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Friday, July 12th, 2013

You know, there was an ad in the Portland Mercury… half a page… bottom half on the right half of a page…

… for a big shindig by the Portland Community College 9/11 Studies Club…

… with this guy and that woman speaking on demolitions and what really happened with those twin towers and…

It’s all happening Saturday!

My thought?  It must really suck to be the business advertising right next to this ad.  A Bar be que catering company, as so happens.  Does the Portland Merucry give them a discount for having to be placed to a 9/11 Truth event ad?  Did they cringe when they saw this placement?

monthly descent into the silliness

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

ITEM NUMBER ONE:  CLIFF KINCAID IS STILL RIDICULOUS, but has some redeemable value within his screed
I have noted AIM’s history of guilt by association with Larouche from 2005 when they aligned AARP with Larouche’s opposition to Bush’s medicare privatization policies.  Which, you know… cue the Simpsons “Grampa gave money to Larouche again” line.  (Interestingly, a similar line of attack came in that AARP was being taken over by the counter-culture — something about same sex couple benefits and / or medical marijuana… and here we can go ahead and lop AIM as a product of Larouche if that’s where they want to take this.)

A few years later, Cliff Kincaid began a more formal kick declaring “I am exposing Alex Jones!”  A man who does need to be exposed as the charlatan he is, surely, and there is some real ideological cluster with the two’s conspiratorial ideology.  Kincaid followed this through by linking Alex Jones to Webster Tarpley to Lyndon Larouche.  Well, given that Larouche is now a frequent guest, we can go ahead and skip the middle ground now.  We also saw in that feature a strange act of free association — an wholly gratuitous attack on Van Jones, seemingly mostly pulled in out of the shared name.  The one redeeming feature in this otherwise loathsome article and youtube video was a worthwhile quote, which even if I don’t quite agree with there is enough logic to it to consider, calling Lyndon Larouche the “Intellectual author of the 9/11 Truth Movement”.

And now we get to this here curiosity from an article pointing out Fein’s Larouchism…

But in one speech, Fein attacked Wall Street and the “defense contractors,” saying “they’ve got vast amounts of wealth. They exert vast amounts of political power. They have a monopoly on legalized violence.”
This kind of rhetoric is apparently attractive to the LaRouche organization, which in the past has blamed Zionists, Britain and the Queen of England for most of the world’s problems.

Sigh.  I’m pretty sure we can wade into Bruce Fein and come up with something more obnoxious than a slam on the “military industrial complex”.  This is a political cheap-shot.  It’s right about here that I almost… almost… slide into not having a dog in any “Cliff Kincaid of AIM versus Larouche” fight. And slide into this Democratic Underground commenting, there is one point to be made out of this.

Seriously, you’re touting the fact that Snowden’s attorney was a speaker at a LaRouche event as evidence of… of… something? As far as I can figure it’s some weird, hare-brained idea that Snowden’s leaking is going to give us a president LaRouche, and then oh boy won’t we all feel silly for worrying about the fourth amendment then. You throw Palin and Paul in there too… what, couldn’t shoehorn Buchanan’s pork-flavored behind in there also?

Further into

Let’s rename the Fourth Amendment to the Paul/LaRouche Amendment
Americans need to know what the Fourth Amendment is all about. They need to know if they stand for the Fourth Amendment, they stand for the Pauls and for LaRouche.
The Fourth is a menace to our way of life. Time for it to go!
Who’s with me on this?
Ralph Nader wrote the 4th amendment.
That, my friend, is an 11th-dimensional “Oh, Snap!” comment.

And in the AIM article comments:

So Snowden’s Lawyer has contacts with Rand Paul and gave talks to the Lyndon LaRouche organization, who was a covert Soviet agent (most would describe him as a politically un-categorizable nutcase), and therefore Snowden and Paul are all a bunch of communists. I got one! Your articles are on RenewAmerica, which also features articles by Chuck Baldwin, who is a Ron Paul supporter like Snowden, which by the same convoluted logic would make you a communist traitor too, right?

See… there is a good case to make for speaking before even loathsome organizations on matters of common ground… bonus points if in speaking before them you make whatever problems there is with the organization… but… hm…

I have no involvement” in the LaRouche organization, Fein told me. “They have asked me to speak at a few events which I did, and gave the same message I give to all of my audiences. The Constitution is sacred. The American Republic was founded on the idea that every man and woman is a king and queen but no one wears a crown. We take risks others shun because we believe life as a vassal or serf to Big Government is not worth living.”

Bruce Fein going before the Schiller Institute serves no purpose except to validate the Sciller Institute before its young cult members.  And thus, he should be criticized for doing so whenever he pops into the news..


