June 12th, 2020


when we say… What we’re really saying…
Fraudulent cover for the terms, back track.  The other poster appears to mean that we say defund the police, we mean abolish it.  (Which is the outcome of defunding).

A little curious, “decommidify” as a cover for getting stuck with a funky term, even with radical notions, poses a problem:  I suppose the cops are supposed to be open to the highest bidder, like the guy who called them in on George Floyd apparently Somehow?  Actually, the quickest way to commodity the police is to define them, leaving the public funds to be scooped up by private funds for security and protection purposes.

Y’know, it strikes me that the President, passing on his Twitter account “one America news” suggestion that the 70 something year old protester was taking and exaggerating injuries when brought down by the Buffalo police, acting as an “Antigua provocauteur” — essentially they are accusing him of the tactics used by Andy Ngo, who parlayed a mild shuffle (and, yes, and on the antifa era for it) to spinal injury and a thrown milkshake into quick drying cement for the believing right wing audience.

Words cease to have any meaning

June 11th, 2020

I see the professor type of some renown tweeted the provocative question… If Biden is elected, will there be a”de-fascization” program similar to those enacted for De-nazization post WW2?  I’m a world where a blm group is defacing a statue famed imperialist and antfascist Winston Churchill (also a Soviet corraborator), and more to the point terms have been thrown in off kilter cultural analysis, I picture in my head Clockwork Orange… People forced before a tv set, eyes forced wide-open as the tv shows Samantha Bee or musical selections of Kendrick Lamar, and when old episodes of Walker Texas Ranger or Kid Rock music plays, electrical shocks are sent down the spine.

(Not wholly certain how Hamilton would be handled in this exercise, considering hearing in the current woker than thou era is slam poetry a figure of enough prominence reference it to a cheering amen as the confection of upper class white gentrifiers blowing up my apartment for a New Seasons and bike lanes.  Maybe a backlash set in from when a positive reference would get an amen cheer.)

I watched a Reef student, I am sure moving across the city, plastering up a couple sheets of paper on light poles.  I look at them, past the long performative “white privilege” confessionals, and over to the other — an “anti-social resource” list.  Staring at the dozen podcasts it ticks off, I am left to ask… Does she listen to every one of these, and if so… How does she have any time left to study for her classes?  Or political activism?  The movie selection leaves me deciding… Just go watch Pam Grier movies instead.

I see that the local alt weekly had made the style guide editorial choice decision to refer to protests as an “up-rising”.  To be fair, we have passed the riots and looting phases — though we are not distant enough for downtown to get unboarded– but I slant my head wanting a precise definition.

IMG_20200611_074640_burst_01“Police are Poop”. Odd variant.

” Defund the Police” ceases to have any meaning.  On the face of it, it is a political and policy non-starter — someone of some note who tweeted the obvious “I’ll consideted, not thought through” comments only to get slammed and highlighted as if he were… Oh, that notorious super-bigot JK Rowling.

But I see a Yahoo article headlined “How defunding the police worked” in some municipality.  I click and read about… Something that is not defunding the police.  Here, we have that political on the city council praising the protests for getting done what she had spent so long banging her head for, using the phrase “defunding the police” for a few policy moves … 2 necessary and long overdue, the third I would want to know the back up here… I seem stuck in a hellscape of sorts with a slogan tossed about that has two meanings — one, I agree on but with the problem that the policy moves has no connection with the Logan’s meaning, the other the stuff of the more violent property damage which the Democratic Presidential nominee is well-advised to disavow and the Republican incumbent is well advised to run against.  The best I can say is the politician has a constituency blurring in the more extreme part of the protesters, and adapting the phraseology leads the nihilists to more productive ends.

One of two

June 9th, 2020

IMG_20200606_094302To be fair, I think the flurry that can be described as “rioting” has passed.  Sooner or later the boarding has to come down — it is not a site that will work for anyone — come the white flight this time concurrent with the black flight rendering the economic deprivation.  The flyer on the left is intetesting, representing what can broadly be described as a “moderate” position — “police are necessary” after all “but”.  We are someone playing a sticker over it for infowars.  Interesting — back in the day when it provided some succor for left wing nuts, they might agree with the premise, if not use the language warning of “hyper-masculinity”.  It may be that Jones always picked who gets shafted by an encroaching police state in counterwise manners.

IMG_20200607_083119 Not so accepting of the necessary evil of the police, and envisioning — trying to conjure — an uprising.  Second Amendment enthusiast, I presume.  The alt weekly had an interview with four “black leaders” — two elected officials trying to state they are getting things done, damnedit who I assume the twenty something year old revolutionary interviewed will view as careerist reformist turds, sucking up to the white mayor.

