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Wednesday, October 5th, 2022

Gavin Newsom has announced he is not running for president in 2024, in a statement parsed about to see if he is indeed running for president. Theoretically the logic of announcing no bid while keeping it open would be so his weird advertising in Florida, Texas, and stunting over Abortion might have more impact — more altruistic than political, the thinking be.

I give him the benefit of the doubt and suggest he has taken the pulse of the country and arrived at the obvious: not going to happen. He doesn’t really have a “California Story” to sell the nation — apart from claiming a national mantle on Abortion access and transgendered sports-ball allowances. The political moment and array of elected officials depresses me.

There are two things that interest me with Newsom’s latest statements. The first, the reason cited for staying out of a presidential exploration exploration — the recall election chastised him. That seems completely insane, given how utterly torpedoed that thing was. But, I guess, it may be a place to cite that makes him look good — the humble brag. The second statement concerns Biden — it was a shibboleth of liberal Democratic posturing, offering that the problem with Biden is he still believes in some noble period of bipartisan goodwill. It was a statement that comes across as a shuttle through the old rolodex — it will get unhappy unsatisfied liberals nodding, even as it has not a lick of sense to it and does not match up to anything in Biden’s presidency. There were times you could apply it to Obama and Clinton, if so desirous — and so positioned to judge fall outs. It is another manner of carping “we can’t get all we want and f everything” — or, I guess, instant memory robotics, sounding the speech in tone deafness.

Jackasses in Germany

Monday, October 3rd, 2022

Have they succeeded with Hinkle getting non OANN to promote “Maga communism”? Okay…hear me out…what if reincarnation is real and this is Act 2 of Lyndon LaRouche’s ultimate plan to run for president a 9th time?

Let’s see now. Nothing he said has anything to do with communism or the dictatorship of the proletariat. … being a “maga communist” is like trying to be healthy by eating massive amounts of sugar and exercising. the one thing kind of overrides all the benefits of the latterHe’s even modeling his vocal inflections after Tucker CarlsonWhat does he mean by “do away with” John Bolton (who already resigned under Trump)? (In theory, keep him out of the next Republican administration?) … “Yeah, I’m a libertarian communist conservative, because I’ve decided words don’t mean anything.”i’m a Siddhartha Gautama Communist. I’m a Sadie Hawkins Communist. I’m a Flintstone’s Cocoa Pebbles Communist. I’m a Julius Caesar Communist. I’m a Mastodon Communist. I’m a Tuesday Communist. I’m a Realm-Between-Dimensions Communist. I’m a Pike’s Peak Communist. I’m a megalomani

Jackson Hinkle finds Geoff Young to be “sad”. Too bad for him, as Jackson has Trump message mojo due to this ” magacommunism” thing… Doctored though it is. On the other hand, Young has the good wishes message from the Ulyanov Institute — pleased to welcome influential US politician @GeoffYoung4KY in follower list and pronounces best wishes for successful further career. I assume it is a parody from NAFO but lord only knows these days.

Geoff Young Point: We Dems are better re 2 issues: abortion rights & protecting the environment. Counterpoint from spacemegalarouche: Oh you mean the two biggest projects in global eugenics and imperialism today? Wow Geoff, the democrats are so awesome!

More friction between Larouchies and Geoff Young: Get this, the GeoffYoung4KY campaign field director… Is attacking us for organizing in NYC? How is it a bad thing for us to organize in the most populous city in our state? Geoff, get yah minions in your campaign under control! Shameful! Theoretically, isn’t Geoff Young trying to win an election within the state of Kentucky? Like, I saw here in Portland a yard sign for McGrath a couple years’ back. It didn’t do her any good.

The War Commences

The Queen is worse than Hitler” … (At the long list of diatribes against Charles Manson — evil and not British –, Bertrand Russell, The Beatles, and … One Direction? That’s a new one!

And Sting loves the Queen. Makes perfect sense as he did a stalker pic song. Said the devotee of a cult that reveres Edgar Allen Poe.

Selling a Larouche conference to Ukraine.

They really do love Putin.

larouche groupies – ‘saving’ the world from thermonuclear war every day since 1968

Yelling at Dan Rather for not paying attention to their leader.

