Nothing serious anymore

I… Guess?

Cecily Strong used a bait-and-switch trick to deliver sharp commentary on abortion rights.

So goes a favorable review of an SNL bit at The Atlantic, here on the eve of a probable Republican midterm victory. I suppose on the Senate comes down to just what Schumer’s hot Mic gripe on things going south in Georgia meant — either we ought be beating this dumbass by a lot or damned if this dumb was ain’t winning — as too the question of if Fetterman’s debate off of his stroke put the screw in his hopes of bobbing above the partisan ticket against a different dumbass.

It is a doomed election, as always. To stare across the red dosed ad scape of the Democrats, apparently “Maga” has come to simply mean a policy difference over Abortion policies. And there can and shall be no truck on a hotly done issue which has been a voting matter for Trump’s voters long before he tried to spur, in various hap hazard but violent fashions, a false election victory and long before Russians put up weird Facebook pages.

So. The Saturday Night live bit. Very politically charged. And in no way comedic. It is a funny deal. I listen to the Babylon Bee podcast, which is a not great but good enough thingamajing. There has been an odd cottage industry of liberal column and tweets explaining in painstaking details why the comedy of the Babylon Bee is not funny. The explanations are often correct, and sometimes not. I was thinking of this video they produced on the troubles a liberal little league dad has in cheering on his son, Brandon. A funny premise, or funny enough — but the problem is it is essentially apolitical and the crew could not help but take partisan shots with essentially speeches against Biden. So, not funny. But at the end of it — who cares? The effect is that the funniest thing they do is read off overly mportant letters about why they are not funny.

As goes Saturday Night Live political commentary.

From fivethirtyeight the “three questions I still have”: Question 3: How much does candidate quality matter? Actually the question is… What is ” candidate quality”. This goes back to Trump, who in 2015 I pegged as the Republican both most likely to win and the Republican most likely to lose biggly. In the 2022 midterms, we have this scene of “Maga” Republicans who came in with assistance of Democratic ads slyly boosting them — some more conceptually defendable than others. In Arizona, they boosted Kari Lake, and then ran into the problem that her past as a tv news anchor makes her very media savvy as against their gray candidate. So goes a predictable point. They probably hit well with the majority of their “blare them in red” opposition picks, but a one size fits all analysis will drink them in places.

Besides which, this does undermine their “Democracy in Peril” message. But then, apparently the party cares more about Abortion.

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