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Here, here.

Monday, May 11th, 2020

“You know, I still feel out off when I see someone put on a mask as I am approaching.”

Fashion homages

Sunday, May 10th, 2020

So I ponder whether there up — a turtle neck shirt draped all the way up to the mouth — the better to act as your surgical masks to stop disease flow — is a conscious tip to the band Devo.  Probably not, but maybe.  The other way of questioning is when Devo put the costume on — how much of their “rust belt deindustrialization” themed futurism was mimicking the kind of pandemic which brought to bear that extreme turtle neck?

Hillary Clinton for dog-catcher

Thursday, May 7th, 2020

“I voted for him last time, but sure as He’ll not this time.”

Yep, there he is — the disenchanted Trump voter.  The reason for his disillusionment a little odd — the high end corporate slant on the recent corona emergency stimulus — “but I guess those are who he knows personally.”

” last time, couldn’t vote for his opponent.  Who would vote Hillary Clinton for dog catcher? ”

Actually I am not certain Hillary Clinton wouldn’t make a great dog catcher.  President, no one does — really, but dog catcher?… Seems she would get that job done.

Cue joke about her husband, probably a little strained.

The Mask

Wednesday, May 6th, 2020

IMG_20200506_131458 The President wore goggles for no clear reason rather than mask.  I suppose there is an aesthetic problem — bad visual in being tied down in talking muffled behind the mask, but it doesn’t make sense goggles — unless perhaps one has the habit of scratching around the eyes, and that deters the thing.

“Exasperated my allergies…”

” Actually seems to have cleared up mine, but… Barely effective… ”

In a few weeks we will all be wearing masks.

the burning keeps me alive

Tuesday, May 5th, 2020

IMG_20200501_103627 The man is deriding a casual callousness he perceives, seemingly attributing it to the coronavirus lock-down.  He does an example — a young woman walking quickly, and before passing an old woman walking slowly yells, “Hey!  Speed up!”. The man calls out the young woman, receiving only a dirty flare from her as she speeds on ahead.

The problem is the thing is not necessarily attributable to anything.  Correlation requires some data indicating the woman wouldn’t have acted that way absent the current era — certainly lots of jerky before — as there will be afterward.  Further, that things aren’t offset by any increase in “random acts of kindness” — though that May just offer a separate effect — extremes and cultural bipolarity.

It is possible the man wasn’t touching on anything and was probing the modern world in general — that whole “kids these days” line.

… we make a pretty good team…

Monday, May 4th, 2020

In addition to the “anti anti social distancing club” short — theoretically the slogan on other materials — refrigerator magnets for instance —

The slogan “anti social social distancing club” — more apolitical, keeping with they who dress in black to match their souls, or whatever.

Who goes with the coiled snake and the twist of an old rightest standby “don’t cough on me” (as opposed to “tread”) in the current moment, I do not know.


Packed up and ready to go

Sunday, May 3rd, 2020

IMG_20200501_103619 “Okay.  Here’s one.  What is George Bush doing … Right… Now?”

I do not know what they think they are heading to with this question, or what their point of reference is — something like “Katrina ain’t so bad” I guess, but I do know the answer…

Collating any and all comments made on pandemic preparedness, passing it through sources to arrive at a scattering of media headlines in “Bush said this”, to burnish his presidency.

Understand, regardless of whether they dropped into a vacuum, missed some points entirely, or fit the circumstances of the moment.

” Yeah, Bush.  Our first chimp president…

… And I guess now we have our second. ”

Better not touch that denigration for the one in the middle.

Sillier seasoning

Saturday, May 2nd, 2020

IMG_20200501_103013. No.  I do not know who Berry is.  Perhaps a combination of the Democratic Party’s 2004 and 2008 presidential candidates, or perhaps the face shown on the signpost that is the next one.

Who do we need as life looks to be turning into 40s noir plot mixed with tapered revolution or just devil may care petty crime waves?

You ought to get you some sleep

Friday, May 1st, 2020

IMG_20200501_105750 A phrase of inspiration from a business out there.  Again with the American flag, at a moment where we do seem on the verge of a bit of federalism.  Again — what do the think this is … 9/11?

I think it is a business with a hefty suburban clientelle.  Might explain it a bit.

Place it around this, and that May be more the speed for, oh, the anarchist book collective…

IMG_20200430_170408 Though, to be sure, i don’t really get it. For the most part this slogan I have generally heard from “common sense” conservative minded, either in specific to the argument or as a more wholesale philosophy.  Something on the travail of being “open minded”, or pluralistic in acceptance a supposed liberal value.  Though there is some pushing against the middle centrist — like the fas respecting the antifa more than those damned liberals.  Or perhaps vice versa.

Vaguely similar to some wheat pasted revolutionary communist party quote from Bob Avakian on “there is no wait to see what happens” and give Trump a chance … Photo of nazis…

Then again, maybe this is part of the same packet of materials.

Man still in charge of North Korea

Thursday, April 30th, 2020

I guess indications are that the political leader of North Korea is still alive and kicking after all.  Which means that there is still a reasonably good chance the USA might have a female head of state — President — before North Korea.  Interesting that a woman was in line to take over — surely demanding obedience to that benevolent fear leader would topple a patriarchy of sorts.

Meanwhile, the succession in the United States with the possibility of the here before improbable Joseph Biden raises an interesting question. Much of the liberal or Democratic me too era explanation on Reade’s accusation do not pass the “if the other side did it” smell test, but I end up fascinated by one reference point.  Somewhere along the way she had praise for Vladimir Putin.  Is the claim sullying into the Russia agent line without quite saying it, or is it a “if these are her politics … Dizzy she is.” ?

Meanwhile, Sweden — long a referring point for voluntary compliance of coronavirus restrictions is turning passive aggressive.  Sure, you can gather, but…