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Nothing serious anymore

Monday, November 7th, 2022

I… Guess?

Cecily Strong used a bait-and-switch trick to deliver sharp commentary on abortion rights.

So goes a favorable review of an SNL bit at The Atlantic, here on the eve of a probable Republican midterm victory. I suppose on the Senate comes down to just what Schumer’s hot Mic gripe on things going south in Georgia meant — either we ought be beating this dumbass by a lot or damned if this dumb was ain’t winning — as too the question of if Fetterman’s debate off of his stroke put the screw in his hopes of bobbing above the partisan ticket against a different dumbass.

It is a doomed election, as always. To stare across the red dosed ad scape of the Democrats, apparently “Maga” has come to simply mean a policy difference over Abortion policies. And there can and shall be no truck on a hotly done issue which has been a voting matter for Trump’s voters long before he tried to spur, in various hap hazard but violent fashions, a false election victory and long before Russians put up weird Facebook pages.

So. The Saturday Night live bit. Very politically charged. And in no way comedic. It is a funny deal. I listen to the Babylon Bee podcast, which is a not great but good enough thingamajing. There has been an odd cottage industry of liberal column and tweets explaining in painstaking details why the comedy of the Babylon Bee is not funny. The explanations are often correct, and sometimes not. I was thinking of this video they produced on the troubles a liberal little league dad has in cheering on his son, Brandon. A funny premise, or funny enough — but the problem is it is essentially apolitical and the crew could not help but take partisan shots with essentially speeches against Biden. So, not funny. But at the end of it — who cares? The effect is that the funniest thing they do is read off overly mportant letters about why they are not funny.

As goes Saturday Night Live political commentary.

From fivethirtyeight the “three questions I still have”: Question 3: How much does candidate quality matter? Actually the question is… What is ” candidate quality”. This goes back to Trump, who in 2015 I pegged as the Republican both most likely to win and the Republican most likely to lose biggly. In the 2022 midterms, we have this scene of “Maga” Republicans who came in with assistance of Democratic ads slyly boosting them — some more conceptually defendable than others. In Arizona, they boosted Kari Lake, and then ran into the problem that her past as a tv news anchor makes her very media savvy as against their gray candidate. So goes a predictable point. They probably hit well with the majority of their “blare them in red” opposition picks, but a one size fits all analysis will drink them in places.

Besides which, this does undermine their “Democracy in Peril” message. But then, apparently the party cares more about Abortion.

Obama is in Pennsylvania, you say?

Saturday, November 5th, 2022

Headlines for Obama right now.

And then here’s Fox News. The first Fox News item for Obama, mind you.

I can only imagine OANN’s coverage.

banned in Europe

Saturday, November 5th, 2022

Hm. David Icke has been kicked out of Europe.

Icke wrote on his website that the move was an “extraordinary, over-the-top response” from “the Dutch fascist regime”.

i hate to say it, but the guy does have a point. He has been given the hecklers’ veto. And you know. The terminology here is kind of curious.

He had been expected to address a demonstration on Sunday by an anti-authority group. Law enforcement authorities have said the gathering will draw far-left counter-demonstrations and lead to public unrest.

An anti-authority group?

Question. Does anyone anywhere know anything about David Icke’s sports career? Like, what does his highlight reel look like? Was there a low point where a mistake of his cost a game? A redemptive arc where he came up strong and played the hero? I can’t even compare him to OJ Simpson on “sports career overshadowed by post career notoriety, because with OJ, I can do a quick survey for old (American) football fans to comment on how great his rushing plays looked. Maybe Brits have that one to themselves.


Friday, November 4th, 2022

Taking a quick dive into the not competitive in the least Senate races, and you can probably carbon copy something like this pile of positioning.

Boyd, however, remains optimistic. He said he feels enthusiasm for the ticket, and expressed hopes that Libertarian Senate candidate John Sophocleus can draw votes away from Britt. Boyd, pastor of a church in Florence, said he is the most qualified candidate in the race.

So goes Boyd in Alabama.

And so goes Kathy Salvi in Illinois.:

Salvi said in a Sun-Times interview last month, “I know that money is important, but I think I’m the right candidate at the right time with the right message against the right opponent. And I just think this is going to be a shocker this election, everything that I see points to success in November.”

New ad shift.

Thursday, November 3rd, 2022

Perhaps taking in the realpolitik criticism of her ads, the new “Drazan sucks! She’s a Maga Republican to the extreme” ad ends with everything visually in the blood red coating. I guess it is a bit of a Democratic party trope beneath the Biden Administration, off of his famed backdrop while decrying the “Ultra Maga” forces. But having already whiffed with a previous ad that ended with a flattering image of Drazan, it does seem a tad a whiplash.

So ends my “moot the ad and watch the visuals” observation on what the Tina Kotek campaign is spitting out.

Election 2022 — Utah saves Democracy

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2022

Glancing over at the election in Utah, which is maybe not all that interesting — Lee will win by double points — I am nonetheless curious on some dynamics. One is to stare at The New Republic headline, “How Utah’s Democrats Decided to Desert their Party to Save Democracy”. Do I waste a free link to read it (maybe read the print edition in the library). I assume and hope it is a behind the scenes internal party fight scene on the deliberations that lead to the move, but I am stuck on the query. Mike Lee — a guy you disagree with, who broadly agreed with President Trump but had differences, elected. Re-elected. Message: Democracy imperialed. Maybe the matter is that the Democrats chose to go with a guy with more mass appeal than previous figures who got stomped by many many tens of percentages — some rich guy who paid his own way, and some Lesbian activist — helps democratic process.

Jon Huntsman endorses Lee. He now finds himself off the anti-Trump Republican sideshow, as simultaneously broadest defined and narrowest defined — the small group of former Republicans who have taken in the whole of the Democratic platform while they were at it in defining Trumpism as including all of that Republican platform they theoretically once supported or tolerated.

