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Life during wartime, you know where this is

Saturday, March 21st, 2020

I guess the message on the left and I have spotted a “riot cop” putting his… stuff about… is a little more revolution than it comes across, a puppy dippy “we’re all in this together”as opposed to “you will be assimilated into the revolution.”. The one on the right is botched hip hop.


Life during wartime

Thursday, March 19th, 2020

Guy walks by a sort of hidey hole bar, looking uncertain, curtains shut. Some familiar face pokes out behind curtain, smiles, waves him in. I suppose this was under the rule of ten limit, bring the most certain regulars in for a quick goodbye.
Overheard on a cell phone st patty’s day: “yeah i am trying to check out some bars, but couldn’t find him.” Living under a rock?
A scurrious anti-Chinese conspiracy theory, bio weapon against us. Yeah,sure… Xi wants to rule over some ruins, right?
Guy yells out the window at me. “You’rs gonna die! We’re all gonna die!”. It takes a second to register what he’s yelling, but wthen it does… I throw a thumbs up.

Go ahead with wuhan, but…

Tuesday, March 17th, 2020

I always thought the name “Wuhan Virus” was reasonable — if nothing else, helps Americans learn some item of geography, maybe communicates our global interconnectedness — what happens in Wuhan doesn’t stay in Wuhan.
Chinese is a dicier proposition, not lest the thought the question has some trade tariffs in mind, but… Americans know enough geography to know there is a country called China.

The stalled campaign

Monday, March 16th, 2020

Ratings for last night’s democratic debate had to have been abysmally low. They woulda been under normal circumstances, and at this twilight of a once engaging if this is your thing primary season I have to ask — why the hell not toss Tulsi Gabbard on stage?

It is hard to say with certainty — and it may be the on!y supporters Trump has lost is the handful bordering the “never trumpers” who weighed their options and begrungingly went in against the litany of stances represented by democrats — and it may be bernie or busters are a thing correlated with the lack of enthusiasm by the youth for Biden —

If the economic tanking expected in the wake of our partial life shutdown is a coming, and under a “if you were complaining about the social atomization before, what do you see when social atomization is encouraged?” —

A mix of the election of 1932 and 1944. 1932 was hard to see what FDR represented and lead to a relatively underwhelming fatigue stained landslide less than Hoover had 4 years prior. 1944 is summised by an excerpt from Robert Schrank viewing Roosevelt in his limo and seeing we need to think of Truman as president.

We now have a post mortum of sorts out of the Bernie Sanders campaign — the strained relations with Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. It strikes me as insane, AOC, who I guess didn’t fathom the leftwing climate Sanders walked in from not having opened up to the only recent expansive policy on immigration or anything less than a denunciation on someone not wholly breaking apart the gender binary. Comedy ensures with a tweet by Biden, apparently in the aftermath of Joe Rogan, asserting “no compromise” on this issue — never mind that line on his past ability to work with segregationist cohorts. But you chase to the left as may. Frankly, if this were so important a matter for aoc, she picked the wrong candidate. Warren shoulda been her gal. Recent convert from further into the mainstream, has a more instant pick up of the newest liberal zeitgiest. It may have saved her from her other problem — having to chase after Sanders on economics, which just wadn’t going to happen.

The missouri constitution party primary results dissected

Friday, March 13th, 2020

Items of insignificance which become even more insignificant as the nation moves into a life during wartime — self quarantine? Social distancing? Will anyone even notice with me? —

The democrats and the republicans weren’t the only ones who had party primary returns on Tuesday. Which leads to the question… What just happened in the Constitution Party race?

The candidates, as they appeared and presented themselves to the voters of Missouri. The founder and director of the straight pride coalition — whose parade we last saw mocked by the band Smashmouth — and frequent candidate for different positions. (Odd if he “founded” the California state party in 2010 — you’ll have to look up what the national party did for the biggest state’s presidential ballot access prior–) yet… Don Grundmann has delivered no photograph…
THat alone may give Don Blakenship a leg up. Whatever one makes of the biographical data provide — He’s served a prison sentence for corporate malfeasance in the coal industry and has and successful Senate run under his belt of… Populism?

Interesting county by county vote tallies — Benton County has Grundmann blanking Blankenship 1 to 0 where in Livingston county Blankenshp beat Grundmann by a 2 to 1 ratio, 2 votes to 1.

Overall, the race appears to be Blankenshp’s to lose, and though he did sneak out of Missouri with 110 more votes, it does look closer than Idaho’s result. One possible reason may be local confusion over other namesakes in the news— though I wonder how this other Blankenship would have done in this race. (He appears to have a solid voting bloc in his control, after all.)

