peculiarities of the local drug scene

April 7th, 2024

I do not remember a bizarre quirk of local news coverage on previous drug epidemics. As a whole, it is the Meth Panic of the oughts, the Opioid Epidemic of the tens, and now the Fentanyl Crisis of the twenties. I am somewhat needing to slide in that in the teens a former resident of the New England states, describing the drug epidemics there, said that he was surprised by how much Meth lurks about here, so some things never disappear even as one drug overtakes the others for dominance and media harping.

And maybe it is the manner in which I am gathering media that leads to note this quirk of happenings — prevalent in the past, but I am not seeing YouTube clips pass by me, and I was not sitting in for local broadcast news. But what I seem to be seeing is an action faction news that reports on which corner right then is the drug hotspot. And it works. The corner is cleaned out as the drug dealers and users hop over four blocks. So news story — residents and businesses are harping on the presence here. And again, maybe spurred by this news coverage, maybe just a parallel — and I sure hope it is the latter — the police chase everyone off — over four blocks, and we are running around in circles.

I am not a stickler on everything being “root causes”. There is much value in quality of life concerns where drug dealing fades away from your or my public purview and you can walk by in peace. Not everything is superficial. This chasing around in circles for an Action Faction News just might just be, though.

stepping on themselves

April 6th, 2024

For the first time I found myself barking with agitation at the podcast of Matt Taibbi. To a good extent, the normals and liberals excoriate him as horse-shoe theory in practice, and tack him to Glen Greenwald. But although they play the same terrain, I see a dishonesty and fracture point in Greenwald that I have not seen in Taibbi — and there are definite points of disagreement on their “Twitter files” loading of you care to bother with them. But. Within lodging some points on the Insta-hit piece positioning in from the start and not waiting to the two thirds point for the basic negative line for interviewing Robert F Kennedy jr — and they do have a good point that Kennedy’s Independent run came after the Democratic Party worked to bar him off any Democratic primary run (Don’t know if one foreclosed the other but it is a thought experiment on if that does them in somewhat as that bid leads to its inevitable nowhere) , Taibbi and his associate make the equivalence statements on how all the parties challenged all the elections — and here while there is some bit of truth in “Russian collusion” as Democratic Party cope on 2016 (The thing was ultimately our own damned fault), he swirls 2020 and its lack of hope for success and the claims that came with it as one and the same.

I have been noting some oddly off-key points from msnbc. A casual dunking on Trump on matters that do not matter, and whose broader point either makes it awash or slants in that jackasses’s favor. So. The Democratic fundraiser. Clinton! Obama! Colbert! A couple contemporary music acts I didn’t catch the name of! And a good little brushing of how much goddamned money this raised. Maybe there is a message on surrogates of a couple politicians of the past, and this matter was harped on by Lawrence O’Donnell — laugh at how no Republican president or vice president or living nominee is endorsing the man — and here it is just a little weird to bring one more sentence in tracking Dan Quayle which serves to reinforce his point (in the lead up to January 6, Pence took counsel with Quayle on what he ought do and Quayle kept him on the straight and narrow). But the sort of gloating here on funds raised moves back to the point all the msnbc hosts are harping on with Trump — the levelling nature of horse-race coverage, and this focus on fundraising extravaganza is your horse -race. Further, we are are lost in the singers who I do not know, as they float a comparison to Trump’s New Years show featuring, horror of horrors, Vanilla Ice and a Ninja Turtle. The problem here is, and I do not think I am alone, is that if given a choice between these two stars I do not know and a kitschy Vanilla Ice doing his “Ninja Turtle Rap” for the fun of it, sans the political figures it goes to, I would choose the latter. Such is the price of the party of cultural cache against financial currency where everyone is by their nature out of touch kinda. More to the point, the gratuitous dunking on this score contradicted the coverage of a coverage on Trump’s music Spotify playlist — the question of why is anyone giving this fluff piece analysis? — which despite its subjective digging at the song selection as hinting at authoritarianism enough masse does indeed have the point in — who cares? There are more immediate signals to point at.

