church, revived and made possible the success of all that was good in the Greek republican idea. And, this led to the emergence of European republican Christian culture.

Wait. Defacto conversion of Socrates posthumously to Christianity? Also Plato? Do they know they now accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior? Did somebody exhume them and baptize them?

But it wasn’t that simple. Because the enemy of this Christian tendency was pagan Imperial Rome, the tradition of Tiberius, and Augustus before Tiberius: of Nero; of Diocletian; of Julian the Apostate, and so forth. The tradition of the Third Roman Empire, people who believed in a Third Roman Empire, who believed that Christianity, the God of Moses, again a reflection of the Egyptian – Greek fight against the evil Mesopotamian gods in those cultures, the Mesopotamian Pantheon, of Beelzebub and similar people: the Mosaic God is also the Christian God.

I can’t quite tell what is going on here. Little help? Something about good Jews and Bad Jews, the former conveniently don’t exist, and the latter all literally personifying Beelzebub?

The anti-Christians, those who believed in Pagan Rome, from then to the present day, fought to exterminate Christianity and to exterminate those aspects of Judaism which were Mosaic, and thus linked, as the same thing as Christianity, in the eyes of these fellows.

That war goes on. Bolshevism and fascism, or communism, and so forth; many socialist parts in the Socialist movement generally, and all parts of this Paganist movement against Christianity, such that if Christianity today were to be suppressed globally, or suppressed in the places where it has been dominant, it is probable that the human race would go under pagan Roman influence, called fascism, sometimes called Bolshevism, the New Age: the rock-drug-sex-neo-ecologist culture, the Gaia worshipers, similar scoundrels. That’s the end of the human race.

Bolshevism = Fascism = Communism = So forth = many socialist parts of the Socialist Movement (and not = other socialist parts of the Socialist Movement, and feel free to explicate which parts belong to which category) = all parts of the Paganist Movement (ALL!!!) = the New Age = the rock-drug-sex-neo-ecologist culture (rock = drug = sex = neo-ecologist) = Gaia worshipers = similar scoundrels = suppressors of Christianity globally, or at least where Christianity is dominant (maybe not so much where Christianity does not flourish?) = bringing human race under Pagan Roman Influence = The end of the human race. Gots that?

What is being fought out, curiously, in the Middle East, fought out again, is precisely this battle. Some may call it the Battle of Armageddon: well, don’t take it too far, don’t be too literal; you might be right, that’s what’s threatened. (Okay. It’s not the Battle of Armageddon. I was taking that too far. LIterally speaking, we’re not battling over Armageddon. That’s alarmist talk. Oh, wait. I might be right? It is the Battle of Armageddon? That is what is threatened? Whiplash!) A war whose purpose is to exterminate Christianity, to bring about the rule of that which has prevailed in the Middle East, prior to Socrates, and Plato, a way to establish that Middle Eastern tradition, the Third Rome policy. That means the end of humanity; at least, a New Dark Age, whose effects on humanity are beyond description, at least from our poor standpoint. That’s what’s at stake in the Middle East: the old issue, and the new one. Because the people in Britain, in the United States, and in Moscow, who are for this United Nationss Condominium, who are for the geopolitical policy of Castlereah, of playing Russia against Germany, as a way of controlling Germany; who are for economic warfare from the United States against Germany and Japan; who are population wars to reduce the number of persons of darker hues of skin on this planet: those people are the true followers of pagan Roman Imperialism, admirers of that tradition. This is what one-worldism is, that’s what the so-called Moscow-London-New York detente is, the New Yalta Agreement is.

This is a bit confusing. The war’s purpose is to exterminate Christianity, apparently. To destroy the memory of the Christian Greats such as, um, Socrates and Plato? End Humanity. New Dark Age. The Dark Ages before the Christian Era of… um… Socrates and Plato. The rest of the pamphlet tells us it’s all some oil Scam from the British. (As the paragraph goes on, part of Britain’s long standing desire to bring down Germany — which is why Germany needed to fight World War Two, right?) Pushing aside those parentheses, that is a far more mundane matter than this War of the Gods the Cult Leader has set up. Maybe they’re not mutually exclusive, but there is something about human motivation that’s being pushed asunder round about heres — Earthly pursuits of power politics need not apply.

So, let’s hope that the Anglo-American-Muscovite faction loses. The fate of humanity — whether your family has any future at all — may depend upon it.

The whole thing is dizzying — which I assume to be the desired effect, and — in the right frame of mind — amusing. There is an Apostle’s Creed quality to these two pages of text (even if dated — we’ve lost the “Muscovite” threat with the collapse of Communism and a new Authoritarian Russian Government), a “This I Believe” creation of Myths which belies whatever mission the denziens are on at the moment, whatever economic or political insecurity they have been wound up to confront. Sing Choral songs about the Mortgage Crisis, what they are thinking is somewhere from this odd little essay from “Bush’s Global Crisis: The Beginning of World War 3, an EIR Special, September 1990”.

4 Responses to “Because the World is demanding… The Apostle’s Creed, of sorts”

  1. Rachel Holmes Says:

    All true, except that nothing Lyndon LaRouche ever wrote bore any relationship to the Apostles’ Creed, stylistically or content-wise, because Lyn is an egomaniac.

    If you mean that Lyn’s apodictic certainty on everything is like a creed, I’m with you there.

    But the Christian creeds, whether you adhere to them or not, have some content, and some connection.

    Lyn’s creeds are just self-serving balderdash.

    (Full disclosure: I admit it. I’m a Christian.)

  2. Justin Says:

    Yes. Apodictic certainty on everything.

    But. “Let there be light!” Man falls. We aspire to the Good. Evil Pursists, the evil that existed from the beginning. It’s all very… ridiculous.

    The price-tag for this? $100.

  3. Rachel Holmes Says:

    Good heavens, I couldn’t agree more! It is all very ridiculous. The most ridiculous part of all is seeing Lyndon H. LaRouche clad in the mantle of God.

    The untrammeled arrogance of his self-image (self-image in the image of God) is enough to make your hair turn gray. And if you look at a lot of members of the org, theirs did.

    The thing is, Lyn is always promising to cure evil just around the corner. “If we can just ge the HBPA passed, all will be well.” “If we can just get Hillary into the White House, all will be well.” (Like all was well when Bill was there, no doubt.)

  4. Justin Says:

    The one thing that is disappointing is factnet is down, as it so often is. I intended on posting this bit of Larouchism there with the simple question of “What?”

    Wouldn’t the Scientology grouping be a bit annoyed by the downtown right now, seeing as Tom Cruise is in the news?

    Actually, did you notice Larouche in his Bloomberg infatuation name checked Fulani. I see they go to the right side of King’s website as well as the left side, though in that case … shouldn’t they throw Dennis King a citation?

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