In Partial Defense of Marjorie Taylor Greene

I see another one of them items in the daily deluge of articles — favored by Huffington Post and infowars — of “Disfavored politico said something we deem nutty, snarky Twitter responses followed”. Last night’s Biden address brought out a patch of them for the theatrics of Ted Cruz and Lauren Boebert. But my eyes poke to this blaring links bait headline.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Sinks To New ‘Level Of Dumb’ In Biden Speech Criticism.

Considering this is a person who has plumbed some rather dumb depths, this is quite the sell.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) dropped to another “level of dumb” for blasting President Joe Biden’s push Wednesday to expand free education, one Twitter critic said.

We are off to a weak start. Maybe I am getting old and out of touch, but I am astounded by a casual use of headlines about pronouncements from something called “influencer”. This “Twitter critic” doesn’t even have the gravitas for that title, apparently.

In an address to Congress, the president outlined a vast “American Families Plan,” which among other things would create free universal pre-K and two years of tuition-free community college.

But the QAnon-supporting Greene, who was stripped of her House committee assignments for spouting tinfoil-hat theories, bashed the proposal as just another conspiracy.

Federally funded school from age 3 to 20 doesn’t sound like education, it sounds like indoctrination,” she tweeted. “All at your expense. By force in the form of taxes.”

So, it is in the main one of her smarter comments, even if deficiencies may lie in the details. Great. Now I am the annoying position of sticking up for Marjorie Taylor Greene.

The educational system is always a touchy subject, but here the Congress critter is mouthing sentiments expressed for unsettled teen angst by Pink Floyd and My Chemical Romance (the latter band in largely just ripping off the former), various curmudgeonly social critics and stand up acts. She herself may have picked up or been in circles reading John Taylor Gatto; — ad everyone shifts over to some home school model — probably not Howard Zinn but criticism of the like sits with his work too. As it were, we see always lines of culture war getting fought at the Educational Bureaucracy level — with what do we indoctrinate our kids? (That story about Idaho’s “banning” of “critical race theory” is interesting framing, in suggesting the most unproblematic and pure unimpeachable inarguably nature of crt, with any opposition or criticism seen as a flat out denial of racism on America and teaching anything on it. But so goes binary Either/or chose your side now politicking, sweeping under any and all queasy permutations for your cause.)

On the actual policy choices she is criticizing — it is not as though “free college tuition” is an unalloyed good. Not everyone should go to college and to suggest such devalues college — so the effect will this tend to be a wealth redistribution upward — the upper middle class suburbanites better prepped than poor rural and urbanites for the goods. I suppose noting this is why we move onto the great “community college” — here I note that just about the only line the live blogging of the conservative National Review gave a positive review for in Biden’s speech was a couple words on creating jobs “that don’t require college” –in theory the “positive” reorientation for their party in finding “Trump I am without Trump”. Diverting from Greene’s idea of “indoctrinating through age 20” — the creation of a refactoring “13th grade” or “high school with ashtrays” (apparently not menthols, though) is an undesirable possible effect here. Methinks the offer of “free community college”, however you work out the logistics and ” who’s gonna pay for it?” — could be delayed… Like, have it for everyone that they can utilize later in their twenties or thirties. Maybe Joe Manchin can think through this.

I do note that when President George W Bush offered as an answer on what he would say he to the unemployed on what he has to offer, his “Here’s a thousand dollar credit for community college” was met with guffows from liberals. Partially justifiably: partially not.

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