the 99 and stuff and the confused befuddled Shepard Fairey

A rebuttal to some commentary abounding about the … Democratic Party sympathies… of “Occupy”.  We see it here.

Occupy protestors butted in during an Obama appearance at a Manchester, New Hampshire school earlier today, heckling the president over the arrests of OWS protesters. A similar disruption happened at a Ron Paul appearance in Keane; Paul responded to the hecklers with disarming sympathy.

I ponder this mechanism, though.  If we’re replaying the 60s and the election of Kennedy is the election of Obama.  We skip to the end of the decade, and the crack-up of some of the same youth’s “idealism” takes place and the radicalization of a part of the nation.  I’m tempted to say some of it replays as farce, but it was partially farce the last time around too.   It’s the system…  I personally am neither here nor there, I can praise and damned Obama all I right.

Shepard Fairey and the Obama “Hope” poster.  And his new image:

  Problematic for a number of reasons.  Firstly, the “Hope” image has been satirized to death — and justly so, and righteously done, for any number of political figures.  It’s not too hard to imagine the simple act of tossing the Guy Fawkes image into the “Obamanize” program you can find online.  Thus, what’s the point with Fairey reimagining it when someone in the conspiratorial zone probably already hatched onto this one?

Secondly… “Mister President, We HOPE You’re On Our Side.”

The Reason Magazine blog is having a field day with this one, putting up the Reason cover about liberal disenchantment.  Of course, the articles in the magazine focuses largely on drug policy which is… confluence of where libertarians and “progressives” meet, I suppose… conveniently.

The problem with Obama’s more radical supporters… I didn’t get them in ’08.  Like… he’s a politician.  He may be a good politician, and may turn out to be a good president, but he’s not going to transform the nation into your radical utopia.  These supporters didn’t make sense to me.  I start longing for the right’s caricature as a Chicago pol when I sense something like this.

Thirdly: Fuck Guy Fawkes.  Really.  The greatest part of the recent South Park episode was that lone Guy Fawkes nut at the fourth graders’ “Occupy” rally.  Because it’s so Stupid as political theater.  What’s interesting is that I think Guy Fawkes broke into our political protest memes out from Ron Paul supporters picking out the movie adaptation for V for Vendetta.  Got that, Mr. Fairey?

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