Consider this notice from the Larouche Internet War Room, Vast Factnet Conspiracy Monitoring Unit Blog:
An Internet news search for “moustache” + “South Africa” (or just “Tsokolibane”) shows broad coverage, including from the BBC.
Yes, because I know I like to keep up with the latest South Africa Moustache news.
Taking the South Africa Moustache challenge, what I found were 3 items immediately linked, all with the note of the big poster waving at the bottom of the news story.  This was followed by a link to about a thousand more items, I assume the same reference and etc.  But when I clicked it, the links had been wiped out, with the note that No articles related to moustache” + “South Africa were found.

Wanting to know if this South Africa Mustache news had legs, I looked it up the next day, and what did I discover?  The Larouche news has been bumped by a whole new South Africa Mustache story.  Yes, here it is!

To be fair, days later, the story has popped back in my google news search.  Though, oddly the story gets confused around these parts:
Members of the South African Communist Party and anti-Israel groups held up posters depicting Obama with a moustache like that of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.
At least they’re not being called the Tea Party.  Oh… wait
That may be, but it is a long stretch to suggest that the US is the most oppressive country around, as is being suggested by protesters who carried the posters favoured by the American right – of Obama with a Hitler-style moustache.
Also interesting...
Some of the posters were more direct. “Say no to Obama House Nigga,” said one. The protesters were made up of a collection of organisations. Other placards carried pictures of Obama with a Hitler-style moustache.

Further discussion of the now long forgotten South Africa Mustache story here… a pretty familiar Hitler joke I remember hearing in the Bush Administration and I’m sure has been told about every president since Roosevelt…  and gets noted here.  We have a second on MSNBC and the familiar Press TV .

Then there’s Storm Front, … actual neo-nazis… noting the Russia TV appearnace by Lawrence Freeman… and showing some other signs at that demonstration.

Curious how this story has been repeated:
President Obama “No future, no vision concerning Africa! Only Gay rights!
Actually Obama was a little embarrassing on this score in his African trip.  But, for Larouche’s current favorite Foreign leader, Vladamir Putin,  the beat moves on.  (Interesting post at factnet from Dennis King.  I was going to weigh in on that during the last days of that thread with a comment I thought was a little too obvious — what was the title of that screed  “Henry Kissinger and the Politics of Faggery“?  Interestingly, I remember a blog post from a college student about a dream she had where she advised the Larouche movement that the way to win recruits was by embracing Queer Politics, so in her dream the Larouchies started sporting rainbow flags and the like — it’s somewhere in the archives here, I’m sure of it.

Blast from the past, Independence Day 2010:
A new spirit abroad, namely a qualitatively new phase in the complex, self-changing mind of the mass-strike process, could be seen in the reports from Kesha’s campaign on July 4, when among many other developments, her “impeachment” float was given the trophy for “best individual float” in the Stafford, Texas parade. “No coincidence,” Lyndon LaRouche said.
What’s interesting is that I could not get any confirmation from anywhere about this float victory.  And the Kesha Rogers campaign seemed completely unwilling to show their float off.
And now what do we have four years later?
Kesha Rogers, two-time Democratic nominee for the 22nd congressional district of Texas, gives an on the ground report from Texas where a LaRouchePAC 4th of July float won 1st prize, featuring a host of patriotic American leaders singing songs, at the same time carrying  the genocidal queen and her consort in tow.
The Larouche Irish Brigade clicks to the video of... wow… that’s… disappointing…
Here it is, it’s starting to pop up in her literature:  Lieutenant Governor  pre-candidate Bruce Todd.
I can only speculate that this is in the grand tradition of ticket splitting, to unite the various factions of the Larouche Movement.  Diane Sare represents the more extreme wing of the Larouche Movement, and Bruce Todd is of the Moderate Wing of the Larouche Movement.
If that sounds ridiculous, consider that this line went into media coverage of the two Democratic nominations in Illinois in 1986, where columnists were able to note some amount of reasonableness and conciliation with one of the two candidates and not with the other.
In further Diane Sare news… apparently there was a WOND-1400am Radio Interview.

Dateline Kings Park, New York, and the duo of Matt Guice and Daniel Burke chime in with this statement.
A stand was set up on Tuesday morning outside of the 7-Eleven on Route 25a in Kings Park
Guice, a member of the movement for about 40 years, said his table is one of about 50 others out there on any given day across America.
Burke, a former Harlem school teacher, said he left that career to pursue the cause full-time.
“I noticed that since the news on Edward Snowden broke we have a much larger percentage of people under 30 who have come up to the table,” he said.