Incidentally, on that score — celebrity and it’s discontents, for whatever it is worth, Biden has lost the support he once cultivated of Cardi B, singer of the ode to … Female prostituion, I guess?… “Wap”. And maybe you would assume it would be over Gaza, but actually it is over Ukraine. Isolationist sentiments you may not figure her to have — but really, do we really know Cardi B?

The politics of gestures

April 5th, 2024

No statement on Joseph Lieberman — who was popular enough to win statewide elections through two decades in Connecticut and with a high national profile at that. And maybe the governor, Ned Lamont, needs to make certain without a shadow of a doubt that there are no hard feelings for the rival he beat in the 2006 primary than lost to in the general election. But. Does Connecticut really need to put their flag at half mass to mourn the death of a danged politician? I mean, it does not really unite — the man had his supporters and he has his detractors, and everyone remembers whatever they want from him in their partisan lenses, with — theoretically — no personal ill will or indue hero worship.

Congressional business

April 3rd, 2024

I have a weird flashback to either the passing of Obama’s ACA bill. The magic number of sixty. They need Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson. Wheeling and dealing, he gets a goody, a parochial minded budget favour of particular interest to his homestate. This is painted as corruption by the high minded Republican Party, gets a nickname “Cornhusker Kickback”. Nelson retires into the night and lets the red state move to Republican senators. Electorally it probably hardly matters, as anything would have worked for this, but works as anything as an excuse for a more partisan minded electorate to turn against the most conservative Democrat.

Skipping through the favored position over the past few years of West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, retiring into the sunset and probably doing his party a favor by doing so, and right now we land on how Speaker of the House Mike Johnson is planning on proceeding to get Ukraine funding past the Marjorie Taylor Greene headline and post 2016 non anti Russia Republican caucus majority softline. I understand the notion of sweetening the bill — you get this if you give us all of this — and we need something that lets us declare victory. I understand a certainsibterfuge here — loans to Ukraine my ass! But apparently the big important item of much principal is… The ability of the state of Louisiana to export more natural gas.

Yeah. We are back to your supposed gripes on Ben Nelson.

one of four is good enough, except I want one of the three remainders to make one more statement

March 30th, 2024

For all intents and purposes, LIz Cheney has announced she is voting for Trump. She is also on tour — she has a book to promote, and I have little doubt a cause she fervently believes in which she hopes series into lucrative career options beyond this moment to build something politically from the ashes. “America can survive bad policy, but it cannot survive four more years of Trump”. So goes her bumper sticker.

After that, I cannot quite figure out a hue and cry for endorsements by Haley and Pence and Christie. Of the three, Haley is the only one that is a disappointing embarrassment on this score. She played her game out, and in the end stumbled about in an electoral zone away from Republican politics and in a no-man’s zone — a couple progressive podcasts and Saturday Night Live. And she departed with a speech that left her open for a future endorsement of Trump, or should she just disappear acceptance that a Trump vote may be viable, saying it is up to him to win her supporters’ support.

As though Trump has not foreclosed the possibility of has shown any sign of changing to meet any real criteria for this. The further trouble is Haley comes with no real intrinsic support that can carry over, and Pence and Christie have been less and have moved anyone over as much as they will ever be able to. Cheney is just going to be the one voice rambling about regularly giving voice to anyone, with Christie lagging back with a quip here and there. Pence has said his piece. Haley is useless and would have to do if not a 180 than a 120 to be useful.

The former president Friday shared a clip on his Truth Social account that contained an image of Mr Biden painted on the tailgate of a pickup truck.

The US president is depicted bound by his hands and ankles in the bed of the vehicle, which Mr Trump said was spotted in Long Island, New York, on Thursday, where Mr Trump this week attended a memorial service for a recently killed police officer.

