here are the prominent democrats backing trump over biden

May 17th, 2024

The Hill headline “Here are the Prominent Republicans backing Biden over Trump” fails to account, or have an accompanying article on a list of the “Prominent Democrats Backing Trump over Biden”. Keep in mind the Republicans for Biden list only has four political figures, followed by a list of haven’t ruled on it (Romney and Cheney) and a list on neither (Paul Ryan, Christie, and Pence). It is possible that there might be named you can apply to the Democratic equivalent of the other three lusts, but as for the foremost and the headline giver:

Dennis Kucinich

Rod Blagojevich

There was much hubbub on Zell Miller, keynote speaker at the 1992 Democratic convention, showing up to keynote the 2004 Republican convention, as too the 2000 Democratic Vice Presidential candidate showing up for major speech at 2008 Republucan’s convention. And we have it again as the last one out against the eventual 2004 standard bearer is now with the Republican some five elections later!

west Virginia’s strange primaries

May 15th, 2024

The liberal media is all a flutter on the latest primary results showing Nikki Haley with a chunk of 20 percentages. The problem comes that committed to this as a news story of import, they are committed to reporting the reporting the ten percent she garnered in the very definition of Trump Country — the state of West Virginia — where whether the vote is significant elsewhere, it is not particularly of at significance there. I assume the bulk of the lising January 6th convict House candidate’s vote did not go to Haley. For his part, Biden’s challengers wound up at 29.5 percent of the Democratic primary vote — the interesting there that the 3rd and 4th place candidates had already dropped out of the race and endorsed the second place candidate, Jason Palmer, after his triumph in American Samoa.

Biden is right now stuck laughing off the personal outlier New York Times poll results, and issuing a perhaps purposefully cringey “gauntlet dropped” on debate reformatting. There is a gambit here — reshuffle the news cycle to recapture the State of the Union magic at key intervals as too defeat whatever truth there is in New York Times outlier polls.

national nausea

May 14th, 2024

The story of the 2016 election was one where Hillary Clinton went back and forth from a sliver of a poll lead and opening up a larger poll lead depending wholly on the last news cycle item. Always at the ready to drop a thing in against Hillary was Julian Assange with wikileaks and the Russian government through Facebook trolls and the National Enquirer. The next thing that was to drop for Trump upon recovering from Access Hollywood was the Stormy Daniels story — and we are in a little bit of horrors on this score. Part of how Trump got past the Access Hollywood tape was a desire amongst the public to simply not get duped — look past a conveniently timed October Surprise. But the October Surprise happened to just come too early. And if it were a September story they would get past it by the next round of Hillary dumpings.

The fascinating thing I cannot get past on Stormy Daniels in this case is that the veracity of her story and the details of it do not matter, details only important in that there are details — which needed to get squelched and squelched to win an election. It is fallsifying records to squelch a story for an express political aim. Whatever the story is. So Stormy Daniels is simultaneously the least important and most important person in the case — she just happens to be it. The story goes that one of the three stories the National Enquirer bought and killed was pure b.s. I guess the detail of important is Stormy Daniels conveying that Trump waved away any concern on Melanie — a loveless marriage and all — but even that would not really mean anything as such could be said by a cheating spouse as a regular cheating lie. Hell! I know the couple in a break-up that happened after the guy cheated with the insistence that “we are in an open relationship — she’s okay with it”. Of course, according to the Trump defense, a sexual rendezvous did not happen — period — so I guess this needs be brought out.

