typing too quickly

October 7th, 2015

Easy explanation for a bit of this

Lincoln Chafee supporters may be small in number, but they came out on top of the grammar charts, making an average of just 3.1 errors per 100 words. Trump supporters, on the other hand, made more than four times as many mistakes, with 12.6 per 100 words.

Hillary Clinton supporters came in at the bottom for Democrats, tying with those of Republican candidate Carly Fiorina, who was at the top of the list for the Republicans — supporters for each averaged 6.3 errors per 100 words.
You have to really, really commit yourself to be a “Lincoln Chafee supporter”.  Hillary Clinton… is sort of the default setting for the Democratic Party support (even as there’s a pretty good shift from the default to “Bernie Sanders”… at least in terms of that classic “Year before the election” situation, but it is still a “deviate from script”.)

On the Republican side, and Donald Trump “winning”… well…  I’d be curious to see how the Spanish language comments supporting Donald Trump come out.
For Marco Rubio, we can probably just skip everyone and zero in on the grammer of the Brothers Koch, the oppositional subject for Larence Lessig’s first campaign ad buy.

What say Lawrence Lessig on the eve of a Presidential debate?
There’s a lot of enthusiasm for the idea of an outsider. [The DNC] might look at what’s going on with the outsiders in the Republican Party and think, Well it’s a good thing we don’t have those. And I think it’s not a problem they’ve had to think about before, so that leaves them to be conservative about it. The people inside the party who are aligned in the leading candidates aren’t eager to increase the competition. The perspective I’d be offering especially in those debates would be radically different than what anybody else is offering.
Wait.  Isn’t Bernie supposed to be an outsider?

supermarket shopping

October 1st, 2015

The Rolling Stone magazine was pulled back on the supermarket checkout line, so instead of Donald Trump staring at us it was the ad for Jimmy Fallon.

I wonder if this was done on purpose.  A political message by a customer?  Staff?

the pope, the pope, the pope is on fire

October 1st, 2015

What did the Pope say to Kim Davis?  A meeting in itself seems to have put a kibotz on the honeymoon with political (largely secular) liberals… as everyone jumps to the conclusion of what beggin her retain “courage” means — as well…

Father Benedettini from the Vatican Press office released a statement after reports emerged that Davis and the pope had met.
“The Holy See is aware of the reports of Kim Davis meeting with the Holy Father. The Vatican does not confirm the meeting, nor does it deny the meeting. There will be no further information given,“ the statement reads.

and whether maintaining “religious liberty” is assigned to her Republican Party political cause…

Needless of what the Pope wants to say, Kim Davis will use it to her full political advantage, so on that score it’s probably good and well that the honeymoon with political (largely secular) liberals is finished, and everyone can go back to agreeing and disagreeing with the Pope at will…

2016 Presidential Campaign Round Up

September 25th, 2015

Linocln Chafee — an issue of concern in native Rhode Island resolved, apparently in his favor, and against noted Republican and baseball hall of famer Curt Schilling.  What’s it mean?

Bernie Sanders now leads Hillary Clinton by double digits in New Hampshire.  But how is he doing compared to Howard Dean against John Kerry circa September 2003?

If elected, Ted Cruz is going to kill the Ayatollah.  Or, maybe he will literally have him meet 72 virgins?

Bobby Jindal is upset because … According to a press release from the Louisiana Republican’s campaign, the presidential candidate thinks Obama lied when he told Francis that Americans are free to live and practice their religion. Specifically, Obama told the pope that America stands with him “in defense of religious liberty,” Jindal said — and then we jump over to the case of the Kentucky judge who won’t sanction secular marriage laws.

Ben Carson ‘s comments about not wanting a Muslim president gets the retort of “Okay, Mr. Seventh-Day Adventist”… and the relevant question… When Will America be Ready for A Scientologist President?

Jeb Bush has decided to dump the exclamation mark and go ahead and run with the Bush as his last name.

Chris Christie is excited about picking up the support that had been going to now outgoing presidential hopeful Scott Walker… which is, oh, 1 point something percent?

