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Monica Goodling’s testimony

Sunday, May 27th, 2007

ARRRGH!  Computer shut down after lovily crafting a beautiful post.  Second time within just a few days.  Okay… shorter and sweeter.

Monica Goodling’s testimony this past week?  Bizarre.  You already knew that.  She came out, and was a strange bubbly-headed figurine.  Yet, even within that bubbly-head exterior, she threw out plenty of incriminations.  Understand, it didn’t have the same impact as last week’s testimony from Comey — which was jar-dropping and of an order that Goodling’s typical political shenanigans cannot possibly match.

What should be immortalized is the grilling from the hands at Bobby Scott, which drew the headlines of “Crossed the Line” but also provided the straight ahead ammunition of clarifying “Rules.  Law.”  And again, no “Rules.  Law.”  “Rules.  Law.”

An interesting dichotomy Goodling did not want to mess around with.

The other explosive tidbit, which enforced her aggrivated parodic persona, came when she was asked what her qualifications were.  Her answer?  Student Body President.  (At Pat Robertson’s Regency Unveristy, naturally.)  Nuttily, when pressed for further qualifications, her second answer belied the truth behind the matter: yes, opposition research for the RNC.  This was the story of her testimony: she came out as an airhead, and said information that if you scratch away the presentation, is galling to say the least.

I begin to suspect that this slate article states the story behind the story well enough: she is crazy like a fox, and this was all an act.  I also suspect that what we saw was we get.  Either way it’s not a good scene.

Ronald Reagan called Giuliani Crazy

Sunday, May 27th, 2007

From Ronald Reagan’s newly released diaries:

Tuesday, June 14, 1988: ‘Giuliani is talking of drawing up an indictment against Marcos. I think he’s crazy.'”

Interesting. We all expect the Republican candidates to all pose with the latest Reagan Diaries, but what I want to see is, when the Republican Primaries wind down and there are two or three candidates still in the race, assuming Giuliani is one of them, for one of the opposing candidates — whether that be Romney, probably not McCain, Fred Thompson, or the Huckabee — Brownback embargalo — to come out with a tv ad showing saintly Ronald Reagan and that quote, voice-over in dark intones “Ronald Reagan was not a Giuliani Man. Why should you be?”
Two points to whomever runs that ad.

The sausage factory that produces the most unreadable polemical cult dreck is breaking down

Sunday, May 27th, 2007

(After I make a jab at one of those two recent slightly dazed Larouchites’ comments on re-entering college while “bringing the best of Larouche’s ideas with them”.)

I. “But Howie, didn’t you know that all the professors in the country have an anti-Lyn litmus test that’s part of their getting in to academia?”

One of the senior members once said this to me. The professoriat, you see, is deeply implicated in the system of thought control whereby the oligarchy runs history. The physicist and scientific community constitutes a “Babylonian priesthood” where silly practices like peer review and “blackboard mathematics” prevail. Paranoid thought is rampant in the organization, and not just with Lyn. On election night in ’04, when Kerry had won New Jersey or something the above-mentioned senior member said to me excitedly, “This is going to be seen as our victory!” Supposedly Lyn’s yutes yodeling outside the Democrat’s convention hall in Boston, had completely transformed Kerry and the Party. The ’04 convention has thus taken on the status of a sacred event in the organization’s mythos, where the vast power of the LYM was rolled out to such immense effect and Lyn became a “serious force” in the party. Equal parts delusion and toadying: Lyn has tried vigorously in the last few years to suck up to Bill Clinton and play for some pull in the Democratic Party. A lot of his recent initiatives can be explained by this. Also remember that it’s standard operating procedure to demonize and fearmonger: we must stop Judge Roberts and Alito from making us go Nazi and invade Poland. Continuous Demon Rollover is required, which has the normal effect of mobilizing the members to get out there and bring in some LPAC checks. If you fail, you are impotent. Quite a system… Of late the youth have shown their might by getting California’s and Massachusetts’ state Dem conventions to actually go on the record endorsing impeachment. Wow! I bet that was really tough. It’s interesting to try to forecast who might be the next demonic fiend.

II.  The Boston 2004 Democratic Convention is an important myth indeed.

LaRouche wrote something or other for the LYM intervention there, and it was rushed through production at PMR and rushed up to Boston–Ken Kronberg worked on it himself, to make sure it got there. Nancy Spannaus called up LaRouche and tried to get the word on how many he wanted. He mumbled something.

