Any particular reason why?

Ah yes, a batch of activists whose message is getting blurred in a city of boarded up store fronts and obnoxious graffiti, I guess aligned with Black Lives Matter but sometimes seem more affiliated to antifa got in a big patade again, noting the weather patterns — nice sunny day for Saturday, rain coming in SundY. And a bunch of the latest fliers calling for the revall of the Mayor for… I guess pepper spraying a man chasing after him and for shutting down attempted set ups of your CHAZ” mini cities. Oh, and not shutting down the police department.
In truth they would be calling for the Impeachment/recall of anyone. Better to eliminate the job of mayor. It is the Anarchist thing to do.
I never did get around to seeing what his November vote total was. But he failed to crack the 50 percent mark. His challenger forever resentful of that write in bid by the candidate who — to the degreee thete was one — was the choice of the chanting activists — or the base therein — thinking these ought be HER voters. Then again, so did Ted Wheeler back in thet day — until their giant display at the federal building indicated otherwise.
Likewise such would be the fate if she had won — just flip the names on the fliers.
On that other mark, we do see the question — the disgruntled murmurs I heard a block and two away from the main strret — “Yeah, and on to tear down the city” — big Wheeler voters?

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