momentary fits of confusion

For a moment I had thought Dilbert creator Scott Adams had come out in favor of Donald Trump.  It squeaked past an editorial from, I believe it was National Review, calling Scott Adams a supporter while relaying that he predicted Trump thumping to victory in November.  This, momentarily, made yesterday’s edition of Dilbert pretty intriguing.

dilbertvotingandtrumpishness  If Wally were a sympathetic character in this regard, he would then make a good stand in for Scott Adams on this Trump thing.

I had known that Scott Adams had predicted Donald Trump’s rise on his internet sites, at just about the time that I had gone from thinking it not going to happen to at least seeing the possibility, and a time a few others I saw who prognosticate on these made the “gulp” leap.  But I assumed it was not support for this prediction, but a prediction.

Before I could go to the archives to look into it, I see in the news that… yeah, that’s what it was and is.

And I doubt it will come to pass as the prediction goes, but I can see it happen.  The one strange thing about this election… in most election cases a larger electorate will favor the Democrat — see 2008 and 2012 versus 2010 and 2014.  In the case that you have a celebrity “blunt talker” — well, see Jesse Ventura and Arnold Schwarzenegger.  The fear for Hillary Clinton supporters, tepid or enthusiastic, is that an apolitical mass is looming and will swarm in off a strange “cool”ness factor.

As it were, Scott Adams — sure, haggle away in 1990s era polemics with art from Tom Tomorrow all you want to disparage a neo-liberalism bent, but … not for Trump.

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