why try for the Senate when you can skip to a Presidential run?

May 21st, 2019

Stacey Abrams has announced that she is not running for the Senate.  And she continues to eye the presidency.  Which is a shame, if you have any inclination toward the Democratic Party over the Republican party and have any inclination toward electing someone with top electoral experience into the presidency over someone who … lost a close race.

In the meantime, we’re getting into some odd gender politicking

When Wallace, though, played a clip of Stacey Abrams telling Hallie Jackson that she was not ruling out a run for the Democratic presidential nomination, Wallace said if anyone else joined the race, she would want it to be Abrams. “She’s an all-star, and and what she’s talking about seems to me something all the Democrats should be talking about.”
Then, of course, Rick Stengel had to cut her down and say, “Gee, I don’t know why she didn’t run for Senate…” MAYBE BECAUSE SHE DOESN’T WANT TO RUN FOR SENATE, RICK. *cough* Sorry.

Yeah, well…  Schumer may still be on her in recruitment.  Probably a little slyly.  Someone needs to want to run for the Senate, don’t they?  But there’s a suggestion here of “Don’t tell the Women what they can do!”, and “Break that Glass Ceiling” — where the idea of a double standard (did anyone tell Beto not to run?  Well… kind of.)

I note the closest analogy, at least for me, is West Virginia not elected Congressional candidate Richard Ojeda, enjoying the greatest jump of Democratic voting percentage from Republican (or was it Trump?) votes of any candidate in the 2018 cycle, even if it does land on a double point loss — who jumped into the presidential race.  My thought — “Can’t he run for Senate instead?”.  This does have the problem, of course, where his West Virginia Trump cross-over vote politics will not sit well with the Democratic Primary voter — even if he finds himself in an oppositional framework against Trump, it’s not the National Democrats’ oppositional framework, and the only way lots of Democrats will be able to stomache the idea of him is by pointing out “Hey!  It’s West Virginia!” — but then again, looking at Abrams’s comments (credits everything on Trump’s victory with ‘Russian interference’, basically) gives me questions about her.  Ojeda wisely dropped out, before the counting of candidates began, and I don’t know his future plans.

historical perspectives reshuffle

May 20th, 2019

The cover story of Strange Adventures #60… circa 1955

begins with a splash page where Napoleon Bonaparte looks on at a street parade in Christopher Columbus’s honor and thinks…

“So Columbus thinks he’s more popular here in the twentieth century than I — Napoleon Bonaparte!  Well, I’m going to prove he’s wrong!”

Indeed.  Columbus was more popular in the twentieth century than Napoleon.  Now in the twenty-first century — it’s maybe a coin toss.

random sighting of marxist infighting

May 17th, 2019

I noted at some cafe or other a pin pricked notice for a lecture from a bunch of… Maoists apparently…  against “Post-Modernism” and Identity politics at the university.

And they’re on against the Frankfurt School… (Take that Herbert Marcuse!)… cultural marxism, getting into the way of the non cultural marxism.

The lecture tour was had, and reported on by the house organ of wsws.  They try for class solidarity, but I imagine they’ll have to — like everyone else– figure out how to split apart as you thread the needles on identity politics and “victim-ology”… like, when identifies are indeed victimized.  (Joey Bishop is of the working class, ain’t he?)

They do take their stand with the beleagured professors who exposed the problems of cultural studies.  (Surprised by the tone of “bastards who are in it for the lols” response I’d see about them.  Probably shouldn’t be surprised, though… agendas are set full stance and all.)  Maybe there’s hope on the far left yet.

in technical defense of john edwards and the swirling Biden acceptance gap

May 15th, 2019

I mostly quit reading the Portland Mercury once “One Day at a Time” passed on.  And though there’s nothing much different in the replacement, the latest edition has a political point worth commenting on.

The pool of democratic presidential candidates may need just a little more chlorine now that former vice president Joe Biden formally announced his candidacy after months of speculation, including several weeks where his history of handsiness and hair-sniffing seemed like a big deal, and people were like, “Women are recklessly accusing Biden of stuff that isn’t even bad, according to me, somebody who wasn’t there, and it will damage his reputation FOREVER!” Yet straight out the gate, Biden is leading in the primary polls against several candidates who have never been accused of inappropriately touching anyone. That’s weird!
To be clear, I’d vote for an un-housetrained basset hound over Trump in 2020, so whatever. The first caucus isn’t for 10 months. A lot can change. John Edwardswas a frontrunner once, too. (BTW, did you know that John Edwards, who fathered a child with his mistress as his wife died of cancer, is now back to being a successful lawyer? Another life ruined by allegations of sexual misconduct… NOT. *snaps*)

We’re in a land where the politics of the liberal cohorts of twittersphere and various points of a liberal communisphere don’t match the general Democratic electorate.  With Biden we have women photographed in the Biden compromised pose horrified that it’s being used against him, and Biden offering a mea culpa of passing standards.  (I wonder how Angela Merkel woulda done with Joseph Biden.)