I do not have a picture — maybe I will get it, but I see two flyers throwing contradictions at me.  The “White Silence is Violence” and the “Normalize shutting the fuck up when you don’t know what you’re talking about.” I suppose the line here is to say the same words exactly as whoever it is gets to police this dialing edict.  Then a list of a bunch of books of black radical politics and a few youtube clips I guess everyone needs to read and. .. Parrot?  Yes, I have heard Malcolm X’s “bullet or ballot” speech, and I assume Angela Davis’s answer is given in her questioning “Are prisons obsolete”?  I am tempted to pull out a pen and write two other books — Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man and Tom Wolfe’s Radical Chic and Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers.

IMG_20200608_074210IMG_20200609_092252Politically things get dicy, but maybe we bump back to “ballot bullet”.  The Republican President  ran an ad in the Superbowl touting, of all things, criminal justice reform.  A bit of a crock, the minor measure is something had the Republican Congress wanted to pass when Obama was in office, Obama would have been happy to sign, but nonetheless are we in some position where — like Nixon –we will get years from now ironic quotation comments on the last liberal president, Trump.  to zoom in on that center “vote blue” — leaving aside that pretty well all major cities have Democrats as mayors right now — The Democratic candidate spent the better part of the 80s surrounding himself with police unions as often as he could and was the force that come Bill that candidate Clinton had been campaigning on in the Georgia primary alongside Zell Miller and the representative from The Dukes of Hazard with a largely black prison population in frame in the back lot of the “Confederate Rushmore”.  I see the question asked — what was the political fall-out of Bush calling in the national guard at the LA riots, and I do not know… Other than Clinton pivots for a moment on Arsenio Hall.

IMG_20200608_074031Wait.  Free Palestine?  Huh.

Grand unified theory and…

Yes, some military contractors move into police departments and aid to Israel — I have read The Nation article thing knots where they find them.


IMG_20200609_104930The city has long cleaned up the “Queer vanguard” graffiti, the “riots are my gender” the one I have posted earlier, which populated the restroom on the waterfront.  Noting political reverberations, I recall quotes from some disgruntled black neighborhood on resources going to the “pink patrol” of cops that had been set to patrol against hate crimes at gay bars and clubs.  A bit of a contradiction for any “defund the police” message.  This sticker, and that graffiti brings to mind another question I saw posed, simply listing of the who’s who of gay and sometimes flat out queer “alt right” and simply right figures.  Maybe Chuck Palahniuk had something in Redemption Day — where the US breaks into a white and black ethno-state and a gay state –where the leaders in Gaytopia rally around being the vanguard in all the great movements, referencing some conspiracy theories on Hitler and Goebbels …

12, 13…

June 5th, 2020

IMG_20200605_074033 Some polling data from prior police shooting when you wish to look at things a tad cold blooded:  80 percent of black respondents and 23 percent of white respondents believe the grand jury erred in failing to indict the officer that shot Brown.  On Garner, the numbers are 90 percent of black and 47 percent of whites.  I become interested in how the 24 percent of whites and 10 percent of whites are it, not sure if thrown into a jury I wouldn’t land there.  (Do Not know, not in that position.)  Not simply a game of respectability politics, except perhaps as it affects what the officer’s stance — there is a phrase that did not happen which we now see scrawled around the city and in Over the last few years in hip hop songs.  What you do with a piece of false mythology illustrating real issues, I do not know.

The more pertinent phrase — “I can’t breathe” suffers the problem where every jackals in police custody will about as a taunt.

I puzzle over bits of crude graffiti amongst the more graceful art and intelligible crudities.  I simply do not know what “fuck 12″ means – – I did see a 12 on the back of someone’s NFL replica jersey  — duck Tom Brady?  Elsewhere there it is — though this was yesterday, it is gone today — a penis.  As for the weird anime thing — is this the anon Reddit internet troll joke transgression feelinglessly?

(Expanding definitions on 12, or maybe it is the only police some of the protesters have some experiences with, and sliding white privilege personal gripes into it?)


Darkness descends

June 2nd, 2020

IMG_20200602_171840 A little pestering.  “Don’t loot us, please.”. The same paper sign peppers the window of the business across the street.  Meanwhile, the business next to it – – occupying the prime corner location — boarded up yesterday– the smell of wood dust still in the air.  It has the unfortunate pall of being a medium business.

Oldie but Goodie

May 31st, 2020

IMG_20200531_063608 What I wonder is whether the graffiti writer who blasted this is a Revelations minded Christian or more secular.

Second question is when did they do it — response to the rioting or to Coronavirus?

Third question… Any significance in the decision to use the old English term “nigh”, or is it just an aesthetic appeal?  Could we get a Latin phrase while we are at it?

