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quotes and quotes abound

Thursday, August 17th, 2017

I’m thinking of that quote from Howard Dean, mocked and pillored as it was as a tone deaf caricature from coastal elitists, that the Democratic Party oughta get the votes of those with confederate flag decals on their pick up trucks.  And indeed, we run right into that snippy Fran Lebowitz quote that she doesn’t care what Trump voters want, we know what they want, they want the Confederate Flag.

And I suppose we have that obvious equation on just how much, how steeped, how much of this adopted culture the party would tolerate as it patches some disparate parcels of America to a hoped for majority — you do understand Dean’s sentiment even as we run right against that problem.  The one figure in the 2016 Presidential field (such as it was) who’s expressed some cultural deference on the Confederate flag, Jim Webb, ran a less relevant campaign than Lincoln Chafee.

To move toward an ever more extreme variant, there’s a comment I saw spurring about on “who these bozo Klan members in White Sheets” were — something from an old kindly grandpa, somewhat more sympathetic than most will give as thought it were William Jennings Bryan at the 1924 Democratic Convention platform debate against denouncing the Klan by name (and channeling the spirit of Donald Trump over the past week) — “Just look at the shoes.”

And there we have the currently en vogue quote from Lyndon Johnson — “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.”

And sure.  Sure.  But now we come face to face with the images at that “Unite The Right” protest, and see… jackals… with nice clothing.  Their shoes are fine.  And so we have the much mocked commentary of “Imagine if they suffered any actual oppression — how long they would last.”

And to be a tad tone deaf — seeing that we had some Bernie or Buster Jill Stein voter who shot Republican Congress members at the Congressional baseball game — so I maybe a little unpopularly end up sliding the Hitlerite youth who drove his car into the counter-protesters from the literal neo-nazi lead group of protesters …

just like the ACLU does…

That oughta be good enough.  Like, I sometimes think the awful administration has its advantages — he’s lands as a standard Republican who’s problems on this score are making him ineffectual in passing policy and it was doubtful the Democrats could win both 2016 and 2020 and Hillary Clinton sucks and wouldn’t get much either and if you had to win one you’d want 2020 due to the same problem that greeted the Democrats redistricting wise that happened in 2010 …

But!  It is here with the equivocation on this mass that consider themselves Trump’s Shock Troops that you see a little bit of… why it matters.

fissures within movements

Sunday, August 13th, 2017

I’m sure you’re aware of that which is the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement.  But reading about, I’m wondering if there’s some fissure within the movement — on when and where we’d need to get going.

And I’m not speaking of this…

The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement seperates its followers into two groups, VHEMT Supporters and VHEMT Volunteers.
VHEMT Supporters agree that we need to stop breeding as humans are overpopulated, but do not agree we need to go as far as extinction. They believe we should all cease breeding until humans have reached a “sustainable” population. Meanwhile, VHEMT Volunteers see extinction as the only sure way to avoid breeding ourselves back to today’s density.

Anyways, I would argue that the “Population control”group is, by definition, not in the category of “Voluntary Human Extinction” advocating, even if their arguments coincide to a degree.

But go to this paragraph from the book American Nerd, by Benjamin Nugent, page 93…  Now we’re in the category of transhumanism, and negating the question of when a human dies off and when the robot takes its place…

…and it doesn’t even matter if Hans Moravac considers his “the machines are our progeny, and we shall be leaving them as our human forebears” thesis as parcel to “Voluntary Human Extinction”…

Would we have two groups of advocates for the cause… one when the fauna overtakes all human traces — see The World Without Us — and the other wanting to develop our machine progeny and needing to stave off environmental or nuclear catastrophe just long enough to get resilient or self-replicating machinery to dominate or at least hold sway on the planet?


who sells who to who?

Monday, July 31st, 2017


Gwenyth Paltrow — who, I guess you might consider a “limousine liberal”  — is selling the same crap as Alex Jones.

And so it is.

At the end of the article, writer Molly Young notes that she was surprised to discover that many of the same supplements peddled by Moon Juice and Goop are also sold by Alex Jones on his Infowars website. Instead of “Sex Dust,” he labels his “Super Female Vitality.”

This is some real “Skull and Bones” working two sides against the middle shit going on.  The snake oil sellers have us all coming and going!

Bacon has a recipe for strawberry milk with drops of colloidal silver in it; Alex Jones pushes tiny bottles of colloidal silver online for $19.95.

In the political realm (or at least the realm of politics I’ve paid some attention to, if no one else), colloidal silver is best known for turning Montana’s four time Libertarian candidate for things into a One Man Blue Man Group.

Perhaps the biggest difference between the two purveyors is context. Alex Jones sells his merchandise alongside tactical body armor and Trump shirts; Bacon sells hers next to chia pudding.

