just playing to the Jesse Ventura constituency

June 22nd, 2018

So.  The Donald — out in Minnesota — makes a comment in shoveling a protester out of the arena…

“Was that a man or a woman? Because he needs a haircut more than I do,” Trump said. “I couldn’t tell! I couldn’t tell!”

Interesting to note the responses to this.  Cue the base, who I guess rally behind the insult.  Tone of the tartness here appears to be some “rah rah”.  (Interesting spin: it’s a slam down that the “Trump Makes” the protester “instantly regret“).
I see from some press out of Great Britain the headline moving to “Trump Mocks His Own Haircut“, which I will say is an interesting spin: ha ha the self depreciating wit of Donald Trump.  I suppose Trump supporters may well focus on that part of the comment — and does have the question: If Trump had just made a comment about his hair, would that have been newsworthy?
Perhaps not quite getting a good glimpse of the nature of the protester’s haircut, there is also some bit of commentary sliding Trump to the rallying calls of George Wallace against the hippies.  Surely the hippies weren’t really putting their hair up like so.
And moving two directions from the same basic line, and one fine distinction, we have a charge against the gender stamping — largely implication of a fit of homophobia and demand of heteronorms– of the comment and a charge of sexism/misogyny  (or, something to the effect of “Girly man”).

I want to make some other observation, even a false one.  Like, if you simply follow the train of thought from “was that a man or a woman?” with the conjunction “because” moving to why he’s thinking this question “he needs a haircut more than I do” — Trump is suggesting uncertainty on whether he may be a woman.

where were they all?

June 20th, 2018

The current illegal immigration (and yes, I’ll go ahead and use that term) controversy — the separation of children at the reconstituted Wal-Mart detention centers at the border…

… and we can perhaps forego the Nazi comparisons (nope.  No Genocide here, does not arise to the level) and maybe stick about George Takei’s historical comparison

And noted today as the networks switched to a live conference call where Trump made his backtrack on his policy — having to then suffer with a table full of Republican Senators making their stilted “get the spin in” questions and comments —

But to the partisan jabbing — “BUT OBAMA!!!” —
… or, at various points in their opportunistic finger to the wind electioneering careers, “But Hillary!” and so on…
But sticking to Obama…
… and the statistics are there, deported a good number who crossed the border… the stories are there… though, the policy claim of simple continuation isn’t…

… And yet… swirling about the truth of the narrative… instead of credit from the hardliners, (or maybe some criticism on ) you had Joe Wilson (seen here with two of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) yelling out during the State of the Union,…
… and the cries of “Open Border” globalists from this ilk… flooding the borders, you see… so they can all vote…
… voting for him even after being wrapped in foil at detention centers, apparently…

Dr. Magarelli and friends

June 18th, 2018

STORY NUMBER ONE:  Donations noted for beleaguered college prof.

According to Ms. Koval, and as verified by the videos she recorded, Dr. Magarelli’s traffic in alternative facts is not limited to discussions of Jews. Dr. Magarelli tells his students that the moon landings were faked, and that human space travel beyond the Van Allen radiation belts is impossible. (In the real world, this fear was debunked when the radiation was first directly measured in the 1960s, living on mostly as a key plot point in the Fantastic Four comic books.)

Dr. Magarelli’s unorthodox beliefs extend to his politics. According to campaign donation records at opensecrets.org, Dr. Magarelli has been donating to the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee since at least 2010. In 1979, Lyndon LaRouche lost a $26 million libel suit against the Anti-Defamation League, which had declared LaRouche “anti-Semitic.” The New York Supreme Court ruled that it was reasonable to apply that label. Mr. LaRouche, who ran for president several times, has long trafficked in conspiracy theories, some centering on the Queen of England. Many of those theories have anti-Semitic overtones.

Actually this presents an intriguing question:  Why would he have started in started round about 2010?  We do see he was hit up for cash on a pretty good clip over the last decade, so I guess someone found him as a contact.  Maybe someone in the cult knows the place to find possible contacts for their purposes?

But had Dr. Magarelli’s colleagues logged onto RateMyProfessors.comas long ago as May 2004, they would read this review: “Very strange and paranoid conspiracy theorist. From the moment I walked in I felt like I entered the twilight zone. Easy grader. Didn’t learn much.”
The next year, Dr. Magarelli got a good review from a student who wrote: “He is very easy. Never takes attendance, and all he talks about is 9/11 and how it was an inside job. Oh yeah and don’t 4 get the U.S. never went to the moon. Easy A.”
A more recent review directly addressed the question of competence: “DO NOT TAKE HIM! This man will not teach you anything but conspiracies without any backup evidence to support what he says! He makes up historical facts and sells this as the truth! Claims the inquisition did not kill people, that some terrorist organizations are not terrorist at all, that 9/11 is the Air force’s fault. ABSOLUTELY INSANE!”