No justice or peace

May 30th, 2020

IMG_20200530_110857 I assume there is a story behind this burnt car.  I assume the story will be told sometime or other.  I note the destruction of the Windows of the Microsoft and Apple stores, and recall that in the shut down we have a lot of lower case stores — ones theoretically the looters wouldn’t slide into what I guess is an incoherent criticism of police patrolled white supremacist capitalism (?) (All they care about is property, dangedit.  Or something.) — boarded up, as the likes of these places of businesses are obliged to do after clearing up the broken glass.

A guy in a bandana over his mouth passes by as I take a couple photos — well, the rule is when placed in contact within those six feet, as a gathering designed to move into riot mode will be — this is social distancing etiquette.

IMG_20200530_111906I do not know if this piece of graffiti isn’t patriot prayer mockers.  But nay.  We have a grand unified theory of smashing.  Never mind I have no clue what the black victim in Minneapolis stands on gender theory.  As a joke it passes over middle America — you all talking to yourselves.

It strikes me the business across from what I guess is the center — the gummint building in front where blm have held some protests of a peaceful nature the last few days –is lucky their logo includes a n encased circle that kinda looks like an anarchy symbol… May have protected them from anything but some incoherent graffiti.


Conspiracies not abounding

May 26th, 2020

For what it is worth, I found and then pocketed a piece of paper, crumpled, clearly tossed off a pole — declaring the truth of the coronavirus hoax — “and we can prove it” was the phrase used — and pointing to some website or other.

Conspiracy theory gets a bad rap sometimes — you stare at the specter of the face off of the partisans of the man in the white house against the “deep state” and a sudden backing of said “deep state” — because of the jackass involved here — by a contingent who used to know…

… Well, I was watching the mst3k episodes of Cold War Hollywood propaganda movies “Rocket Attack USA” and “Invasion USA”, fairly sure at least the one one had a check coming in from the CIA and MIC…

Anyway, this glued poster would not be one of those times conspiracy theory has a bad rap — or, better to say one where the bad rap is deserved. (Unless the conspiracies proffered are obnoxiously small scale, anti-climactic to that advertised). But I guess he has the right to glue his poster.

Libertarian Party ticket for 2020

May 25th, 2020

The “lanes” theory of party nominating fights appears to have taken place in the Libertarian Party — with the “disgruntled ex Republican” having its most prominent contender –Justin Amash– dropping out while testing the water, leaving the winner of Jo Jorgensen in the academic gadfly activist lane with performance artiste lane of Vermin Supreme holding around for management’s sake a few rounds of voting.

They appear to be appeasing that third lane by the vice presidential nominee — Spike Cohen — art partner of Mr. Supreme — Cohen appears to like exposing his chest hair, which I guess was part of his show if Supreme had won.  In theory, this lane is more radical than the others, but gets clouded out by smirking and claiming “it will make The people confused, but then thinking.”. About boots on heads, I guess.

Jorgensen a previous vice presidential nominee, so who knows? Down the line Cohen may get to that top rung.  And win point oh oh something percent of the vote.

One puzzle:  they both are from South Carolina?

That is not allowed constitutionally.  (Why Dick Cheney had to move back to Wyoming).  Is Cohen going to have to move?

The damnedable race to a white house

May 25th, 2020

Counter National Review, I believe pretty much everyone is aware of the weaknesses of Presidential candidate, though the most loyal partisans will shelve it as political perceptions. In a sense, Biden becomes the perfect candidate for the moment, you aren’t thinking about him.

And sure, the Reade allegation prompts a bunch of back tracking for hypocrisy’s sake on just what it is “Believe all women”. Always a dangling problem any political operative can drive a mac truck through. WAs Carville right with his “dollar bill through trailer park” line, if something you should tweak?

At that bright eyed stage where the Biden campaign imagines an open map. Sure — just as Hillary saw at the moment of the Access Hollywood leak. And, sure, keep the map open — so long as you are nimble enough to collapse back to concentrate on the core states.

At that point you ask around and skeletons and personal issues get magnified. Still, the problem is… No one is perfect, private citizens are private citizens…

Funny, I do not know where to go with the statement that Trump’s “person of color”s he favors are… “Shuck and Jive” types. Wouldn’t that be the white people he favors as well, modulate the meaning. Biden made an awkward gaffe, but we established the black electorate — at least the major Southern rural one that got to vote — is not into political correct wrangling.

Anyone up for a 2024 contest pitting Trump and Biden?. It is assumed Biden will serve out a term, but notably he leaves a second run open with only “won’t run if signs of cognitive decline” — cornering him, pride alone would show a declined reelection bid a kind of defeat. As for Trump, though — I imagine the Republicans will want to move on quickly, champion their governors.