funny man… sometimes.

December 10th, 2019

Sometime after Trump’s time in office expires — hopefully after the next election — I think we’ll come back around to admitting that — on occasion — the President could be funny.  Instance:

“They got rid of the lightbulb that people got used to. The new bulb is many times more expensive and I hate to say it, it doesn’t make you look as good,” Mr Trump said.
“Of course, being a vain person, that’s very important to me. It’s like – it gives you an orange look. I don’t want an orange look.”

 Interesting to note the headlines for this one.  It’s either him “complaining” that he turns orange or… (see Murdoch’s New York Post) — joking.  This is one where the right wing news happens to be more correct.
I’m not saying it will be a thick volume, but a collection of “The Wit of President Donald Trump” may be worth pursuing.

not real news

December 6th, 2019

Someone from Sinclair Broadcasting (or is it Fox News?) asks Nancy Pelosi the ever so pertinent question… Do you hate Trump?  I suppose if I want to bend over backward to be overly fair, this was the leading question you got for Bush on trying to get some admission of some mistake, or something.  As it were, Pelosi says something or other, and a hashtag flies out of twitter.  (Oddly not hashtag I’m Catholic, which was part of the response.)

Next up… asking her (or some Democrat)… do you think Trump (or McConnell?) is Evil?  (Of course, if the Republicans were asked, and came back with a smirking yes, the right twittersphere would applaud.)

she wasn’t as obnoxious as Beto O’Rourke and Kirsten Gillibrand, but…

December 5th, 2019

Kamala Harris is out.  Which means… Julian Castro and Cory Booker see an opportunity to scoop up… to revitalize…

all that Kamala Harris support that’s out there

It’s there for the taking.  I mean, they better.  Otherwise it’s just Michael Bloomberg steam-rolling to the nomination.

Buttigieg is a mayor of a relatively small city who hasn’t had to vote for some damned things in the Senate.

November 22nd, 2019

The dilemma of it all is that when a politician splits or sails down in the polls, the blame accrues to “racist sexist”, when — say — your Senator Harris has her own damned faults irrespective of her status as a black women.  (The corner of the Obama coalition who was actually elected, she’s quick to point out.)

“Sure, Buttigieg is gay, but he’s still a damned white man, and mayor of a damned small city.”  He has an intersectional win and a couple losses, I suppose.

On the last bit.  Wasn’t it Sarah Palin who pointed out —

Kidding!  But actually it was Karl Rove who said a couple opposite things once in declaiming Tim Kaine’s mayoral experience and then in upholding Palin’s…

Sure, Buttigieg is coming on strong in Iowa, but can he win the blacks in South Carolina?   Who all apparently love Biden, because… um… It’d be Clinton and Obama making Biden the third black president?  Or is this the game of someone else winning the South before Buttigieg tracks on to Nevada?

In other news, I think one of the other major newspapers of national reach ran an op-ed positing Trump as “draining the swamp” overseas — I suppose leading in to Senator Lindsey Graham’s new investigation calls of Hunter Biden, and we see the whole “how the offspring of powerful figures trade off their powerful connected family” in the line of the College Admissions scandal…  Or so the line goes.  The “Never Trumpers” but probably not really “never” of the National Review herald the 1996 Democratic Presidential platform, which I suppose is fine and dandy.   And something else popped into view in the opeds that I don’t recall right now.


words have only a whiff of meaning these days

November 21st, 2019

Looking over this American Conservative magazine outline of a Rolling Stone article about a group of men wanting to masturbate and watch porn less…

… which is to say, some information relayed second-hand…

and I keep getting gobsmacked by the sheer meaningless of the word “alt right“.

According to Dickson, the enemy is anyone currently participating in #NoNutNovember, a viral internet challenge that encourages men to go 30 days without watching porn or masturbating. In what’s become a tell-tale sign that the hip vanguard of the cultural left’s late-stage sexual revolution feels threatened, Dickson lets us know, in no uncertain terms, that those who dare abstain from porn have embraced “the ideology…of the far right”: “anti-Semitism,” “homophobia,” “racism,” and “misogyny.” He even includes Ley’s “You know who else hated porn? Hitler!” argument and goes out of his way (and I mean waaaaaaay out of his way) to name drop Alex Jones and Milo Yiannopoulos.

Both Rolling Stone and The Daily Show focus on debunking the supposed boost in virility that comes from semen retention (which, granted, is bunk) that motivates some #NoNutNovember-ers. But the extent to which both outlets ignore the obvious reality that most participants are driven primarily by a desire for self-control is staggering.

Ley actually criticizes Jordan Peterson (whom he calls “a leader in the alt-right movement in Canada”) for telling young men that “there is nothing noble about masturbating to pornography.”

“That’s noble! That’s healthy!” Ley insists. Dickson, meanwhile, reacts indignantly to the “Coomer” meme, an image used by #NoNutNovember participants to mock those who compulsively watch porn.

I understand things overlap and not one is with the other and this is a broad based “mood” moreso than anything… but weren’t the hackers who filed away a whole bunch of images of hacked naked female celebrities under the title of the “Great [don’t remember the term, but it’s an onomatopoeia for slapping your dick about)” … your keke Pepe Frog meme loving “alt right”?


changing society on us, you’ll have to measure this one

November 19th, 2019

The state of the culture war, as one micro-targetting of politicking on transgendered issues finds … shock of shocks… no one cares about the us the bathrooms, but across genders in sports competition — another story.

