Surprising New Hampshire primary result sends shockwaves through political fringe parts

January 16th, 2020

Shocking election result in the New Hampshire primary.  Vermin Supreme has won the Libertarian delegating race.  Who is Vermin Supreme?  Quite a bit like fellow libertarian candidate Lincoln Chafee… ran on multiple party platforms, most noted for the most outre stances on things, and latest race seems to be just wanting to hear themselves talk.

No, for their purposes I wouldn’t know where the party should go.  After three former Republicans for a presidential race, it is probably to go elsewhere — the Green Party went to a former Democrat in 2008 then to Jill Stein so on that basis they come out as less desperate.  And Chafee is no Gary Johnson.  May be that is why he came last — only garnering a smidgen of media attention for his run because he was a statewide elected official for Senate and governor.  Unlike performance artist Vermin Supreme who captures a party ethos in that he is commenting on the system.

So, Vermin Supreme has his moment ripping apart the party’s recent history, perhaps the result of party voting procedures oh so republic not democracy … Or maybe attempted anti oligarch (no super delegates here.)

Eh… I think they have some resident of one of those sovereign ocean rig nations they can float to and spare themselves from guys with silly hate and metric system enthusiasts.  (Cheap shot, maybe … Chafee considers that aside his greatest mistake in his 2016 bid … Nevermind it is what set him above the likes of Jim Webb.)

Wait for the meghan markle endorsement

January 14th, 2020

… Donald Glover, Nicholas cage, rivers cuomo, Noah centineo, elon musk, Jack dorsey, and now… Dave chapelle…

How can he lose?

What?  No womem?  And… Rivers cuomo has been slammed for lyrics that… WEll, the reason is dumb but nonetheless in sjw politics lovelorn dad men’s obsession don’t work…

Buttigieg nabbed Mandy moore.  And doesn’t have a faintly positive write-up on the national review.  I guess that’s why he’s still on stage?

No longer in it to win it

January 13th, 2020

Marianne Williamson is out.  You need Oprah to see if Oprah can win.  Cory “spartacus” is out… Weirdly indistinguishable from the rest, which means the “did race do him in?” Gets asked as others indistinguishable from the rest do better than he.

Bloomberg continues to bombard the uninterested electorate with national tv spots — oddly playing up getting fired at the age of 30.  (Relatability?). The one guy I’ve known who had him as his ideal candidate four year’s back ain’t interested.

Lincoln Chafee is in the libertarian race — for what libertarian electorate, I can’t say.

How utah media notes the republican primary challengers

January 6th, 2020

President Donal Trump faces only token opposition from six other lesser known Republicans

It’s pretty well official.  Joe Walsh and Bill Weld equal Roque Dr la Fuente. (His son, running for some of the same seats, will be on the Democratic ticket.)

decalibrating realignments

January 6th, 2020

Hashtag wwwiii is apparently big right now. Certain recalibrations decalibrate as Trump takes up the policy preferences of your John Boltons. International answer holds an underwhelming protest and I can’t for the life of me decide if the lack of democrats is good or bad — on one hand, politically you want no part of this grab bag of leftist grand unification, on the other hand — it is a spot of protest. There ought be a sliver of maga-ers who bought into Trump’s claims that Obama was itching to a 2012 war for electoral purposes. There isn’t.

The likes of Alex Jones cheerleading the administration on this one, thumping the president’s belligerent fu to Iraq’s parliamentary “us out” statement. When Trump turns into Bush and they don’t respond accordingly…

Yes there is no impeachment

January 1st, 2020

Welcome to a new year.  Trump — supposedly oh so reticent on deploying troops– (his best feature) has ripped up not so much goodwill in Iraq as relative I’ll will toward Iran and Lindsey Graham promised it won’t be Benghazzi again.  Nay. .. Not Obama’s and Hillary’s molehill of a scandal… Think Carter’s troubles… Politically hard to figure what it swallows up.

We open 2020 without much figured in the endless Democratic primary.  Maybe an echo of those Republican primaries of older where everyone gets the day in the sun before Biden or Romney go away with it.  I guess that’s how it works when there’s no celebrity exhausting the media bubble.  Yang is Paul, I suppose.