I stumble to a point of discomfort. In the waning days of the 2020 election, an attempted October Surprise of limited meaning got squelched on social media. Information free and all that, the stupid story of Hunter Biden’s laptop ought be releasable freely. But it also should clearly be seen by an educated public as b and s, slimy attempts at public manipulation The haunting thing is that this “news” dissemination would have successfully swaying a few thousand votes in Wisconsin and Arizona and etc. The short attention span nightmare we are trapped in electorally is our downfall.

libertarian party jokers

May 7th, 2024

I see Donald Trump is going to speak at the Libertarian Party convention. The Libertarian Party invited both major party candidates, as well as Robert Kennedy jr. I guess they drew the line at Jill Stein, even though from their perspective Stein would be just as statist as Biden. Trump too, but apparently not. The Reason comments section is always a doozy of Trump fans clamouring against any suggestion of criticism or opposition from the article under the banner of Libertarianism. For their part, post takeover from the ‘Mises Caucus’, put off by Gary Johnson and I guess the woman they ran last time, are selling Trump t-shirts and mementos in honor of Trump’s appearance. So. Apparently Trump has a constituency there. Actually, a quick look see on what Ron Paul is up to these days shows him harping against the most recent Trump rejected and so killed Lankford immigration Bill for not keeping out enough immigrants, so it is not like there is any beacon from the past and this Trump Libertarian confab may just as well be.

For his part, Trump’s motive to go to this convention — a constituency sits there, surely perhaps, but also stated as — needing to stop Robert Kennedy jr. Or get to the voters who are flipping between the two. An odd one. Apparently the person who actually might win the Libertarian Party nomination is not really even a factor.

If the Libertarian Party had not reconstituted itself, and had a mind toward trying to push forward to the next election — I wonder if they ought as well nominate Vermin Supreme. Go back to the academic gadfly next time up, but in the meantime keep what faction of Trump appeal by way of amused clowning in line best they can. As were, they may just nominate Trump.

Quick snippets in Laroucheland

May 1st, 2024

Harley Schlanger chimes in on the campus protests. We move on with selective polling — 80 percent of youngsters oppose Biden’s support of Netanyahu… Yeah, no kidding. Phrasing is always key. Hell — Biden opposes Biden’s support of Netanyahu. That is the meaning of a speech by Schumer calling for new elections. Not stated is that the Israeli Palestinian War comes in fourteenth out of fifteen in Gen Z’s voting issue priorities. Still, certainly loud. I will sure to watch Jimmy Dore on Bill Maher’s “unhinged” rant.

Things get really interesting as Helga starts speaking. No mention for polling on Ukraine support for the youth, as she conflates it all into Greater NATO and we have the umpteenth “Strategic Situation”. Stateside, the Larouchies tried to lead a movement on Ukraine through allies with “Rage Against the War Machine”, but no one showed up. I guess now a fixture of left wing politics — concern over Palestine — has blown up, there is something with public support to leech on. Don’t ask where that leads the LPAC Prometheans.

Funny answer in comments to the funny question that is the video title. Nope.

Canvassing for signatures for Jose Vega. Question: is this in and of itself sucess? Interviewed convasser number one (two of you count Vega himself) — that is a lot of power to be granting Rachel Maddow. I note I see The Majority Report — former colleagues of long ago — has the anti-Zioinst tract, here a YouTube clip for an unhinged rant by Joe Scarborough.

The newly renamed Promethean Action is still referring to its web series with “Larouche Pac”. The commenter asks a query for “Schuller Institute” “edit: or these various LaRouche groups)” .

Diane Sare stoops to pandering. Canvassing for signatures in Buffalo. Real Bills fan, right?

Wind blows around. And Drew make plans to introduce the doubling the square tools to his tour of the heartlands. Cause. “That’s the way you do it!”

Mental note: take a new listen to Space Larouche’s interview by Schizotopia podcast. He does strike me as the profile of who will sign up for Larouche Org these days. As well as the profile of he who will get kicked out. Things came to blow. An old up and coming Larouche star now both disenchanted and disavowed. Maybe he can start his own Larouche group.

Scott Ritter with the same message he has been pounding for the past two years.

The Kennedy question

April 30th, 2024

I see the flier posted to a pole. It is the uncommitted vote campaign. At the very least it gives some terms for opposition. Permanent cease fire. At least I think it spells out permanent — might be temporary.