People Magazine has a neat little fluff piece about the “Carly Fiorina you don’t know”.  I can feel my brain rotting just glancing at it.

Huh.  Rand Paul‘s campaign has the ‘stench of death’ around it, one strategist with senior level experience on a presidential campaign said, and another questioned the depth of his war chest.  In the meantime, he’s apparently trying to shore up the “Liberty” voter, which reading this article seems to mean essentially “gun nut”.

Mike Huckabee versus Frito Lay over rainbow doritos, due to sponsorship of one time door licker Dan Savage.  Also, Jesse Ventura speaks out against Huckabee… because, why not?

Martin O’Malley is roughly right about Hillary Clinton. … “a specialist at vaguely saying things”… Good luck at topping her, though.

Why does Tom Brady support Donald Trump?

minutes 16 through 30…

September 24th, 2015

The kid’s 15 minutes of fame continues.  And if at first I’m thinking the acolydes are a bit much, the pettiness of the detractors strikes me as needing a ramp-up in response.

Ahmed Mohamed to Larry Wilmore: ‘It was kind of cool’ to be arrested ‘because I knew I was innocent’.

Charming kid all around.  (Though somewhere else in some other media appearance it’s reported by his detractors that he was being “coached” by his sister.)

His next invention will not involve any elements of time-keeping. As he told Wilmore, he’s looking into building a “side hoverboard” — that is, unlike the current models which move from back to front, Ahmed is interested in creating one that is able to move from side to side. He might not have too much trouble — Ahmed told Wilmore that building the clock that got him arrested was “really simple” because he’s already “built more stuff that’s very complicated.” 

Interesting, as Richard Dawkins and some youtube Internet user has exposed the fact that the kid’s “invention” is… technically speaking… not impressive in the slightest.  Which for them adds up to nefarious-ness.  See the comments section in this Huffington Post- published article on “I can relate”  (also note the bizarre facts of commenters getting hung up on the fact that the kid’s “clock” was not a school science project but purely extra-curricular).  To everyone else, the … unimpressiveness of the creation… means he’s not going to be a child prodigy up for early admission to MIT…. I suppose he now has a good support system to continue apace in that direction.  (And reminisces from Steve Wozniak.)


Note something:

But (Tony) Perkins didn’t stop there. He went on to wholeheartedly agree with a caller to the show who offered an absurd conspiracy theory – that Mohamed had planned all along to gain national attention by bringing a harmless device to his school so that he could later get close to powerful people, such as President Barack Obama, and do them harm. (A media firestorm ensued after a distraught Mohamed was put in handcuffs and detained, and he received an outpouring of support, including an invitation to bring his clock to the White House).
Conspiracy theory that is perpetuated by fundamentalist Christian Tony Perkins and hardcore atheist Richard Dawkins
Bi-partisanship lives!  (Both directions?)

Republican field update

September 18th, 2015

Jeb Bush wants Margaret Thatcher on the 10 dollar bill, angering the Irish.

John Kasich wants Mother Teresa on the 10 dollar bill, angering Christopher Hitchens fans.

Bobby Jindal is making no deal of his Indian descent, which surely if he at least brought it up would get him above zero percent in the polls?

Scott WalkerScott Walker!

Marco Rubio and a Rand Paul proxy are apparently fist fighting.

Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina — which I guess is what people were watching for at the damned debate…

Fiorina, 61, is not averse to playing the chick card when it suits her. CNN debate moderator Jake Tapper confronted her with Trump’s words, as quoted in Rolling Stone magazine: “Look at that face. Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?’’ (Trump later said he was referring to her persona, not her appearance.)
“I think women all over this country heard very clearly what Mr. Trump said,’’ she replied crisply.
To that, Trump, 69, perhaps trying to put a lid on the sad contretemps, said, “I think she has a very beautiful face, and she’s a beautiful woman.’’

Apparently presidential candidates should be exciting.  Ben Carson not sticking the exclamation mark after his name, ala Jeb.  (Why he’s falling behind fellow never elected politico Fiorna in pursuit of never elected Trump?)