This is a sudden drop from a previous count done by Michael Billington claiming that there were over 80.  What’s the deal here?  Is this another sign of droppage, along the lines posted here?  Is this a seasonal adjustment?  Or are both Michael Billington and Matt Guice just pulling numbers out of their asses?  My guess is that last one.

Dateline Gettysburg
The LaRouche idiots are set up in the main square in Gettysburg today.  Going to take all of my willpower to not argue with them. Pictures later if I can stomach having them on my phone.
Do they have petitions to impeach Lincoln?

US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT:   “Auditing the IRS is not enough,” protester Mike Reeves, a self-proclaimed follower of controversial political activist Lyndon LaRouche, told Whispers while holding an “Impeach Obama” sign. “The president has got to be removed like [President] Nixon was.”

At least they were quoted with the Larouche moniker.

  All right.  Here’s a bit more:

From what I heard when the event goers saw the LaRouche table and signs depicting Obama with a Hitler mustache and demanding that he be impeached, they almost to the person exclaimed that “This is the best thing here”.

ve been to a few Tea Party rallies, and each time, there was at least one LaRouchie at the edge of the crowd, carrying a handwritten sign with a lot of silliness on it. Each time, the LaRouchie was either chased off or completely ignored by the actual Tea Partiers. The same sort of thing happened with the other fringe types who showed up. You can always find a number of oddballs at the Tea Party protests, but they’re always isolated or on the edge – or have several people arguing against them at any given time.  Hm.
On the other hand, when you see the Occupy groups, there’s always going to be at least a third of them carrying signs or wearing t-shirts that tout the craziest things the Left has to offer – and the rest of the crowd enthusiastically supports each of them. Heck, you don’t even need to go to the Occupy events for that sort of thing: the antiwar protests in 2002-2003 were chock-full of every bit of left-wing, New Age, off-the-wall weirdness you could think of – and often, the craziest ones were featured speakers…  Hm.

Dateline LePorte:

My fave LaRouchie was leading the charge. Well, actually, she wasn’t leading when I stopped by – she walked over to the Burger King to take a break from the heat. But you all know her – Kesha Rogers, queen of the Democrats for our former congressional district 22. She didn’t want me to take her picture – seriously? This is a politician! No picture?! But sometimes I forget – women are still women, politicians or not. And it was hot and she was sweaty. Still, she looked good in her lime colored hat!
Anyways, I asked her if she was going to run again and she was non-committal. Then I asked, well, are you going to run as a Democrat again or switch over to the Republican side, to which she answered, maybe neither. My bet is that she runs again as a Democrat – heck, no possible way she could be worse than the last Democrat for CD-36, Max Martin – that dude was a space cadet.
I asked the guy in the yellow Navy shirt what he thought – probably shouldn’t have done that. He told me that he thought the signs, with Obama as Hitler, were way out of bounds because it isn’t Obama’s fault that we kill people on every continent, that’s just the way the military works.

Dateline Ludington
Cars honked. Some drivers stopped. Others looked over to see what was going on. Others carried on with life. And a fair share of people stopped Friday afternoon to talk with backers of LaRouche Political Action Committee that set up tables with posters calling for President Barack Obama’s impeachment at the intersection of South Pere Marquette Highway and U.S. 10 and also in downtown Ludington in front of the U.S. Post Office.
The Michigan LaRouche PAC office is based out of Livonia. Brent Bedford, who said he came to Michigan from Washington, D.C., waved a placard at passing motorists at the highway intersection while his partner, Hector Villarreal, who said he was from Livonia, explained the group’s positions.

LaRouche is not a “dumbass” and only a fool would think he’s not dangerous.  Completely nuts, yes, but not a dumbass. He’s evil smart and very dangerous. He’s also freakin’ old but dangerous nonetheless, as are Ron and Rand Paul.
There is a LaRouchie that sets up a table outside the post office… I love arguing with them, and wasting their time, as they are soliciting, and they have the most vile pictures of my President hanging on their table, so of course, I show off my buttons to them …. of course, they want me to purchase their literature, but I never do, and the funny thing is, they want my name, phone number, address and email for their lists.
The first amendment of course guarantees their right to be there.
Of course, the first amendment guarantees my right to argue against them right in front of them. (same with Rand and Ron fanatics if they are set up, I don’t much find major differences between LaRouchies and Pauls.)
Both are jumping up and down in happiness over the Voting rights rulings and both hate the DOMA rulings.