… And there you have it.  Just reach out and phone ’em.

As for what will happen to Magarelli… Tenure has its advantages…

Magarelli has been teaching at William Paterson for more than 50 years, Felson said.

“He was probably tenured when I was in elementary school,” he said.

“Unfortunately, particularly post tenure, the only kind of thing that can be done is when there are multiple complaints from students. It’s unfortunate that, partly out of apathy or just ignorance, not many students have complained. Professors are given a wide latitude in what they teach in their classes. If they have some wild and erroneous things thrown in, it’s very difficult for the department chair to do much about it.”

Well.  One professor that disproves the newly implemented Larouche coursework on “What THEY won’t teach you”.

STORY NUMBER TWO, probably redone:  John Birch Society declares:  Larouche the Puppets of David Rockefeller, George Soros.
The John Birch Society, with its publication “The New American”, holds true to the faith that the Larouche Movement long abandoned… what say ye, David Rockefeller?…

But the real real agenda [for the New Silk Road] is much deeper than hawking Chinese-made junk — it is exporting the deadly “ideology” of communism with “Chinese characteristics” that globalists and tyrants everywhere, from the late David Rockefeller and George Soros to Raul Castro and Vladimir Putin, are so fond of praising.   

Interesting group, considering Soros is Putin’s favorite boogey man as source of any opposition within Russia.  And who’s the lackey here?

However, beyond totalitarian-minded foreign rulers, there were plenty of crony “capitalists” and “useful idiots,” as Lenin referred to them, willing to embrace the scheme as well. So desperate for finding more endorsements was the regime’s propaganda ministry that Xinhua, a state-run propaganda megaphone that doubles as an intelligence front, even touted the backing of the controversial Marxist-linked La Rouche movement. “The Belt and Road Initiative is the most important strategic initiative on the planet,” Helga Zepp-LaRouche, president of La Rouche’s Schiller Institute, told the regime’s mouthpiece. “It not only brings economic prosperity to all participating countries, but also serves as a true basis for a peace order for the 21st century.”

So.  I suppose the Birch Society is keeping track of the Larouche presence in Chinese media.  See William Jones of EIR, that   ending poverty had long been regarded a major task for humanity, but until recently was seen as a “utopian dream.”
“With China, that dream is now becoming a reality,” he said.

Oh yeah.  And why is North Korea dealing?  Why, because of the New Silk Road!  Oh is it Donald Trump’s condos?

STORY NUMBER THREE:  sideways glancing at Roseanne Barr’s tweets

Worthwhile looking at Roseanne Barr’s two tweets… the ones that brought her public opprobrium and the cancellation of her show.

One: on a conspiracy tract linking Chelsea Clinton to George Soros.  Certainly nothing the Larouche movement would have done in the first decade of the 21st century, when the cult was on a Clinton lovefest and linking everything bad to Soros.

Two: referred to a prominent black public figure (though one that’s not exactly in my top of mind awareness) as a monkey or primate.  Sure.  Larouche already did that.

Anything beyond the fact that Roseanne Barr’s riding online conspiracy channels — worthwhile enough for the Larouche Movement to have once retweeted a Roseanne Barr tweet?  Not really.

STORY NUMBER FOUR:  Pro Trump Larouchies Gather with Anti Trump (and 9/11 Truther) Progressives for benefit of New Belt Road!

Joining forces, Jason Ross and Daniel Burke of the Trump Supporting Larouche Movement — otherwise fighting against the Deep State’s constitutional coup against Trump through means of Impeachment — and political activist Sander Hicks, fighting against Trump in running for congress .

… who wrote a book I read at least bits of (don’t remember if I read the thing or not), and found one passage worth notating.

Hm.  “NYC Students for the Belt and Road“.

Jason Ross, a representative of the International Schiller Institute, will be presenting on the principles of physical economics.
“After the death of FDR and the assassination of JFK, the United States turned away from global plans for economic and technological development that was intended for the good of all, and instead adopted the Wall Street finance-oriented economic orientation we have today — the looting outlook of that British Empire which we fought a revolution against! With the economic rise of China and the Belt and Road Initiative, a new paradigm is challenging the failed policies of the Western economies. Today, we require a New Deal-style infrastructure renaissance, made possible by ending Wall Street control of our economy and by ending the regime-change geopolitical wars of the past decades. This requires that we apply scientific principles of economics — the subject of my presentation.”