I do not really care one way or the other how Mitt Romney chimes in or doesn’t, and think he can do so in whatever way and retain a basic political integrity and consistency. But this is apparently a parlor game of speculation and headlines by Deseret News and Utah media and politico honchos, headlines blaring.

I trust once this experiment vanishes, the Democrats can go back to losing with Democrats by thirty and forty points. They do have the mayor of Salt Lake City and usually a congress-critter. Beyond that, gadfly buzzing is a decent role.

A week to total victory

Tuesday, November 1st, 2022

Diane Sare Down the Home Stretch

WILL This guy swing Diane Sare to victory???? TIL that there’s still a (somewhat) active LaRouche party in New York. Might have to throw them a vote just so they’ll feel supported and keep going. Political malpractice not reaching out to me his constituency. Instead they run into the roadblock of this sentiment — LaRouche gives me diarrhea. — in front of Schumer’s office.

Fun fact! The Larouche Movement campaigned for John Kerry in the 2004 general election of 2004, Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic Primary season, and Martin O’Malley leading up to the 2016 Democratic Primaries.

Fun fact! Lyndon Larouche pillories and pours nothing but scorn on Franklin Roosevelt and John Kennedy in the book The Curious Case of Walter Lippmann.

Point: Almost all of the people quote-mining LaRouche for naughty screenshots today voted for Jim Crow Joe Biden exactly two years ago. Counterpoint: says Larouchie at every corner — Lyndon LaRouche who understood the enemy like no other has never ever been wrong!! Says no one anywhere ever: “Joseph Biden has never ever been wrong.”

Point: Selling Sare and “Maga Communism“. I like how there’s only 4 people not with the LaRouche movement pictured and the one that passed the booth can be seen keeping a wide girth. Counterpoint: Beto O’Rourke has a crowd.

Chuck Schumer’s staff has to walk past this. And — What is this JFK/ NASA Larouche position ? I know it has to be crazy. Trying to sell space program and eulogize a man he called a Nazi in the 1970s.

In the grand LaRouche tradition, Sare is campaigning on a couple decent ideas and then some unhinged shit, including collabing w/ Russia to “stabilize” the world (lmfao), constructing a “world land bridge,” and rejecting the “pagan cult of earth-worshipping environmentalism”. I’m not going to write a whole treatise here because I have better things to do but damn can we get some better independent candidates in this country? oh yeah and she’s a M@G@ grrl. (Betsy Johnson us my choice for Oregon governor. You should have gone for Gary Johnson more in 2016, alienated Republicans who can’t vote Democrat.)

Hmmm, very interesting that the so called “tolerant left” doesn’t want to debate me, the schizophrenic on the street corner, about the pressing issue of Jew mind control and the Vivaldi frequency.

Oh look, they have a sign studded van.

Larouche candidate Diane Sare has a sound truck blasting its message to the residents of Astoria while what do we get from Chuck Schumer? Crickets. Makes you wonder if the Democrats even want to win.

Desperate to get on Jimmy Dore.

I saw a LaRouche van in the wild today. Like in real life. In my home town. Fascism by its own name is back on the menu. Masks are flying off these hitlerium-breathing white suburbanites.

I voted this morning and I did not realize the LaRouche Party actually was on the New York ballot this year. They are running a senate candidate against Schumer. Like being haunted by ghosts of lunatics past.

Geoffrey Young Distances Himself

Geoffrey Young supporters are annoyed: We in the Young campaign want to abolish the CIA. We have very little interest in Lyndon LaRouche. In fact, that people still consider him relevant is one of the big surprises of this campaign, right up there with MAGA communism. The question shows up: Before I let you go, let me ask one thing, do you, as the Field Director of the Young campaign, endorse or disown the support you have received from LaRouche actors? Short answer, no.

Geoffrey Young speaks: I have absolutely no idea why @Burke4Senate would promote such insane population growth, which is 10 times more insane than Lyndon LaRouche’s suggested number. I don’t even want to speculate why.

And on! I’ve never met a LaRouchite, a MAGAcommunist, or a Mitch McConnell Republican who knows anything whatsoever about energy. Literally everything they “know” about energy is wrong. I worked for Kentucky’s Energy & Environment Cabinet 15 yrs

So. The line”he’s a Larouche cultist” ceases to be right. Gadfly podcasters maybe somewhere near right on this a month back, but not now. But nobody ever cares about precision. He can’t escape his associating.

And this rhymes: With Young’s own party adopting a hands-off approach to his candidacy, incumbent Republican Andy Barr has opted to stick with a campaign of uppbeat ads and did not appear on the program alongside the unorthodox candidate.Andy Barr, by chickening out, refusing to be here tonight, I think that speaks poorly about him,” Young responded.

Then there’s this: Unlike virtually every Democrat in America, I have proposed a solution that might actually work: to impeach the six corrupt, woman-hating, Constitution-shredding, Republican, partisan hacks on the US Supreme Court who overturned the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.

Mindy Pechenuk going places

LPAC is running Mindy Pechenuk in California… And it goes.

And the selfish reason the Incumbent may want to go ahead and debate the dining room table. “Even more, Bonta could finally have Assembly-level debate experience. She hasn’t won an Assembly seat outright just yet. She won a special election, but not a general election. And that special election last year in the run-off? She only squeaked by with 56% of the vote. A debate could really help her here, especially if she is thinking of a higher office in the future.”

Not a good sign for lpac:

No follow through on tweet.

CORY BOOKER Kicking Larouchie ASS!

I have no opinion on Senator Cory Booker, but here he is kicking some Larouchie ass!

So tweets Jeff Stein: EXCLUSIVE: The Russian government is making false claims about Tucker Carlson being placed on a Ukrainian kill list. The misinformation originated from a Senate candidate for the “LaRouche was Right Party” – and an embarrassing mistake by etc.

