the demise of the natural law party has been greatly exaggerated


I’ve been wanting to monitor the continued presence of such a thng as the “Natural Law Party” as a going concern for ballot candidacy existence.  I thought it may have dropped off the face of the earth after Alan Jacquemotte’s unsuccessful bid in 2010 (who confessed on this blog that his party alignment was purely situational.).  But.  No.  There were three more races in Michigan in 2012.

So… Your 2012 candidates…

1/6/2012 MI US Senate  Lost .24 percent …
That’d be John Litle

Nikki Mattson
U of Michigan Board of Reagants… .99 percent
(Almost into single digits.)

William B Johnson
Michigan 11  .91 percent .

Then there’s this notice
Love that the Natural Law Party still exists (and the NLP chairman is running for the Supreme Court as a nonpartisan too).

Hm.  Does that count for my purposes here?  I note that William B Johnson’s page shows him as an “American Freedom” affiliation, and his views strike me as not affixed with the Natural Law Party (member of the Minuteman Border Project), meaning yet another situational NLP candidate…

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