the end. but he was never really a democrat in the first place, was he?

Come Wednesday, it will be an impossibility for Bernie Sanders to defeat Hillary Clinton — unless, the on rush of “super-delegates” slides whole sale to him.

Bernie Sanders is undecided on what to do about it.

It is 2008, and Bernie Sanders is Hillary Clinton, and Hillary Clinton is Barack Obama.  With the difference being that in 2008 there was no real difference politically between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and in 2016 there is a one between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

But it is worth looking back to see when Hillary Clinton quit being apprehensive on what to do, and seeing whom throws out barrages against Bernie Sanders.

I am getting contradictory streaks about the gun issue as it relates to Hillary Clinton’s campaign to not get embarrassed by Bernie Sanders with one last biggie win in California… (Lest Bernie Sander be stuck doing that Terry MacAuliffe in South Dakota routine in North Dakota or Montana instead of in California)  —

somewhere I read about the campaign in general, and see — embedded in an article, comments on guns.  But then I google it up and see Newsweek claiming she’s not bringing it up.

… And Ralph Nader… still a’hating on current trends in contemporary leftist politics.


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