Curious. It is not difficult for me to see in the middle future my opinion on US involvement with Ukraine align solidly with policy preferences of the Larouche movements. A difference may be I would have zero illusions on Putin’s government and the nature of any territorial gains, which only underscores that they will have to lay it on thick to remain noxious by design. See this tweeting display by “space larouche”. The glib responses on Russian bombings of Ukraine can be described as glib.

Your organization changes its line every time the leadership decides. They stand for nothing other than whatever the leaders dictate. Here’s Lyndon LaRouche predicting nuclear war by the end of 1977. According to them, they were the ones who staved it off. And today? The beat goes on. If we don’t die in nuclear war I am giving JosBTrigga and Noggatone a significant share of the credit.

Cultural Concerns

#Magacommunism and larouchianism are such an odd match. LaRouche is culturally all about listening to Beethoven and admiring Renaissance paintings, and MAGA is culturally into Kid Rock and Michael Bay. If MAGAS only knew what L’Rouche thought about their favorite entertainment.

My beef with the Larouche people is that they want us to sing German High Church Lutheran Hymnals when we have American Sacred Harp, which is not only better musically, but simultaneously more avant-garde & humble/primitive. I don’t give a shit about “High European Culture.”

Future Elections

A theory: I think they building for a People’s Party run in the case of Jimmy Dore, who the fuck knows with the LaRouchies but they seem to have some cash behind them, Tulsi maybe even getting ready to jump on a Elon Musk for President campaign… It’s the 1936 Union Party bid of William Lemke all over again!

Internal DSA politics. Strife.


A LaRouche-ite once told me I was being too objective for asking if LaRouche had any platform other than economics.

I disagree. Everyone is well aware the country is full of foaming nitwits.

Point: Dude I remember hearing about LaRouche back in my early 20’s also, it sounded catchy. Funny its always young kids pushing LaRouche, nearly 20 years later and its still kids I see following him, rarely adults. Interesting. Counterpoint: I have the opposite problem. My anglophile mother warned me away from him as a kid. I’m only discovering him now and I have to say he is based AF

Ahhh, I remember meeting Lyndon LaRouche in Madison, 1973. He convinced my best friend to give him her trust fund & to quit school to work for “The Org.” Her mother rescued her from the NCLC cult 9 years later. #WakeUp#StopTheToxicBS

I remember when the only time i would see larouche cultists would be walking past their table at the post office. they always had a picture of whatever president was in office with a hitler mustache. now, thanks to modern technology, i can show them fun pictures too! if i can get one larouche cultist to look at pigpoopballs, i consider that a win.

I remember scoffing at the Lyndon Larouche and John Birch types inside of the Times Square and 34th street subway station. They’ve always been here.

When I was young and lost and depressed in my early twenties, I feel in with some LaRouche-ites, having no idea who or what they were, and it was quite an education in wild ass weirdos for a week or two. went to like two meetings and was immediately weirded out by like the seemingly normie Democratic exterior but the bugfuck weird shit they actually talked about and seemed to believe it. Big ass cult vibes but like if the Cult were all unitarians. Just bizarre stuff. They were able to bottle up the obvious crazy for a while, and I wasn’t in my right mind at the time, but boy howdy when it came out, it came out

There was a really awkward moment here in Virginia in 1994 when the LaRouche guys all became diehard “Re-Elect Chuck Robb” guys because they all believed weird conspiracy theories about Oliver North (aside from the actual conspiracies North did in real life)

When I was in college, there was a LaRouchies had a regular table outside the student union. My Dad told me to ask them why LaRouche went to jail for mail fraud. When I did, they corrected me that he went to jail for *conspiracy to commit mail fraud*. I remember a LaRouchie telling me about how the Queen of England, the Rothschilds, and Barack Obama were conspiring to seize control of the world’s water supply through satellites or something, and the solution was to reinstitute Glass-Steagall.

I forgot about the Larouche people. I haven’t seen them in a while but they used to like to have groups outside post offices on Long Island handing out crazy conspiracy flyers

I remember the LaRouche 2004 campaign mingling in anti-war circles in CA. Nobody talked to them. Even the fringey left – Peace & Freedom Party people, self-described Marxist-Leninists, etc – thought they were nuts.

I interned for a congressman in college and we hosted a town hall with multiple LaRouche plants in the audience.

larouchies…takes me back. in the same way itching takes me back to having chicken pox as a kid

I once, foolishly, tried to engage with a LaRouche critter… the man would only sing his responses to me. It was perplexing to hear crazy LaRouche stuff sung… in poetic verse. I don’t have much of a singing voice. And was a bit perplexed by the whole episode at the time. The LaRouche folks are a weird bunch. I’ve driven by and seen the old compound in Leesburg, Virginia. Strange place.

I got in an argument with LaRouche twits when I was in high school. They harassed people in the line that went out the door. “You’re at the DMV, idiots. No one is happy here. You aren’t helping. If you don’t want to be told to fuck off, set up shop elsewhere.”

Omfg so LaRouche folks story—back in 04 they tried to recruit me on campus, and I was a sarcastic college student, so I faked along. They tried to get me to invent my ow math, then screamed at me when I mentioned Newtonian geometry. Nothing about those folks is ok to ally with. But I have never forgotten the title of their pamphlet “Children of Satan II: the Beast Man” with a picture of Dick Cheney. Just bc we both hated that war criminal doesn’t make us allies, even if that is a damn good title.

I’ve seen LaRouchites outside the Farmingville Stop and Shop (my mom signed the petition to get Sare oj the ballot not knowing who she was, she gave me the campaign bookmark and I was shocked when it said LaRouche Independent, I still have that bookmark but fuck LaRouche)

They used to be at a lot of subway stations trying to peddle their literature. They loved picking fights with people and they knew they were alienating 99.9% of the public, but they were only really after the .1% who were susceptible to their messages.

I remember when I was in grade school starting to get my worldview changed from the Establishment/Juice narrative when I came across a few issues of LaRouche’s magazine. I got already turned off a bit and felt something was wrong when they blamed Venice as you stated.

