veep sweepstakes, of all things

August 18th, 2014

Random sighting of liberal bloggings… the governor of Missouri… out of the running for vice presidency due to recent ugliness and etc.

I think the Republicans, due to Hillary Clinton’s inevitability on the Democratic side — which I note is not any thought I had back when she was deemed so in 2008

, and the likeliness that their nominee will be a dude,

will be obliged to select a woman.  So… you know… he was out of the running already anyway, so I guess he can do what he want say what he must without the great prize of Vice President lying about.

imagine there’s no ???

August 18th, 2014

“What is this — Russia?”
It occurred to me that I needed to ask as follow up… “Czarist Russia, Communist Russia, or Putin’s Russia?  And is there any difference between the three?”
“Putin’s… and probably not.”

From there, I spot this quote in from New Republic:

Last December, I met up with Gleb Pavlovsky, the man who helped Putin cruise to victory in 2000. “It’s impossible to say when this system will fall, but when it falls, it will fall in one day,” he told me. “And the one to replace it will be a copy of this one.”

celebrity deaths

August 14th, 2014

I overhear someone- in poor taste in my humble opinion — some mocking quotations of one celebrity on the impact of Robin Williams.  The undertone here is that the celebrity is insincere in his praise of personal relationships of Robin Williams… and it is worth noting, the celebrity being quoted in question is someone who was “big once” but has faded out of view.  The subtext is thus that he’s trying to get a quote into the news just a bit.

I overhear someone give a blithe statement of “who cares” about Robert Williams.  “Takes Iraq off the news”.

Someone else expresses that she’s going to go watch Mrs Doubtfire again.  Which is good for her, I guess… the impact of his life’s work mattering to her.   I remain cynical, but more cynical about the cynics.

Another death, harkening back to a different era… Lauran Bacall… who, all I can think about there is… Truman… slightly out of character for Truman, who got quite a hearing from his wife.

so, how did gordon pross do?

August 9th, 2014

Is this the end of the line for Gordon Allen Pross?

Besides abolishing taxes, Pross believes in securing America’s border with drones, restoring the American dollar, ending the Federal Reserve banking system, bringing back a military draft and putting an end to “the tyranny” in American government, he said.

Drones?  Like… those things used by Amazon dot com to deliver packages?  Ye Gads!

He called Congress a “pit of vipers” and told the Herald if he were elected he would expose “those people who hold the purse strings to your gold dust.”


One of Pross’ priorities in Congress would be to try and start a self-sustaining community of about a thousand people who are “down on their luck,” he said. He would want the community to mass-produce a commodity to help turn their lives around.
If successful, Pross believes the community could become a blueprint for politicians to implement across the nation, he said.
“I would want to make everyone a millionaire in two years,” he said.

When everyone’s a millionaire, nobody’s a millionaire.

Pross didn’t receive a single vote in a straw poll following a candidate forum in June. He dismissed the notion that he is a long shot in the primary, saying he hasn’t stopped fighting since 1998 and he won’t stop now.
“If you hate me you need to vote for me,” he said. “I’m going to bring things to the universe you can’t even imagine.”

Wait.  What?

Pross will not be discouraged if he doesn’t make it to the general election for the fifth time, he said. He is confident his willingness to take on corruption will one day lead to him representing the district.
“You want America or ‘Pretendica?’ ” he said.

Yes.  Candidates like them really do spice up the electoral process, don’t they?
Final returns in 2014.  137 votes.  point two percent of the vote.  I think it is the worst of his showings.  Just ahead of Kevin Midbust … unless there’s a cache of eleven Midbust votes lying about somewhere.

senate election hub

August 9th, 2014

So, what’s going on in this Senate race in Mississippi?

The endlessly complicated aftermath of Mississippi’s Republican Senate primary added a new layer of complexity late Tuesday, with reports that the man who had accused the campaign of Sen. Thad Cochran (R-Miss.) of buying votes is now accusing a spokesman for Chris McDaniel, Cochran’s opponent, of paying him to lie about the whole thing.

That’s Integrity for you.

And the Senate race in Montana… John Walsh withdraws, we go to… who the hell knows?

And in Tennessee?

But even though the Tennessee Democratic Party remains undermanned compared with the state’s dominant Republicans, it at least will have a candidate this fall who’s not a national joke — something the party couldn’t say two years ago.

Still waiting for Oklahoma, even though… apparently no one cares enough to make a joke of the would be “joke” candidate.

a single tear drop…

August 8th, 2014

lincolncryingoverquinn  According to this cover of the National Review, Abraham Lincoln is crying because of the poor performance of Illinois’s current governor.