Perhaps the Trump shirts, in true “Skull and Bones” fashion (hey!  A Skull and Bones figure founded the National Review, and the Nation was originally funded by Skull and Bones figures!  And need I remind you of the 2004 presidential campaign?) and the tactical body armor and the chia pudding are all from the same Omnicorp organization?

the insult, and all

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017

I don’t think you can dismiss the Trump insult, obscure as it is, of Elizabeth Warren to Pocahontas too easily.  Or as easily as done here.  It is a little pointless, and the name game attached to the “issue” is Trumpian bluster.  Surreally, the last time Trump tossed it out, he did so in a very meta-manner as in “Here’s I thing I do!”, which if he were to follow up on his twitter page — might show a kind of evolution to keep the stale fresh.

And I half suspect a troll here.  Like, he was invited by Republican big-wigs to keep the issue out there circulating.  Or, maybe is like that gay Republican Presidential candidate who was running to tweak the Mormon church, ala Mitt Romney?

But there’s this thing where I’m thinking about this controversy — a man — Michael Derrick Hudson — adopted the nom de plume Yi-Fen Chou to have a better chance of getting into Sherman Alexei’s edited poetry collection.  My thought is simply that I hope the cost — that the public that detests this the most and thinks of it the worst — was worth it to Hudson; being he was already published it probably wasn’t.  But I can’t help but ponder this in relation to Elizabeth Warren’s quick insertion once upon a time as an Indian.  If she is planning on running for President, it will float out there…



nothing new to report about the man in the White House

Saturday, July 22nd, 2017

Oh.  Yeah.  The big gossip coming out of Washington.  And.  Wait.  Wait.  Brash talk from Donald Trump, assailing his key aides?  Like, we can’t see this in his history anywhere.
(He does have that bit of Lyndon Johnson doing important business with anyone he wants to powertrip over while doing important business by doing so while sitting on the toilet about him.)

It turned out to be a preview of even more cutting remarks Mr. Trump would make two days later in an interview with The New York Times: an extraordinary public expression of dissatisfaction with one of his top aides based on Mr. Sessions’s decision in March to recuse himself from the expanding federal investigation into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia.

Despite Mr. Trump’s avowal in the interview that he would not have picked Mr. Sessions if he had known he would recuse himself, Mr. Sessions said on Thursday that he intended to serve “as long as that is appropriate.” And a spokeswoman for Mr. Trump, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, tried to moderate her boss’s remarks, telling reporters later, “Clearly, he has confidence in him, or he would not be the attorney general.”

But even if Mr. Sessions remains in his job, the relationship between him and Mr. Trump — the Alabama lawyer and the Queens real estate developer, an odd couple bound by a shared conviction that illegal immigration is destroying America — is unlikely to ever be the same, according to a half-dozen people close to Mr. Trump. And this is not the typical Trump administration feud.

I can’t wait to see the National Enquirer dossier on Jeff Sessions any day now, and how Donald Trump is just “leading the charge” somehow, and a new demonization of Jeff Sessions to match that of everyone else.

Mr. Stone listed a chain of events Mr. Trump often ticks off against Mr. Sessions: Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein took over the Russia investigation after Mr. Sessions’s recusal, which led to the appointment of Robert S. Mueller III, a former F.B.I. director, as special counsel, which, in turn, led to irrepressible presidential rage.

“The president initially bonded with Sessions because he saw him as a tough guy,” said Mr. Stone, who has urged Mr. Sessions to investigate Obama-era officials instead of Trump campaign operatives. “Now he’s saying: ‘Where’s my tough guy? Why doesn’t he have my back?’”

There’s a lack of aggressiveness with Sessions, unless it involves chasing people for smoking pot,” he added, referring to the attorney general’s recent focus on marijuana offenses largely ignored under President Barack Obama.

Sure. Like you can’t see from his record what Session’s priorities as Attorney General would be.  But Wait.  Where does this lead Trump on the pot issue?  If Trump could get new appointee Tommy Chong (granted, not “tough” in any traditional definition of the term) to promise to do everything in his power to sweep away the “Russian mess”, would this end the Drug War?

Like, I want to get something out of the Trump mess, don’t you?

next up, last up

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

So, roughly.  Rand Paul and Mike Lee represent the “conservative dissenters” in the Grand Republican Party — of the trio that might toss in Ted Cruz were him to have decided to throw some “Why — this is just Obamacare Lite!’ commentary into the health care thingy.
Jerry Moran and Susan Collins represent the “Moderate” or whatever it is effect, with Dean Heller coming it as “Moderate by deign of facing a looming tough election”.

Pulling from two different directions against Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump.

John McCain’s health is the deus ex machina that ends this one.  And the President is, as he said he would be to, Trinity Broadcasting, deeply disappointed.

, and who now proposes a “Grand Blank Slate”.

I like this blank slate idea.  Maybe we can do it with everything that’s a complicated bureaucratic state — burn the flawed apparatus down and craft a new presumably less flawed being from scratch.  Call on the other party to “join in” because, hell — the something that will come out of it is better than a nothing, right?

from the director of…

Monday, July 17th, 2017

An ad in the Nation for a movie called “13 Minutes”.

Which reads “From the Director of “Downfall”.

[tap, tap, tap].

Quick.  Without looking it up.  What do you think the movie 13 Minutes concerns?

And is there any movie most people who have seen some of it have seen only exactly 2 minutes 10 seconds (or thereabouts) of?