Gonna become a LaRouche guy, change my pfp and start a substack so people on the internet won’t make fun of me

Buddy of mine (TS clearance) who I served with got completely radicalized by LaRouche.

Joe Btrigga meets a congressman. That’ll show ’em!

We’re rebuilding the LaRouche Youth Movement in the US. Those interested should join us at the October 15th conference in New York. We will be heckling a lot more politicians. The Circle of Life…


In THE CASE OF LUDWIG FEUERBACH, Lyndon Larouche calls Karl Marx the Promethean Lucifer. He also claims Judaism is a byproduct of Christianity transformed by “mercantile-capitalist” forms, and Jewish culture is whats left after everything saleable has been marketed to the Goyim. Continuing on in that vein. (Jesuits are a Jewish project, says Anton Chaitkin).

An alternate universe where Bush wins the presidency in 1980 and Lyndon Larouche ends up a gubernatorial candidate of Illinois in 1986.

No clue why.

One of LaRouche’s underlings – Andreas Typaldos – ran Computron which was a huge funder of the USLP. Typaldos’ wife Renee was arrrsted in 1973 for alledgly being involved in a kidnapping plot. Typaldos went on to head – and run into the ground – a Linux company named Xandros. I used to be a huge fan of Xandros Linux, but when I found out about Typaldos’ connections to the U.S. Labor Party, I immediately stopped using Xandros and moved to Ubuntu.

Supposed legacy of Occupy.

Feels timely to bump this insane thread covering Elizabeth II to JP Barlow to Miles Copeland Jr to LaRouche to the MRA inside British concentration camps to the Mau Mau Rebellion.

Never forget that LaRouche thought Bill Clinton was apparently enough of a threat to the neoliberal globalists he was directly descended from that The Schiller Institute picketed the US Capitol with signs calling for the arrest of Ken Starr. LaRouche maintained this til he died. This came a decade after the Executive Intelligence Review floated the idea that Trump was an agent of Moscow (LaRouche also believed the USSR wae an Anglo-Zionist puppet regime) in 1986 lmao. How the tables have turned!

Queen Máxima of the Netherlands — more political than the apolitical former queen of England.

Robert Dreyfuss claimed Hashemi was a CIA and Mossad agent; Hashemi sued Dreyfuss and Lyndon LaRouche, whose Executive Intelligence Review had accused Hashemi of being linked to the alleged “funding of Iranian terrorism in the United States,” with the case dismissed in June 1983 due to Hashemi’s failure to respond to legal documents.

I think the way LaRouche got the following and a living was to read the news regularly, then spin a conspiracy out of whatever the recent issue was to give a sense of danger and being special outsiders to his lemmings. He changes views too with the times. Opportunist narcissist

LaRouche saw the infiltration of CPUSA after Hall took over from Foster, and knew what was coming- which came in the form of the New Left. It’s true he was SWP and always had a grudge, but how can you blame him? CPUSA after 57′ was awful. Gus Hall v Lyndon Larouche

This is snake oil. LaRouche was an anti semite and an anti communist his entire life. He said Russian people were heathens without independent thoughts, sold out S. African workers to their govt, and led an assault on American communists.

upon reading up on LaroucheAnd reading his work

The search for Bertrand Russell quotes.

We now go live to the foyer where Lyndon LaRouche and Webster Tarpley are welcoming their oldest friends…”

Encountering Larouchies in Germany

Some video of a Ukrainian refugee meeting Buso larouchies.

Dear German citizens, I am grateful for your country’s help to Ukrainians in this war, but this video is what many Ukrainians who fled to your country because of the war are facing. I have a big request for you: help identify the people in the video. Such behavior is unacceptable. In my opinion, their employers should be aware of these views. They should be held accountable for their harassment of Ukrainian refugees and their xenophobic stance in denying Russia’s crimes, which have been documented by numerous organizations

@avaritiaprima if I am not confusing anything, you seem to deal with such cases, can you help here?

Madam, you are beautiful. Special respect for not switching to dog language with Muscovites. What kind of city is that?

The author of the video is very patient. I would not have the patience to speak to those people.