What say Sander Hicks?
“I just got off the plane from Iran, and I am fired up to talk about international cooperation, peace, and emancipating human potential! The USA could be doing a lot more to help other countries, like President Xi is doing with the Belt and Road Project. Let’s talk about what we can do in New York, with the open-hearted spirit of the international family.” 

We also note one of Sander Hicks’s gripes at the Democratic Congress member he’s running against: her opposition to the Iranian Nuclear Deal that Trump just tore up.  One of those pegs that the Larouchies are going to have square as they continue to support Trump… awkwardly finding no fault with Trump

Also present, as you see in the facebook comments, Rachel Brown, who in the same manner Sander Hicks took on Dick Cheney TO HIS FACE to expose the truths behind Cheney’s involvement in implementing the 9/11 attacks, took on Barney Frank to expose the truths about the Nazi ideology of Obama’s health care policy.  I suppose we can now compare the responses Cheney gave Hicks with that Frank gave Brown.

STORY NUMBER FIVE:  Australian Glass Steagall Bill gains… something

A shame that the proposal came from such a crazy group:

The Citizens Electoral Council are a tiny bunch of total nutters occupying a parallel universe.. I am surprised to hear even Bob Katter giving them oxygen.

Agree, kiss of death – as much chance to get through as any proposal to curb immigration coming from One Nation.
Mind you, I did sign the CEC’s petition for Glass-Steagall on the street, only to later find out how out of orbit, their other views are.

STORY NUMBER SIX:  The Race for Congress in the Post LYM era

After the “Youth” get older (and the prize victories of the era fade into historical perspectives) , the cult apparently re-verts to some oldtimers for electioneering.

Ron Wieczorek — running for US House in South Dakota, gets news coverage, of sorts, despite himself 

(KTIV) – Ron Wieczorek is on the ballot for United States House of Representatives in South Dakota.
 The candidate did not respond to requests for a biography or photo.

Or maybe he’s boycotting the “Fake News” media?

Okay, maybe not entirely… Wieczorek says he thinks economic conditions are similar to those of the early 1930s…………. And, see here …

He has one supporter here.  Will probably find three more before November comes.


Sandmark is a Swedish economist and human rights activist as well as a longtime collaborator of American political figure Lyndon H. LaRouche. Aren’t those mutually disagreeing components?  Sandmark is the chairman of the Schiller Institute in Sweden and the Stockholm Correspondent for the Executive Intelligence Review (EIR).

William Jones is the Washington Bureau Chief for the Executive Intelligence Review, and non-resident Senior Fellow of Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies, Renmin University of China. The article reflects the author’s opinion, and not necessarily the views of CGTN.

STORY NUMBER EIGHT:  The PO Office Tour in the Age of Trump

China, Russia, and the United States Can End War
Build the World Landbridge

What do we want?  Landbridge!  When do we want it?  Now!
Observers may note a strange throwback.  The Landbridge was a major issue when the Larouchies were stumping for Russia, today they ought be going about the New Silk Road as they now stump for China.

“We’re organizing all over the country — it’s a nationwide campaign,” said Christopher Sare, who handed out LaRouchePAC literature and encouraged voters to join Political Action Committees.
“…We just put out a ‘Campaign to Win the Future’ and the first step is stopping the coup against our president and exposing the British role in this thing.”
The LaRouche proponents are visiting as many places across the country as they can, Sare said.

Hard to tell.  Maybe the news media has shifted in not focusing so much on post office tour meanderings, or maybe the burning desire to impeach Obama does not make for as good copy as the burning desire to stop the Trump Impeachment, but the clip is a lot less in this administration than the last.

LaRouche is an American political activist, leader of the LaRouche Movement and was a controversial candidate in eight presidential elections from 1976 to 2004, according to the Lyndon LaRouche Collection 1979-1986 at the Thomas Balch Library in Leesburg, Virginia.


Just Google LaRouche – the bottom of the sewer attracted to like kind I suppose. Anyway, a couple of nuts from NJ show up in Cairo to complain about Mueller investigating some pretty blatant solicitation of bribes from foreign countries not to mention corporations and we’re supposed to see that as a headline cover story for the Daily Mail? Let’s get real. Yawn.

