The stalled campaign

Ratings for last night’s democratic debate had to have been abysmally low. They woulda been under normal circumstances, and at this twilight of a once engaging if this is your thing primary season I have to ask — why the hell not toss Tulsi Gabbard on stage?

It is hard to say with certainty — and it may be the on!y supporters Trump has lost is the handful bordering the “never trumpers” who weighed their options and begrungingly went in against the litany of stances represented by democrats — and it may be bernie or busters are a thing correlated with the lack of enthusiasm by the youth for Biden —

If the economic tanking expected in the wake of our partial life shutdown is a coming, and under a “if you were complaining about the social atomization before, what do you see when social atomization is encouraged?” —

A mix of the election of 1932 and 1944. 1932 was hard to see what FDR represented and lead to a relatively underwhelming fatigue stained landslide less than Hoover had 4 years prior. 1944 is summised by an excerpt from Robert Schrank viewing Roosevelt in his limo and seeing we need to think of Truman as president.

We now have a post mortum of sorts out of the Bernie Sanders campaign — the strained relations with Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. It strikes me as insane, AOC, who I guess didn’t fathom the leftwing climate Sanders walked in from not having opened up to the only recent expansive policy on immigration or anything less than a denunciation on someone not wholly breaking apart the gender binary. Comedy ensures with a tweet by Biden, apparently in the aftermath of Joe Rogan, asserting “no compromise” on this issue — never mind that line on his past ability to work with segregationist cohorts. But you chase to the left as may. Frankly, if this were so important a matter for aoc, she picked the wrong candidate. Warren shoulda been her gal. Recent convert from further into the mainstream, has a more instant pick up of the newest liberal zeitgiest. It may have saved her from her other problem — having to chase after Sanders on economics, which just wadn’t going to happen.

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