It is so unfair and painful that Ukrainians flee from Russian bombs from Ukraine and are forced to go through the moral torture of Russians already in other countries.I don’t even know which international organization I can tag, they are all morally bankrupt

BüSo, I’m not surprised. Political sect, one is more degenerate than the other.

I am very sorry about that! I am ashamed of the behavior of these people, they are only a minority, but that doesn’t make it any better

Is it possible? just stop talking to a woman who lost family members to a russian bomb?! The Russian in the vid just needs to keep her cheeks shut and show that she has a SPARK of empathy and decency!

The blond Russian woman says that the Ukrainian woman should go away because she lives on her tax payments and gets 1000€ a month

What an ignorant & shameless person. She herself takes huge advantage of the opportunity to stay & work in the EU, and her home country is not attacked & beeing destroyed. Thanks!

The leader of BüSo party according to wikipedia says this: Zepp-LaRouche wrote an article describing climate change as a “Satanic Oswindle”… she suggested the origin of the “swindle” is the British monarchy. I have a feeling *arguments* won’t work.

Oh god. What a bunch of absolute freaks. Ideally just avoid at all costs. If you know German WTF is this ?? Look at this video from the BüSo party. Why is the guy not in a mental asylum ???

Side note. The poster at the beginning of the video is by organisation that promotes “bridges” with Russia and China, obv where propaganda is reiterated on autopilot. So surprised but not surprised

büso is the german part of the larouche movement. they probably don’t even have jobs they only live for their cult. better to stay away from them they are brain washed and psychologically broken

Holy shit, the third one gives me “Come listen to my one hour health shake presentation and you too, could be a millionaire!” vibes.

They’re larouchies, larouchites, whatever. Hard to believe they’re still around. I’m 65 and they were doing their thing when I was 20, and they’d been around for at least a decade already. The Queen was once their big bogey but I see they’ve managed to adapt. New day, new weather

So wild for guy who came of age in the 80s to see the LaRouchies are still a thing.


The LaRouche weirdos are huge on campus here and it just fucking bizarre. I see them all the time.

I had a comedy zine back around the 2008 election and one of the covers was “Lyndon LaRouche; the 19th Time’s the Charm.

We would sometimes get direct mail from them when I was a kid and my parents would explain they were cranks, and I picked up one around 1998 and said, “Yeah, they say there’s a new world war in the Congo?” And my mom was like “Ok so that one’s true.”

When I worked in the Texas Legislature they were still around, and would drop off conspiracy fliers claiming LBJ killed JFK. So many odd conspiracy theories about water policy, too?

Not to sound too much like Jack Ryan, but I actually met LaRouche and his wife once (not at a party). Then, had one of his minions as a colleague for a while. Strange times.

They won. larouche 4 life

Going into massive debt so my professor can make me read old LaRouche pamphlets and 4chan. That’s free speech, baby. —- Larouche handing out pamphlets in front of metro center is a scene from de Tocqueville.

LaRouche groups were campaigning in San Francisco for Trump, again. But, we have midterms not primaries or generals coming up. So, why divert attention to Trump from what’s current? That’s Propaganda+Extremism+CSPOA multi-paralleled. I’m fact, since 2007 LaRouche took my upset reaction of their posters with Obama’s face postered with a Hitler moustache. They knew where I worked and have been tracking anybody they can, plus sharing data as their “crusades” with their extremist group friends. I’ve been watching

LaRouche… the weirdos who handed out poorly written pamphlets back in college? yeah they’re recruiting the weirdos who failed at infiltrating the MAGA movement while it was still relevant to anything. gotta get those credit card numbers! i used to really enjoy baiting them. For some reason they always set their table up outside the philosophy/poli-sci building so I ran into them all the time when i was coming out of classes pumped up for opportunities to apply the socratic method to fresh victims. I would have watched. Popcorn. Lawn chair. Beer.

I’m old enough to remember when Lyndon LaRouche was the craziest, political cult leader in town.

within a month or two of 9/11 I was putting up flyers about MK-Ultra and junk ended up in contact with LaRouchies they sent a huge box of pamphlets after reading that women have shame about sex because their genitals are too close to their anus (?!) I realized it was a cult lol.

