Perhaps the Stupidest Thing President Barack Hussein Obama has Ever Said.

“No matter what some agency may say about our credit, we always have been and always will be a Triple A country.”

Hm.  Well that’s just Super.

Yeah, well, it does get stupider lower down the rung from the President.

When one attendee suggested that the House push for impeachment proceedings against President Barack Obama to obstruct the president from pushing his agenda, Burgess was receptive.

“It needs to happen, and I agree with you it would tie things up,”  [U.S. Rep. Michael Burgess, R-Lewisville] said. “No question about that.”

This is pandering to a narrow set of his voters, upset for his debt ceiling vote, and following up by exasperating the reason S and P gave for the downgrade.

Meanwhile, in Limbaugh — Land… Re-boosting Bush, who he supposedly dumped right after the 2006 elections?

 “I will tell you ladies and gentlemen, I detest and despise everything the left stands for. How anybody can endorse and embrace an ideology that has killed a billion people in the last century is beyond me,” said Tea Party Nation CEO Judson Phillips.
The ideology that killed a billion people apparently is that same ideology that furthers voters rights beyond Property Owners.

Back to Obama’s “Triple A Country” comment — after looking around Congressman Burgess, Radio Blabber Limbaugh, and Tea Party Nation CEO Judson Phillips — hm.  I gather that’s evidence of him being wrong, I suppose.

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