biblical injunctions

Blink and figure it out.
Basically, the “massive supply line of false accusations” stemming out of the “me too movement” has its roots in Biblical passages.  Just read Read Genesis, Chapter 39, and you have a damned harlot who tried to bring down…
… er?  Who?  Bill Cosby?
… and who went/goes on to great things as King of Egypt.  Such is the future for Harvey Weinstein?

The next biblical injunction I picked up from the etherworld … some guest on Coast to Coast with George Noory (rip Art Bell) speaking of giants in Afghanistan… damned if there aren’t two soldiers stationed there who corroborate the giants who come from a long string — they are out there in the Bible.
In terms of politics, he points out, this is why we need the second amendment right to bear arms.  Lest, how else are we to take out the giants?

And then comes the case for Nationalism on christian tv.  The Fall of Babel.  The Anti-Christ will come preaching international, and as we know when the Tower of Babel fell, God wants us in nations… and we see the marked trend toward internationalism, though nationalism is making a comeback thanks to current political leadership…
… whoever that may be referring to…

Hard to argue with any of it.

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