Dateline Commack:
A stand was set up Tuesday morning outside of the 7-Eleven on Route 25a in Kings Park
Matt Guice and Daniel Burke
Agenda 21

Dateline Medina, with Bill Roberts and Limari Bedford.  “Travelling Headquarters”, eh?
Roberts and Bedford are “touring” to spread the word of the LaRouche movement. When asked why Medina, Roberts thought it made sense.
“We’re going all through the Midwest, state by state. Medina is a county seat with a fair amount of people,” he said. “People here know the president has committed impeachable acts.”
When asked where the pro-LaRouche duo was headed next, Roberts said “the next county.” When asked in which direction, he replied, “south,” but he couldn’t recall the name of Wayne County at that moment.


 Life as a political candidate has always been about small victories for Lyndon LaRouche, a perennial presidential candidate for more than a quarter-century.
In 1988, he received 0.09 percent of the national vote. That was an improvement, however, from the 0.05 percent he received in his first campaign in 1976.
Saturday, the LaRouche movement — perhaps best known today for inflammatory posters calling for the impeachment of President Barack Obama — scored two more small victories in Ellsworth.
In these cases, two signs stolen from an informational booth were tracked down by police and returned.
The first sign, featuring a photo of Obama with a Hitler-style moustache over the word “Impeach” and said to be worth $50, was reportedly stolen around 12:30 from a booth set up in front of Walgreens on High Street.
The complainant provided police with a license plate number, which was tracked to a vehicle from Hampden.
Police in that community later found and stopped the vehicle. The three youths inside reportedly admitted to having stolen the sign and tossing it in a Dumpster in Holden.
Ellsworth Police Lt. Harold Page, who investigated that complaint, said the youths were “strongly encouraged” by Hampden police to retrieve the sign and return it to its rightful owner, and they complied.
The youths were not charged with a criminal offense, but were warned for the theft.


What is it with these Lyndon Larouche nutcases? Saw some of them today gathering “Impeach Obama” signatures with posters of Obama with the Hitler mustache. If I didn’t have my kid with me, I’d have told them they were nuts and I wouldn’t waste time even looking at them if they weren’t standing on the sidewalk. Larouche is a criminal kook who has done a lot of jail time. Is he still in the clink? Funny thing, if they were getting any signatures, and certainly not many, it was no doubt mostly teabaggers signing. Kooks signing for kooks. It was a mini sidewalk kook festival, very thinly attended.
I love how Barney Frank bashed one of them down once, asking her “On what planet do you spend most of your time?” and then saying, “I could get further trying to reason with a dining room table and have no interest in bothering with you.”
I used to participate in a now defunct forum where the leading CT pushing poster cited both Ron Paul and LaRouche all of the time.
hey were a leftie Marxist group in the 60s/70s. Then they went right. I don’t know where they are at today.
Younger readers might not be familiar with Lyndon’s 30 minute election eve commercial series.
Every election since I was old enough to vote was preceded by Larouche accusing the queen of England and whoever his opponents might have been of being in the Opium trade together.
There was one interesting deviation in the 80s when said he wanted to colonize Mars and would only need to be in total control 30 years to do it.
They try to weasel their people into the primaries of all parties.
Once they fouled the whole Democratic ticket in Illinois.
So don’t look at them, don’t listen to them, and for all the Gods’ sakes, don’t vote for them!
LaDouche could rename himself “Doe” and take his followers on a trip on a comet.
I actually knew one German guy who worshipped Larouche
I didn’t really blame him. The poor guy had been in a near-fatal bicycle accident, and the top of his skull had had to be replaced with a cement cap, since his skull had accidentally been allowed to rot without proper refrigeration. I think all Larouche supporters must have had cement cranial replacements, although this was the only one I ever met.
They sometimes show up near the Ferry Building in San Francisco With their nasty signs and mean smirks. I never seen anyone talk to them and most people give them dirty looks. I got into it with one of them once and the person was a mean little prick who shouted at me that I was the one brainwashed. So I asked them if so “why isn’t Larouche President or more popular mainstream”? He didn’t have an answer. I also saw them during the Bush Iraq anti war protests and got some of their literature, they’re basically against anyone who is establishment. Anyway I read about two pages of their literature and threw it in the garbage can. I consider them moonies cultist types. So far gone they can no longer be reached. (Much like 47% of this country who listen to rush and watch fox. They has lost the ability to have a civil discourse without resorting to screaming and attacks.Now when I see this loons I just keep walking and ignore them.
They have their tables with propaganda.They show up at the State Democratic Convention in Texas.  And all the Democrats ignore them, hoping they will go away.
Unfortunately, they don’t.
At the 1980 convention, my dad asked one of them “Where is he coming from?” meaning philosophically. The guy said, “Maine”, which is not the answer Dad was looking for.
..harassing customers entering and leaving the building in Gulf Breeze, Florida. It sounds similar to what the OP experienced. I did a blog post about this two months ago which includes photos of President Obama with a Hitler mustache.