It is a curious matter on “whatabout”ism that falls apart on impact. The only great “What about” is Kathy Griffin. But the real what about for Kathy Griffin is Ted Nugent, not Trump. Griffin and Nugent are not running for anything. And no Democratic party official or organisation promoted Griffin as Trump did here. Sure, it is only a sputtering of items in the internets but you go back to Haley and her campaign suspension speech. Trump is going to actively heed your call and do something differently now?

the puzzling msnbc republicans

March 27th, 2024

The YouTube page at different points jams me with msnbc clips and compilations of show, which if I add to the Bulwark podcast I regularly time into leave me a bit stumped. MSNBC Republicans, turned against Trump and as such important fixtures of this Democratic Party media apparatus. But. Where are they Republicans again?

Joe Scarborough is the most puzzling figure, a definite Biden cheerleader with no reluctance. And a man who was a conservative Republican congressman from the conservative Republican Florida panhandle. And you wait and watch for him to veer something about deficits or trade, even down the list of import. The best I can suggest is he takes the true Conservative position laid out over the years on the border security and immigration, which is to say the bill Biden supports — though it is good that it is cudgel against Trump. I at long last heard him on transgender athletes — a true enough statement within a larger framework of the lack of import this really has in the grand scheme of anything. 85 percent of Americans believe makes past puberty should not be competing with females, “and if you don’t like how I phrased that, go squabble in the corner with 5 percent.” Great. How do you go ahead and codify that into law and what is keeping it from being codified.

The current faces of the Bulwark – – after the previous faces move into a semi-retirement are interesting. One a a gay man and one a day woman. Both secular in orientation. It may be that you balk at some of the identity politicking of a more queer oriented sexual minority. And they do establish themselves as having considered themselves moderate Republicans. But. I do not care if you happen to be pro-choice Republicans, by dent of working for a party and it’s presidential nominees who have had opposition to Abortion and the over-turning of Roe as part of its platform since Reagan, you would have to have some respect for people who hold to wanting legal restrictions to the practice. But, no, they slide in as religious extremists, and the particular frames of references are all from the Democratic party rhetoric. Occasionally Tim Miller alluded to Republican policies elsewhere, taking a backseat in import — but this stickler just sits there. Sarah Longwell did give one good glimpse of something interesting — sliding the figure of Bill Clinton in with sexual improprieties by way of grumbling about George Stephanopoulos as someone to be talk about Trump. And here I have a sense — come to politics at a particular point and respond to Clinton sleaze, even when policy is actually nothing much you oppose much of, and stay there for the next couple decades.

Michael Steele comes off as best in being understandably a fanned Republican, his words on Biden tinged with sarcasm and does keep button holed on policies he would logically disagree with as the rest of the Democratic voices chirp in with enthusiasm — wait to explode in the problems of Trump so he doesn’t give an air of false equivalency. But I am always going to be stuck on something with Steele, something which glared when Trump hawked sneakers for seemingly hackneyed and lazy black support. Steele had a really weird RNC chairman term, where he uncharacteristically — not seen before this or after this in his public career — adopted a stilted black “jive” lingo. Something clashes here, and I want sort acknowledgement that something weird was happening there.

Noted unnotables of Larouche Land

March 24th, 2024

I. Weird little wiki project, Hard to disagree: He hated many things, mainly Britain, Henry Kissigner and Zionism. “Mainly” is the problem. Also curious, under “aliases” is “far-left qanonism”. I will have to take your word for it.

II. Jose Vega announces a run for Congress. He enters the media network interested in such a thing. So, see Kim Iverson with “This Loudmouth New Yorker Is About To Make A Ruckus In Our Warmongering Congress”
Why is the comments section littered with moon landing disbelievers?