Peter principle redoubt

Wednesday, March 11th, 2020

There is a quote regarding Jimmy Carter, looking up via google I see in different iterations and some with names plucked in… There are forest people and tree people ( or, men, as the designation had it). Keep an overview of the situation and maybe skimp on the details, or delve into the details and maybe lose some track of the big issue. Jimmy Carter? “Good lord. He was a Leaf Man’!”
And so came to be the political problem of Carter. Now who Elizabeth Warren, who came in with her “plan for that”, and that, and that. Her stock and trade. She’s a leaf woman. I suppose the fact that Jimmy “Leaf Man” Carter got to the presidency and Elizabeth “Leaf Woman” Warren did not shows the gender barriers, but the political liability remains.

Or, do we need at the outset to have a “plan for that” on coronavirus? Nay, we need more nimbleness than that — or, we largely do but we need as much a plan to forge a plan.

It still doesn’t entirely sum up how Elizabeth Warren lost — which always comes with an assumption that she couldn’t failed as much as she is failed.
This National Review article comes pretty close to a better explanation — Alexandria Ocasio Cortez endorsed Bernie. Apparently disagreeing with the insane op-eder claiming Americans apparently couldn’t see that she is a once in a lifetime tale talent and reward her with the presidency. (Dukakis, a previous “got a plan for everything! “Competency personified”, likely had someone somewhere saying the same damned thing.). After that we had the basic problem of her seeming to chase him — which, as we see got him nowhere near the not even close vote tally Bernie got four years back.
And apparently everyone is just now waking up to the bi-frocated nature of Bernie’s primary tally of four years’ back. You could see it back then with the vote of West Virginia — something which bled into that OHMIPAWI. (Extent in the Obama campaigns, but that was the value of Biden. Why? Weird, eh?. Still bled profusely in the midterms and with a scare of bizarre primary opponents.)

The early showings of Biden on the campaign hustle as presumptive nominee aren’t all that encouraging. I guess we will have the internet activists hitting him on some hot button isusues, stringing forth an outrage machine. I read people in the bottom half of the internet convinced the dems will dump Biden for Hillary or Michele. Sure…

Wherein i pursue the twitter and see the larouche used mostly as political insult, but that is at least something.

Wednesday, March 11th, 2020

The idea of holding a conference with Bill Binney on “Rescuing the public from the surveillance state” from a group who… Well, you can read about their surveillance state in “Why We Left”… Dark irony, no?

We’ve been down the Russia disinformation campaign regarding viruses and whence they came. The question before us… Are the larouchies in strong enough to spread any line these days, as they were in the 80s in their big AIDS scare? (They defend China’s response, ax is their nature, already taking a line in opposition to staunch Trump supporters,). Or maybe it’s a lame question. (incidentally…)
They’re on it.

I see with twitter that … Hm… Larouche does enjoy his afterlife as reference point of allusion of politico insult. (or punchline). And occasionally people note he still has his followers. (and internet hobbyists)

To insult Trump. and his supporters and Republicans. maga. Or, Lodged by Trump supporters. such as.

Funny to see larouche pegged as ant-communist cold warrior.
George Wallace…

See too The larouche trump team promoting to the right. (gate-keeping against qanon), some background history. Hey! Here’s Daniel Burke reaching out to a Waco memorialist. (And arguring with a Hayek advocate.
He missed a prospect, though. (never miss a chance to sic your critics.). Interesting to see him chasing Geraldo Rivera, as according to the Matthew Sweet book so did Molly Kronberg back in the day.. (as he desperately tries to reach the president.) (apparently anyone he’s retweeted.). We do see them reach one notable, if to no grand effect.
he’l be right on it i’m sure. (particularly after buttering him up.) (part four of a four srep plan?. (Newt Gingrich sure to swing in any minute now.)
Say… depending on the moment, reagan framed larouche.
tart message to the gravel institute.
Carl Osgood reaches the masses the old fashioned way — letters to the editors. So, twitter is for reaching out to elite opinion and more specialized micro opinion targets, this is more broad.

I guess this guy was with the larouchies in the obama years but not now during trump? (what violation of pc culture did he violate now?.

QAnon. (who this guy probably also sees as part of a jew commie conspiracy)– right alongside David A Clarke, jr.
Trots. jbs by way of dissing yang and tulsi.
Y’know, to say “the lyndon larouche of the 21st century” is to suggest larouche died in the twentieth century. (news is often slow to travel anyway.)

Koch Bros.
klugmauer tv?
any mass of conspiracy figures.
Joe Biden. and again.

Tulsi Gabbard‘s sliminal campaign is mocked. (and again.) again. unusual supporters, with some theorizing on electoral manifestations.
Similarly, Joe Biden’s early primary results. See too Elizabeth Warren. (and again.). (supporters spoke too soon). berners,… ghost of larouche better than biden, apparently. hardehar. I guess.

