miss america and the exploding bikinis

June 6th, 2018

Seeing the coverage on, I think it was Telemundo, on Miss America’s dropping of the swimsuit contest.  They show this graphic — bold type of “Miss America 2.0″, and then jumping before the smoke… a bikini… and then we see the bikini… explode.  And the hashtag thrown in of “#byebyebikini”.

And, looking for it on Telemundo, because it is a striking and absurd graphic (an exploding bikini?), what I find I’m shifting through in all the stories is a gratuitous showing of b-roll from various recent swimsuit contests.  Because the viewer needs a firm illustration of what we’re talking about, right?

Sure, I recall a Mad magazine feature on the order of calling out hypocrisies for Miss America “claiming they’re all about” scholarship standards but if true “drop the Swimsuit contest” and see what happens to the ratings.  Sure, I recall in 1993 the issue put up to a public vote, and the morning radio duo on the standard aor station chomping leeringly at the news of the results.

And, sure, it doesn’t much matter one way or the other for the declining ratings or, frankly, diminished relevance or stature… and where, frankly, the only way anything gets traction to a wide audience is if someone’s stupid answer goes viral for public bemusement.  (Analyze if that is sexist or not at your leisure.)

And which shows a question:  when the ratings come in, there may be some hub ub about how they blew it popularity wise, with some un-pc commentary and analysis ranging in tone from tolerable to misogynistic… maybe even something from cross-purpose calling an indictment on society
… even though… nothing has shifted.  The Show goes to a narrower audience, adapt accordingly… and… be sure to make good use of old footage now because there’s not going to be any new footage of the swimsuit contest.


new definition of spoiler candidates

June 5th, 2018

Jon Cox returns, like a bad penny

or maybe just a perennial candidate…

… hot rodding his way from out of Illinois…

… he made just enough of a showing in the 2008 Republican presidential nominating fight to… um… make an appearance at the strangest of all of the debates — a 2nd tier conservative Christian confab where the front runners didn’t show up (except Huckabee, I suppose) — so they had a few empty chairs pulled out and made a show of questioning the empty chairs and letting the camera focus on them for 3 or 5 minutes… (or, thereabouts)…

And having popped his way into California…

where, if he had his way, the state would have a really, really, really big legislator

He wasn’t a Trump supporting Republican, but now… Trump as a Republican has need for him… and since, stupidly enough, he is the Republican front runner for Governor in California, and should a Republican fail to get in the top two vote getters, this doesn’t so much strip Republicans of any chance of winning the governors’ seat — that remains at zero — as it deflates their chances down-ticket, where the path for a Democratic pick up of the House is in winning a bunch of suburban California districts. … they’re in that mutual embrace of necessity…

So now Trump and Democratic front runner Gavin Newsom both are working hard to get him nominated… asserting his Trump bonafides for the Republican electorate…

… with the second name in the Democrat in the field propping up John Cox’s main Republican rival and trashing Cox as a closeted Democrat and 13 time political loser so enough Republicans will not vote for Cox so he can win the second spot in the big California race… and who… wait… back up…

who the heck is running second to John Cox in the Republican field?

As State Assemblyman he also serves communities such as Westminster, Laguna Beach, and other local towns.

He did win something at some point.  That’s a plus.

He is an avid surfer and participated with 65 other people in a world-record-setting ride for the most number of riders on a single surfboard.

Color for the campaign ads, I suppose.  The man is not given any chance of getting into the top two, I see, and is serving as the oddest type of spoiler in what’s either California’s probably stupid election system, or an election system that hasn’t sorted itself out yet.  He comes in fourth, but will his fourth place divert enough votes from the would be second place candidate to drop him into third place to allow someone jonsing for second place to bolt up from third place to second place, and allow a closely ideologically matched but potentially more competitive — while jettisoning a third of the state’s party preferences — general election contest?

i rather liked the roseanne show and am sorry to see it go…

May 31st, 2018

I heard about this app, created by a teenager to combat “online bullying”, inspired by current brain science on how teenagers make bad or too immediate decisions — there’s a delay in accessing consequences.  The effect of the app is simply a delay and a question of “Are you sure you want to post this?” that gives the person on social media a chance not to post something.

Roseanne Barr would have benefited by such.  Or maybe she wouldn’t have.  She was, by her claim, under the influence of Ambien — and cue the makers of Ambien crying foul — and to be sure it may be the case … would she be drowsy or aggressive or both?

I’m a bit puzzled by some things — this 2012 Presidential candidate of the Peace and Justice Party, Cindy Sheehan her running mate.  (Failed utterly in her attempt to get the Green Party nomination, something on the level of Mike Grave’s failure in getting the Democratic nomination — and with her bid for vice president slot immediately similarly rebuffed) —

OK.  Looking over history:  I know what, say, would prompt Jimmy the Greek — it’s an attempted pop anthropology or sociology, botched perhaps but with a line of logic in it.  Actually, ironically I’ve heard the basics of the racial and slavery angle thrown out in criticism of the “economic system of college football and how ingrained it is in the South, with historical precedent”.  Rush Limbaugh’s statement on McNabb makes some sense, (sure, you’d have to buy McNabb as overrated — and maybe even uniquely/ exceptionally overrated — and ameliorate the racial resentment implied).  And oddly enough, in the following year we’d there was a black sports writer with a bizarre column calling McNabb out for betraying his black qb credentials as quarterback for shifting his playing style.  Mike Richards was throwing out the most offensive thing he could think to say in frustration at his heckler.  Mel Gibson was drunk.

Explainable, if not excusable.  Or maybe partially excusable, if not fully.

And to be sure, I don’t know what Beth Ditto was doing… though, strangely I’ve read and seen interviews and reviews of her from publications that would care about the matter that don’t even mention her anti-gay tirade… which, given the audience for folk music and “I always assumed she was a Lesbian” sentiments strikes one as career suicide… though, maybe she’s just niche enough that it doesn’t matter?

Roseanne Bar puzzles me.  I suppose I could divy up her moving to looks as “been thrown at me all my life, made it part of my comedy routine” fair game, even if… bluntly the insult doesn’t make any sense (as her response that — hey!  Muslims not a race!  What the physical features implied by her would then be, dunno…)– but … why, in Roseanne Barr’s ambien or not ambien filled mind on the person of Valerie Jarret?  How is she a contemporary Trump era person of mass public rage for the small segment of Trump supporting former Peace and Justice Party presidential candidates when she isn’t much on anyone else’s radar screen right this minute?

OK… lost in the mainstream news reports… Barr came to Jarrett from … a wikileaks document dump by Julian Assange, retweeted to Barr from the site of “SGT Report”, after hacking away at Chelsea Clinton by suggesting she married a Soros…

News details you need to know?  Dunno.

when the two top news stories of interest collide

May 21st, 2018

The news show is broken into two halves.  On the right side, the correspondents — two women — from Windsor, up about the royal wedding.  They abruptly segue, with quick facial expression shift to announce the move to the correspondent on the left screen — live from Santa Fe, Texas — where apparently the one grim faced (and “gravitas” filled) man had just flown in and is standing there before the school.

I suppose if we flip the order of news coverage, whoever is standing in Texas wouldn’t have to wipe the face off and segue abruptly to a move to the chatty grinning for whoever is out in Windsor.


May 18th, 2018

Notable in the aftermath of day’s school shooting in Texas… the argument that after a 1996 incident Australia (and under the conservative John Howard Administration) enacted strict gun control law, and after that mass shootings ceased… becomes moot in en toto terms and asterisked in broad statistical terms… due to events in Australia a week ago.