(Blink. Blink. Blink. Rub my eyes.)

Helms was a leader in the conservative movement and, according to a 2008 obituary, was staunchly opposed to homosexuality.

I am not saying anything on the issues at hand with Tucker Carlson and his college yearbook — the problem here is the choice of citation. From what I can surmise, this is the work of a historically illiterate 20 year old intern without any understanding of why Jesse Helms is bad but with some sense that he may be, turns to the first Google search on Jesse Helms and finds his obituary. According to that 2008 obituary.

A pox on everyone’s houses every which place. Hold on a minute, here’s George W Bush! This is a joke right?

George W. Bush said he’s troubled by ‘the capacity of people to spread all kind of untruth’.

Evidentally George W Bush holds that that ability — to spread mis and dis information — should be reserved for the top echelons of government. Or, at least his.


I think it was Norm McDonald who, in reference to a statement that “the worst thing about Bill Cosby is the hypocrisy” quipped a “no it isn’t”. In personal life — say, parenting, you have to play the role of hypocrite — any number of dangerous behaviors you did as a youth you need to tell your kid not to do. In the arena of politics, it does get tricky — is hypocrisy the one and only problem, and why does the hypocrite caller so often end up in a term of hypocrisy, or perhaps misrepresent the claimed hypocrite into broad strokes? There is this tedious paint by numbers online story style — it is a standard for the Huffington Post and infowars — where when a hated political or other public figure makes some unflavored comment or votes some disfavored fashion — the headline goes that ” so and so Is Destroyed”, and the bulk of the story follows with a long line of tweets calling so and so a poo poo. See here with Josh Hawley. I myself am kind of neutral on hate crimes designation — it does have its juricial problems — but am as glad people can go on Twitter and pillar him for the vote as I am that people can do so with anything said by Maxine Waters for the same basic lazy article from Alex Jones’s website. Understand, it matters not one iota if the person in question deserves a pilloring, the genre is set and gets meaningless because it is used to pillar anything that source disagrees with by whomever they think is evil.


In the wake of the Derek Chauvin guilty verdict, it is interesting to see how Republican heavys calibrate a response to meet that 45 percent of Republicans polled disagree and majority everywhere hold a justice is served. The Arguable Republican 2024 Presidential favorite DeSantis chimes in with one line of pestering. Overall we are dealing with a number of procedural issues that tend not to be the bulliwark of Conservative commentary. Somewhat interesting is the lines of commentary regarding the shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant in Columbus. Reminding me of the Rightwing reactions to a school bus fight from early in the Obama administration — accurately fingered as a non story and kids behaving badly that needs to be dealt with by school and possibly local police authorities, but the right makes hay as Racial Animus. Though, to be sire, this one does line up with some element of the left downplaying as not worth the attention brought to it. A better analogue for partisan double backing may be that case of opposing anti bullying laws in deference to sensitivity of viewing your kids as homophobes — kids being kids, why micromanage it at such a minute level?

A funny thing about the conservative complaint on late night talk shows being political and thus drone ful… I basically agree but with the caveat of “Who cares?”. Able to slide into YouTube clips of Letterman and Conan. The problem with this partisan dangling is a… So late night tv becomes as the right transformed the am dial of the radio in the early 90s — and you can’t complain, it is what the market makes it.

You can’t complain about Apu’s disappearance from The Simpsons either, because the show’sback catalogue is by far stronger than whatever awaits. Like, I have to puzzle over this positive press on a replacement for a voice actor to a gay character — Hank Azaria out and apparently gay podcaster in — the phrase that clunks is ” pipular character” referring to Julio. I never heard of him. Nothing in The Simpsons is popular after about 2000, and if I have the time right for this paeticular episode — 2003 — that was an espicially bleak time period for the show.

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