I miss the occasional rando handing Lyndon LaRouche pamphlets at Emmaus Post Office. (Interesting, coming off of a fury panic city council minutes speake).

Funny story: in ’04, I was the R representative for a ballot initiative that D’s agreed with as well./1. So we were working together with a D counterpart. Anyhow, we were in a car, in downtown Seattle, and some young woman ran out across the street without a crosswalk, and my D counterpart almost hit her. His temper really flashed, “GODDAMNIT! Don’t these people pay attention?”/2. It was only then, that I told my D counterpart the young woman had an armful of LaRouche flyers in her hands as she ran across the road. His response? “Damn it, If I’d noticed that, I’d have hit the gas rather than the breaks!” He was only half-kidding. Cracked me up. /3 FIN

My dad carried around some John Birch/Lyndon Larouche pamphlet that “proved” that Krushev was flooding America with pornography and sponsoring the British invasion to weaken American youth, wish I kept it.

Have you ever talked to a LaRouchite directly? I’d rather deal with a bipolar person off their meds. Had one zealot in college (pre 9/11) come up to me and proclaim LaRouche was the “new Socrates and Caesar and Pope” and that I should skip class to listen to his broadcast. (1/2

Larouche worked with the feds and the KKK to ruin the lives of leftists who opposed him. My cousin got suckered in and ended up living on one of his compounds. It’s troubling to me because people in the US fail at understanding history, and this will deradicalize some. …. Smear smear lie. Is all I see …. Cool. Enjoy the ride. I know my cousin didn’t.

Remind me of the LaRouche followers that used to be seen outside of political rallies who reminded me of the Moonies that used to be seen at airports.

This isn’t going to be as much fun as the time I explained field extensions and why you can’t trisect an angle to LaRouchies, is it?

I remember talking to some LaRouche fundamentalists in downtown San Francisco many many years ago. I was so silly to argue with them. A cult is a cult …. True. Then again, I bet Lyndon LaRouche never had to work a day in his life after getting that machine going.

funniest people i ever found at a post office

MAGA w marxist-this, marxist-that. PoliSci major here. I would’ve seen Marxists. Here’s where they were: bothering, interrupting profs, calling profs capitalist stooges, storming out, dropping out, selling Marx pamphlets on hub lawn folding table right next to LaRouche disciples

Guys, do you remember during the 1984 election, after one of the Presidential debates, a 30-minute Lyndon LaRouche segment? It was too long to be an ad. It was like a Ted Talk on live TV. I’ll never forget his saying that Soviets were invading any minute and we needed to prepare. Can’t find that exact Lyndon LaRouche spot on YouTube. I remember it featured a map of Europe, with arrows showing how tanks were already amassing for invasion. Even as a child, I knew he was a crank, loopy, and ridiculous.

I remember the LaRouche supporters, they’d try to sell you magazines like the Jehovah Witness Watchtower. Two difference: the Jehovah Witnesses hand their stuff out for free, and kept the leftovers for later attempts. The Larouchies handed their stuff out freely too, but then barked out a demand for payment — and also in the end left their merch in bulk at the nearest public garbage can to their card table location.

I am old enough to remember Lyndon LaRouche and the issues he created for the Dem. Party, his followers still show up ever so often. It was hell extricating the propaganda communists and the misinformation news letters. Now with the internet is the same story but on steroids.

In those days, when you hated a man, you didn’t send a SWAT team to his door for a laugh, you signed him up as interested in what Lyndon Larouche had to say. On the street, we called it “Larouching” a dude and it was rarely answered.

In… 2003? or so, one of our CIWS techs who was a raging conspiracy theorist-Larouche Guy subjected me to this rant over a four hour General Quarters while I was CSTT and couldn’t leave his space because I was initiating and observing a casualty. He had a lot of very specific arguments that I was not equipped to refute at the time and I found his web of lies unconvincing but I kept thinking: so what? Crushing the Nazis and the Yamato was good. If FDR really did do some underhanded shit to get us to, can anyone complain?