I live in a small town in Northern Michigan, and the Larouchies set up an “Impeach Obama” booth on main street today, to collect signatures, complete with a Hitler ‘stache on a big picture of the Pres. I wanted to go yell at the pukes but I just ignored ’em. Now I think I should’ve confronted them. Any thoughts? That’s just outrageous and it pissed me off to see it.
A bunch of it. Then put it through the recycling bin.
I used to live in what is now Trent Franks’ district.  Also unwinnable by Dems. Back in the early and mid 90s – before Franks got the seat, the only Dem who would run was a LaRouchie.
I tell them that they are displaying their own ugliness in our little town where so many are trying as hard as they can to make it an attractive town. They ignore me.  My SIL tells them they are nuts. One time, one of them replied – “we aren’t republicans!”
A lot of people claim to be Libertarians are nothing but charlatans and carnival barkers.  Awhile ago I happened upon the State of Illinois
building downtown and saw a sign that said overturn Glass Stiegall.  As I took a second glance and paused a second to figure out who these
people were one pounced on me with a leaflet stuck in my chest and a desperate need to engage me.  He was a Larouchie.  His eyes had that far
away look of someone trying to remember their lines.  I felt so sad for him.  I almost gave him a dollar but he wanted my soul.I’m sure most passersby thought this table set up had something to do with a beer company.
Today I drove past a couple of people in the neighboring village of Flourtown, PA, who had set up some signs on a sidewalk along the main street calling for the impeachment of “Big Brother Obama.” People driving past in their cars in this town, which had voted for Obama both in 2008 and 2012, were waving and honking their horns. I thought, “Hey, this is great. Obama’s starting to be seen the way G.W. Bush was seen, as a Constitutional criminal.” Then I noticed that the protesters were from the Lyndon LaRouche cult, the National Caucus of Labor Committees.
Amazing! To think that the US has sunk so far into fascist-style police statism, that the LaRouchies, who used to just seem like paranoid kooks, are now looking sane and prescient.  (Sigh.  Subscribe to their newsletter.)

STORY NUMBER SIX:  YOUR TARPLEY WATCH, and since this is brief some other notes

So, here’s Tarpley on the matter of Edward Snowden.
Webster Tarpley= NSA CIA NWO HAND PUPPET.  In other words. “CONTROLED OPPOSITION.”
Or, you know… everyone’s with the CIA.

Other conspiratorial crap.
Nadler disavowed the breathless reports of the LaRouchies and Paultards. The “inadequate black man” must have gotten to him.

And the New Hampahire Lawmaker who pushed the Boston Conspiracies resigned.  Interestingly, a bit of conspiratorial digging brings this up.

The Titles and Nobility Act was, in fact, never ratified. The “bar” in American Bar Association is not actually an acronym, but rather a word meaning “the whole body of lawyers, the legal profession.” The notion that “bar” stands for “British Accredited Registry” seems to originate with this pamphlet, though it has received some acceptance on LaRouche and other conspiracy-oriented message boards.

… What the hell?

Some odd neo-nazi discursions from the laconics forum.  Oh, what’s the use of linking or even looking into some of this?

So I don’t discount Wag’s theory that Jews are scared sh*tless over Perry…he can communicate like Reagan. Lefty Jews claim Reagan was a moronic shill for Wall St, righty neocon Jews claim he was one of their own. LaRouche claims that while Reagan had his faults (ie under sway of London-Jew Hayek-type “free-market” crap) he had some good instincts. LaRouche says that Reagan was authentically interested in Strategic Defense Initiative, ie a shared system to prevent nuclear attacks but that London (Jews) co-opted the scheme & assassination attempt was clear message to stop it.

Then later call Wendy Jones a Jew…  Things are a little weird about how this forum reads everything.

LaRouche claims int’l Krishna movement was pushed by Brit intel as part of Tavistock type irrationalism, similar to their promotion of occultism…
LaRouche claims French Maginot Line would have been effective except for London-caused strategic sabotage. Hitler should have (easily)
LaRouchies present much evidence that Liberation Theology was a Jesuit neo-Jacobin project intended not to fight oligarchs (Jew & otherwise) .
Always need to note this, don’t they?  one must consider that that organization was a creation of the British as is found in historian Anton Chaiken, who is Jewish.  Nothing good can ever come out of that framework device.


Kendric Ward at the Examiner, taking Larouche seriously for some reason, on issues of import.  The first commenter… “1GFusiontoMars”.