I am not inclined for any symbolic opposition to Biden, as I would not have been in 2012 for Obama. Quite possibly the option looks intriguing with Clinton in 1996. But let us suppose hypothetically we transpose Clinton 1996 into this year or I were inclined to vote a line against Biden. Now I can’t. Because the vote has a signifier I disagree with. It is the attempted shut down of college commencement addresses and even broader disruptions, some holding up of traffic, a guy self immolating, all for a chant whose functional meaning is Death to the Jews. I suppose we move into general election territory on the sensation — a choice between ho hum and bad.

Currently much ink is spilled and bloviations are heard on the candidacy of Robert F Kennedy jr. Biden has an ad that largely missed the point — lining up all the Kennedys to pump him up. Trump is highlighting him as an extreme leftist environmentalist, the better to eat support into Biden. Polls show him right not eating into Trump — after all, it is failing against the establishment and Trump was very much pro vax. Joe Trippi warns such polls are fools gold — he still is trouble for Biden. A funny thing about the third party protest vote. Because the candidate is not winning anything, the entire exercise of a vote of support hinges on the same matter that collapses the “uncommitted primary” vote for me. This candidate signifies what exactly? I gather this is where the two sides battle it out with Kennedy — dump him over there and toss back like a hot potato grenade.

The cannibal equation

April 26th, 2024

Poking about in right wing of the Internet, Biden has been given a moniker of “Cannibal Joe”, with a follow that the liberal media is not reporting on a goofy comment he made which caused a minor international kerplunk. Biden’s uncle was eaten by cannibals. And that I casually slide next to the revelation that Biden’s father had the most progressive attitude towards homosexuality of anyone in Scranton Pennsylvania in the 1950s. The neat trick on this one is we do have a great equivalency for Trump on the Stump — one that should show Trump is worse here than Biden. Trump, you will recall, claimed an endorsement from Hannibal Lector. Weirdly enough, he actually appears to have Hannibal Lector on his brain — came around later to reference Silence of the Lambs as the type of people coming in from South of the border. So on the Cannibal Beat, Biden remains in better standing. And the bizarre old man remark of a type that scuttled the resident’s presidential ambitions as far back as 1987 will continue to be more favourable than the in a sense similar but ultimately more psychotic old man ramblings of the former president.

lawyer niceties

April 25th, 2024

On the defense, there is this somewhat amusing feature — necessary — where they use one of the same line as the prosecution but the line ends up with a different meaning. It is “use your common sense”. For the Defense, it is “stay cynical”, an attempt to get at an equivalency amongst all partisan factions — “I am shocked, SHOCKED”. So here “use your common sense” is affixed to the “it’s called Democracy”. And indeed, I do have the Prosecutorial frame of “election interference”, when the overall story is suppressing one real story that I have to tilt my head to figure why it matters amongst a sea of fake news (or whatever we should properly call it) from an outlet that has a lot of celebrity should-not-take-seriously stories, which now veered into the political.

The other day we had the anniversary of the day Donald Trump suggested drinking bleach to cure covid. It occurred to me that Vice President Biden, early in the Obama administration, made a real insane and instantly mocked by everyone comment on public health concerns. I think, if I recall right, Biden was comically overly protective — or maybe he was just prematurely prescient for covid. What this means is not all that much, other than to suppose that the Trip trial proceeds from the same basis as the Trump campaign — his path to victory is paved in forging cynical equivalencies every which where.

One other flash of familiarity on the Trump defense that stood out — a jocular refrain “We’re New Yorkers.”. Funny that. I remember Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer making the same appeal – – I am curious where that “be not afraid to f’ with the national consensus” is tried, like do they do that in Texas?


April 21st, 2024

I served on a jury once. Something like an 8-4 decision to find the guy liable for the car accident but nothing more. You win your damages owed, but quit crying about it was the message, I guess.