The Fight Continues

The Michigan GOP and “voter protection“. Haven’t seen LaRoucheniks in quite a while. At least not since a concentration camp survivor lost it and the old guy beat up the LaRouchenik behind the Obama as Hitler sign. These “Putin is our Friend” folks were Trumping before Trump.

Allies are there at “goyim tv“.

LaRouche guys are great because on here they’re like “We must break AmeriKKKa from the British imperial rule (God spit on the KKKween’s name)” and in the meetings it’s like “Ron DeSantis allowing gay kids? What a RINO”.

The People are noticing. I am frankly astounded that LaRouche supporters still exist. It’s like when they found a living coelacanth.

Q: What paralytic do you typically use when intubating a patient in the ICU? A: I think the preferred method here is, “Let me tell you about Lyndon Larouche…” Very cost effective but hard on the patient. Does involve some light literature.

kind of amazed we still have larouche nerds but i guess the whole zero-to-fuckin-crazy pipelines have really been opened up so i guess that might as well slot in

Every decade, 2 dozen new recruits. With a dozen dropping out quickly. AND… What’s with all these younguns getting into Lyndon Larouche? Like yeah, I get that they’re fascists but that seems kinda random and obscure, I mean they probably weren’t even born when he was really active and even I had to look him up because I only remembered his name. The system is self-perpetuating.

I have no idea what this bs represents. all the LaRouche dead enders have all simultaneously had the Very Clever Idea to call Luna Oi “Luna Soy.” I am sure she is devastated. Own something, I guess.

Response: That they are now trying to deflect and force me into a debate about land bridge is hilarious. What is there to debate about LaRouche’s utopian hypothesizing about building a land bridge? What does it have to do with LaRouche’s fascist theory and practice? A debate about land bridge: “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if we built a land bridge?” “Yeah, sure, I don’t know, maybe”

AND: That was always the cool LaRouche idea. Not understanding calculus was a real turn off

Haz Twitter suspended. Haz Truth Social rises. Maga Communists always have their perch over there. I am not looking too deeply into this, some clearer allegations and case made hereabouts — because… Who the hell is Haz?

Haz on revleft.

Caleb Maupin now out of it, the Larouchies turn their eye to Jackson Hinkle — and “clout” quote from 2019 — (opponent of nuclear) — getting in the way of seeking the Green vote — “a dollar store Larouche“.. This seems to be about why: We are uniting Marxists and MAGA to overcome the oligarchical globalists & the deep state. If you don’t like that, enjoy irrelevancy. Another version: We are uniting The Amish and NAMBLA to overcome the oligarchical globalists & the deep state. If you don’t like that, enjoy irrelevancy. Analysis: I think giving it coherence apart from that is a mistake… he goes for whatever he thinks his audience wants to hear and right now it’s straight up LaRouche Thought with Putin Characteristics.

You Lyndon LaRouche promoters are truly a strange crew, wanted by no one yet seemingly everywhere.

A bit of confusion round these parts — and this dark alley-way: The more CPUSA redlibs I read on Twitter the more convinced I am that Operation Mop Up was necessary — This is into mating that the Larouchies lights beat themselves up, basically, and the Jackson Hinkles and Caleb Maupin of the world.

Fretting the maga communists, and talking off that ledge

Theorizing: With the collapse of the CPI, the center of gravity for this particular side of Breadtube has swung to the right and does not seem to be abating. Caleb atleast knew enough about optics to hide his increasing affections and affiliations with Larouche publicly, these people do not.

Diane Sare has a billboard.

And “many diplomats walk by” — here her campaign is reaching the masses! Someone approached me in NY with a pamphlet from the Lyndon Larouche movement… That’s still a thing?

The real UN general assembly is the meetup of falung gong followers with the Hare Krishnas and the Avakians and the LaRouche cultists near the secret service checkpoint on 42nd and 2nd

Sigh. The Larouche nut jobs are out at 42nd and 2nd. “Russia is not our enemy.

Getting attention everywhere! Yep. The duopoly is junk and all the 3rd party candidates are nuts.

Shrine table in Denmark.