The Due Dissidence podcast gives us a full length documentary on Jose Vega, the anti-war activist whose interventions against notable politicians and media figures have gone viral and inspired others to follow in his footsteps. And to be sure, we are in “top 10%” and ” top 5%” land with this and, hm, Scazg and Captain — Two Doomed Men, also interviewing the candidate. To be further sure, how much of a drop off is there from the top 1%?
The current stream on YouTube for Due Dissidence covers these topics: Candace Owens CANCELED (sic) by Daily Wire, Alex Jones TURNS On Israel, Tucker Platforms UHURU Leader — where do you stand on each?
Looking into the comments section at the docu-thing at YouTubeJose Vega is awesome he has people in the audience cheering for him too. That’s what freaks them out. It’s not the boos and him talking out of turn that gets the political class riled up it’s those people for cheering for him in the crowd! He really doesn’t, beyond the scattering of follow-up he has in the crowd. Jose Vega’s already a legend. The bawl’s on dis guy. Rachel Brown continues to hold the bigger footnote. And Kesha Rogers created more headachs for her state’s Democratic Party than he has — with Hart and Fairchild more notable footnotes still. But we will see where things stand later.

III. Another Debs and Larouche referencing. And… “Libertarian”, says Sarah Thetan UCC. And looking around at passes for “libertarian” and I almost just give up.

IV. So. Chris Sare sat in for Harley Schlanger and did his preview launch on the “Next Fifty Years“. Kind of funny — I think they did that title a few times over the past fifty years. All prone to elicit such responses as — They are shutting down the human race.

Harley Schlanger on the 50th “Countdown to World War III“. Hm. interesting comment this: what Peace candidate do we have in the 2 parties? none! ONly LaRouche! Someone neglected to tell this person the news — dude’s dead.

Funny to see a jump scare to “Stop Genocide”. Yeah. Sucks what the Russian government wants to do to Ukrainians.  Comically the new Schiller presentation gets titled “What Putin’s Re-election Means for NATO’s War Hawk”.  Surely ye jest.

V. Are you down for this? Marc is a podcasting veteran. 9 years ago he co-founded Lions of Liberty and took the reins of the flagship program, bringing you the best liberty had to offer.
Now Marc is venturing out into a more broad array of subjects to educate the masses and assist them as they attempt to navigate today’s reality.
If you are one of the millions of people struggling to understand the relationship between the material world and the spiritual world tune in and subscribe to The Marc Clair Show.
It may be your only hope.
Marc is joined by author and documentary filmmaker Matt Ehret, producer of the documentary series “The Hidden Hand Behind UFOs.” Matt describes his own evolution from 9’11 to his time as part of the LaRouche movement through his present day work. Marc and Matt discuss the common threads – and familiar names – that have pulled the strings behind the intersecting narratives that have been imbued through the educational, governmental and pop culture systems, in particular those related to Darwinian evolution and UFO’s.

He has his book tour going. In this episode of SMR, Sean Morgan interviews Matt Ehret about his latest book that details the war between two schools of thought throughout western civilization and how it will determine our fate.

VI. Email daddy resurrects failed global-conspiracy lawsuit against Bill Galvin and Twitter, only this time against feds, Facebook, Google and Elon Musk

Shiva Ayyadurai, who has more MIT degrees than you, has filed a new federal lawsuit in which he alleges a federal cybersecurity agency, Facebook, Google and Elon Musk’s X are all conspiring to limit his social-media reach – with a reaction time measured in minutes and using techniques perfected by British censors and the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s office.

Ayyadurai, who claims he invented email as a teenager, is seeking immediate damages of at least $195 million, with more to come after, of course, he wins his pro se case in front of a jury in US District Court in Washington, DC.

The chart is missing Henry Kissinger, The Tri-Lateral Commission and Queen Elizabeth (although I suppose King Charles is a good sub).

Shiva comes across as the reincarnation of Lyndon LaRouche (pun intended). A person who can truly sound sane but comes across as nuts.

VII. Drew continues his tour of the American heartlands and launches into the Fight to save Dragon Cement in rural Maine. He has his Ukrainian Nazi signs out, and his bullhorn. What Ukrainian Nazis have to do with Dragon Cement is not clear. But as soon as we get that resolved, I am sure this will save the plant.