This might be an interesting way to proceed for covers of political journals when they publish critical pieces admonishing current state governors.  For instance… the next time a publication has reason to go on the attack against Indiana’s governor … Benjamin Harrison is Crying right now!

But shouldn’t the National Review feature both Lincoln and Obama crying?

radio killed technocracy

August 6th, 2014

Though its vocabulary was not altogether intelligible, it talked in terms of power energies, mechanics, efficiency, elimination of waste, and these, even more than its utopian promise of $20,000 a year incomes, were calculated to capture the American imagination.  Howard Scott, its progenitor, had been a familiar face in radical bohemian circles for many years, during which time had been pouring forth his scorn on the radicals’ schemes of mass revolution and demonstrating that twelve revolutionary engineers in strategic places could bring capitalism to knees in three days.  Coming now from the hollowed precints of Columbia University, backed by an imposing array of academic sponsors and assistants, his theories took on an authority and dignity that made Scott the Man of the Hour.  A Technocracy Craze swept the country.  The newspapers were full of it; whole magazines were devoted to it; fierce controversies raged around it.  Verblins’ The Engineers and the Price System, which contained the essence of technocratic theory, was republished and became a best seller.

Scott himself helped to kill the movement several months later in a rambling, incoherent and confused speech that was broadcast throughout the country.  A few stubborn admirers hoped, and claimed, that their idol was somewhat “tight” when he made it.  But a new prophet had toppled from his pedestal.  The new panacea died a rapid death.

——      Rebel America, Lilliam Symes and Travers Clement, page 369, 1934

damned liberal phony nerds.

August 4th, 2014

Okay, this National Review article is insaneYes, it is.

Which is to say that the nerds of MSNBC and beyond are not actually nerds — with scientific training and all that it entails — but the popular kids indulging in a fad.

Hit a Nerd where it hurts, why don’t you?  Why, I bet they were all secretly hanging out with the star quarterback in high school while nobody was looking… and then brushing them off and ignoring them in haste whenever anyone might see them together.

[...] stereotypical facsimiles of the real thing. They have the patois but not the passion; the clothes but not the style; the posture but not the imprimatur. Theirs is the nerd-dom of Star Wars, not Star Trek; of Mario Kart and not World of Warcraft; of the latest X-Men movie rather than the comics themselves.

Someone out there needs to throw Rachel Maddow a Pop Quiz on The Dark Phoenix Saga.

Look at me and let me tell you who I am not, which is southern, politically conservative, culturally traditional, religious in some sense, patriotic, driven by principle rather than the pivot tables of Microsoft Excel, and in any way attached to the past.

Wait.  I thought these were Star Wars nerds and not Star Trek fans… or, you know “A Long Long Time Ago” (in a Galaxy far far away…)

The movement’s king, Neil deGrasse Tyson [...]
Bill Nye wants to usurp the crown so badly…
is useful because he can be deployed as a cudgel and an emblem in political argument — pointed to as the sort of person who wouldn’t vote for Ted Cruz.

Someone needs to vinn diagram people who quoteth  Neil deGrasse Tyson on their social media accounts with those who go for that whole “Chuck Norris” meme.

Marie Antoinette is no more welcome in America if she dresses up in a Battlestar Galactica uniform and self-deprecatingly joins Tumblr.

I Haz Ur Cake!

Sorry, America. Science is important. But these are not the nerds you’re looking for.

Sure beat the nerds voting for Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin.

silly season of American politics: Merkley versus Wehby, on the ground grassroots activism

August 4th, 2014

Scattered about in a neighborhood in Portland:

We’re Going to Throw Apples onto the Rooftops of Jeff Merkley Supporters
No Paychecks…. No Future

It’s a real puzzle.

This would send a message, I suppose.  Message:  Monica Wehby supporters are real jerks.  And… incomprehensible jerks at that.  What is the apple?  Is that symbolizing the teachers’ union?