When the pamphlets or leaflets or whatever they were arrived, there weren’t enough, or something. LaRouche went crazy, denouncing Nancy Spannaus primarily (Kronberg only by association)for sabotaging his Presidential campaign and destroying the world, etc. To this very day, he insists that there were Dark Forces on the NEC willfully trying to sabotage his campaign yadda yadda–all because someone asked him how many he wanted printed and then went with the information he gave them.

However, The Right prevailed, and even though leaders in his own organization were trying to destroy his campaign, the presence of LYM singing Jesu, Meine Freude outside the Democratic Convention turned the tables. By the end of the convention, LaRouche had been brought in at the top of the Kerry campaign, Bob Shrum and the “Kennedy people” were out, and LaRouche was running Kerry’s campaign. Wow.

This one-way romance was dashed quite recently, when Kerry said to a couple of LYMers at some public event, “LaRouche is nuts.” Ouch. It’s like when, back in 1988, then-Presidential candidate George H.W. Bush said, in response to a question in Iowa or somewhere, “LaRouche? Isn’t he in jail yet?” Not then–but soon.


III.  Lyn has a new document in process, “The Rules of Survival” apparently, wherein it will doubtless be shown how indispensable Lyn is to the current strategic situation, and how he must be brought in to guide us forward if the world is not to be plunged in to the New Dark Age. Perhaps there are five hundred or a thousand previous papers treating of this theme. We hope this one is of the same illustrious quality as previous gems like the Dirichlet treatise. Maybe one of the youth could correct me if I’m in error, but I think the premise of that one was basically that the mathematician Dirichlet’s work proved how critical is the existence of the LYM.

Lyn’s editors maybe can’t heal his tortured, garbled unreadable prose anymore. In the 90’s his papers and books were much better. In the last couple of years even the published stuff has gotten increasingly unreadable. Where Lyn really shines though is in the unpublished briefing notes to the members. There we encounter really really horrible, slapdash junk, sentences so brutalized and syntax so tortured that you have to think he’s doing it on purpose. But the true adept/member/LYM leader/acolyte pores over it as the latest holy writ.


IV.  Several things have happened to Lyn’s writings in recent years (even though I would say that everything he ever wrote had a tortured, artificial, and ignorant quality to it).
First, Lyn is definitely losing whatever tenuous grasp he once had on language (not to mention reality).
Second, he allows nothing to be edited or copyedited in the slightest degree.
Third, editors who used to sneak in editing changes have long since figured, who cares? So they let stand stuff that’s obviously crackers.
Fourth, the editorial staff is a skeleton crew, and no longer a very good one.
But, as charltonrom says, the tea-leaf readers will continue to find Lyn’s brew a heady potion.

Ron Paul might be elected President of the Internet

Sunday, May 27th, 2007

I was thinking about something with Ron Paul, and his presence on the Internet. Understand, Ron Paul has moved to the top of the heap of Internet searches — look to the right-hand box at technorati, for instance. He dominates online polls.

And he is nowhere in the “real” polls. The news that the oddsmakers doubled his odds of becoming president reminds me of a promo I saw for this television network, seen called “Channel America” (the highlight of the network was this late-late night show of public domain cartoons) calling itself the “Fastest Growing Television Network in America”. Indeed. Ron Paul went from 200 to 1 odds to 100 odds on Which are inflated odds due to his libertarian views on gambling, and online gambling at that which attract (drum roll please) Online followers.

I find something striking here. Many things have changed in the long history of the Internet, and the Internet has expanded beyond its initial geek userbase of various misfits. But there is still a strange shift of focus outside the “mainstream” on the Internet which allows for Ron Paul’s online popularity. It’s not 1993 here, and yet… it is. If that makes any sense.

The Internet has opened up many things just out of mainstream currents — The Furry subculture, for instance. There is an intensity there for Ron Paul that does not exist for Mitt Romney that befits an Internet activist. To a lesser degree, and only because he was closer to the mainstream of his political party, this fit in with Howard Dean in 2004 as well.

Meanwhile, in Tajikistan

Saturday, May 26th, 2007

Do you agree or disagree with Tajikistan President Emomalii Rahmon’s recent decisions to

(a) ban the ending “ic” to people’s names, which indeed forced Rahmon to change his name from Rahmonic.  This is an attempt to assert themselves from the shadow of Mother Russia.
(b) Ending elaborate end-of-school year parties

(c) limiting the number of people who can attend a wedding to 150 people

(d) limiting the number of people who can attend a funeral to 100 people.

(e) limiting the number of people who can attend a circumcision to 60 people.

There is a slippery slope argument to made here.  First you limit the number of people attending a circumcision , and the next thing you know you are cloning a sub-strata of humans for the purpose of harvesting organs.  Think about it.

the vote for Hillary Clinton’s theme song.

