if only Britain had voted that Wallace cariacture, this path of needless election hell woulda be nipped in the bud

November 8th, 2019

The state of British elections, everybody!

Elsewhere in the Midlands, the Labour leader, Jermy Corbyn, drove home his counter-message: that Mr. Johnson would sell out Britain’s state health system to a predatory Mr. Trump in a trade deal.  “We’ll never let Donald Trump get his hands on our National Health Service,” he thundered.

Mr. Corbyn painted a dystopian picture of a Tory-led Britain that would mimic Mr. Trump’s America.  “They’ll slash food standards to match the U.S.,” he said referring darkly to rat hairs in paprika and maggots in orange juice, “and they’ll put chlorinated chicken in our supermarket shelves.”

I understand the morphing of Boris Johnson with Donald Trump and the electoral appeal, and the calls of the danger of laxing standards to the almighty dollar… but What the Hell is he talking about?  Apparently…

For tomato juice, the FDA limits up to five fly eggs and one maggot per 100 grams, the equivalent of a small juice glass. Up to 15 fly eggs and one maggot per 100 grams is allowed for tomato paste and other pizza sauces. Mushrooms are granted more leeway – 20 maggots “of any size” per 100 grams of drained mushrooms or 15 grams of dried mushrooms.’

Hm.  Did not know that.

Oh Yeah well… We all eat bugs, because… our food comes out of places that are surrounded by bugs and… bugs remain …
It does present the interesting question of the natural food people in the equation of the Labour Party’s electoral coalitions… but maybe that’s left to the “wine track” Lib Dems.

the problem

November 7th, 2019

From David Sheilds’s Nobody Hates Trump More Than Trump, a collection of quick blurstings… page 127-128…

An acquaintance tells me that, according to a data mining firm at which he works, I am Irish, a Republican, conservative in my social orientation, opposed to raising taxes to support social security, a gun owner, a supporter of military interventions overseas (more concerned with fighting terrorism than protecting civil liberties), don’t believe income inequality is a major problem, not particularly concerned about Trump’s “possible” conflict of interests, fervently believe the media has overplayed the Russia scandal, and am opposed to the impeachment of Trump.  Ruh-roh.

The internet cookies probably show he likes ball sports, maybe some country music, maybe shows a complaint about “political correctness” — maybe does some hunting and goes to the outdoors…

The depressing thing about our politics — it’s subsumed by cultural impressions, and if the cultural impressions and entertainment choices differ or gets eclectic (live in a couple or a few different social mileus that contradict politically) — you’ll be box you in anyways.

Election 2019: everything means squat and everything at the same time.

November 6th, 2019

The Democrats in “blue state” and the Republicans in “red state” have a good tendency to run as though it is all against Trump, where the Democrats in “red state” and the Democrats in “blue state” … don’t.  So, I guess, it appears in Kentucky… Beshear beat Trump on one level — as the Republican was running by clinging to Trump, but not so as the Democrat did so by not running against Trump… because, after all, the Republican incumbent was really unpopular and only came close to winning because of partisan tabs and by clinging closely to Trump.
NOW it’s safe for the likes of Bernie Sanders (oddly enough, not a Democrat) to weigh in.

In Mississippi, the Democrat lost to the Republican… the “I drive a pick up truck and own a gun” shtick not able to overcome the partisan advantage.  I’m looking forward to whoever replaces Blumenauer when he retires to win with the same “pick up truck and gun” ads.  (Apparently not enough to win in Mississippi?)
Next up, the exciting Louisiana race where a rare anti-abortion Democratic incumbent — and, I suppose, good on him — this isn’t a national electorate, so the terms of debate are different, aren’t they? — will see if he can withstand some Republican running as though he were Trump.

I suppose the hardening of partisan identifications everyone’s talking about doesn’t quite come to pass… “Is the Kentucky governor’s race a forecast of 2020’s race against McConnell”?  Only if McConnell became somehow more distanced from Trump and the Democrat more distanced from the Democratic party, I guess.

a look at the vote

November 1st, 2019

Who the Hell did not vote?

Hice (GA)

Rose, John W.

Cowards.  Or.  Maybe out sick.  Or something else.  You’ll have to look them up and see what their story is.  If they have one.
Almost suredly they’ll tell you how they would have voted, but they just couldn’t make it in.

Other than that, former Republican Amash joined the Democrats for an aye vote and Democrats Van Drew and Peterson joined the Republicans for a nay vote, earning an allusion in a Trump tweet.  Van Drew taking his inspiration from the dean of all political Vans in asking “What would Martin Van Buren do?”, which is apparently vote no on holding impeachment for a President Trump.

Let’s just say…

October 30th, 2019

“I think he’s doing a good job.” (Marsha Durbin, in Trump t-shirt at Chicago Trump and anti-Trump get togethers).  “We would have globalism without him.  And thank god he’s here addressing the violence problem.”

Leave aside the second matter, where we run into the problem where they’ve been addressing the problems here in River City, “Chiraq” they nicknamed it after all, for a while now and an unwanted politician steps in to make political hay — makes some matters of candor sometimes hard. It’s the first matter I don’g quite understand.  “We would have globalism without him.”  Trade agreements re-nogotiated, troops moved about — somehow “globalism” remains.  What does that even mean?

