The missouri constitution party primary results dissected

Items of insignificance which become even more insignificant as the nation moves into a life during wartime — self quarantine? Social distancing? Will anyone even notice with me? —

The democrats and the republicans weren’t the only ones who had party primary returns on Tuesday. Which leads to the question… What just happened in the Constitution Party race?

The candidates, as they appeared and presented themselves to the voters of Missouri. The founder and director of the straight pride coalition — whose parade we last saw mocked by the band Smashmouth — and frequent candidate for different positions. (Odd if he “founded” the California state party in 2010 — you’ll have to look up what the national party did for the biggest state’s presidential ballot access prior–) yet… Don Grundmann has delivered no photograph…
THat alone may give Don Blakenship a leg up. Whatever one makes of the biographical data provide — He’s served a prison sentence for corporate malfeasance in the coal industry and has and successful Senate run under his belt of… Populism?

Interesting county by county vote tallies — Benton County has Grundmann blanking Blankenship 1 to 0 where in Livingston county Blankenshp beat Grundmann by a 2 to 1 ratio, 2 votes to 1.

Overall, the race appears to be Blankenshp’s to lose, and though he did sneak out of Missouri with 110 more votes, it does look closer than Idaho’s result. One possible reason may be local confusion over other namesakes in the news— though I wonder how this other Blankenship would have done in this race. (He appears to have a solid voting bloc in his control, after all.)

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