Gingrich ’12.

It looks like the Wheel of Fortune has spun and landed on the final Not Romney of the 2012 Republican Nomination fight.  It has spun past a bunch of non candidates and candidates — Daniels and Trump and Christie and Palin; Bachmann and Perry and Cain… and the final candidate is…


Who, post John Lithgow reading, I’m required to yell along the lines of Captain Kirk — “KAHN!”

Do I believe in Gingrich?  Not really.  But I do just enough to entertain the thought.  After all…

  It’s patently absurd.  He danced around the idea of a Presidential Run for 1996 in an era where he was Time Magazine’s Man of the Year… a booby prize that, which Clinton deftly used to gain the upper hand in his political fightings.

Gingrich eventually deferred to the Political Popularity of… Bob Dole.

Sixteen years later we have Gingrich ’12.  Did even Gingrich think he would be called, even fleetingly and with a sort of acknowledgement of its falseness, “Front Runner” at any point in the nomination fight, let alone just a month out from Iowa’s caucses?

And it is here that I see the silly season get kicked into high gear.  “Brokered Convention“.  It’s been 70 years, why not?  It’s even less believable than Clinton — Obama 08, but what the hell?

Sad, sad Santorum.  He never got his day in the Sun.  Stuck with Roemer, Johnson…

I missed the Values Voters’ debate.  I suspect nothing meaningful came out of that one.  I did see parts of the Foreign Policy debate.  They’re all insane.  Except Huntsman.  And kinda Ron Paul in the way Ron Paul is not insane.  And if you’re grading on a curve, Mitt Romney.

The Ron Paul folks continue their assault on how Paul will win the nomination and the Presidency.  He’ll storm through Iowa and New Hampshire, gadnabit.  New speculation has alighted that Gary Johnson may be the Libertarian candidate.  And will Buddy Roemer seek that Unity 12 “America Elect” crapola that has petitioners chiming in “Sign here for a Better Way to Elect a President”.  Yeah.



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