Let’s just say.  The Democratic House impeaches Trump.  As they, I guess, are set to do.  Steve Scailaise’s re-enactment of the Big 2000 Florida vote delay and various leftist campus disruptions notwithstanding.  Let’s say.  The Republican Senate does its cursory dismissal — slight mixed signals from Senate Majority Leader McConnell on how thoroughly he’ll be going through the motions — is he going through the motions or going through the motions of going through the motions — spiking things up with some theater of another Scalise picket stomping?  Let’s say we then have that impeached not convicted President Trump.

Who is then re-elected.  Popular votes again going Democrat, but Minnesota and Pennsylvania come through for him.  Let’s say those Texas and California suburban districts prove a firewall from whatever midwest districts flipped to the Democrats in 2018 but go to Trump’s election win in 2020 — Democrats retain the House.  Let’s say the Senate still stays Republican, as the only scenario the Democrats are winning it is with a Democratic Presidential win.  Status quo remains.  Except for a re-elected Impeached President with the party that impeached him remaining in their position of Congressional majority.

Four more years.

Two years for some shiny new object to emerge for the Democrats, apparently what gets elected is that which gulps up all available media oxygen.
… unless there’s some template of political template that can be created or re-created.  I had though Hillary Clinton 2016 would be roughly George Bush 1988 — which is a tough one to figure.  As it were, The New York Times has a letters to the editor section full of wistful Democrats throwing their “white knight” saviors out — Al Gore, Al Franken, Oprah Winfrey… Judge Judy wants Michael Bloomberg.  We got that.

Romney has his uses

October 28th, 2019

Mitt Romney’s secret twitter handle, exposed… just “hearing things out” incognito.

… next up: it’ll be uncovered that the voices in your head are actually, indeed, Mitt Romney.

off to the naked bike ride, i suppose

October 22nd, 2019

Years back I saw a bit of a conflicting “viral video”s, posted oddly at the same source of “progressive” / clickbait haven (Rhymes with Puffington Host.).  One video was from some woman in Paris (or somewhere in France) who walked  pants-less, except for a spray painted fake pants.  And the video shows her walking with nary a person making note.  The other, more politically pointed video was a woman walking the streets of New York getting cat-called.  While the second one would receive more attention, I can’t help but ponder the mixed messages inherent in the airing of them.

(One other video I recall seeing was a woman walking, short shorts, and a number rolling of guys who took a gander.  I tend to refute a couple, and she didn’t seem to have any real point she was making, but now we have a trendline of a category of internet videos.)

I’m thinking of this in concern for some random happenstance where, out during rush hour, a woman was walking down the street — shirt open, exposed breasts.  I’m thinking — is there a camera shooting this?  (Her expression seemed to be carefully looking off at all times, which is something I note in those three other videos).  And if so, what — in the end — do they want my reaction to be to make the point they wish to be making — is this a woman’s study exercise on leering men or a “day in wacky nonchalant city”?  If I, or someone else, shouted out “Nice Rack”, would that be highlighted in the internet presentation, or clipped out?

Gabbard, and Sanders, and Warren. Harris, Yang, and Sanders again. O’Rourke while we’re at it.

October 21st, 2019

So says Mother Jones magazine:  Tulsi Gabbard Just Released a Bonkers Response Video About Hillary Clinton.

We have a Hillary Clinton (does she have a halo somehow, and if so with who?) — Tulsi Gabbard feud.  I don’t know how else Tulsi Gabbard is supposed to respond — Clinton just called her a Russian agent, basically.  That itself a bonkers statement:

They are going to do third party again

Russia “went third party” in the United States in 1948 with Henry Wallace.  Beyond that… hrm.  Jill Stein’s two percent was the one thing that sank Hillary Clinton…

… who… hrm.  “War Party”, yes, no?

Bernie Sanders was probably holding his support from Alexandria Ocasio Cortez to pull out when needed.  Lagging now behind Elizabeth Warren, and needing “juice”, AOC I suppose able to toss aside some past history on immigration and guns…

Considering Elizabeth Warren, and sure absurd in the eon of the talk radio bunch and the , but I note this as Warren really slams SLAMS SLAMS the anti gay marriage contingent at the debate:

a cheap and evasive way of skirting the reality that nearly a third of Americans still oppose gay marriage and it might be in the interest of a political campaign not to write off every single one of them. 

Always worth pointing, Barack Obama won the election in 2008 with the “one man one woman” creed, though no one quite believed him really… and even as you stare at the polls showing everyone’s moved… everyone remembers when they were elsewhere, and …

no, no Democrat is winning Indiana.  So I guess you might win by slamming them all?

Saw the first t-shirt for Kamala Harris.  Harris-mania is making strides from zero to one.  Yang mania continues.  All I see on Bernie is people not having removed their 2016 bumper stickers, but then again maybe that’s just showing prudence.

Beto O’Rourke does the Trump — Hitler thing… or, more precisely “Gobells” — and, more to the point… the one good thing about a one time centrist / moderate Democrat turned shuffling to some formation of “liberal” for statewide election stratagem turned having nothing better to place himself to get attention in presidential bid… it gives the most engendered 2020 Senate Democrat something to pivot off of.