Meanwhile, in the lesser item of the 2 Larouchie “pet” issues…NAWAPA gets some notice here, and a bit of a lazy misreading…

I got around to clicking on the link in the article reference the lobhyists attempt to buy artic water. And it was to a Lyndon LaRouche political action commitee. Sorry, not credible
Indeed, the mere fact that the article referenced something from Larouche renders the whole thing suspect. I mean, it’s treading on Yahey territory.
This is frankly sloppy reading of the article.   It was the final reference in the story.
Ontario’s Ottawa counterparts vow they will continue to stand on guard for thee. The fact that inter-basin water transfers now are opposed by all levels of government on both sides of the border does not mean the idea doesn’t arise from time to time.
One especially ludicrous example relayed by a senior Canadian official happened just last year, when a U.S. lobbyist came knocking to awaken interest in the 1950s-era scheme called NAWAPA , envisioning a gargantuan diversion of water from the Arctic to California, replete with a trench through British Columbia.
The Canadians turned the lobbyist away. But it reminded them that, when it comes to water in the 21st century, every bet must be hedged. You just never know.

Gary Null is indeed a kook. And yes, it matters a lot.  It would be like watching a documentary that criticizes Obama and has interviews with Alex Jones or Lyndon Larouche. It undermines the credibility, even if the documentary was otherwise making a good argument.
on Ralph Nader… Lots of defending him lately, for no apparent reason. Just random, out of the blue defenses. Is LaRouche or Rand Paul support the next phase
Carl Osgood with EIR — press conference with General Odierno.  Innocuous enough.:
 Free Syria.
Lyndon LaRouche for secretary of state, under president Ted Cruz of course –

Mike Hodgkiss argues...
Well, whether it’s the Tea Party or the LaRouche folks, your brand of paranoid kookiness would fit right in with either one of them, Jim.
I note that LaRouche went to prison in 1988, according to this article. What administration was it that sent this particular member of the political opposition to prison? Was Obama president in 1988?
If I want paranoia I will talk to Mike Hodgkiss the LaRouchie.
I’m not paranoid. I know exactly what and who the enemy is. Here is a really great documentary called 1932 A true history of the united States
So true! Nerobama fiddles while Wall Street steals the retirement funds of Americans and the republic burns. We must reinstate Glass-Steagall and impeach Obama now. Take for example how Obama has protected Al Qaeda
. That, is a Nazi type principal, and thus the moustache.
The judge declared a mistrial in Boston. That is not the government “shutting down the trial”. LaRouche had been the subject of mulitple state and federal investigations the Virginia one was simply the next one to come to trial.
The issue is why was Larouche targeted. It was political and you know it.
did not make up the fact that there were multiple independent investigations of LaRouche.
You are also incorrect that he was convicted of just tax code violations. He was convicted of conspiracy to commit mail fraud, 11 counts of mail fraud and 1 count of attempting to defraud the IRS. His appeals were all rejected.
You are obviously a LaRouchie and not mentally competent.
Typical slurs. Why is it that people who hate Mr. LaRouche always refuse to talk about ideas. I suppose the North American Water and Power Alliance is a bad thing to support. (yes it is)  I suppose Glass-Steagall is a bad thing to support.  (no, it isn’t)  I suppose the idea of a National Bank is bad to support, one could go on and on with the great ideas Mr. LaRouche and his movement have promoted over the years.  (also, the man hates FDR).  I don’t remember one I haven’t agreeed with so I guess you are right again I am a Larouche supporter crusify me.
Because he is a paranoid lunatic that thinks the Queen of England is the head of a drug cartel. Need I say more? He has few ideas that are rational and those that are, are better elucidated by other, more reputable voices.
Good point Bruce. In fact it was George Bush senior who railroaded LaRouche to prison. The trial was later characterized by former Attorney Gen. Ramsey Clark as an “outrageous miscarriage of injustice”. But if you think Obama is any different from the Bushes, well please think again. […]
I rate this comment four cognoscenti crazy…
It’s like talking to a Jehovah’s Witness. He’s speaking from and referencing his own bible as evidence that his positions are valid but he is incapable of seeing that his reference point is total BS and a deranged fantasy from a mentally ill lunatic. (apologies to JW’s, your ideology has the benefit of not being from the deranged or mentally ill but you are still incapable of seeing that it’s BS).
This guy at least has the benefit of being entertaining. (plus hes not on my doorstep being a nuisance).

