Getting dafty

August 26th, 2020

In the pile of political messaging plastered onto poles, I see this:

“‘matter’ is a baseline. Black lives are magical.”. A couple other adjectives of the type follow, and maybe I will retrace my steps and refresh with a snap-shot.

Now we move way off field. I understand the reason the slogan “All lives matter” will get one slammed from cultural centers– but it has to be said… Either all lives are magical, or no lives are magical… DEpending on what your spiritual guidance is. I thought we were tearing away the “magical negro” trope of literature.

Faux pas

August 24th, 2020

Rushed in and gnabbed a couple items at a grocery store. Standing in line at the self check-out, it dawned on me people — notably the cashier — were looking at me funny. And then buying my stuff, dollar bills in the slots I realized the readon: my face mask was off. I pulled it over my face with security giving me the evil eye. (Don’t ask me for full facial expression — mouths covered and all) — though, of course, in a two minute trip (if that)– that meant I was in protocol all of five, ten seconds.

On the eve of party presentations

August 24th, 2020

Y’know, I was going to post a snide comment that the Republican convention — programmed as it is for the two hour infomercial block the tv allowed for airing somewhere, one for networks — should just be Trump speaking for all of it… Or maybe just that one primetime network hour each night.

But apparently that is coming close to what Trump and the RNC is actually doing. So…

On the Ground

August 21st, 2020

IMG_20200821_194204Perhaps a mistake to make my way out with the explicit purpose of taking this photo, themed to the melee I need to take a closer look at the elements regarding — just what did the president say and where did everyone conjecture it toward — to determine veracities. No sooner did I snap this image than the blm brigade of honking cars through residential neighborhoods come on by, and they don’t like photo snappers — one take away from the sets of first hand accounts (and from earlier, pre feds leaving…

And why do the t shirts say “Fed’s Go Home” (sic)? Is complaining on this grammatical error nit picking or some type of microaggression?

As always, the non Republican non Democrat is forced into that role

August 18th, 2020

I can’t decide if it is ahistorical or just a fill in the blank projection of what is at hand that the big take away from Michelle Obama’s speech, and the sentence about this being not the time to go wasting your vote on somebody who hasn’t a chance, contextualized as it is inferred to be coming off an allusion to the black decreased turn-out of 2016 as this not being the time to sit the election put…

… Wait. Is she referring to Kanye West?

Why Kanye West and not the party stalwarts for the 3rd and 4th place getters of 2016 — Jo Jorgensen (who recently made her biggest nrws blip of the 2020 campaign by getting bitten by a bat) and Howie Hawkins,

Where Kanye West doesn’t have their ballot access–

I can’t quite tell.

Band aid

August 14th, 2020

Mac Smiff — hip hop promoter and political activist — said in the local alt weekly, calling out the mayor “There are 5 thousand people out here telling you the same thing, and you’re asking what we want. Justice and getting rid of the police — what is it that you’re confused about?”

Probably the intertwining of the two — that there can be no justice without a police force. Predictably enough, as the crime rate increases, the mayor is now seeking to pull back in the once called gang task force renamed gun task force. Predictably enough, we see this deemed as a “band aid”, which may be but leaves out the fact that band aids are important.

It is puzzling how the right wing cause may the propaganda mill makes stuff up when there is plenty of gist for the mill, except that the narrative is built up and additions are made from truth and not truth.

Seeing a gathering leave into the night, it struck me how the personal is not political as the political is social. THe social outing of the season is this. I noticed this with the activities organized by political party oriented groups — what, does the Oregon Bus Product do a “pub prawl” to… Er… End the War?

Kamala mania sweeping the country

August 12th, 2020

The equivalent of picking Tim Kaine, or the equivalent of picking Teddy Roosevelt, or somewhere in between?
SImpatico, or apt to never lose that “Bush called Reaganomics “voo doo economics” as a key reference point.
Powerful as Cheney, the attack dog of Agnew, or just a Throttle-bottom where if it power ahe needed she would have been better off holding off for a Justice Department appointment?
Predisposed to not much liking any of them — her main goal in life, as is that of all of them, is to be in the history books as a major historical president, and if you can’t get there settle on minor president that occupies the center of public life for a while before getting to be argued as being under-rated like Van Buren.

The Biden mania check

August 10th, 2020

The supermarket impulse buying contraption, Joe Biden magazine, leaves something to be desired. Though, the various Barack Obama magazines over the years — the Nobel Prize commemeration perhaps the highlight of filling fluff — may suggest a coming four, eight years of reshuffling the same collection of words and photos. The article exploring his relationship with the Kennedys. The ones with him and the Obamas.

There is no Trump magazine sitting there — maybe a by product of the partisan make-up. Instead it is John Wayne… As counter programming. Interesting as somewhere in Orange Country his name has been stripped off something or other — “cancelled”, in the manner PDX has dropped “Kindergarden Cop” from the flicks in the park docket because … Insanity.