Dateline Boston: A roving UHub correspondent reports a gaggle of LaRouchies were out in front of the Park Street T station this morning alerting the public to the perfidy of evil old England. Kind of impressive considering ol’ Lyndon finally kicked the bucket in 2019.

Comments: Lyndon Larouche was a good example of what the supervillains and ultravillains of comics and movies would be like in the real world. Evil, megalomaniacal, exerting a terrifying degree of mind control over widespread minions, but also stupid, incompetent, and absurdly paranoid. This news sent me to nostalgically perusing his Wikipedia article, where I learned that he once shared a cell with Jim Bakker, who said of him, “to say LaRouche was a little paranoid would be like saying that the Titanic had a little leak.” I also learned that, according to Lyndon, the Beatles were “a product shaped according to British Psychological Warfare Division specifications.” Now I never would have thought of that.

It’s unfortunate that he never hooked up with David Icke, who could have told him that Elizabeth II is not just a drug dealer and international criminal, but a reptilian being from another dimension. Get with the program, Lyndon!

I haven’t seen the current crop, but in the recent past, whenever I have seen the LaRouchies I am always surprised at how young and fresh-faced they are, and how such youth could go for the ancient, outdated ideas of such a dried up, out of touch (and now deceased) ) fossil. Something keeps that machine chugging along. Because in my observation I see that, despite what the media tells you, most culties (not to mention drug addicts) are now generally middle aged. If you don’t believe me, go take a look at the North Station area or the Methadone Mile. Not a lot of “youth” or “kids” there.

let`s hope soon we will talk about that gaggle of trumpies at park st. The same way we admire the larouchy crazies now.

Standing in the way: It’s messed up because I tick most all the marks for being some infra LaRouchie weirdo (YIMBY who loves nuclear and hates degrowth) but I’m just like nah, civil rights are good, so the transformation remains incomplete. I mean A Lot of the LaRouche losers seem like their beliefs logically line up with YIMBYism but when it comes to housing they are, by far, some of the most insufferable online NIMBYs.

I’m sure Chris Sare and Jose Vega will go right at David Hunt’s suggestion.

Diane Bettag. Dismissed.

On the over press in Houston, for the John DeJean candidacy. Even if DeJean is mentioned nowhere. Wait — why aren’t they running Kesha Rogers?

Joel DeJean is running against… George HW Bush.

Trump stands by Ukraine. what happened to the “anti-imperialist” president that LaRouche, Schiller, and Infrared all claimed stood with Russia?

Noted. Lick the boots of the boss.

Lorg-er throws it down at LPAC: That roaring sound you hear is LaRouche spinning in his grave, watching you sell out while still fraudulently displaying his name.

Communists for Trump endorses Diane Sare! This is definitely a real thing organized by real people who breathe real air in reality. Twitter absurdisms

I honestly have no idea if this is parody for or against magacommunism, for or against carbon reduction, or earnest in some sense. The Larouche link shared downthread further complicates it.

Am I missing that Trump endorsement of any land bridge or for maglev which makes a graphic like this have an inch of sense?

Two choices, no Libertarian: Oh goody, just got my ballot for the NY election. Just the saddest set of options. Great job @LPNational there isnt even a candidate! For the first time in my life I just see 2 names (+ a candidate for the LAROUCHE party)

subculturalism is negative for DSA imo but far worse are the drooling LaRouche freaks who aren’t in any serious political formation or labor organization. marginal, truly no irl presence. if they were to explain it to their coworkers they’d be too confused to hate them!

All the Larouche teens are “Stalinists” now (don’t laugh)

Another attempt at integrating the Geoffrey Young campaign.

Geoff Young is what you get when you order Lyndon LaRouche on Wish.

LaRouche was 100% trying to figure out how to program his own assassins

Point: Trying to create a LaRouche map and losing my mind at how many different connections he has to the Hoffas He’s somehow on both sides of the murder Counterpoint: REMINDER: Your ideation of “Larouche Political- Mapping” is an overlay for another person’s shower curtain, and the longer you’re on Twitter, the more likely they’re gonna meet.