I spent a couple days in the Seattle LaRouche cult house. Might have stayed but they insisted I be in their choir.

In 2017 I was being courted by a few of these Tankie dumb-dumb left pundits to join their org. I was still naive to the degree to which they tried to infect the Bernie left. Very quickly distanced myself but their events are FULL of people from the LaRouche cult.

when I was in Seattle in the 2000s the larouchies all wore nondescript gray and olive colored clothing. I was impressed by the consistency of their drabness.

As I walk in the tunnels below the Commerce Tower, I’m reminded of 2010, when LaRouchies would hand out fliers that had Obama with a H*tler mustache on them. One of those folks was nearly the Democratic nominee for the Senate in 2014. And she won a congressional nomination the two prior cycles.

Anybody who has done one on the ground event should already be familiar with the very basics of the LaRouche group, that it’s very well funded, behaves like a cult where all the members seem like robotic aggressive lemmings with brain transplants and often spread horrible ideas. I’m not sure. I met them at a bookstore in Madison WI and moved on from the conversation as soon as I deduced they were Larouche heads

Years ago, a college friend of mine took it into his head to quiz the Fruit of Islam guys peddling The Final Call in front of the Starbucks (next to the Larouchies). IIRC, the response was an incoherent lecture trying to explain that the core point was the prefix ‘semi‘.

I associate larouche with older guy who would smoke weed with me & my like 9/11 truther bush era leftist teen friends & he’d just be like “have you looked into the queen of England? Beethoven?” & even we were like “?” Can’t imagine ppl born after 1980 being into it and yet & yet


You used to see them everywhere even though there were never many of them. Between LaRouche dying in 2019 and the pandemic they seemed to disappear.


Well, I think the question of Bill Clinton is sometimes confused. Bill was framed,” Lyndon LaRouche replied. “And he was framed by the Queen of England.” (Shilpa Jindia Mother Jones)

first time I saw a LaRouche text was in 1997 or 1998, documenting an article about Oklahoma bombings, but I never paid much attention to him (much less than, say, LaHaye or Kaczynski).

it’s kinda crazy that lyndon larouche invented being terminally online whole decades before the advent of the internet

1985 Ukraine

Uh. Huh.

Q: how do larouche freaks cope with china heavily investing in green energy and ecology lol. A: play “Let’s Pretend”.

If my neighbor had any opinion on Larouche I would fear for my life

That would impede on my stance that LaRouche was a real person and not some sort of collective hallucination.

American Communist History — a black eye for the Larouche Movements that they will never live down.

one of them “larouche – obama” voters. Note: it would have had to have been the primary for a larouche vote — Larouche endorsed Kerry in the general.

Milton William Cooper was talking about how 9/11 was a false flag attack on his live radio while the attacks were still happening.

Sigh. This is a good beginning and nice summary. The roots of Q were there for decades in the Satanic panic and with the help of Lyndon Larouche. Nazis have been central to UFO lore since the 50s. 9/11 truth was the most successful foray of conspiracy into leftist spaces. Watergate counts, but I suppose the true leftist view on that is Nixon didn’t do anything anyone else did. CIA funding of various crap seems like a “successful” “foray” into “leftist” “spaces”.

Lyndon Larouche’s parents sent him to Quaker summer camp to organize the other kids against the camp counselors, who his parents believed to be Bolsheviks.

Wrong! It’s really interesting that it was Lyndon LaRouche that mainstreamed the TriLateral Commission conspiracy theory as part of the whole Globalist thing because originally it was George HW Bush most tarred with being a Trilateralist. Carter was the original trilateral boogeyman. Also the Bircher’s had as much to do with anything. And… The Trilateralists are, by definition, a conspiring group.

Try as I might, I can’t unremember when he was the only Democrat who took the Cheney threat seriously. Was there no serious threat there?

it’s the really shitty timeline where larouche’s machine somehow manages to get control of enough state parties in red states to win the 1992 dem presidential nomination and there’s a great depression 2.0 and jerry brown also runs as an independent and god is dead and

LaRouche’s anti second law of thermodynamics, appeared on Bergson’s work ealier, which is arguably the root of the time-reversal thing


is it supposed to surprise us that the same ladder climbing fraudalent anti-imperialists who already act like feds and seem to do everything out of a psyop playbook are telling us not to worry about the LaRouche pac?

We have the same problem with the Larouche *paid* people glomming onto Assange street actions – creepily attending with their clipboards to collect signatures for their mailing lists. We invited the LaRouche people to attend our actions if they would be willing to help us hand out literature on Assange (not their literature). We never saw them again. See too: They’re too crazy paranoid! I was organizing a rally for Assange with John Shipton speaking. Larouchies showed up. I was going around with a clip-board to get peoples contact information for our email list. I went to this one Larouchie woman and she freaked out. “Good God no!”


Mapping MAGA Communism: and, is this a reach out to the 3 Percenters?

Huh. Also LaRouche was a trot, where as Stalin literally made it illegal to be anti-semitic, punishable by death. The Twitter left. Stalinists, actual Stalinists. Yeah, well, Stalin’s last hurrah was this.

Larouche people despite being obsessed with expanding total population numbers have hitched their wagons to probably the two countries with the most acute case of population collapse in Russia and China

It annoys me that Tom Gillesberg from the Schiller Institute is only going to the polls to stop NATO’s wars, and thus has effectively shelved the idea of ??harvesting Helium-3 from the shadow side of the moon. He has lost his edge after Larouche died. Sad.

Redefinitions everywhere: I’ve never associated LaRouche with communism. What am I missing? I thought LaRouche was in the American System of Political Economy camp.

Stalinist Libertarian?

Out in Texas: LaRouche. Like herpes, never seems to go away.

