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David French refuses to be the John Palmer of 2016

Monday, June 6th, 2016

David French is not running for President.

Who the hell is David French?  He didn’t have a wikipedia page until Bill Kristol asked him to run for president.  Apparently he’s one of Kristol’s favorite bloggers.  And he’s supposed to be the Gold Democrat 1896 candidate for the Republicans in 2016 — which did the causes of John Palmer greatly, right?

But John Palmer probably would have had a wikipedia page.

Bill Kristol looks around backward to try to find someone else.


the end. but he was never really a democrat in the first place, was he?

Monday, June 6th, 2016

Come Wednesday, it will be an impossibility for Bernie Sanders to defeat Hillary Clinton — unless, the on rush of “super-delegates” slides whole sale to him.

Bernie Sanders is undecided on what to do about it.

It is 2008, and Bernie Sanders is Hillary Clinton, and Hillary Clinton is Barack Obama.  With the difference being that in 2008 there was no real difference politically between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and in 2016 there is a one between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

But it is worth looking back to see when Hillary Clinton quit being apprehensive on what to do, and seeing whom throws out barrages against Bernie Sanders.

I am getting contradictory streaks about the gun issue as it relates to Hillary Clinton’s campaign to not get embarrassed by Bernie Sanders with one last biggie win in California… (Lest Bernie Sander be stuck doing that Terry MacAuliffe in South Dakota routine in North Dakota or Montana instead of in California)  —

somewhere I read about the campaign in general, and see — embedded in an article, comments on guns.  But then I google it up and see Newsweek claiming she’s not bringing it up.

… And Ralph Nader… still a’hating on current trends in contemporary leftist politics.


momentary fits of confusion

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016

For a moment I had thought Dilbert creator Scott Adams had come out in favor of Donald Trump.  It squeaked past an editorial from, I believe it was National Review, calling Scott Adams a supporter while relaying that he predicted Trump thumping to victory in November.  This, momentarily, made yesterday’s edition of Dilbert pretty intriguing.

dilbertvotingandtrumpishness  If Wally were a sympathetic character in this regard, he would then make a good stand in for Scott Adams on this Trump thing.

I had known that Scott Adams had predicted Donald Trump’s rise on his internet sites, at just about the time that I had gone from thinking it not going to happen to at least seeing the possibility, and a time a few others I saw who prognosticate on these made the “gulp” leap.  But I assumed it was not support for this prediction, but a prediction.

Before I could go to the archives to look into it, I see in the news that… yeah, that’s what it was and is.

And I doubt it will come to pass as the prediction goes, but I can see it happen.  The one strange thing about this election… in most election cases a larger electorate will favor the Democrat — see 2008 and 2012 versus 2010 and 2014.  In the case that you have a celebrity “blunt talker” — well, see Jesse Ventura and Arnold Schwarzenegger.  The fear for Hillary Clinton supporters, tepid or enthusiastic, is that an apolitical mass is looming and will swarm in off a strange “cool”ness factor.

As it were, Scott Adams — sure, haggle away in 1990s era polemics with art from Tom Tomorrow all you want to disparage a neo-liberalism bent, but … not for Trump.