Next, Drew is revealed to be a huge hypocrite as he rails against Ted Turner, and then cuts off a man who was ready to lay in on Harry Truman. I can only assume from the video that Drew just loves Harry Truman.

VIII. Kesha Rogers for Promethean Action, formerly known as lpac and congratulations to Helga Zepp and LORG for forcing a capitulation, gives us the cpac report. I am sure they sold all the pamphlets there.

IX. Things to watch in our sometimes irritating election season — the “dead party” other-vote in the Democratic Party. Try to focus on on an Appalachia Belt where Obama had some embarrassing totals in 2012 against no one in particular, and indeed the more no one the better for this slice of an electorate. This time out, Biden slides in to under 80 percent in a few states. The only state that may show portends of broader concern if you extrapolate a vote nationally is Minnesota — and there not much to say with Williamson and Philips splitting twenty percent of a vote in Oklahoma. Strictly speaking, whatever problems Biden has in Michigan, the relatively paltry but highly publicized protest vote is not the sign for his troubles.

This year out, Jason Palmer has earned (bought) a fifteen minutes of fame with a victory in the American Samoa Democratic caucus. Comically his vote tally is lower than in states where he was on the ballot unnoticed and received a lagging three digits. He put his chips in and was rewarded for bothering to show up, rewarded to the role of momentary curiosity. And here we get the historical election perspective.

The last time a challenger of an incumbent president won a primary contest came in 1996, when Roland Riemers won in North Dakota due to President Bill Clinton not appearing on the ballot.

Clinton went on to win reelection. 

Pulling back the curtain. It was an election contest Clinton skipped out on when North Dakota violated the party rules — open contest and moving too far up on the calendar. So the results of a delegate-less election contest:

Roland Riemers 656 41.36

Lyndon LaRouche 547 34.49

Vernon Clemenson383 24.15

34.49 percent, the high water mark for Lyndon Larouche on the ballot. I think? Even better than his 2000 Arkansas primary result of 21.53% — the example of dead party other vote result.

Somewhere about 14:20 in, Harley Schlanger dumps the Larouchies off the Trump train — touting the vote tally for a “pathetic” Haley — and celebrates the uncommitted vote against Biden. Is “Space Larouche” still in on Trump?

X. Funny stream title from Diane Sare — the ever optimistic presentation “The Survivors will envy the dead”, which lays out the future after the Larouche movement seizes power.

XI. The Rage Against the War Machine latest rally… Postponed. Almost seems like it is in indefinite shelving as the component parts rejiggle their lines, and figure out new front groups to multiple the number of groups at the bottom sponsor banner on the poster.

states in play

March 23rd, 2024

I guess the election is coming into some focus. And granted, there is some guy of stature out there with this thought that is 1980 in reverse — right up until the end an even polling one way and another until the bottom falls out at the end for Carter because of a gut response that “Reagan is sane enough.” – – with signs all along in the beltway pointing to to the disaster for the losing party — the fissuring and fracturing of local and state parties. And granted too the error sensation that while Biden is carefully looking over the constituency parts of a coalition that would get to 270 electoral votes, Trump may just be going around ginning up supporters to accept his win as a fait accompli and if the networks declare Biden won, we have the stories he did not and we gotta storm the capitol building again to take what is rightfully ours.

But. My sense of what Biden is staring at. Georgia and Michigan slipping just out of grasp, and hopefully states to win but not rely on as tipping points. A sizable enough black electorate is being pulled by Trump’s sneakers and it is possible there just is not enough white suburbanites to pull in. In addition to this problem, Michigan is ground zero for Gaza disruption. Pennsylvania is more positive than Wisconsin — which may just be the tipping point swing state, and the sliding away of Harry Reid and his potent political machine that always had the state outperforming the polls may have not set in yet, with Arizona sitting in the weird nexus of trying to find more white suburbanites to offset some weird Latino losses and border immigration angst. The next question is — North Carolina… Watch and hope… The Republican gubernatorial candidate, amirite???