I’m a little jealous that this third-rate hack gets to see the inside of the LaRouche cult compound, as someone whose morbid LaRouche fascination now dates back two decades, I’d kind of love to experience that. thanks–sadly, unlikely to happen since the head of LaRouche’s Schiller Institute blocked me after I made fun of him once, which is extra unfortunate cuz as a supporter of Lysenkoism & colonizing the moon, I really am a good fit

This is BüSo, formerly EAP, long led by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, wife of American right-wing extremist Lyndon LaRouche. This group has existed since the early 1980s. A political sect. Every interaction is certainly completely in vain. Use your time differently! BüSo? Former European Workers’ Party – Lyndon B. Larouche “The KGB and the Queen want to destroy western culture through rock music!” ca. 1987…once disturbed, always disturbed.

It’s been some years since I’ve strolled down Bruin Walk, but you should know that on his left is a LaRouche guy and on his right is a flat earther, and no one other than the guy he paid to take this picture will talk to him

Burke encounters Ukrainians, thinks they’re plants.

Paging Cynthia McKinney. Paging Donald Trump. Paging Tulsi Gabbard. All worth a shot — they gnabbed Jimmy Dore.

Here comes Hinkle! I can’t really think of worse reasons for reaching NYC than serving as the face of the next generation of weird fringe LaRouche-cult conspiracy theorists, but hey, enjoy the old men with their mimeographed pamphlets about railroads on the moon or whatever, they’re your people now. Yeah, but Jackson Hinkle is standing there.

Running in Germany.

Nicholas C. Kockler and a letter.

“New Deal Conservative” (sounds on the up and up) praises the edge lords of the Libertarian Party’s Mises Caucus, and urges them to check out Larouche. And… I looked a little into him to see he is a former Marxist who is still a Globalist. LaRouche’s theory saw himself & his followers as becoming “organic intellectuals” where instead of the working class being able to rule we would be led by elite intellectuals such as himself.

Everybody needs somebody sometimes… The fact is that the Neolarouchites are unfamiliar with his body of work,& are mainly aligning with the Schiller Institute because the CPUSA has rejected them & the CPI fell apart (coincidentally, Daniel Burke is in the DMs of ever person involved in the CPI takedown lol). …. … … They (Daniel/LaRouche org) were behind the CPI takedown according to an account that doesn’t know they are being watched, because they felt Caleb’s behavior was becoming a risk. The accusations were legitimate.

That Vega Crashing

An issue that needs addressing: empty seats. Routine town hall meetings are not campaign rallies. We are just off of space larouche chord long at Beto’s claim of huge crowds — pointing that these things are ginned. If AOC needed a photo op instead of her “chat with constituents” (which bring in its share of crazies and single issuers), she would have done so.

Headline: AOC Town Hall Discusses Asylum Seekers, War in Ukraine and Post Office. Before Fox News picked up and ran with the Vega video — to suggest “former supporters turning on her”, the asylum seeker issues got some press mention. The post office situation (where she has the most amount of influence) remains uncovered.

Hannity and Beck pick it up, and so comes a flashback to Rachel Brown with Barney Frank. Pajama Media slides in with supposed disaffected supporters line. Hot Air had to make correction to “Larouche supporters”, in a fit of honesty.

The name drpped, Tulsi Gabbard, endorses Don Buldoc who is… Something other than anti-war.

Boebert makes a partisan supposed jab. Wrong about “rare occasion”. Some feedback: One crazy Larouche follower is all that you are seeing.

Jose Vega yells at Alexandria O Cortez. This has meaning. Surely. We’ve been here before: Also, these aren’t “protestors” per se. They are LaRouche people: they are protesters. They are Larouche Protesters.

Best comment for breitbart video: All these kids losing their minds over this WWIII theater. I was born, raised, and grew up in the cold war era, everyday was potentially the last day. But we didn’t behave like shrieking Nancy’s over it, even though it went on for decades. Fekin amateur’s : D.

Here’s a take! Fans of former Democratic presidential nominee Tulsi Gabbard were seen shouting and argu..

Helga Zepp-LaRouche is an incredibly Pynchon name.

And this turns into a promotion for their boat show.

I am very sorry that we don’t want to be conquered by nuclear mafia fascist state. Address this to Russia, it’s their war of choice

The only ones threatening the use of nuclear weapons are Russia.

Hi Jose, Fox News – did you film this? If so, can we have permission to use on Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network, Fox Nation, Fox Weather and all Fox News Edge affiliates across all platforms until further notice with courtesy to you? Do we need anyone else’s permission?

i see that the larouche people continue to make bizarre spectacles out of town halls even after his death

Hot Air had to do retraction from “far left” to “Larouche”.

14yrs ago, when I’d newly gotten internet & was heavy into Zeitgeist, going thru an InfoWars conspiracy theory kinda phase (more fascinated & intrigued than tru believer) I stumbled on this LaRouche PAC vid — & even then I was like at all the antisemitic dog-whistles

Sure, Greenwald — never a fan of AOC’s, but she had to learn I guess. The defense line on AOC to differentiate her claim vs Larouchies: it’s fine to bird dog a politician but silly to expect if you are bird-dogging one that they will engage you in a measured debate. that’s not the point of the tactic! but also not surprising that the LaRouchies wouldn’t understand this

interesting, well in that case it makes more sense. the Larouche PAC is a cult of people trained to act like confrontational assholes who largely have unoriginal and regurgitated ideas, matches up pretty well with Tulsi (cue reminder of two separate groups, if anyone cares.)

Epoch Times, huh? The big opponents of Chinese communism abroad and supporters of MAGA here.

You don’t actually have to debate the guy on the corner handing out Lyndon LaRouche pamphlets that’s ranting about banks and British domination” is one of my stock lines about the marketplace of ideas.

Hopefully Jose won’t eventually break with the LaRouche cult and “crossover” a busy highway in the middle of the night the way Jeremiah Duggan did.

in The Road to Unfreedom, notes that LaRouche was one of the two main vectors of entry of Russian propaganda into the American far right. Looks like that continues.