As we were the problem with the Democratic primaries — sure.  There’s thirty or so people running.  All goddamned politically flawed — whether by my standards or by the general electorate.   At the moment I’m a shrug with a “Biden’s as good as any”.  At least in his weather vane role he hasn’t made the mistake Kamala Harris has as she maneuvers from her role of super-prosecutor in the age of attempted prison reform to land on the “Prisoner Voting Rights”.  (Skipping from the right to the left to meet Bernie Sanders, before seeing she has to retreat.)

John Edwards was never a frontrunner.  If he ever lead in the polls in 2008, it was for, like, a day.  Overall, he was always a distant third behind Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  In 2004, he emerged after Dean’s slide as a Nation magazine approved second placer — The Nation now able to look past his fervant support of the Iraq War as he steered over to stumping about poverty.

More to the point, I don’t really know why he shouldn’t be back to successful private lawyering.  His sexual misconduct is not of the sort that afflicts (go down the long list that includes Bill Freaking Clinton).  He had a private affair, and not here with a subordinate (Clinton again).  A dickish private affair, sure — which I suppose precludes him from being popular enough to win any elected office or serve in a function in an elected official, but nothing criminal.  I don’t even know that “sexual misconduct” is the proper word for it, unless everything becomes bad in the same way.

anyone not running for president?

May 9th, 2019

Joseph Biden — rusty old weather vane

Mayor Bernie Sanders expresses his angst in memos.

Call me crazy, I don’t want a “Spiritual-guru” as President.

Kamala Harris “re-sets” her campaign.  Well, you do it now, don’t you, otherwise if you did it 2 weeks before Iowa it’d reek of desperation.  (What’s new?  After her signature windup of “let’s speak truth,” she replaced her usual recitation of Democratic policies with an attack on President Trump.  Something everyone will agree with.)
I see her children’s book “Superheroes are Everywhere”.  No they’re not.  Quit inflating superheroes from our primordial imaginations of stupid epic slug-fests on to “people doing good works”.

Cory Booker versus John Delaney!  Oh, it’s on.

A rightwing mill is working out allegations against Pete Buttigieg.  Finding someone to falsely charge him and all that.

Beto O’Rourke thinks 8th graders want partisan “red meat”Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke visited an 8th grade civics class Monday and found students ready with tough questions about school shootings and climate change — and not willing to laugh at the usual campaign trail jokes he uses to make adults chuckle.

Eric Idle throws his support to Jay Inslee.  Well, if we must do celebrity endorsements, may as well be someone outside Hollywood.

Tulsi Gabbard — The Russian propaganda machine that tried to influence the 2016 U.S. election is now promoting the presidential aspirations of Well, that will take some doing.  Not because “We’re onto you”, but because…


May 7th, 2019

Looking over the “Medal of Freedom” recipients

Yeah.  It’s a pretty lame medal.


Ron Paul favors Tulsi Gabbord

May 6th, 2019

Ron Paul weighs in, and is throwing his support for the Democratic Primary to…

Tulsi Gabbord.  I think Paul may have once egged on Dennis Kucinich, so we’re around the same basic location with Gabbord.

Foreign policy — the non intervention — trumps economics.  I suppose age trumps some things, as Gravel’s program — well he did make a bid for the Libertarian nomination once, right? — though maybe Gravel’s Ron Paul’s second choice.

It does appear Gabbord pulled a bit of switching about on the score, though.  Wasn’t always “non interventionalist”.  Well, none of the candidates are purely consistent — and some are worse than others.  A funny article in the NYT tracks Kirsten Gilibrand — on “electability” — as she points to winning rural districts in the past.  Sure.  She came in as an ex-Republican turned centrist “blue dog” Democrat — and once making the leap to being selected as a state-wide Democrat made the natural changes to become a mainline Democrat who’s now…

Anyway… Ron Paul had a slight pull with some liberals during the Iraq War fights — we’ll see how many of the “some liberals” are about with various levels of commitment and hypocrisy.