Newt Gingrich wants gun racks everywhere.

Chevrolet is being politicized.  And as such we get something like this from Newt Gingrich — to slice and dice it down to the sound-byte that dominates the coverage of his overall attack.

“You can’t put a gun rack in a Volt.”

Hence it is an Obama car.

Our politics are stupid.  Chevy responded by asking why you would want to put a gun rack in a Volt instead of a more gun rack friendly vehicle.  (Which, I suppose, we will eventually get to the point where we will have electric and hybrid big vehicles of a non-Volvo like stature.)

Of course, once Gingrich throws that out, it’s only a matter of time for it to be picked up as a challenge.

Surely this will appease the NRA, and the NRA will be endorsing Barack Obama any minute now.

And where Gingrich has the Secular Socialist blah blah design of Obama, Santorum has the Satanic design of Obama.  Or, at least he does if you compare 2008 speech explanation of what Satan is doing to America with his 2012 speeches on what Obama is doing to America.  Forcing car manufacturers to build hybrid cars that can’t hold gun racks and stuff.

Mitt Romney and Ron Paul have apparently teamed up to fight crime.

In other news that will surely shake up the Republican field, Buddy Roemer has ceased his Republican nominating campaign.  He will seek the “America Elect” nomination or (drum roll please) the Reform Party bid.  There’s a Reform Party still extent?


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