Riconoscuito had been introduced to a friend of Casolaro’s by Jeff Steinberg, a longtime top aide in the Lyndon LaRouche organization.
Lyndon LaRouche? You’ve got to be kidding me.
Harley Schlanger of the “foundation” on Dr Deagle 6/26

I’ve heard very briefly about this guy and don’t know much about him. Based on his website and what little I’ve read he seems like some run-of-the-mill tin foil hat type. Anyone know anything more about him or his movement?
He is crazy.
One of those wonderful reformists like Joeseph Coors and David Koch, less the money.
I do believe he’s still incarcerated…if not dead.
I do not know as much about the movement itself on account of only having met one of its members. The bloke in question was a deeply racist, White nationalist and neo-Nazi who supports fascism, a caste system, and totalitarianism (and no, that is not hyperbole). If I were to speculate based on incomplete information I’d say that, if you were to strip away all of the associated conspiracy theories, what would be left is the closest thing the U.S. has to advocacy for the Argentine ideology of Peronismo. At this time I also feel confident in describing LaRouche as the most illiberal bloke I have ever heard of running with Democratic endorsement. Hopefully at least some of this is helpful to you
He and his followers have been around since the mid 60’s. They started out to the left of the Communist Party USA, and then by the mid 70’s became complete wackadoodles mixing extreme right wing and left wing ideas. By the mid-80’s they were complete conspiracy theory mode, worrying about the Illuminati, the Rosecrucians, Masons, Bilderburger’s and other groups as being the true rulers of the world who had to be stopped. They have been stuck in that sad place ever since.
On Jim Baker… Maybe it was having Lyndon LaRouche as a cellmate that kept him from evolving.
I find your ideas interesting.  And I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.”
Interestingly enough the previous post on this blog… um… blames the Jews for Everything.  Freemasonry and Communism.
The other point is the fact that I admire this kid, but in fact I am sure he is one who has embraced the whole Libertarian agenda.I have witness many times young college age kids go out on a limb to defend Ron Paul and Lydon Larouche, a conversation I will not have now..(.Cops suck and Govt. employs cops therefore govt. is responsible)
lyndon larouchehas a better chance than either of them, and I think he is dead.
Does anyone know who the smartest person in the world is? Possibly there are a few followers of this blog that know something more than me, but publicly, in terms of a person who tries to make a difference and make themselves personally known, it is clear to me that Lyndon LaRouche is the smartest person in the world. ... “And I would like to subscribe to his newsletter“.
Sigh.  Rick Perry and Scott Walker.Interesting.
Is Inferno just Lyndon LaRouche?  (Oh, Scott Gaulke.  Where are you right now to respond to this comic book related inquiry?)
And this taps both Murawiec and … interestingly… Robert Dreyfuss.  Unfortunately, Murawiec died from cancer in 2009, so we cannot ask him what he thinks of events in Egypt over the past week.  When the Larouchies understand our foreign policy better than we do, it’s time to unilaterally disarm…
Press TV brings out Jeffrey Steinberg again.

the demise of the natural law party has been greatly exaggerated

Thursday, July 11th, 2013


I’ve been wanting to monitor the continued presence of such a thng as the “Natural Law Party” as a going concern for ballot candidacy existence.  I thought it may have dropped off the face of the earth after Alan Jacquemotte’s unsuccessful bid in 2010 (who confessed on this blog that his party alignment was purely situational.).  But.  No.  There were three more races in Michigan in 2012.

So… Your 2012 candidates…

1/6/2012 MI US Senate  Lost .24 percent …
That’d be John Litle

Nikki Mattson
U of Michigan Board of Reagants… .99 percent
(Almost into single digits.)

William B Johnson
Michigan 11  .91 percent .

Then there’s this notice
Love that the Natural Law Party still exists (and the NLP chairman is running for the Supreme Court as a nonpartisan too).

Hm.  Does that count for my purposes here?  I note that William B Johnson’s page shows him as an “American Freedom” affiliation, and his views strike me as not affixed with the Natural Law Party (member of the Minuteman Border Project), meaning yet another situational NLP candidate…

damned pop culture reference cliches

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

Okay.  Where have I heard this reference before?

“The supporters of this measure are going to be similar to the lounge scene in Star Wars,” says John DiLorenzo, who is representing utility ratepayers in a lawsuit against the city.

Answer:  Most recently with the big Fluoridation fight to describe the unlikely mis-mash of activists leading the opposition to fluoridation.

Except usually it’s a reference to the “barroom scene”, or “bar scene” in Star Wars.

Actually I’m sick of this reference.

Here’s what a quick google search uncovers.

The 2012 Republican presidential field was compared to the motley crowd in the famous bar scene from Star Wars.
And from the other partisan slashing side.
Scanning McClusky’s “You’re So Lame” list of 24 liberal goals, Jordan Lorence, a senior counsel at the Alliance Defense Fund cracked: “It’s the legislative equivalent of the barroom scene in Star Wars.”
The Heritage Foundation does us a favor of illustration, by including a youtube clip of the scene.
CPAC is the Star Wars Bar Scene of
If Dean’s events sometimes look like the bar scene from Star Wars…

And wikipedia brings out
The scene is also frequently referenced in political discussions, such as in referring to the United Nations General Assembly as “the Star Wars bar scene.”