I half suspect a dirty trick on the part of the Jeff Merkley campaign to make Monica Wehby look bad.  Then again, maybe it’s a dirty trick from the Monica Wehby campaign to make it look like a dirty trick coming from the Jeff Merkley campaign.

history comes alive

July 30th, 2014
He thought he had the perfect gig.  The pinnacle in a long line of ill gotten undeserved government appointments.  Oh, he heard what they always said about him.  The Symbol of Everything Wrong in American government, a corpulent  corrupt spoilsman with no business getting anywhere near the White House.  And Chester Arthur could not agree more.  Good thing, then, he was Vice President.  And not getting anywhere near the White House.
But now the Ground was shaking under him.  And Chester Arthur knew what they were saying now.  “Whatever our politics, we can only pray for President Garfield’s speedy recovery, because good god almighty, President Arthur?”  And all Chester Arthur could say in response was “Good God Almighty indeed.”  And then there were those hushed whispers.  The Darkest of conspiratorial insinuations.  “Look who has the most to gain.”  Good god, you kidding me?  If Chester Arthur could prove those birthers right — that he was actually born in Canada — he would do so right now!  The only person in this country not actively dreading the prospect of a President Chester Arthur is that nutcase who shot James Garfield.  And he’s about to get off on that novel new “Insanity Defense”.  Because all he’s having to do to prove that is rattle on about how he can’t wait to see Chester Arthur as President!
And now, with Chester Arthur wallowing ever deeper into this well of self pity, the loudest nay sayer in a nation of naysayers, there came before him… one letter.  The one letter that wasn’t just a long series of expletives directed at him — for Chester Arthur had this way of exposing the lie to the thin line of genteelity in Victorian America.
Dear Chester Arthur.  Whether you like it or not, you are soon going to be President.  And yes, you probably should have thought of this when you accepted your current post, instead of assuming you’d get away with gorging yourself on a fat salary for four years feeding your insatiable appetite for fine cheeses.  But what’s done is done.  You can’t rewrite history.  So now for your sake.  For the sake of the nation.  You need to pull yourself together.  Look at yourself in the mirror.  And say the following.  Over and over.  Until you believe it.  Until it lodges deep into your soul and becomes a part of you.  “I’m President Chester Arthur, and you’re not going to mess with President Chester Arthur.”  Do this, because if you fail to get this right, I honestly believe we can stick a fork in the Grand Experiment known as American Democracy.  Yours Truly, Julia Sands.
And when that day came, when James Garfield inevitably passed on, less the victim of one crazy man’s bullet than of four months’ worth of hilarious medical malpractice, Chester Arthur could not help but read the subtext in all of Garfield’s eulogies.  “So passes the greatest, smartest, bestest man America has ever had the fortune to see grace the White House.  We can only hope this buffoonish clown replacing him doesn’t screw things up too badly.  But we know he will.”  And only a few weeks’ ago, Chester Arthur would’ve been the the first to agree.  But that Chester Arthur was no more!
And it was when Roscoe Conkling, the man who made Chester Arthur, who slid him to one ill gotten cushy government appointment after another, strolled into the White House, and said “Hey Old Buddy!  You gonna use your new influences to stop these Congressional Investigations on me?”, Chester Arthur broke out laughing.  And when Roscoe Conkling nervously asked, “Why you laughing?”, Chester Arthur responded  “Because I’m President Chester Arthur.  And you’re not going to laugh at President Chester Arthur.”  And then squealed in delight three months later when his one time benefactor, boss, friend was tossed into the slammer.
And it was staring down at this one bill — that had embroiled Congress for so long — The Ergonomic Reform Act of 1882 — some people said it went too far, other people said it didn’t go far enough — and Chester Arthur spoke for the rest of us when he said, “I don’t know what this bill does and I don’t care, but Fuck those Clowns in Congress!”  And then he whipped out his veto pen, and said, “And here’s my message to you clowns in Congress.  I’m President Chester Arthur.  And you’re not going to mess with President Chester Arthur.”
And it was overflowing in schadenfreude, after his Republican Party skipped right over him, then went down to inglorious defeat with the One Man President Arthur deemed more ridiculous than he once thought himself, that Chester Arthur said to anyone who would listen, and anyone who wouldn’t.  “Shoulda stuck with me, bitches.  But now you see what happens when you mess with President Chester Arthur.”
And as the years have rolled on, the Reputation, Legend even, of Chester Arthur has grown ever larger, so today you will rarely hear a negative word spoken of President Chester Arthur.  And that day will come soon enough, when the public will demand, and the public’s demand heeded, for the dismantling of Mount Rushmore, to be replaced by one giant bust of Chester Arthur, and that mantra of lore will be affixed as patriotic affirmation, superseding the equally fictitious pile of bullshit about George Washington and the cherry tree — a new American Mythology for new American circumstances.

“I’m President Chester Arthur.  And you’re not going to mess with President Chester Arthur.”