The attack takes significant liberties with the facts, making it appear as if non-discrimination laws that include say, Lesbian bisexual and Transgender people, which Mr. Beshear supports, would open the door for boys to join girls’ sports leagues just because they want a competitive advantage, not because they are transitioning.

The NYT writer is a bit too glib with his bias.  There was always a pretty simple answer to the statements made by — was it Mike Huckabee? — on “if I were a teenage boy, I’d be so eager to get into that girl’s locker-room!” — even though the responders tended toward a little too pat response not addressing the issue — the correct answer is:  you won’t be able to get away with it very long, will you?  But then we come to the next question — mind you, not one any trans-gendered person I happen to know cares not one whit about this facet of society — it was one your TERFs as too the now culture warriors of the one time conspiracy mongerers at the warriors of info — are looking out for:  are we prepared as a society to see trans-gendered females with very masculine bodies shatter a women’s body building and weight lifting.  (Am I prepared to know who the winners of said competitions are?)  (Relatively recently, one of the city’s alt weeklies spewed forth on some such controversy with some athlete on people complaining she’s hopped up on too much testosterone — responded by pointing out Michael Phelps is benefited by an unnormal for a dude amount of estrogen.  It didn’t occur to me until later to wonder — is the paper unwilling to posit the controversy as trans-gendered — too woke to address the complaints?  I have no way of knowing…)

As it were, a very conservative Democrat won the governorship against … um… Zaphod Beeblebrox, was it? … in Louisiana, and the more conservative than typical one won in Kentucky.  We’ll finese the culture battles a bit more.


Kaepernick’s newsnoteworthyness brings us the all important lists of current qbs who suck

November 18th, 2019

We’re back at that point in Colin Kaepernick controversy where, in order to make the argument, what you have to do is dump on as many nfl quarterbacks as you can.  When last I noted this, it was Richard Sherman — then of the Seahawks — to his credit bringing the Kaepernick’s career past that “played in a Superbowl” part that becomes pat and parcel to the argument — pointing out that in his duty call up from the bench he played a good game against the Seahawks.

The two names Sherman brought up in the “Kaepernick’s not in there and these two duds are?” — were a player who in his Sophomore outing for the Rams made a jump in play and brought his team to the Superbowl the next year, and a player who was the quarterback for a Jaguars team that made the afc title that year — though never credited as the reason, and fell off from there.

Now we have Nancy Armour for USA Today putting it thusly

Chicago, Washington, Miami, and the New York Jets all have garbage pits at quarterback.

Sigh.  Miami, it is claimed, is “Tanking” for a high draft pick, to pick a marquee quarterback for the future… though, they appear to have fallen off the task of being the worst team in the league record-wise.  The New York Jets are for the moment committed to their sometimes promising young quarterback, hoping he’s experiencing a “Sophomore slump”.  I guess this leaves those other teams.

Also… Drew Brees, Cam Newton and Nick Foles all have missed significant time this season.

Sigh.  Brees’s replacement went undefeated.  (Or did he lose a game?)  Cam Newton seemed to be back-sliding, and his replacement at least for a while was doing great.  Nick Foles’s replacement has garnered a cult hero status, and for the moment seems to be in that “all systems go” even if the team will “have to see”.

And three more names for you.  Over the last three years, Nathan Peterman, Derek Anderson, Chad Henne, Brandon Weeden… all have gotten jobs.  It’s just a little too easy — just go to the bottom of the nfl quarterback pile and say “THESE GUYS?”  What’s interesting is that if the bottom of the nfl quarterback pile were somehow topper-notched… they argument would still be make-able.

Indeed, Kaeperick would have a job… if not for the things.  I point this out in some amusement more than political argument — one way or the other — I suppose they’re all professionals, and getting paid big bucks, but it is amusing to get called by another professional making less great bucks in a different profession a “garbage pit”.  Note that the qb for the Patriots and the qb for the Cowboys, when the qb for the Jets was caught on mic making a statement that’ll follow him in infamy about how much he was sucking out there — defended him and stated that they’re glad some of their bad games weren’t mic-ed.

kentucky twitter

November 15th, 2019

Michael Coudrey, an entrepreneur and activist with more than 180,000 Twitter followers, posted a message on Wednesday that Kentucky had switched to machines that scanned votes and provided no paper backup, and “oddly enough the entire state turns blue.”

He’s like a Democrat after 2004.  Randi Rhodes shouting “What happened in Ohio?”  Black Box Voting.

Still, he later deleted the tweet after it became apparent that Republicans had scored significant wins in the state.

The Illuminati only wanted the governor gone.  But weren’t going to pay for a landslide.


everyone’s hiding things these days…

November 15th, 2019

What a weird news story. Of all the hidden messages a politician can relay. Relayed in the most cryptic of fashions. Sent to all those twitter followers to be picked up by right wing news sources paying attention. Hardly any plausible deniability to fall back on. Impeach him, I say. Paul Gosar has to go!

Though, I have one second thought. How many members of congress are there — 435? Eccentricity needs to pop up somewhere in there. Democracy needs representation for everyone. Everyone! And, to paraphrase that Johnson era Senator — don’t the needs need representation too? Does everyone need to be a stuffed suit, the topper of the popper?

So send in the clowns! Quilt together the tapestry of the lunatic fringe! Unless there gets to be too many of them. Is he, in the end, maybe even right? Retweet it. Run it up the flagpole. Everyone’s doing it; the president included. Let’s just… slide ourselves in… accommodate to the new era.