… and the right-wing third party Presidential candidates

Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party.  Yep!  That’s probably the way to do this thing.
Gary Johnson / Jim Gray 2016.
Two election cycles.  What does it amount to?  A bit more than one election cycle would.   He has more electoral viability, as a former governor, at least in theory, than the previous two time Presidential candidate of the Libertarians — Harry Browne:  His vote tally fell from point five percent to point three six percent.

As for the Ron Paul factor… I guess the idea for Gary Johnson is to become the new Ron Paul.  Or, the new and more sane model of Ron Paul.

Headline acts.  US News and World Report claims… uh huh…   Gary Johnson Promotes Pot in Colorado.  A lazy headline, surely.  But looking up the latest, it seems he’s doing the college circuit with this one, it kind of seems.  The Washington Times comes in with an op-ed for their conservative audience attracting the paleo-con anti-war crowd.

Virgil Goode endorses some candidate or other in New Mexico.  Along with Gary Johnson.  It doesn’t matter much — the Democrat is on the way to a landslide victory over the Republican.
The rest of his coverage focuses on his possibilities in Virginia.  He remains “wildly popular in Southern Virginia”.  Maybe or meehaps.  Didn’t he lose his last election there?

Third Party “What counts as success” commentary.   They’re all probably going to miss this mark.

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