Got one! I don’t really think anything good is politically viable in america anymore and we’re all just arguing over which path to take toward decline, and as such i’ve decided i like these new larouche people. i’m glad they’re hanging out

Space Larouche slams A “Democrat / Communist Party” alliance: You realize LaRouche wanted to work with Cartos’s Liberty Lobby, Wallace’s American Independent Party, the American Nazi Party, and the Klan? I don’t support any of these groups including the Democrats. You’d sooner see me working with the CPUSA than the Dems.

ICYMI Watch the recording of today’s highly successful Press conference: Shut Down the Ukrainian Hit List Targeting Americans and International Voices of Opposition

And all right. Two x speed listen:

William Jones on Iran’s Press TV.

Canada’s Larouche Team trips up, Burke pounces: Steve Bannon is the enemy of #MAGACommunism. He has done everything is his power to steer Trump and the Trump constituency in the direction of hatred and fear of China. He is a leading political opponent of he World Land-Bridge. TPUSA serves the Great Reset. I am reasonably certain in all interviews with Bannon, — friendly or adversarial — the world land bridge does not come up.

Burke exonerates Kissinger.

YACHT Meeting

Yeah, well. Patsocs: *claim anglos are the ultimate evil controlling the world* Patsocs: *Suspiciously, Supports the US* I’m starting to think when they say “Anglo” they mean something else.

I’m starting to think that something much larger is going on than just the casual chauvinist infiltrating communist movements. The LaRouche movement is a cult, and I’ve been seeing the name with nearly all the large figure “PatSocs.” I don’t think this is a coincidence.

Well then.

What fresh hell is this?

Graphic design is their passion.

A new generation of dupes getting roped into the LaRouchite dead-end to go nowhere for another 4 decades.

Nothing is more terrifying than the idea of attending the Nightmare Party on the LaRouche MKULTRA Yacht.

Oh I forgot that LaRouchites hate British Pop band, such as The Beatles. They say that they were a Tavistock Institute creation, or something.

This is happening after a bunch of people, including myself, talked about how similar the movements were. They must’ve been paying attention lol

Who’s going to the Schizo LaRouchite conference?

The design of this poster is giving me motion sickness

Me (with a bomb)

Why haven’t any of the Patsoc or Magacommunism retards tried to bring back Chairman Bob. Surely Lyndon LaRouche has more baggage than he does?

These people are so nuts that they make the ghost of LaRouche look sane.

Larpers for LaRouche.

Are there like teen influencers for LaRouche? Wouldn’t have imagined that.


Who the hell did that “flyer” because my 10 yr old could design a better one. The all lower case text in red? The typewriter font? The burning whatever? There isn’t a chance I’d trust these people with a credit card.

Right? With all this jerking off to Soviet aesthetics and whatnot, you’d think someone could put together a proper poster

What a dumpster fire. I think my favourite part is the Russian Imperialist shills being featured at the schiller institute. Brilliant.

No matter what you believe, if you start falling for conspiracy theories, all roads lead to LaRouche.

(on allusion to jailing Epstein associates): A bit confusing to brand your engagement-farming meme movement around Trump’s catchphrase and then call for arresting him in your platform

I can’t believe I saw this in public with my own eyes

The portrait of Freidrich Schiller with the flames is legit the best thing they’ve ever done

My condolences to your eyes.

It might seem tempting to go to see how terrible it is, but remember that the boat will be under maritime law.

Looks like they hired the Falun Gong/Shen Yun graphics teams to design that eyesore.

with a special performance of dazed and confused by led zepp-larouche

I actually like it here we sometimes have a mix of Gonzalo posters and Avakianite stuff it’s a good time


What’s even more hilarious is I’m blocked by three of these people. LMFAO

no one should actually get angry at jackson hinkle. the dude is a total clown, not worrh wasting energy im more confused at why he feels so strongly about calling himself a marxist/communist when he doesn’t even seem to have a cliff’s note’s understanding of those terms. larouche stopped identifying with marxism/communism when he broke from the leff i guess jackson just wants to stir up social media reactions

LaRouche 2.0?! More like 9.8 — but at least it’s consistent. Each one is worst than the last. Still, in this week of royal worship, I do wish for some oldies about the Queen as the major world drug dealer.

