not 4-20 friendly

Worthwhile to note, states that have legalized Cannibis — or at least Washington and Oregon — have it such that counties or municipalities can opt out.  I suppose you scavenge for votes, and allow for “community standards” to work.

Such is the wackiness that ensues that a recall effort happened for the council members of Madras, Oregon because they didn’t ban the drug.

And then you have to ponder the creeping in of outlaw border business

Richland’s council banned marijuana-related activities on a 3-2 vote in 2014 after Washington voters approved Initiative 502, legalizing recreational marijuana two years earlier.

The measure was unpopular locally, leading Richland, along with Kennewick, Pasco, West Richland and Franklin County, to enact bans on retail stores, growing, processing and community pot gardens.

Benton County did not initially ban marijuana, but is weighing a permanent after-the-fact moratorium now after complaints arose about the concentration of activities in unincorporated areas such as Finley and near West Richland. 

Sure.  Do you have to swab the rooms extra-tightly in those areas to make extra sure the smoke doesn’t drift out of Finley lest West Richland get a contact high, which would make for a contact crime?

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