These were LaRouche folks shouting their brand of nonsense over the questions of a constituent asking a question. It doesn’t seem like AOC can even hear what they are saying. Please don’t pretend they were doing anything useful. They were just grandstanding.

The ‘pacifists’ who scolded Ocasio-Cortez yesterday are followers of the historical fascist conspiracy theorist Lyndon LaRouche. His speech interspersed with praise for Tulsi Gabbard, a former Democratic congresswoman known for her appreciation of tyrants Narendra Modi and Bashar al-Assad. Human waste.

Cyenk Uygur chimes in. Anyone who believes those schmucks who disrupted an @AOC event are “peace activists” is so unbelievably gullible. If you believe AOC supports nuclear war because Putin theratened one – and she’s opposed to him – you have serious cognitive disabilities. Those guys were 100% fake. Responses get interesting: Those “activists” are just Tulsi/Dore clown right-wing tools.

Theory: After RT and the like got hammered at the start of the invasion, I imagine that Russia shifted their funding to other projects. LaRouche would make sense in terms of where to send money to.

To AOC: [Posts intense screed about how AOC has betrayed me, the working class, and the entire LaRouche movement.]

Yves Engler tries in Ottawa.

A bad take: I’d be a bit embarrassed to have the same position as Larouche, not to mention the far-right Putin regime. That’s just me though. No matter your slate of opinions, you will be agreement with Larouchies on something. 1. LaRouche cult members”? What? Is it 1986 again? 2. kinda

I read on Twitter that LaRouche is immune to aging, and he faked his death so he could continue to battle the Trilateral Commission and the shadowy forces who would poison our precious bodily fluids with fluoridated water.

And 1 Right, because Putin is freaking out about the possibility of using his nukes. And 2 It’s genuinely not something he wants to do.

Extreme-right nationalists are everywhere, including most of Europe. Ukraine may indeed have a extreme-right problem. It definitely has a “fighting for its existence against an invading foreign dictator” problem.

AOC will regret mentioning Larouche. She would have been better off not mentioning him. The more people make Larouche a household name, the closer he is to being exonerated. All that was brought up to smear him is lies and will be exposed.

Maybe AOC thinks those anti-establishment LaRouche cult members need a good dose of smart contract enforced anti-psychotic meds to calm them down a little, medicate them into being not so rude when the predator class casually discusses nuking a few million people into oblivion. This Predator class consists of Vladimir Putin.

AND here we go again: I bet the guys confronting AOC in that viral video were LaRouche PAC. They have done it before. Yes and no. Yes and no.

Exonerate Larouche? How about you go to therapy instead

More protesters. The legacy of this “shouting at AOC” is that now on, hecklers will be named Larouchies, even when they are not. The answer to this is no. Conspiracy-mongering Lyndon LaRouche-style clowns who oppose a random collection of things that annoy them, and then do their best to annoy everyone else. Their focus on trans-genderism throws them out as not shouting against Ukrainian Nazis launching WW3.

hot girls for lyndon larouche just doesn’t have the same ring

These do not appear to be Larouche protesters, but I can ditto A sentiment that — yeah, she has handled her disruptors pretty well, in the manner in which you would want a politician to (finest moments by would be with the “Eat the babies” lady). I guess she could follow the Barney Frank “give a quip” model, but it does not seem warranted.

Association with the Larouche cult is a liability, a ticking time bomb equivalent to allowing US terrorist biolabs to proliferate in one’s borders. It indicates deep corruption, and a massive vulnerability to all sorts of ideological sabotage and blackmail we are seeing play out. They kind of state as much.

Excited for the 2028 election with a DSA candidate (Vaush- and Greater PNW Polyam Commune-endorsed), a CPUSA candidate (Neo LaRouche- and TPUSA-endorsed), a Dem candidate (AIPAC-endorsed) and a GOP candidate (Neo LaRouche-, Black Israelite- and AIPAC-endorsed)

In Dave Weigel’s defense, they are protests.

More Results

A letter from the Progressive Caucus — Yeah, read the letter: there’s absolutely no there there. Given that all of them are in support of continued funding it just seems like a weird, poorly timed PR sop to the LaRouche crowd.

They took it as such.

That’s odd, I was assured by the reanimated corpse of Lyndon Larouche that AOC was a Drudkh-listening Banderite who was personally responsible for goading poor innocent Vladimir Putin into a war he didn’t want

Infared morons posting video of themselves being LaRouche style wreckers probably isn’t the own they think it is.

Daniel Burke wants to know: What the hell are you going to do to prevent the thermonuclear Holocaust that our government is setting up?

Gillibrand responds: In response to the substance of their questions, which a third audience member raised at the end of the town hall, Gillibrand said she shared their concern about the threat of nuclear war, and disputed Sare’s characterization of the Ukrainian Center for Countering Disinformation’s list. “Russia does have significant military and nuclear capability, which we have deep concerns about,” she said.

Ilhan Omar is mostly just bored. I am amazed at the nerve that some people have to not be upset with the country literally waging war, but at the country defending itself and those helping them do that. I was even told by one of these people tonight, “it’s America that started the Russia war”, seriously wtf.

Meehaps: To be clear, this isn’t a defense of the LaRouche CIA neo-Nazi goons. They are presenting the Progressives with a very convenient way to remain pro-war and thus preserve the Empire they run cover for between elections.


If he LaRouche clowns at AOC’s town hall were any indication, I seriously doubt these people were her constituents in her district. But even so, she’s right-they don’t get to order her how to vote. They get to BITCH, MOAN and if it’s bad enough, VOTE HER OUT NEXT TIME over it. Literally the same people. Do the math: New Yorj, Minnesota.

Diane Sare makes OAN.

Another group of Larouchies shouting completely baseless claims about a Ukrainian dirty bomb at members of Congress – here’s the same Bill Ferguson speaking at a looney bin.