After that… Well.


the long campaign march

March 19th, 2024

I skip past a National Review headline minimizing the Trump word on “bloodshed”, sighing at the vortex of the magazine that is talking their way back to voting for Trump from a point of view of spotting most of Trump’s evils. I can go in two directions on this point — the “he was talking about the auto industry!” line. Why, Donald Trump is just Thomas Jefferson in his use of violent metaphors! But I am thinking of Bill Clinton, circa 2000, an Esquire magazine cover, a photographic point of view that highlights his legs wide open. Very conspicuous. Act innocent and don’t remark on the elephant in the room on any association you make with this. TRY. The second point is an — okay. Cut this one out. Not important. I almost agree with that. Almost, in that there is a more important and immediate problem with the campaign appearance and speech that makes this detail a sideshow. Remember January 6? A thing which in a different set of circumstances I might be able to proffer a legalistic defence on Trump as not being an “insurrectionist”, if not –in a saner world — politically? Yeah, well there is no distancing here. Trump loves his supporters. He begins his campaign appearances with a call out to his incarcerated supporters. You know, people who shot at police. Play some singing, stand and salute for the National Anthem. In this case Trump made news by announcing he will pardon the whole lot. If you feel the need to minimize a use of the word “bloodbath”, do so and don’t even mention the controversy, but chop it off at the straight forward statement which preceded it instead.

Today I am pretty certain the Trump comments on Jews, Schumer, and Israel — comments he already made — will get a smug recitation of Biden’s “you ain’t black” 2000 comments.

Meanwhile, over with Biden / Harris, the juggling of the parcels of a campaign continue — a contradiction that they need to win on the normal even if it rubs up against the abnormal. Harris visited an abortion clinic! The first president or vice president to do so, and somewhere the pundits bark “What took so long?”, pretending there was no political costs and Clinton / Gore would risk losing Pennsylvania by manoeuvring off of a “safe, rare, and legal” positioning. And maybe this really makes political sense in a post-Dobbs world, and one where Biden is desperate to get out a suburban woman’s vote. But I do have to ask — what? You wanted Quayle to make a stop-over?

veep stakes of the cranks

March 13th, 2024

Robert Kennedy Jr, who I guess has as good a chance as anyone of getting a magical five percent of the vote, is floating the names of two vice presidential candidates. Jesse Ventura and Aaron Rodgers. They both have highlight feels of athletic performances you can disseminate –Ventura flamboyantly prancing about with a feather boa constrictor in the arena I guess setting the stage for Dennis Rodman’s stage game, Rodgers never did that as it would have resulted in fifteen yard penalties. There is a whimper of the past era flowing through with both of them — though, Rodgers is at the age one might think to move from pro sports to the political arena (though he is younger than recent sports stars turned political candidates Herschel Walker and Steve Garvey — maybe kind of getting bored after a while where your entire first thirty-some years of your life are devoted to a specialized game and then –?) and is just old for the nfl. Jesse Ventura is so 1998, and more to the point is just one more addition to the great take-away everyone has with the presidential scenery and political Washington in general — he’s seventy-what? — and so defeats the purpose of shuffling someone from outside the typical politics pipeline. There is this hitch of problem with this litany — I had to mutter under my breath by some political commenter making the point in alluding to a Nancy Pelosi who — has indeed stepped down as party leader — so quit this complaint on her… but we haven’t gotten out good hate on for Jeffries yet.

I guess the only real question on a Kennedy — Rodgers ticket: does this take votes away from Trump or Biden? And the Rodgers factor does what? Yeah, taking a look see at the Jets schedule and where everyone will stand at the date of the election. Win and maybe the good vibes can translate to votes. In New York. Which isn’t a swing state, so I guess it does not matter.