Saturday, May 26th, 2007

It probably really is not worth mentioning Hillary Clinton’s search for her campaign theme song, a process whereby you YOU YOU can go to her website and vote VOTE VOTE from a list of relatively diverse relatively inoffensive songs before whittling it down to that U2 “Beautiful Day” song.

She started with a list of ten, cast out five of those once the voting was in, and then promptly added five write-in songs. Again, it is not worth mentioning what those songs are — though “Everything She Ever Does is Magic” is clearly unusable, but there is something worth mentioning about the predictable negative song titles the masses are “writing in”.

I specifically dwell on the Thompson Twins song “Lies Lies Lies”, because it is a talk radio staple, and an increasingly tedious one at that. Actually I want to say something about talk radio and music: the political parody songs? Few of them are particularly amusing. Most of them are wretched. Thom Hartmann is particularly bad at airing these things, always managing to double the impact of them by referring to the lyrics out of break. While they are not inconceivably terrible, I would prefer a moratorium because they tend to be terrible.
Other than that, Hillary Clinton is getting treated to some songs that end up dwelling into the realm of her tricky-to-navigate gender politics: “Witchy Woman”. Elton John’s “The Bitch is Back.”  Also notable is the shifting of the name of the Beatles tune to “Tax Woman”.

And then there’s Beck’s “Loser”.

Actually, I recommend that Hillary Clinton go with with something by Bach. Just to be completely different. Nobody would see it coming. Nobody would be able to make a derogatory comment on that decision. I’ll throw it to one of the other candidates — maybe one with nothing to lose — um… John Cox?

continuing to examine an exotic rare poisonous floral species

Saturday, May 26th, 2007

I.  Is this, or anything like this, proceeding apace?  It floated out into the ether, grasped by … whom?
II.  Reading paragraph 2 regarding the evolution, or general fragmentation, of groups into the 1970s out of the 1960s regarding a general “backlash”, the NCLC being brought into the equation in pargraph 3 — it gets the picture incorrect in spots.   Witness:  These people were drawn to organizations which systematically combatted the anarchic anti-authorianism of the 1960s and combined cultural vestiges of the 1960s (such as rock music, communal living, or the rhetoric of love, peace, Experience, or Revolution) with prescriptions which reversed those of the 1960s culture, e.g., obedience to superiors, short hair, or sexual abstinence.  In the NCLC, there was no rhetoric of love and peace, and rock music was Bourgoise propaganda emenating out of Aristotle and the Jews/British.  At least we still have Revolution.

But indeed, Ruth Williams’s begrudging acceptance and rationalization of life advocating Larouche despite her objections of him as a fear-mongering cult-leader, as portrayed in the book Younger Than That Now, on behest of her questionable boyfriend, initially involved how the NCLC swore off of drugs.  Juggling the two just out of it but still infected and still sorting their strange life decision out “Larouche Youth Movementarians” currently discussing matters at FACTNet, I can safely cue:

I myself am very affected by the experience and I think about it daily; It really was a turning point in my life, and In many ways I felt very connected to what it means being a human being – as opposed to the extremely superficial reality of popular youth culture today, of which I was a part.  This sense og humanity is something I still cherish and is grateful for.

Youth Culture Killed My Dog.  Speaking of superficial youth culture items, I bring you back to the Larouchies’ attempted revision of this wikipedia entry, um… here.  Even if your goal is bringing culture to the masses, this seems like a waste of time… indeed, go by this man:  you’ve got to hand it to them: they’ve come up with the best possible way to waste your life, by far. even heroin addiction is preferable, if you ask me.

I shouldn’t be too hard here.  Or maybe I should.  I’ve gone through just over 100 posts about this matter in 3 years’ time, a great bulk coming from after last November which was when I chose to mire myself into a topic that ultimately affects me not one iota.  I am studying a rare and exotic species of flora.  I’ll keep that line that was handed to me and string it next to “gutter outlet of Wall Street Fascist John Train”.
I was meaning to swerve myself into other parcels and bits from the two just exiting semi-Larouchites.  Anti-semitism, for instance.  I have never wanted to get too in-depth on the topic, and if I were seriously fighting the forces of Larouche I would defer to comments made such handful of ex-Larouchites rumbling through the FACTNet board, who seem quite good at recollecting instances of “Um.  Huh”, greeted as it is by the cognitive dissonance found in the statement I have a feeling that you guys might be flat out making the story up..  But it doesn’t really take any insider information, or for that matter mid-level analysis, to see something amiss.  It is telling that that Greenpeace blogger who says he was “Larouched” included the phrase “anti-semitism” in his digestion.  To wit, the line Yes, Larouche does attack people who so happen to be Jewish but not because of their ethnicity or religion. He attacks them because of the actions they are commiting. Henry Kissinger for instance… falls flat with my one and only statement: You cannot use such an esoteric term as “synarchist” without being rightly accused of covering something up.