I hate how the LaRouche cultists are the ones confronting politicians. Ted Cruz eating dinner. Jeff Flake in an elevator.


The Larouchies shout at Obama in Michigan. When talking about political violence against the husband of the Speaker of the House. A good way of tangling your message up.

Maybe Russia TV will clean it up for them.

LaRouche cult dorks trying to make any claim will always have the opposite effect, you weirdo fascist dweeb.

The 2016 Green Party vice presidential candidate is in accord. As too Code Pink.

LaRouchites coming full circle. Their concern trolling about neo-Nazis in Ukraine has always been about the “Obama-Hitler Slur

remember the time Lyndon LaRouche worked with the leaders of the OUN-B for decades to help the World Anticommunist League and to fight against DoJ investigations into Nazis the US brought over during Paperclip

Tell us about your plans for nuclear war with Russia,” she shouted. Hm. Are they doing that “Actually in charge, Cheney” thing with Obama now?

Jack Posobiec picks it up. As though it is anything but noise.

The Review of the Rolling Stones Shin-dig

Watching “defeat green fascism” LaRouche thing and it is starting with serious cringe. Piano and singing “he’s got the whole world in his hands.” Worse than I ever could have imagined. Sounds like there are two people there. They promised a boat but you can clearly see they are in a building next to another building. Helga LaRouche is in front of a bad green screen, which has that weird culty talking head vibe. Very weird disembodied uncanny valley look.

Jackson Hinkle enters. Caleb Maupin pops in.

Curious, the Larouchies apparently took with a straight face the line that Trump is coming.

It’s actually really funny that Lyndon LaRouche managed to build his cult organization into a multi-national intelligence apparatus that had actual government connections in the 80s and his German wife’s strategy to keep it going was recruiting a bunch of YouTube streamers lol

I just spent over six hours watching what looked to my eyes a whole lot like a cult recruitment meeting, and my brain is absolutely fried. […]. Whether they know it or not, our “heterodox anti-imperialist” speakers in this video are just bait, and the LaRouchites are all laser focused on bringing their fans into the fold. Flattering them as the next world leaders, terrifying them with endless visions of the coming left-wing dystopia, levelling thinly veiled attacks against Marxism, bragging about LaRouche’s great achievements and warding off cult accusations, and ultimately, yes — asking them to donate and asking them to join.

It’s like a History Channel Ancient Aliens telling of LaRouche meets a Shark Tank style competition to replace him with the production quality of a family filmed dance recital from 1995.

Crumps got turned away from the LaRouche conference for being an agent of the Queen. He attempted to traffick drugs and taint the purity of the attendees. Apparently he had pot on him. I care less about his attendance or lack thereof, but it is fodder for this and The fight is on! The attempts of the LaRouche Movement to silence me and Mike Crumplar have pushed me into the open arms of the Aristotelians — Daniel Burke’s attacks on our freedom have left me with no choice but to oppose the Eurasian Land Bridge and the 432 Hz tuning pitch. That’s what Daniel Burke has coming for starting this a blocked tweet / kill list! Anyway, his side of the story is the first paragraph here. See if things develop.

What are you major achievements other than proclaiming “MAGACOMMUNISM is inevitable?” I was promised Haz’s vid would get millions of views. He promised his Larouche-cock-sucka-thon today would “change the world.” Well?

I tried watching this today, I swear, but didn’t have the resolve to make it through more than a few minutes at a time. Gumby has the highlights on the hilarious LaRouche conference today.

Textbook cult rhetoric at the LaRouche / “MAGA Tankie” meeting over the weekend. “You don’t have a right to an opinion” isn’t just anti-worker elitism – it’s laying the basis for cult discipline.

I will be giving a talk entitled The Right Deviation Tendency in the American LaRouche Movement: Logo Daedalus and His Consequences at the Schiller Institute Conference later today.

They claim their concept of a “World Land-Bridge”, their Stairway to Heaven, will bring Jesus back. Seems ol’ LaRouche took Jimmy Page too seriously.

Comrade Xiangyu — whose comrade?

I have what might be a false memory of seeing a really, really poorly photoshopped poster for the event on the streets of nyc but I can’t find it in my camera roll if schiller needs someone halfway decent at canva they should call me

I’ve been obsessed with the LaRouche cult for 20+ years now (used to argue with them all the time in L.A., 2002-5ish) & seriously considered attending & trying to pitch a piece somewhere covering it, but was mostly thwarted by my inability to get out of bed before noon. have actually been watching parts of it piecemeal online, and it’s as deranged and unintelligible as one would expect, from the worthless streaming bros to the choirs and singing

Gadfly Podcast reviews.

I can’t even take the full 15 minutes. But the moments I chanced on, in order of hilarity: 1 the LaRouche widow’s stereotypical Colonel Klink accent 2 Star Wars! Not the movie, but Reagan’s boondoggle/LaRouche’s “vision” 3 Hinkle complaining that his relatives think he’s nuts

ya the Larouche conference was a real W for ya…i heard your gonna speak at Fuentes’ AFPACIIII after Paul Gosar and Andrew Torba’s “protocols of elders of zion” lecture next year…is that true? (since you already stream on his nazi site you must be close?)

LAROUCHIES: Adolf Obama’s climate rhetoric is part of his plan to murder all of us and give our blood to his British-Jewish overlords POPULISTS: You have to hand it to them, they’re right about Obama being responsible for murder. reminiscent of the 2000s when an anti war rally would have a LaRouchite really hype the crowd on doing a citizens arrest of Dick Cheney, but then a sharp turn to the Rothschilds and fetus harvesting. I’m trying to remember if there was a “we need to work with the LaRouchies” discourse in 2005 and I just don’t think anyone was that ridiculous. a couple mainstream figures like Dennis Kucinich and some of the Pacifica Radio types did get a little swept into the LaRouche “impeach Dick Cheney” signature gathering effort, but it didn’t seem to evoke LaRouche politics or see them as a separate political movement.

