post modern selling of political soap.

There is not a single voter in Kentucky who cares about this process foible, — Alison Lundergan Grimes has a somewhat bizarre campaign launch which does not sit well with the “judging theater performance” angle of political reportage.  But… yeah… report away.

From there we jump to Mitch McConnell campaign.  I note how he survived the 2008 campaign — in the end, he argued he brought in federal funds while the Democrat in the end ran an ad insinuating that McConnell was gay.  6 years later and a world of difference… Senate Minority Leader McConnell is coming loaded to bear, while the Democrats shuffled through a couple of “intriguing” sort of celebrity novelty-ish candidates before picking up the candidate they most wanted and hoped to get.  And in that time Mother Jones released video tape of McConnell strategy session on how he would go after possible candidate Ashley Judd — not all that remarkably, McConnell was planning to say a lot of mean things about Ashley Judd.  It was maybe a bit remarkable (but not very) how crude it was … though that video just showed how superfluous this expose was, as that would show up in the campaign itself.

So, I suppose, it’s not all that surprising to see the campaign lit up with an odd strategy.  Two really, really silly cringe inducing youtube ads.  “What rhymes with Grimes”, we see in auto-tone fashion… urm… “What rhymes with Alison Lundergan Grimes” — apparently… “Left wing mime”, though not quite.  And we have another youtube ad of similar silliness that charges that she didn’t even have air conditioning when she announced (as too a website) — which, I guess, is back to knocking her poor theater debut.

I think I get this strategy.  There’s a war room mentality here, in post modern fashion.  McConnell will drive the narrative, at whatever costs, and exhaust the available media narrative space… even if that space is merely used to discuss what silly ads these are.  I note a review I read of the political master-mind behind 2010’s “Demon Sheep” ad which explained it in such terms — “Make huge splash”.  And she won the nomination, after all.  (Of course, she lost the general election, and the most effective ad of the general election turned out to be a rather low key ad from Jerry Brown, but such are things.  Everyone still remembers Demon Sheep, right?  Hence Demon Sheep guy won, if not his candidate.)

Anyway, I guess we can expect a lot of really stupid youtube clips from the McConnell campaign.  And Democrats will be mocking them.  And McConnell will either turn out to be crazy or crazy like a fox.

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