Actually what I wanted to comment about were the following two statements:

#1: Are you sure Larouche knows about whats being done to the older members?

Even I could tell months ago before taking a closer look, and before the suicide of Ken Kronberg brought it into stark relief, when glancing through a Larouchian pamphlet that exhaulted the “LYM” “leaders” and slammed the “baby-boomers”, that something had to be going all swervy at Larouche headquarters with this asinine generation gap discussion.
#2: Yeah I’ll Admit, Lyn sometimes doesn’t describe the specifics of his proposed recovery such as what you said above: Pricing, land ownership, environmental problems etc. His members however usually do the more specific research.

For example, When I was in the movement Lyn would reference tons of projects and thinkers and the members would do the research on them. It might be because larouche wants the members to make the discovery on their own. A perfect example of this would be Bruce Director’s work on the mathematics.

I swear, I laughed out loud at that statement.  It is akin to a wife apologizing for a battering husband, and rationalizing why he has to beat her.

Actually I want to wrap this up fairly quickly.  I have mused that Larouche clearly has “mother problems”, having seen that he implanted the “mother issue” into his followers right back to NCLC days, and probably right back to his days as a semi-respectable guru nibbling off the edges of SDS at Columbia.  Thus I am mightily intrigued by this statement:

The Cuban frogmen theme or meme came from the movie that was shown on the airliner on which Carol and Chris White flew back from London to the U.S. in December 1973. When Chris, who was not brainwashed, but just upset and freaked out, started mumbling about frogmen–when he and Carol were at Lyn’s apartment after arriving in U.S.–Lyn went bananas and started screaming that this was an assassination plot against him.

When C&C tried to say it was the movie that was shown on the airliner, Lyn would have none of it. He didn’t sleep for five days after that–crazed, manic, hysterical at the “threat.” Not the kind of guy you want to look to for leadership.

For jmp87–Lyn just doesn’t KNOW anything. That’s what you have to grapple with. He is ignorant, but there’s no one to check him, or counter him, because everyone is totally supine, and whatever he says is right because he said it.

So no, he’s not doing this so people can make their own discoveries. He babbles like this because his mother told him (I have a source for this) that he’s the most important person in the world and all his thoughts have tremendous weight and so he just knows it’s true.

What the Hell?  Source?  For that?  One of Larouche’s childhood playmates?   Oh well.  Whatever.  It is probably best that I never know the answer to that question.

The Scientologists have parked their titty tents at Pioneer Square

Friday, May 25th, 2007

The Scientologists have parked thrown up their annual yellow titty tents at Pioneer Square, the interoirs of the tent full of garish paintings of bridges and sculptures of L Ron Hubbard, the employees of Scientology prepping the passer – bys with the inane personal quizzes that start you off on the road to clearing those beta-thetans.

Most amusingly enough are the words emblazoned: “Something can be done about it.”  It is a slogan for all times because the something ends up being fairly specific — a giant sucking sound from your bank account into the Corporation founded by L Ron Hubbard, but the “it” that this something is going to be done at is imprecise — the body-thetans of previous generations are haunting you, and you don’t even know it — you may think you’re not miserable, but you are.

(something I picked up at Scientologist headquarters when doing a paper — which I can’t find immediately; and actual answers to the “personality test” found at — “correct” answers to such a thing boggles the mind.)
They descended upon Virginia Tech, the Scientologists.  Granted, I have maintained — in a jesty spirit that belies that I probably believe it — that the difference between a religious cult and a religion is about 200 years.  But I would just as soon not let Scientology get that far.  This is a repeat of the Scientologists’ greetings onto the grounds of the WTC in the aftermath of 9/11 — by pretending they were working with the Red Cross, and a sleazy manner in which they managed to get a phone number to a front-group called, I swear to Gawd, “National Mental Health Assistance” — onto media outlets, Fox News being the most national and notable.  A week or so later, I saw Tom Cruise (thought it might have been another one of those Scientologist celebrities) on Rosie O’Donnell’s old show talking about how proud he was with the Scientologists’ response on the ground with 9/11.  He evidently had received his news from the Scientologist paper of record, and I’d have to look that name up.