Brain dump filed under “I unfortunately know about this so now you have to as well”: The stupidest possible sect of “anti-woke” Putin-loving “multipolar” youtube “patriotic socialists” spent last weekend at a conference put on by the desiccated remains of the Larouche movement. Honestly excited for a brain dead 20-year-old youtube guy from Orange County to go on the nation’s highest-rated far-right prime time show to sell its audience on the promises of the “eurasian land bridge” and the importance of the Verdi Pitch


Breaking Bad. Wrestlemania.

Nathan Dahm. Elon Musk’s American Edge commercials. Jimmy Dore’s audience. Trump. Benny Hill. Land bridge advocate. The Bible. Tampa Bay Rays. Gump. Kanye, no longer “Space Larouche'”s great cause. Vegans. Yang. Tulsi Gabbard etc. DSA San Francisco. Gazi. The Van Gogh vandalists. Kenneth Copeland. Mao ZeDong. Ralph Norman. Tudor Dixon. Kate Bush. Pelosi attack truthers. Charles Lindbergh, Huey Long.

Pete Carroll hiring Oz Pearlman for a team session. All that matters right now is he had a great draft and turned Geno Smith around.

The tomato soup throwers indulged in time that would be better spent on picketing LaRouche-style climate change denial rallies promoting the myth of “Green Fascism”, such as the one to be held in New York tomorrow. Hell against Hell.

Boris Johnson is a New Yorker sleeper agent we trained to sound British as a scion of the World Bank to finally destroy the city of London’s dominance over finance and move the world’s financial center to NY and we have succeeded. LaRouche personally programmed him in 1974 during his private MKULTRA experiments

Fifty years ago, Trump would have been a flash in the pan. Another Huey Long, George Wallace, or Lyndon Larouche. Actually, he kinda is. One you have a historical reckoning on as with the first two, and to a much more limited extent the third figure.

Code Geass featuring Lyndon Larouche is one of my personal favorites.

Huh. A Scientologist Larouchie.

Caleb Maupin publishes new book.

Deplatforming Guy Debord (killing his publisher) and Lyndon Larouche (FBI investigations) gave us David Icke and Alex Jones..

The state of the Russian Communist Party: A lot of the patsoc draw on the Russian communists who are mostly just left learning right wing nationalist. Zyuganovism is something the left must understand, and I’m sure we will find the LaRouche Bags draw on the Russian communist leader

Left gate warning. Warning to all: Analyses are quick and easy to filter in mistakes. Maupin was not Larouche — not yet anyways.

Enter the damned “People’s Party”.

Sort of pound away at these things repeatedly — Hey, didn’t the Larouchites support Hillary Clinton for president in 2008, and didn’t LaRouche want to do regime change in Iran? — their answer is to continue praising the works that have these in them and maintain no self awareness at the cognitive dissonance.

Next Up!

Invitation-only meeting of the LaRouche Youth Movement. We will begin with a strategic briefing by @LightSkinMescan, followed by a discussion of LaRouche initiatives and organizing efforts. Come with questions. DM me for an invitation. More fun than Halloween.

Running in Australia

Every so often I remember that the LaRouchites have their own political party here and I go have a look at some of the stuff they’re posting, and I can’t stop laughing at just how insane these HTV cards are. Also very funny how they seemingly have their own TV Show on Channel 31 (The CEC Report) that nobody seems to have realised or noticed. LaRouche stuff always gives off weird vibes, especially online, but these guys are always funny to watch.

at ANU they’ve occasionally been caught sneaking into residential halls to put their newspaper underneath everyone’s doors


The RevLeft thingy.

Lmao Pixies – “Where Is My Mind” for the outro song on the new @RevLeftRadio episode about Lyndon LaRouche

and, preschool alumni unite.

And — complaining about the podcast’s anti-Stalin bias.

The Larouche Sideshow.

we’re live talking about how much larouche sucks, North Atlantic Fascist Organization, and what happens when you eat raw meat for months.

I am not a member of the left, and not even really a liberal. Do what you must with Tucker Carlson and Ron Paul’s anti-war stances, and Joe Biden’s stances.

True Anon has a podcast if you want to buy it. Holy shit listen to the new TrueAnonPod for an amazing Haz anecdote. Threatens a man in the men’s room, calls him an f slur, physically pushes a woman, calls security on the dude and gets him expelled at the last larouche conference

do you think if i made an EP of 432hz techno music i could get a pile of money from the LaRouche people or do they hate dance music

she’s doing exactly as you would expect she would…

Tuesday, November 1st, 2022

I squint at the 538 headline asking “What happened to Stacey Abrams? ” The story continues with the weird presumption that she ought possibly be winning her race for governor when, by all accounts on a blind test going in, she really should not be winning her race — just as she is not.

I suppose her’s is not as ridiculous a spot as the Florida gubernatorial bid of Charlie Crist or the Texas gubernatorial bid of Beto O’Rourke — but there is at least one basic principle at work for all three. Hers sidles next to O’Rourke in the “newly minted celebrity politician on Utne Reader cover” or in Abrams’s case maybe Ms. — or, gone Hollywood on everyone. The progressive millennial podcasters I regularly listen to have now soured on the candidacies of Beto probably in a way they never will for Stacey even if she drops in for another election contest or two — viewing him as privileged white male dude who needs to let someone else in. Charlie Crist is a tad baffling, but I guess the state Democrats need someone and have nothing better to go with, and he sees an off-ramp from congress critter to lobbyist.

The article takes pains to note her relatively bipartisan record. Sure. Another turned celebrity politician who got even less-where in her state electoral politics, Wendy Davis, checked away from her no gun control record after her gubernatorial bid. These things always slide and slip.

There was a good reason she desperately bid for Biden’s running mate. Because opportunities for immediate elections en route to the top office did not abound otherwise.