It’s maybe a little weird as I listen to a conversation on hoping Trump will be impeached, not able to inject– deed is done.  Unless you go by that interesting logic of not if senate don’t take it up.  I hate to say it but McConnell ‘s response to Pelosi on not handing it over til they know what the senate is doing … We didnt ask for it… Makes sense.

Drew carey episodes now ruined

December 27th, 2019

The cbc’s removal of trump from home alone 2 for apolitical time constraints makes sense.  The problem with the argument against that — the brevity of his appearance — which is the argument of outrage on chef’s explanation you get on the internets to those who care and can be taken aback personally by such accounts — is … exactly — that’s what the networks do… Nip and tuck, 20 seconds here, 5 there.  Trump’s appearance is disposable.

Frankly, if the reason were political of a sort it’d make sense and be justifiable.  Don’t want to take the viewer out of the scene.  The dilemma of Trump as opposed to previous presidents … He had that hokey role in 80s 90s debris.  Reagan as “king of the b’s” got you one step there but his leading role status to roles you wouldn’t be interested in sand curiosity … Bedtime for Bonzo? …saves him.  You know when he’s popping up.  Trump just cameoed around.  Also to be sure, Reagan was never responding to any bono nests where Trump jumps in to tweet responses to such pseudo-stories.

Funny too various business dealings he had slight roles with he now gets retroactively pushed further center.  I see this ESPN show on the old 80s football league set up against the nfl… Shot to one owner, Trump… Would they have chosen that footage if not for future history?


3 partisanship figures

December 25th, 2019

Interesting trio of levels of partisanship  coming out of washington. Obviously impeachment is high partisanship with perhaps Manchin and Collins the slight shift in the senate.

Then there is the new trade deal.  As with Clinton and nafta it is one party’s president taking up the others ‘ issue for political gain … Republican opposition squelched because they can’t buck the president who has some 95 % party approval — oddly a partial jump from impeachment and instant opposition.

Then there’s the Afghanistan papers … Figures.  True bipartisanship.

Worth noting — Noah Chomsky favors a U.S. Troop presence in syria.  Subtle policy meanings… Or you know… I gueśs gabbard’s not his pick.


December 25th, 2019

I’m stumbling to explain the supposed origins of ‘ok’.  I state my awareness that it goes to Martin van buren, but lest i state his nickname that just makes no sense.

The teenagers move on about what the ok signal means at their high school.  Do it low, and when your pal looks down you get to punch him.  Made ya look…

Ok survives.

2019 advertising industry highlights

December 23rd, 2019

I wonder about that exercise bike, upscale as it were, and the ad that’s claimed as sexist, and… after watching it finally… hm… Sure, whatever… guy gives girlfriend bike, she apparently uses it daily, and at the end he sits by smugly as she beams about it.  Imagine that as she’s staying trim, he’s just eating all the junk food in the house, or something… I think that’s the narrative working everyone has on this one.
It’s interesting because  I had seen a different ad before that one… which is more dystopian than any “ismist”, and thought maybe that the ad in question was a slight working of that one — which would make it more defendable — one having a man before the crack of dawn listening to an dis-embodied face task mastering him to pedal harder, back out to see a city with lights on showing everyone listening to the dis-embodied face telling everyone to pedal, damnedit, and now it’s 1984 and all that… the other a woman, the problem of the patriarchy coming in that it’s a stern man whipping everyone into shape, with the added problem being that if they switched it to a woman — that’d just count as the shrill concept.
In the meantime, the question of consumer culture that always bugs me — if it’s the bike you want, and you find the ad offensive, shouldn’t you just buy the bike anyway — are you buying the bike or the advertisement with these things?

In other great news of advertising… Ad week had a big shindig with great symposiums of bring gender equity in the advertising industry — apparently beginning with a performance from TLC (though, one of the letters passed away, so now it’s just TC, isn’t it?) — and ending with Pitbull dancing about with women wearing not much clothing shoving their butts in the air.  Were the performers paid well, with good working conditions?  Maybe that’s all that matters.