Biden and Bernie share a thing in common.
and warren, sanders…

Messages from the likes of Adolf Stalin. a jest for the sake of jests. or two. three. four. five. six. seven. eight. nine ten twelve. thirteen, thirteen and a half., And actually this one may be serious. Is there such a thing as a serious troll? hard to tell on that one. Or if ‘beam theory’ really wants to know what weird al yankovic thinks of larouche — a joke, right?

the Larouche campaign of beer twitter“.

Pete Buttigieg’s sanctimony. (funny). (dunno what this is supposed to mean.
ain’t this crude?

Beto O’Rourke.
Rudy Giulini.

poor jill stein. Jill Stein.

Who is Willy Wimmer, supposed identity of “larouche person” in that Steele dosdier. Is this just bloviating, or is this an accurate diagnosis of that reference?
One immediate answer to the question posed here is because he’s dead.

Ron Paul.
Ron Paul, Eugene McCarthy, Lyndon Larouche???
Cue Billy Joel and We Didn’t Start the Fire.

Ralph Nader. lodged with stein.
political candidate followers in general. anti biden democrats. someone just banned by twitter.

Bernie Sanders supporters. unless it’s ron paul. (cynical much? Berners. . and again. and (Or Bernie including at Howard his self.). boo!. and his merchandise. bernie bro equals lym… Who you could not avoid in boston between 2003 and 2010, which begs the question– what about now? (Larouchies don’t have broadband?)
and campaign videos.
I doubt Larouche ever drew 10,000 people, but someone can clarify.. For that matter someone can clarify the huge wings in Germany and owning many businesses.
I guess if you’re worried about the perennial campaign thing, we need to note larouche’s 1976 outing had him much younger than Bernie in 2016.. So, as pointed out here. .
card tables in 10 years.

Or, as counterpoint, the Bernie as gatekeeper model, the real stuff is… Er1984 larouche. (Hypothehtical postulations. More electoral conspiracy theorums.

Or, as other counterpoint: more productive evolution in politics. (I think its more in reference to the rcp.
you do get the feeling there is a wear you out strategy, but i guess once you find one prospect you can’t relent. (lest you’re stuck in the funk of occupy infiltration botches.

The heat of a primary campaign presents odd formulations: Larouchies sent by Bernies, you say?. (Seems to be her fixed idea.

My thought on this, wherever you land in considering Bernie’s political trajectory, starts with pointing to his 70s election campaigns in gadfly land. Once elected Burlington mayor, he slides into your mode of “sewer socialism”, losing some support from old radical pamphleteering cohorts (later run against him in his senate days) as he wins support from the city’s public by a performing admirably during the Big Snowstorm — some conservative-ish deciding that if the roads getting cleared is the first step of the feared proletarian revolution, we remain aways off, or if maybe cleared words is that workers paradise we’re supposed to fear alonside dodgy cable access commentary on the Sandinista cause– so be it– we can live with that cable access program.
(model of historical precedent.

Trotkyite micro-sects. (Sparticists count or are they too big?
Counterpoint: In defense of trots. (further counterpoint.
But… didn’t they disband?. (guess not.)

conspiracy talking cab driver.
Is there an implied conspiracy theory here?. (Oh, wait. it’s a discrediting). When talking about music turns insane. (attempted dose of sanity.

neonazi candidate.
Rocky de Fuente I and II.
Stassen and Paulson. Cellmates with whom?
vox or moveon though infowars is not apt to get retweeted by larouche. (Ye get em.

Guy shouting at congressman.
Hyper partisan nit picker and rhetorician.
overstuffed meme creator.

The DSA. to be sure. again. socialists more mainly.

3rd party default insult.

math degree drop-outs.

Better to be a Moonie than a Larouchie. (Is he sure he’s remembering the right airport based org?)

Wistful memories in Boston. Or Houston voting. 2000 election primary results. The Illinois Democrats of 1986. (in more detail.). Or nuclear activism. 1992 primary results. 1996 primary race voting. the connecto conspiracism. Mark Benson has a Lame Claim to Fame.
Remember the Natural Law Party?. 1970s crash and smash at a Jarvis Tyner event. nawapa. 1980s inner-city (black) docu-narration. reagnites. history of george soros as boogey-man.

anti climate activists.

Unfortunately, Fiona Hill is dragged into the smear, (the giddy stumvle upon convenient disqualifying half-truth, spit it out everywhere immediately school of research) fixed as everyone is in the political tribalism it is hard to extract her in some people’s minds. (Larouchies try to defend their guy). Across the aisle, the dollop infers larouchies in trump land.
A warning to activists of specific noble causes. Warning about use of insult.

