Gravel for President — sure, why not?

Who will Ralph Nader find?

“What [Obama] did this week is just going to energize that effort,” Nader promised in an interview with The Daily Caller. “I would guess that the chances of there being a challenge to Obama in the primary are almost 100 percent.”

The only question, he said, is the stature of that opponent and whether it will be either “an ex-senator or an ex-governor” or “an intellectual leader or an environmental leader.”

In approximately a week and a half there will be “another chapter of this effort,” Nader predicted.

This was from a week ago.  We have half a week to go to discover the exciting “another chapter”.  Unless.
First we start with the problem:
But a new poll shows that this is not something the Democratic base is particularly interested in. In December 1994, two-thirds of Democrats wanted to see a primary challenge mounted against Bill Clinton. In November 2010, 38 percent of Democrats wanted to see a primary challenge mounted again Obama, and that’s since fallen to 32 percent.
That’s a hefty percentage, in theory, but somehow doesn’t really translate into anything real.  In this hullabalo, it is lost that Obama does have a Primary Challenger — Randall Terry, who is running radio ads in Idaho and Iowa.  It’s a “using the presidential campaign as a platform” deal, but so would a Nader-led “ex Senator ex Governor Intellectual Leader Environmental Leader” campaign.  (Wait.  Why isn’t Nader searching for a “Super Rich” guy, ala his book “Only the Super-rich Can Save Us”?)
Does he count?
Stepping right up to the starting gate is one of those candidates – former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel.
Gravel said that if $1 million is promised to his campaign, then he is in as a candidate.
 Well, he’s made a lot of amusing youtube videos.  In 2008, he was eventually slid out of his smattering of media coverage — today we can find him on Iranian Press TV — which, I suppose, he will end up again in his 2012 campaign.

Mike Gravel 2012 — sure why not?

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