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supreme court observations

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018

The next, post-Kennedy Supreme Court will probably find a way to give Roe V Wade — in and of itself, if not allowing for the further state decreed restrictions — a pass.  John Roberts will declare a narrow stare decisis in a 5-4 ruling, before heading over to the concerns of corporate dominance.   Beyond that — well,  as a matter of course, I’d say the recent “Crisis Pregnancy Center” decision — no, they are not required to go against their philosophical mandate and inform women of where the Planned Parenthood is — sounds about right… doesn’t it?

Meantime, the politics of this are fascinating.  Polls show contradictions.  It is this:

62 percent of respondents think the Senate should either confirm or reject Trump’s pick before the midterms.
52 percent of those surveyed said that they hope Kennedy’s replacement on the Court supports access to legal abortion.  29 percent said they hope the Supreme Court’s newest member will reject legal abortion.  About 19 percent had no opinion or said they didn’t know what they wanted.

Maybe they’ve internalized my counter-intuitive forecast?

Hey.  The courts are one reason why Trump was elected — why one parcel of Republicans could go ahead, justify/rationalize/weigh in favor of sticking with Trump.  Meantime, the Democrats’ need to delay until after the election… bring to mind the party’s precarious Senate situation.  The three, or four, vulnerable Democrats over in something oftly termed “Trump Country” may draw straws to decide who off-sets the two wavering Republicans.  And it becomes an irony that the issue, if maybe a little scrambled, that brought Claire McCaskill to re-election six years ago, may just undo her six years later.

and then there was that tcj interview… and that star trek episode… and some juvenile delinquency plot as first novel… and… dunno?

Friday, June 29th, 2018

A couple decades back.  Kid (13? 14?) runs into comic book store, Mom a step behind him.

He says to the clerk.  “Okay.  I have $3.  What can I buy by Harlan Ellison for $3?”

Clerk says, “Er…? Hm.”

“Like, maybe even a poster even?  I just really want something from Harlan Ellison!”

Eventually the kid (and mom) leave the store disappointed.  The store owner apparently not sure what to do with that request.  It occurs to me later that I could throw at him a reprint of an issue of EC’s Weird Science Fantasy — an adaptation or maybe post-hoc attribute of a Harlan Ellison — sold for a couple bucks.  Whether it feeds the kid’s Harlan Ellison jonesing, speculative.

hats r us

Wednesday, June 27th, 2018

Noted: an internet ad for a “Vietnam War 50th Anniversary” cap.

Get one before 2024 (or is it 2025?) when the hat is no longer accurate for the moment…

Also advertising: Israel.  Or a travel company for a trip package to Israel.  The ad is just of a hot young woman in a bikini lying on a surf board.  Don’t quite know if the nation is trying to knock some objections some “bros” may have in touring Israel, or if it’s just an automatic filing.

what’s playing in the neighborhood

Tuesday, June 26th, 2018

I see in the top fold of either this town or the neighboring town’s weekly newspaper that some organization with the word “Liberty”, or “Freedom”, or “Patriotic” or a combination thereof has a tour of barnyard screenings of a documentary celebrating the trials of triumphs of the Bundy lead Malheur National Wildlife revolt, with some emphasis on the man who was shot as martyr.  (Looking up terms on google, I don’t believe it’s the film that was on PBS, but who knows?)

Sounds moderately interesting in that “interested in what you’re interested” kind of manner — how kitsch, rightwing propaganda of a hazy cause projected against a giant barn…  I could go, but the problem sits that I’m just afraid I’d see my high school yearbook editor there putting on the show who’d then want to sign me up for her newsletter… or something like that.

Actually not dissimilar from my disinclination years back to see the Youth Socialist Party (or some name like that) and a library room showing of “Ten Days that Shook the World”, the John Reed documentary on the Bolshevik Revolution.  Looks interesting enough, but… they’d think they have a recruit to Trotskyism.  (In passing, caught a glimpse of a hero worship frame-shot of Lenin and Trotsky storming into the screen.)

just playing to the Jesse Ventura constituency

Friday, June 22nd, 2018

So.  The Donald — out in Minnesota — makes a comment in shoveling a protester out of the arena…

“Was that a man or a woman? Because he needs a haircut more than I do,” Trump said. “I couldn’t tell! I couldn’t tell!”

Interesting to note the responses to this.  Cue the base, who I guess rally behind the insult.  Tone of the tartness here appears to be some “rah rah”.  (Interesting spin: it’s a slam down that the “Trump Makes” the protester “instantly regret“).
I see from some press out of Great Britain the headline moving to “Trump Mocks His Own Haircut“, which I will say is an interesting spin: ha ha the self depreciating wit of Donald Trump.  I suppose Trump supporters may well focus on that part of the comment — and does have the question: If Trump had just made a comment about his hair, would that have been newsworthy?
Perhaps not quite getting a good glimpse of the nature of the protester’s haircut, there is also some bit of commentary sliding Trump to the rallying calls of George Wallace against the hippies.  Surely the hippies weren’t really putting their hair up like so.
And moving two directions from the same basic line, and one fine distinction, we have a charge against the gender stamping — largely implication of a fit of homophobia and demand of heteronorms– of the comment and a charge of sexism/misogyny  (or, something to the effect of “Girly man”).

I want to make some other observation, even a false one.  Like, if you simply follow the train of thought from “was that a man or a woman?” with the conjunction “because” moving to why he’s thinking this question “he needs a haircut more than I do” — Trump is suggesting uncertainty on whether he may be a woman.

where were they all?

Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

The current illegal immigration (and yes, I’ll go ahead and use that term) controversy — the separation of children at the reconstituted Wal-Mart detention centers at the border…

… and we can perhaps forego the Nazi comparisons (nope.  No Genocide here, does not arise to the level) and maybe stick about George Takei’s historical comparison

And noted today as the networks switched to a live conference call where Trump made his backtrack on his policy — having to then suffer with a table full of Republican Senators making their stilted “get the spin in” questions and comments —

But to the partisan jabbing — “BUT OBAMA!!!” —
… or, at various points in their opportunistic finger to the wind electioneering careers, “But Hillary!” and so on…
But sticking to Obama…
… and the statistics are there, deported a good number who crossed the border… the stories are there… though, the policy claim of simple continuation isn’t…

… And yet… swirling about the truth of the narrative… instead of credit from the hardliners, (or maybe some criticism on ) you had Joe Wilson (seen here with two of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) yelling out during the State of the Union,…
… and the cries of “Open Border” globalists from this ilk… flooding the borders, you see… so they can all vote…
… voting for him even after being wrapped in foil at detention centers, apparently…