puzzling Nirvana interview

From Reason magazine, Krist Novoselic asked about gun ownership.

reason: One of the odd things about rock stars is that oftentimes they’re great capitalists but they’re also explicitly anti-capitalism.
Always a weird one… some are, some aren’t… Was Nirvana ever, really?
They oftentimes have guns but tend to be anti-gun or anti-violence. You own guns?
Wouldn’t gun rights activists argue that “anti-gun / anti-violence” shouldn’t be merged?

Novoselic: I own guns. I think they’re a good tool to have out in the country, and I should be able to protect my home and my family.

reason: What kind of guns do you have?         

Novoselic: I have pistols and semi-automatic rifles, a shotgun. I have chickens. You need a shotgun.
You get a raccoon in there they’ll wipe you out, so if I couldn’t shoot a raccoon I wouldn’t have fresh eggs.

Fair enough.  But I can’t figure out this next question…

reason: When people, especially in D.C., talk about guns, it’s always either “nutjobs own guns” or “pure Americans don’t.” How big a benefit is it for you to have grown up and come out of a world where the lines aren’t that clear?

I understand the interviewer is trying to create a partisan fighting over the matter, and throwing one “nutjob owns gun” to another from the other side (I would think his), and parsing the thing out he managed to get what looks like two from the same anti-gun side (maybe a Freudian slip showing his bias)… but… whatever the case…, who says the terms “pure Americans”, and what does that even mean?

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