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history rewritten

Sunday, February 4th, 2018

From The Columbian, the paper of record for Vancuouver, Washington if you shall.  “Herrera Beutler Ignores Comments” — moving about her not reading the twitter machine.

Later in the meeting, talk turned to President Trump.  In October 2016, Herrera Beutler said, “I refuse to accept this is the best we can do,” and announced rather than vote for Trump in the general election, she would write in Rep. Paul Ryan, R. Wisconsin, who had also sought the Republican nomination, but lost to Trump.

I kind of don’t understand this casual mistake, and there seems to me something more going on here than nothing — since I see it of a type happen a bit too much.  Paul Ryan… did not run for the Republican nomination for President in 2016.  It mis-remembers Paul Ryan’s various hedges during the campaign — momentary “dump Trump and replace with Ryan” feelers — culminating with Paul Ryan campaigning down ticket for all the Republicans and mentioning Pence as a headline with a mention of Trump almost as an after thought… which… a vote for Pence is literally the same as voting for Trump.

It feeds a false narrative.  Such as this one…

A third party run in 2020 by disaffected Republicans, behind the one term pledged Democratic candidate Joseph Biden.  Biden / Sasse!  Because… Sasse brings to Biden what Biden lacks, and Biden brings Biden.
Nevermind that the consensus among Republicans during the Obama — Biden years, even those who adhere to Sasse-ism (what that may be) was that the man was a gaffe-ing baffoon.
This is not a serious editorial in the New York Times.

missing pieces

Friday, February 2nd, 2018

There’s a letter to the editor in the Oregonian a few days ago, which seems to take an editorial cartoon with Franklin Graham saying “a marriage is between a man, a woman, and a porn star” at face value, and demands an apology from Franklin Graham as he never said such a thing.

Not withstanding that I can’t bring myself to care much about Stormy Daniels (that’s her name, right?) and her tryst with the current president, or even much on the hypocrisy fronts of such folks as Franklin Graham, it strikes me as the most likely reading of the letter… he isn’t aware of the point of reference… Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels and Franklin Graham and the “religious right”‘s support of Donald Trump.

There is an article in the Portland Mercury which envisions Abraham Lincoln as an early territorial governor of Oregon, and which gives him an a-historically progressive credit, thinking somehow that he would have — unlike the slavery supporting governor that was appointed — envisioned Oregon as something other than a White Haven… never mind the historical Lincoln wanted to ship them all back over to Africa.  The two convergent realities with the two governors, in terms of Oregon’s development, would be about the same.  Best guess is Lincoln wouldn’t have become president… Oregon is way too out of the way, ain’t it?
Things to ponder as proponents of a name change to Jefferson High School (the one majority black high school in the state, and you know Jefferson and the slaves) considers a name change… sure, shelve the statue if you want, but beyond that… meh.


who and what?

Friday, January 26th, 2018

Odd little hic up with this article

When Don Horn of Triangle Productions went about putting together a world premiere about the first recognized fully transgender person in the United States, people asked him about the individual, guessing that it was 1970s tennis player Renee Richards.

“No, this person came way before Renee Richards,” Horn says. “Nobody knows about this person.”

I don’t know a damned thing about 1970s tennis player Renee Richards (though the name is vaguely familiar.)  I do know  Christine Jorgensen.

It is because tennis is alien to me, but I would know the focal point between Richard Nixon and Ed Wood.

My cultural antenna points are apparently completely out of whack.


Davos and anti Davos and what is a Davos and what is an anti-Davos?

Friday, January 26th, 2018

In his exit, Steve Bannon assailed the Trump administration as now purely beholden to Davos — I think a sliding away from that old nationalist big works products mixed as it were with the building of The Wall toward the end of an upper class tax cut.  It’s interesting to note that, naturally, the reception at Davos is… hostile.  In and out.

davostrumpnocoal  And sure, they’d be out with any American president, and Bush with Iraq.  This one’s notable in that Trump’s big faux pas in the Davos  with Davos is an “anti-globalism” protectionist stance… so where do the protesters come about on the issue of the neo-liberalism globalist order?

It’s also interesting to note the protesters message conflicting with that, in a sense, with noted member of the “Resistance” — if any politician can be called that — Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown — a man who, it is rumored is — along with every other elected Democratic official — may be running for president or vice president or has his name being floated out there because there’s no one else anyone can think of

Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, applauded this week’s decision on tariffs and said he had been dismayed when Trump delayed decisions about whether to impose restrictions on steel and aluminum imports.

Notably, he likes the protection on solar panels.

Of course, this is the policy prescription that won Trump OhioPennsylvaniaMichiganWisconsin, and thus the election…

(whistling because no one likes to suggest Trump won with policy prescriptions of any sort ascribed to traditional Democratic policies.)

olympic fishes

Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

Eight years ago, when North Korea made an appearance in the World Cup and proceeded to turn in a piss poor performance, the news seemed to suggest retributions to the athletes.  Presumably, when the Unified Korean teams come to play, either the South Korean athletes will be covering well enough for the North Korean athletes that a bar will be met so that the People’s athletes won’t be embarrassing the People’s Republic, or in whatever agreement that made this passable —

— the host South Koreans as well the Olympic committee wanting to diffuse political tensions and provide a storyline for public consumption, so a deal is brokered —

this was dealt away with.

Or perhaps Kim Jong Un is more sports sympathetic than Kim Jong Il.  (Though, the Rodman lead basketball team had to tie the North Korean team, for North Korean consumption.)