And another stop.  By the same forces.
Adherents of LaRouchePac 2018, “The Campaign to Win the Future,” are distributing literature at this hour in front of the Cooperstown CVS on Chestnut Street.
Arthur Murphy
Very cool! I’m sure nothing quite so thought-provoking has happened in Cooperstown since James Fenimore Cooper wrote “The Bravo!”
Eh.  More like the latest in Water Skiing Squirrel headlines.
And, not quite at the Post Office, and maybe not even entirely Larouchies, but… larouchies amass to praise russia, It is absurd enough that Russia organises “Immortal Regiment” marches all over the world in early May, but the cynical propaganda stunt has taken a further step forward by gaining approval in a resolution by the New York State Senate. On May 8 this year Democratic Senator Luis Sepulveda welcomed a delegation of the “Russian Youth of America” to the Senate chamber and oversaw the adoption of his resolution, which said, “this Legislative Body is justly proud to commemorate the 4th Annual New York Immortal Regiment March organized by the Russian Youth of America.”It’s… who and what?Igor Kochan, the president of the Russian Youth of America, who was one of the visitors to the Senate, is vice president of production and logistics for a company called American Christmas, which provides customised decorations.According to Channel One, Daniel Burke, who describes himself on Twitter as a LaRouche activist, said at that protest: “We’re protesting against those who openly support the worst people in the Ukrainian government, which was formed by Ms. Nuland and Barack Obama. It’s destructive, it provokes Russia into war. We should all unite and direct our efforts towards peace. And what’s Obama doing instead of that? Now he’s planning to arm Ukraine. It’s absurd!”


And with a Trumpian knack for nicknames! He’s tagged Mitch McConnell “Cocaine Mitch” because . . . well, honestly, it’s too convoluted to explain. But speaking of conspiracy theorists, Lyndon LaRouche and his compeers say the nefarious “City of London Imperial Oligarchs” are using Robert Mueller to defenestrate Trump so they can use Iran, Syria, Korea, and Ukraine to unleash war on Russia and China.

Look for it soon on Hannity. Oh, I forgot, you’re out of range of Official Trumpland TV.


Still on C=256.  The Cultural Renaissance vibrating from the performance will be felt any time now.

Why and How Humanity Must Return to the Moon



Item number one to be addressed: complete disassociation with any other Schiller Institute.



Titles found at EIR.  The Spirit of the.  Do they even have editors over there?

how to watch bad old sitcoms

June 15th, 2018

Noted today’s episode of the MeTV airings of “Diff’rent Strokes”, and the basic evolution of a television sitcom in a prior era.  (To be sure, the sort of meta-study level on which one ought watch  — even somewhere off as background noise — such shows.)

Looking it up on the listing of episodes at wikipedia, we see this synopsis.  Tell me if or if not this is rather ludicrous, and if it’s what the producers had in mind when they developed the show.

Arnold’s toy rocket crash lands at the Russian embassy and nearly causes an international incident.

I don’t know if this fits a bill for a “jump the shark” trope, and at any rate they shot their load with the familiar ratings gnabbing trope — celebrity guest star:  Mr. T… cue Gary Coleman entering with Mr. T afro, laughtrack in hand.  And we’re also in the “Cousin Oliver” stage of the show — this season, with Arnold having to be moved up in age (though, the pronounced shortest kid in whatever class he’s in), they usher in a new kid — who has his own array of childhood issues to be encapsulated in 30 minute episodes.

It is maybe a mistake to detect that with childhood traumas as bed wetting and having to be left benched on a little league team stuck to Sam, this leaves Arnold with a greater number of the more strident message episodes– see the next episode where Gary Coleman faces off against peer pressure and alcohol — but, then again — we are coming off an episode where the Soviet Union mistakes a toy missile as a United States military weapon — and what’s the message imparted in that one.

3 states

June 13th, 2018

The dream of cutting California into multiple parts…

… Really, not necessarily a bad idea — ask West Virginia for a historical precedent —

proceeds with a new ballot initiative.

It’s a different splinting than the last one I remember — the one that mostly appeared to split LA, San Francisco, and Sacramento away — transparently partisan ideal in order to create a “red state” from the partisanally overwhelmed.  (See here that particular map’s endorsement from the National Review.)  Indeed, most activism appears set on this one.  Take it for a venture capitalist to jump past them with more money and resources at the ready and get somewhere with some other map that doesn’t benefit them in the same manner.

This new configuration — well, the Northern-most part of Northern California will still be left aching to form that fictional state of “Jefferson” with Southern Oregon — I suppose, and the Orange County laden Southern California will be liable to be the one that might be purple.

Unless, I suppose, some Arnold Schwarzenegger-wannabe has claims on the Los Angeles state.

Lt. Gov Gavin Newsom, the Democratic nominee for governor, said Tuesday he opposes the measure.