On Trump. I ponder whether I would land on a jury. Probably not, but if you are rolling through some stray internet ramblings, I do say Kyle Rittenhouse will be acquitted as he should be — which I see here and there makes me a white supremacist. (Also proffer unsolicitated advice that if he is serious about a nursing career, probably stick to rural “red” enclaves and above all get the hell out of politics). That should signal I am able to give an acquittal to someone I think is a jackass. Probably the defense and prosecution doesn’t have the time or patience to get that far though. At best the prosecution could argue against dropping me from a jury in pointing to an anti-anti Trump response on a New Yorker article on why Trump’s diet habit matters with an “It really doesn’t matter”. Because beyond that you land in an “uh. Yeah”. I suppose at this point you would have a better chance with a batch of liberals to reach a deadlock than a batch of maga devotees — the political desire to not be political, remain impartial, able to defend Nazis so to speak — possibly to the bending over backwards to do so. I almost think that is what Representative Bryon Donalds — one time speaker hopeless hopeful — intuitively understood when making comments to the effect of reaching the just verdict “no matter what they think of Trump”, and that university’s Trump formula is one where he gets off and it is all rigged if he does not.

On the list of political affiliations for the jury survey which skip about Proud Boys and 3 percenters and the like, “antifa” gets tossed in at the end. Or. The group that vandalized and ransacked the Multnomah Democratic party headquarters shortly after the 2020 elections. The chaos bias works whatever manner.

From what I see of the case, the prosecution has him dead for rights. Which doesn’t matter too much — the Fox News hosts become very defense oriented, not a deference they give Joe Blow accused of a crime. A deadlock is as likely as a guilty verdict. I would like to think that the whininess that Trump exhibits right now would permeate and maybe it has — not like the man has sky-high approval ratings. I do cynically think the cry out “think of this as election interference case” is a strain — like, yeah that is what a campaign works to do — get rid of unwanted information from public view. It was blatantly obvious the National Enquirer was in the tank for Trump through 2015 and 2016, though I can never understand what that means for the public at large. It is like hearing the other explanation on Trump’s need to suppress Stormy Daniel’s affair — it interfered with the image he wanted to cultivate, “Family Values”. I throw my hands up in the air.

swing topics off stage

April 11th, 2024

I stare and scratch my head at a Huffington Post. “John Bolton Reveals Who He’ll Vote For and… Um…” . The answer is Dick Cheney. He is writing in Dick Cheney. I don’t understand from whence comes the “um”. If you asked me who John Bolton was voting for and gave me a chance of three guesses, Dick Cheney would be one of them. And it such that if he could clear himself to Joseph Biden, it would be probably be prudent to hide this information, lest that turn away voters in the Democratic base. The story headline is a not a story.

If John Bolton is a bridge too far, we are a couple steps from basically about the only issue that could drive a Nikki Haley primary not Biden voter already to Biden. International affairs, NATO, Ukraine. I find the Biden Haley seeking ads obnoxiously ineffective, back to the easily rationalized as “just mean tweets”. It may be the case that the split of the vote will go its way no matter what Trump or Biden do.

I overhear the conversation amongst a group of sports fan and Catholic religious parents. A man is morally upset by a fundamental unfairness of Biden’s student loan forgiveness plans, and the manner he went about it. Another guy here chirps “One of the proudest days of my life is the day I got in my last payment on that and I got that paid.”. It is possible that some other issue will be the last issue on their mind when they turn in their ballot but at this moment I don’t see them not voting in something other than a maga mindset for Trump — a stopover of thought before to apolitical conversations on seeing a daughter off to college. Meanwhile another group, older than them, that I hear from time to time speak of friends, associates, who voted for Trump in 2000, and not doing it again because, duh, January 6. The hope in the hands of this demographic that they hold the line in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and surge ahead to keep the ironically diciest enterprise of Michigan.