currently leading the polls in the Republican field

Of course.

For the past week, Santorum has been using his campaign to take aim at an issue he feels to be the single most dangerous force in America today: Satanism in heavy metal.   “If you listen to the radio today, many of these brand new, so-called heavy metal music bands like Black Sabbath, Venom, The WASP and Iron Maiden use satanic imagery to corrupt the minds of young people,” announced Santorum at a 10,000 dollar a plate sock-hop in Valdosta, Georgia on Thursday.

This element of campaigning from Rick Santorum is creating a dose of cognitive dissonance in my mind.  Because I want to claim him as running in the 15th Century — his Catholic-based based views on what the government should allow in terms of contraception and etc.  Or the 1950s, gender wise

Asked by George Stephanopoulos about that remark on ABC’s “This Week,” Mr. Santorum said that his wife, Karen, had written that section of the 2005 book — though only his name is on the cover and he does not list her, in his acknowledgements, among those “who assisted me in the writing of this book.” He said that when Ms. Santorum, a nurse and a lawyer, had quit her job to raise the couple’s children, she felt that many people “looked down their nose at that decision.”
“Sadly the propaganda campaign launched in the 1960s has taken root,” Mr. Santorum, or his wife, wrote in the book. “The radical feminists succeeded in undermining the traditional family and convincing women that professional accomplishments are the key to happiness.”

— Not written by Rick Santorum, but his wife, mind you.  On a book that says its written by Rick Santorum.  With no mention of his wife anywhere.  We seem to have a problem of authorship with names prominently on the title in this field — see Ron Paul’s newsletters.

… but this metal-mania and the Satanic convergence?  This is straight out of the 1980s.  And, beyond that, I don’t believe your “Iron Maiden or any of the “Dark Metal” were … played on the radio.

Incidentally, if he wants to update himself, and to things actually found on the radio, and with a wider audience … to do the “Kids today and their Satanism” thing… and Illuminati etc… he could turn to Lady Gaga.


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