Curious:  and is there any word from the Republican nominee for governor?  (May be just idiosyncratic enough to go for it.)

I suppose the partisan wrestling won’t mean too much, once someone brushes off old John Garner’s idea of splitting off breaking Texas apart into five different states.

maybe we can declare the Korean War over at least?

June 11th, 2018

I have no idea if Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong Un is, in and of itself, good.   I’d sure would feel better about it if we didn’t have the President claiming he’ll know “in a minute” Kim Jong’s intentions.  (Cut to the chase: enhanced legitimacy twined with self preservation? )   Or, you know, if this didn’t bear the hallmark of Reality Television in its production.  Or, you know, coming off a G-7 meetingwhere he seemed hell-bent on getting it down to a G-6.   Or, if he weren’t tweeting about a run of the barbed political dissing at an Awards show.

Listening to Canadian Radio.  An American pundit of some sort reports that he finds this all a big joke, with Trump’s refusal to prepare, and two showmans getting basically a show.  Another person is more amiable, saying there’s about a 70 percent chance of marginal good outcome, 20 percent chance of a failure of the type where we just amble back to the status quo, and about 10 percent of a disaster where tensions ratchet up — oh, something like Trump charging in with the John Bolton rhetoric — and you don’t want to be like Libya, do you?

Why do both analyses seem spot on — with, maybe the last one having its 70 and 20 percentages flipped and definitions and distinctions blurred a mite?

In the best of situations, we land in “Don’t Trust, but Verify”.

Comparisons are made, for the sake of arguing hypocrisy to the political Democratic Liberal Left anti Trump pro Obama side of things, to the Iran nuclear deal.  Firstly, as always, such charges of hypocrisy work both ways… I remember Bill Richardson being charred for suggesting when Kim Jong Un came to power that we should feel him out to see if there’s any opening, a good suggestion I’d say until such time when Kim Jong Un  squelched the idea by consolidating his power by killing … was it his uncle?… and, you know… squelching the slight hope that maybe something’s different.  It was predictable, but it does seem wise should always look to see.  So, what?  President Obama in his third term does this meeting, and makes the same motions as Trump and we get what –?

We do get the latest news that North Korea’s news outlets have decided to telecast that the meeting is happening… we were to expect they would get around to it with bells and whistles after the big meeting, but apparently the propaganda is useful enough before hand.  Looking to the people’s republic’s news source… I don’t see it yet… instead we get…

The sci-tech symposium on greenhouse vegetable farming-2018 opened with due ceremony at the Pyongyang Vegetable Science Institute on Monday under the Academy of Agricultural Science.

Present at the ceremony were Pak Thae Dok, vice-chairman of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, Kye Hui Nam, vice-chairman of the Central Committee of the General Federation of Science and Technology of Korea, Kim Kwang Uk, president of the Academy of Agricultural Science, officials concerned and officials, technologists and cultivators of greenhouse vegetable production units.

Well, not too different from you get with small town news.

priorities in a vacuum chamber

June 8th, 2018

Looking over wonkette, wondering what their take on President Trump’s “reach out” to kneeling football players for lists of recommendations for his pardoning consideration…   (Sometime after announcing he can pardon himself — and I see the Huffingtonpost does its job in asking Republican Representatives if that would spar impeachment.  But, then again, Huffingtonpost does have an investigative news staff of sorts, where wonkette’s just baseline commentary)

… any number of places to go, as Trump toys with a rather clever political move.   Most obviously, given the initial protests begins from police shooting deaths, the matter that:  you can’t pardon a dead man.

I find no article about it here.  The culture war bit goes over to a mocking of a Townhall article proposing a right wing Saturday Night Live, to do battle in the nexus of culture and politics.  The article fails to mention the Bush era Fox program attempt of a similar stretched reach, a sketch program that started with the oh so hilarious idea of a President Limbaugh and Vice President Coulter and then on to a stilted premise on some Obama Oprah related magazine.  (It’s a recurring theme that can be blasted away at, though frankly… hm… the cultural dissections have more dimensions than this one dimensional  “Lefties Triumph in the Pop Culture!” theme we see rampant about.)

What say they on Romney’s statement of Trump coming in for an easy re-election?  Disappointed to see nothing.  Don’t necessarily know what “take” I’d think to see — it’s not horribly unfounded and unpremised and maybe because it can’t be dismissed in a self satisfied manner it can’t be commented about or dissected.  Actually what I see round about the site is a job of pulling out the antics of various internet trolls, which from my infrequent looks at the site seems to be its bread and butter these days.  (I guess it’s what elected Trump and all is the idea?)