Attempting to make hay over the nazi flag showing up in screen at a Bernie Sanders rally — fraud history repeat once, and and again, here, ask the illinois dems in the 80s or the texas dems of last decade. or. (hm. And, dowd recalls reagan on dukakis again.)

A curious request, but so is this one.

Elizabeth Warren had a plan for your spilling coffee on your lap. Which is why Nikki Haley is the most likely first female president.

Saturday, March 7th, 2020

For the record, the price you pay for nominating Joseph Biden over Bernie Sanders is that you will lose the vote of someone with the twitter name ‘neotrotsky’. As a matter of course, that in itself is quite alright — given the choice between a reincarnation of Leon Trotsky and Donald Trump, I guess I would have to side with goddamned Trump. Meantime, the voter that will be lost if Sanders is nominated … less likely to be on twitter — i guess out there on facebook.

Sanders is maybe not the Soviet apparatchik “neotrotsky” is hoping he would be. Sure, he was on the wrong side of history with the Sandernistas, but in that civil war… there was no right side of history. But on the great Soviet Union honeymoon — he was right there with Reagan — easing the Cold War in Gorbachev’s Perostroki. I suppose neotrotsky would just have to console himself with Sanders being a little more favorable to Castro’s Cuba than would let him win Florida. (And also have to remain one step ahead of neostalin).

There is a year old Vogue photograph I see was trending around, as a memorial to the Elizabeth Warren campaign. It shows all the women who were in the Democratic nomination contest — minus hour self help guru Marianne Williamson, but including Tulsi Gabbard– in a group photo of mutual satisfaction — a high five of sisterhood. The notices on these things is sadly noting the last women exiting the race. Never mind the problem — and I will never be able to figure the counter-factuals where some mediocre men are floating above some mediocre women for a job title I am increasingly viewing as ipso facto the Peter Principle refuge (particularly as defined and understood by the public) — (patricia principle?)– and multiplied by a queasy entitlement narccissim — with the added cultis slavisness of supporters unable to view any shortcomings inherent in messaging and policy— Tulsi Gabbard is still in the race. Heck, the DNC just retroactively changed the thresh-hold rules on who can be in the next debate to disallow her after her smashing delegate haul in American Somoa. The matter would not be a matter except that Tulsi Gabbard is in the photograph — her campaign as plausible now as it was then. (I do hope she wins Hawaii, but wouldn’t know if that is even a faint possibility, controversial as she has become, dropping out instead of facing a house primary).

I was thinking of sliding into an element of “mansplaining” — repeat an observation I had at some gushing commentary on Hillary Clinton during her presidential bid. It was a case of defining identity politics incredibly narrowly — that she could relate to Hillary Clinton as a person as she, like Hillary Clinton, came out of an all woman’s college. Sure. But most women haven’t, and can’t relate. So where does that get you? One person wanting to have a beer with her and another not. At the end we had Clinton kvetching about married women voting the wrong way — which sure, some did — but that article spelled out my sense of foreboding.

It is next to impossible (but not completely) to imagine Joseph Biden not selecting a woman as his running mate, and though I see the griping of “beyond past time second slot is acceptable consolation”, well… (1) Did you hear about how Biden is old and stuff? (2) this is your pipeline. As it were, Klobuchar is the obvious selection for what seems like Biden’s thought process — have to double down on the midwest — but I note Clyburn — who Biden owes dearly — cloying floating he has an unnamed black woman as his ideal pick — thinly veiled allusion to Stacey Abrams. Otherwise the most likely first female president is… Nikki Haley.

Hey! Great news! Bloomberg stands to bequeath the democrats his online apparatus. Though… The thing about Bloomberg and his grand electoral history of flooding the zone. Go back to 2009, when the man ran for a third term of mayor he just made temporarily legal — and spent lavishly to destroy any opponent from getting the hint of traction. What did it get him? A narrow resentful plagued victory with the media watching the tallies rolling in slackjawed by the possible looming upset– a larger margin of victory would have probably been acquired by spending a tad less money and annoying everyone a little bit less. I guess Bloomberg got what he wanted, but, there is a lesson here as he unleashes his machine for suburban marginal democratic house seats.

We see Bill Maher dump a bunch of hot fakes last night. I zoom in on him thinking of the political price Trump has on his coronavirus response. The likes of Mark Pence and Washington Jay Inslee on the ground attempt an apoliticization, with Donald Trump unable to help himself. So goes a comical slide of Inslee grinning and “ignoring some voices in the administration” — ie Trump — and Pence awkwardly saddled with Donald Trump’s tweet storms. Just to remind you the circumstances where you do indeed wish Pence were the president — it doesn’t matter until it does.