Chris Christie comes out for the clock inventor named Muhammad.  Good, but for this:
But Christie, a former U.S. attorney for New Jersey who has been hawkish about the need to protect America from terrorism, added that there is a fear across the country that has risen because President Obama, a Democrat, has not made citizens “feel safe.”

Handwriting expert analyzes candidates’ hand-writing.  By some coincidence, finds them to all match their public persona.  Sooo…. Ted Cruz?  “Determined and dogmatic”.  Hillary Clinton’s hand-writing shows she’s “controlling”.  Funny is that Bobby Jindal is feeling “isolated”… like, his campaign?

But less isolated than Jim Gilmore, who  wasn’t invited anywhere.  (George Pataki at least made Bill Maher, and this sets up a ripping debate on the Muhammad with a bomb – clock kid.)

Mike Huckabee going on about the homosexuals… trying to conjure up an “affirmative action” hire.  Rick Santorum compares Kim Davis to a noted victim of Columbine, the victim specially embraced by conservative Christians as martyr.

Democratic field updates

September 18th, 2015

Democratic Presidential hopeful (?) Lawrence Lessig considers that a Donald Trump presidency would be very Vladimir Putin-esque.  Myself, I kind of imagine that with Donald Trump, we’ll find out what the hypothetical Huey Long presidency that haunted Franklin Roosevelt in 1935 would haved ended up looking like.

Creepy note from The Hill, as they ruminate on 1968… So Joe Biden, even if he doesn’t officially enter the race for president stands an excellent chance of being the 45th President of the United States.  This is the hypothetical as the modern day Eugene McCarthy — Bernie Sanders — reaches his ceiling of support and … Elizabeth Warren jumps in ala Bobby Kennedy, and somehow or other Hillary Clinton is Lyndon Johnson, but the establishment is worry about Warren, and they decree Biden the new Hubert Humphrey and…
Of course, I’ve darkly ruminated on how Biden could end up the 45th Presidency since Obama selecting him as his running mate, thinking 1963 not 1968… and Hillary Clinton got in some trouble in 2008 for ruminating on why she should stay in the race, ala 1968, so what does this all mean?
In the current silly season, pontificators are pontificating on the wisdom of how Biden should jump in the race, and his chances of up-ending Hillary Clinton is to declare Elizabeth Warren his running mate and insist he’ll be a one term presidency… this speculation was ignited when Biden was seen talking with Warren recently.  It takes that little to ignite things.

Martin O’Malley does the late night circuit — oh, Late Night with Seth Meyers.  Apparently he recited his stump speech in interview format.

Jim Webb is politicking in Hawaii.  Because… why not?  It’s Hawaii!

Bernie Sanders is beloved by a bunch of celebrities… which is sure to make right wing talk show hosts laughing…
For curiosity’s sake, he wandered to Liberty University — the fundamentalist Christian college of Jerry Falwell — and… respectably disagreed with the crowd.
And for a reporter from New York, the school is an exotic scene: students with eyes closed in rapturous prayer singing along to the Christian rock band that opened for the Democratic presidential candidate; students that answer every question with a “sir” at the end; many students wearing suits and dresses rather than jeans.
Sanders modified his stump speech with quotations from the Bible cited by chapter and verse — Matthew 7:12, “do to others what you would have them do to you” and the more obscure Amos 5:24, “let justice roll like a river, righteousness like a never-ending stream” — but otherwise stuck to his core issues of fighting economic inequality after bluntly acknowledging his pro-choice and pro-gay marriage positions.
But what was striking wasn’t the majority of students who lacked enthusiasm for this most liberal candidate in the presidential race, but the few among them who came wearing Bernie T-shirts and brandishing handmade signs.

Hillary Clinton in an amusing Republican debate response, unwittingly highlighting why the DNC should have a bunch more debates — for no other reason than for the vast Democratic echo chamber of noises to match up more evenly with the Republican echo chamber of noises.

Lincoln Chafee … as close to Ron Paul on foreign policy, which doesn’t seem to be giving him any traction with that smeddling of Democrats who gravitated somewhat to Ron Paul… though, maybe they didn’t exist all that much?