celebrity deaths

I overhear someone- in poor taste in my humble opinion — some mocking quotations of one celebrity on the impact of Robin Williams.  The undertone here is that the celebrity is insincere in his praise of personal relationships of Robin Williams… and it is worth noting, the celebrity being quoted in question is someone who was “big once” but has faded out of view.  The subtext is thus that he’s trying to get a quote into the news just a bit.

I overhear someone give a blithe statement of “who cares” about Robert Williams.  “Takes Iraq off the news”.

Someone else expresses that she’s going to go watch Mrs Doubtfire again.  Which is good for her, I guess… the impact of his life’s work mattering to her.   I remain cynical, but more cynical about the cynics.

Another death, harkening back to a different era… Lauran Bacall… who, all I can think about there is… Truman… slightly out of character for Truman, who got quite a hearing from his wife.

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