senate election campaigns redux

North Dakota
The Catholic Bishop has the state’s church priests read a letter pretty clearly asserting who they want the parish to vote for in the Senate election.  They don’t mention names, though.  Because that would violate the tax exemption status.
I attended some church services in 2004.  Judging by the weekly sermons, it was crystal clear that the Bishop had sent down an edict on topic focus.
Meantime, Billy Graham supports Mitt Romney in the same way he did Richard Nixon in 1960.

Todd Akin was one of those “Operation Rescue” type protesters, barricading the Abortion clinics.  He was arrested three times, and not the one time he had in his campaign. Civil Disobedience and all that.   But this is interesting, and maybe a little troubling in the Media Coverage Vetting procedurals.:
The additional arrests came to light during a new search of the newspaper’s archives. The arrests were missed in previous searches because the news stories had listed Akin by his given first name, William.
On the other hand, this delay probably is of benefit for McCaskill — it wouldn’t have hurt him in the primary, but in the general election you want a sprocket of information to pop up at irregular intervals.

We’ll see if the latest “Rape is God’s Intent” comment ends up mattering.  As the case in Missouri, we do end up with a “Don’t let the Liberal National Media decide this election” element here — it is something Obama ends up commenting over, and as the state’s governor has pointed out with Rove – there is no white Democrat south of Indianapolis who’s supporting Obama who’s not a college professor in Bloomington.
… So.  Richard Lugar… where are you?  Can’t you send a less subtle wink and nod to get more moderate Republicans to break over to Donnelly?
Mourdock tried to soften his comments Wednesday, saying that he did not mean God intends for women to be violated — only that every life was a divine gift.
Worst back-pedal ever.

Washington Post does its local color piece.   Washington Monthly blogger calls the take-away misplaced –– referencing Samm Nunn’s non-component years ago.  I would have to fall in between the Washington Post premise and the Washington Monthly “eh” on the meaning of Mark Clayton’s primary victory.  For the “Did
 Mark Clayton, the Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate in Tennessee, doesn’t have a campaign headquarters. A recent fundraising drive brought in less than $500.

That article also features one of those rare mentions of Tim Chesnut.  “Chesnut is the best nut for Senate”.

The question of Most Irrelevant Republican Senate candidate is problematic, as the Democrats have a hold of big state big markets, such that an Elizabeth Emken of California gets some coverage and some noticeable support behind her.  And I basically agree with her on this:
Emken ramped it up when the San Francisco Chronicle/’s Shaky Hand Productionsvideo crew caught up with her. She called DiFi “arrogant” and “dismissive” for not agreeing to debate.
If nothing were at stake, I’d suggest that this should be a good reason to vote against a Diane Feinstein.  I’d like the candidates debating their “no chance” opponents for the sake of Democracy.
I guess you could murmur at the New England Republicans.  But MacGovern in Vermont gets the benefit of debates, and thus coverage, because the Democratic Socialist Sanders has that belief in “Participatory Democracy” that a Dianne Feinstein lacks.

West Virginia
A joke from John Raese.  He delayed his college graduation by a year to improve the university’s party rating.  Har de har har.

Minnesota.  Yes, the “Get video of our opponent being rude and obnoxious” gambit which is sweeping the Republican grass-roots.  (“Ugh” to the schematic.  Even in cases where the issue is “real”.)
Minnesota Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar took an aggressive tone on Wednesday when a media tracker for her GOP opponent, state Republican Rep. Kurt Bills, asked her to respond to a recent investigation by The Daily Caller into her past.
Mostly this tactic is laughable.  Hey!  It worked for Delia Lopez!
Didn’t investigate a Ponzi Scheme in the lat 1990s.  I don’t know if this will be the focus of Kurt Bills’s only tv ad.  And I mention “Only”.

Hawaii.  This is a weird line of attack.
“I think it was clear that you didn’t think he was the best candidate to be president because you supported John Edwards, and I’ve often wondered because you talk so much about women’s issues — and how horribly he treated his late wife — did you ever regret supporting John Edwards for president?” Lingle asked during the debate.
Yes.  Linda Lingle went the “Elizabeth Edwards” card.  Because… um… support for John Edwards before this story was fleshed out means horror?

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