I’ve become tired of the reference point.  I want a new one.  Someone needs to make a new to-go pop cultural reference point to displace “Star Wars bar/ bar-room / lounge scene”, so that the next municipal grass-roots coalition against an entrenched bureaucratic process can be described by something else… or, failing that, something else in the lexicons of popular culture needs to be uncovered and popularized.


Monday, July 8th, 2013

In the supposed “Tea Party versus Republican Establishment” narrative, I can’t figure out where this one would fit.

Because she’d be running on the “Obama is a Commie” tack, overturning the incumbent entrenched Republican.  But it’s a freaking Cheney.

Ms. Cheney, 46, is showing up everywhere in the state, from chicken dinners to cattle growers’ meetings, sometimes with her parents in tow. She has made it clear that she wants to run for the Senate seat now held by Michael B. Enzi, a soft-spoken Republican and onetime fly-fishing partner of her father.  [just don’t take him up on any proposed hunting trip.]
But Ms. Cheney’s move threatens to start a civil war within the state’s Republican establishment, despite the reverence many hold for her family.
Mr. Enzi, 69, says he is not ready to retire, and many Republicans say he has done nothing to deserve being turned out.

Curious enough.

The only reason Mr. Enzi would “be in any difficulty is if there’s a weird group of Republicans who think compromise is akin to communism,” said Mr. Simpson, who called Mr. Enzi and Ms. Cheney “both wonderful people” and, like many here, does not want to have to choose.

Hm.  Yeah.  Mike Enzi is in trouble.  And then there’s…

It would bring about “the destruction of the Republican Party of Wyoming if she decides to run and he runs, too,” Alan K. Simpson, a former Republican senator from the state, said in an interview last week. “It’s a disaster — a divisive, ugly situation — and all it does is open the door for the Democrats for 20 years.”

Urm.  I know they had one of those non partisan Democratic governors just a fortnight ago, but… there’s a Democratic Party in Wyoming?

Note that further to Enzi’s right, and further to Cheney’s right, there’s this perenial candidate.

you better tell them about Kafka…

Saturday, July 6th, 2013


I don’t suppose you noticed Wednesday’s Google image?


Because, it was Franz Kafka‘s birthday, 130 years and…

What is this?  An illustration for the Children’s Book adaptation of The Metamorphosis?

post modern selling of political soap.

Friday, July 5th, 2013

There is not a single voter in Kentucky who cares about this process foible, — Alison Lundergan Grimes has a somewhat bizarre campaign launch which does not sit well with the “judging theater performance” angle of political reportage.  But… yeah… report away.

From there we jump to Mitch McConnell campaign.  I note how he survived the 2008 campaign — in the end, he argued he brought in federal funds while the Democrat in the end ran an ad insinuating that McConnell was gay.  6 years later and a world of difference… Senate Minority Leader McConnell is coming loaded to bear, while the Democrats shuffled through a couple of “intriguing” sort of celebrity novelty-ish candidates before picking up the candidate they most wanted and hoped to get.  And in that time Mother Jones released video tape of McConnell strategy session on how he would go after possible candidate Ashley Judd — not all that remarkably, McConnell was planning to say a lot of mean things about Ashley Judd.  It was maybe a bit remarkable (but not very) how crude it was … though that video just showed how superfluous this expose was, as that would show up in the campaign itself.

So, I suppose, it’s not all that surprising to see the campaign lit up with an odd strategy.  Two really, really silly cringe inducing youtube ads.  “What rhymes with Grimes”, we see in auto-tone fashion… urm… “What rhymes with Alison Lundergan Grimes” — apparently… “Left wing mime”, though not quite.  And we have another youtube ad of similar silliness that charges that she didn’t even have air conditioning when she announced (as too a website) — which, I guess, is back to knocking her poor theater debut.

I think I get this strategy.  There’s a war room mentality here, in post modern fashion.  McConnell will drive the narrative, at whatever costs, and exhaust the available media narrative space… even if that space is merely used to discuss what silly ads these are.  I note a review I read of the political master-mind behind 2010’s “Demon Sheep” ad which explained it in such terms — “Make huge splash”.  And she won the nomination, after all.  (Of course, she lost the general election, and the most effective ad of the general election turned out to be a rather low key ad from Jerry Brown, but such are things.  Everyone still remembers Demon Sheep, right?  Hence Demon Sheep guy won, if not his candidate.)

Anyway, I guess we can expect a lot of really stupid youtube clips from the McConnell campaign.  And Democrats will be mocking them.  And McConnell will either turn out to be crazy or crazy like a fox.