At first it strikes me as positive — if slight.  Open up what channels of communication you can.  (What?  Didn’t a Ping Pong competition open up China?  (Or, according to the late 1970s Hal Lindsey book — The 1980s — Countdown to Armageddon — put us on the path to armageddon.)  Though don’t pretend it’s more than it is.  (Yes.  The Leader wants the country to put the thoughts on the war on hold, and prepare for the glorious day when South Korea will be lead by him as too well.)

But then consider this problem: there are South Korean athletes … now being cut… from rosters… to make room for North Koreans.

On that score, what the heck?

democratic socialists versus libertarian partiers

Monday, January 22nd, 2018

The Nation covers the growth spurt of the “Democratic Socialists of America“, what with ten (chapters or members?) in the Tri Cities alone.  The moderates are working with the radicals and vice versa…

People are subsuming their discomfort with, say, a commune to campaign for single-payer. Marxists are swallowing their discomfort with, say, our participation in the Democratic primary.

Of course, no one has too much problem with communes popping up.  Much.

The red baited candidates pulling forth…

Toward the end of the race, flyers were distributed that showed Carter’s face alongside Lenin’s and Stalin’s, which Christine Riddiough, a 71-year-old IT professional and a member of DSA’s electoral committee, described to me as an attempt at red-baiting.

Unfair.  No one in DSA is comparing anyone to Lenin or Stalin.  It’s Mao and Trotsky!

Over the summer, three loose coalitions formed, each bearing its own program: Momentum, Praxis, and Unity. When I asked the members of the groups how they differed, I was told that Momentum consisted of “soft Trotskyites” and was the most explicitly Marxist, oriented toward the campaign for single-payer and other overarching policy initiatives. Praxis was “Maoism lite,” with a “from-the-ground-up” approach [Just like the governing approach of the historical Mao!] and the heaviest focus on social justice and questions of identity.  *
[…] Both Momentum and Praxis consist predominantly of young people, while the third coalition, Unity, was the least ideological, with an emphasis that was described to me as “old-DSA-ish stuff” (i.e., cooperation with the Democratic Party) and “reform and realignment.”  Leftovers from a pre-Trump DSA... tools of the Democratic Party, Mo and Prax probably think.

And meantime, over at the Libertarian Party, a different long term goal setting… the seven year plan of new party luminary Larry Sharpe.  He does seem to be overflowing with loud enthusiasm.

We get into debates if people want to see us. If we have someone who’s popular, who people want to see. We get a good celebrity in 2020, we’re in the debates. We get someone like, I don’t know, people talk about Mark Cuban, I don’t know if he’s a libertarian. But whatever, someone like him, or Vince Vaughn, Kurt Russell, The Rock.

Granted, the real third party — the Greens — skipped out on the chance for Roseanne Barr, but it didn’t really work for the fourth party that ran her in 2012.

And trying to assess the large groupings of libertarian celebrities — I must say I must be missing the great public adoration and fanfare that will be driving Penn Jilette to the media firestorm he’s aiming for here — the other noted celebrity that pops to mind, Drew Carey, also falls flat.
I wonder, though.  Caitlyn Jenner.  I don’t know if she’s aptable to switch parties — she has been the most prominent trans-gendered Republican out there, and I don’t know if her transgendered politics squares with a libertarian stance which would, for instance, not want tax payer money going to any gender reassignment therapy and on to employee mandates and on or what her “small gummint” politics are otherwise — but I do know that she has voiced disgust at her party and Trump.  And she would do the best job in driving media attention — more so than Penn Jilette or Drew Carey.

And adding more fractures to a fractious Libertarian Party… and his approach to “alt right” “white nationalist” would be libertarians…

How can I turn you if I can’t talk to you? Come, even white nationalists, come. If I can turn you, I’ll turn you. My hero is that guy Daryl Davis. You know that guy? He’s one of my brothers who was out there trying to get KKK members to turn. And he keeps their hoods as a trophy. He’s turned like 44 of them in 30 years. That’s my hero.
The vast majority of those guys are not Nazis. They’re guys who are lost. There’s a couple guys who are Nazis; there’s always a couple of ringleaders. Those guys are never going to change, no matter what you do. But the big chunk of people who just think this is the right answer now? Turn them. That may take a month. That may take a year. It might take a hundred years. I don’t care …

Spoken like the true Reagan — Bush Republican turned Clinton Democrat turned Perot backer turned Naderite turned Obama supporter turned Libertarian hot shot … so I guess he knows.

Tempting fate here…

[Reason interviewer Matt Welch] So if someone says, “Hey, you know what? My version of libertarianism is I think people should be free to cluster, and I’m going to join a white nationalist community, and I’m going to be a member of the L.P. executive board”?
[Sharpe] Good luck. If you win the election, I’m fine with it. Look, remember something—in a libertarian society, you can have enclaves of socialists, enclaves of communists, as long as it’s voluntary when people try to leave.

After all… we all believe in Communes.

* Worth pointing out, whatever the connection to Chairman Mao, the action taking by the meowists described here is a productive and useful one.

peaches 2

Saturday, January 20th, 2018

A bumper sticker.  “Who Is John Galt?”  By it is another bumper sticker.  “Impeach the Asshole”.  (Or… something of the ilk.  Not the Trump identified “ITMFAA”).

It’s an interesting query, because we have the sticker id-ed as belonging to a Libertarian, whether he slides in as a “socially liberal Republican” (definition of s-l term probably shifted since the overall phrase was coined) type, and one who’d just as soon swallow up a de-regulatory parts of Trump with the tax-cut the bottom line for some form of support, or he views him as just as socialistic as all his predecessors, I don’t know.

It could be a bumper sticker message left over from previous administrations, and one in perpetuity, until and probably past the day a Libertarian gets elected… a message for the overall disaffected.

He’s (and probably a he) probably not at any Impeachment march today.