I genuinely cannot tell if this is a bit or not

I find it kind of hilarious that to them “gyms” are a top concern in the country and deserve its own bullet point.

He’s more like dollar store Limonov.

Not as entertaining and you can’t get into shouting matches with Hinklers while waiting for your Orange Julius and pizza dog.

At this point, I think he is doing an Andy Kaufman type bit. And I am glad. No one will even dare take red-brown alliance seriously ever again.

At least the original article had nunchucks

What’s your opinion on how organic this “movement” is? I’m not one to accuse others of being OPs but a whole network of these weirdos materialized basically overnight, some with massive followings, and Hinkle has been on OAN and Tucker recently. Seems real suspicious to me

LaRouche without the intellectual firepower (but, thus far, with fewer murders)

TBH I agree with 80% of the points. When I see “antifa street terrorism” and “patriotic education, end woke academia” I realise none of the good stuff is really on the menu.

Finally, a political leader who is willing to remove the red tape!

The best way to get rid of such infestations is wasp spray and a Bic lighter. I just realized they’re from the Schiller Institute, Lyndon LaRouche’s cult headquarters. Those people will kidnap you, drain your bank accounts, and leave you for dead on the side of a road in Germany.

Lyn Marcus did write an almost unreadable book on dialectical economics…that will keep the Patzis busy

love that larouche guys are still around. we should give them a state just to see what they do with it

Steve Bannon lurking in the shadows.

I could see the @EclecticRadical , @TinaDesireeBerg via @StatusCoup @vanguard_pod and maybe @grahamelwood going in on dealing with the LARouche MAGA Apologists in the near future here.

man i love that our generation has our own even dumber larouche people

parody account, it seems —

MAGA Responds

How we got there: the glue binding these threads together is a fetish for parliamentarianism and intrigue.

Not gonna lie, shit’s funny.

Desperation from Haz:

I had a dream that some frat boy YouTuber tried to resurrect the LaRouche movement as #MAGAcommunism lol wtf that was wild.

So, one big LaRouche circle-jerk?

The larouche guys have the frenetic/self involved vibe of a junkie trying to sell you something on the street but like fucking up their pitch and being really aggressive.


Steve Bannon. Herman Cain. Bobby Piton. Beto O’Rourke again. Cumballs and Bernie Sanders share a birthday. The People’s Party. Dan Rather. Patrick Scrivener’s reformation dot org. Conspiracy dot connector, and Jeff Berwick. Libertarian Party of Minnesota. Dan Bolduc. Schizoposting. The Fiat money decriers. Pastor Gene Kim, Herbert Armstrong. The Harry Bridges Marxist Club splintering off of CPUSA. Kanye. Arizona Candidate Mark Finchem. Bitcoin. Trump and supporters after doing weird thing at a a rally. Putin, Orbán, Bolsonaro, Jim Jones, Manson, Koresh, Pol Pot, Netanyahu, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Marshall Applewhite. Michael Tracy and the Ron Paul newsletters. Australian Republican Movement. Trump borrowing from qanon. Massachusetts Republicans. Kyrsten Sinema. Darren Bailey. Lindsey Graham. Convoluted graphist. Putin. Scott Ritter. Harriet Hageman and be extension Wyoming.

Mike Tracycautionary tale for contrarians, if you compulsively disagree with liberals whatever they say and are incapable of admitting error, then sooner or later you’ll wind up doing Hitler apologia. …. Every generation gets the Lyndon LaRouche it deserves

Regarding Ukraine — Jill Stein supporters. James Corbyn.

The Larouche Movement is just the American Kuomintang

Cheminade, Asselineau, I always confuse them: present everywhere for decades. The LaRouches “dragged” the barge in front of Charlety in 2007.

We make intersubjective comparisons of utility all the time. I have to say Lyndon Larouche makes more sense than this crazy Samuelson-Becker cult

I’m gonna bring up the National Beekeeping Service in every socialist meeting I ever go to now. It’s gonna be to me what the World Land Bridge was to LaRouche.


Brian O’Shea and Stewart Battle debate on “Blog Talk“. Here.

Finally getting around to watching this. Not even 2 minutes in, main guy mentions that he’s been in the John Birch Society and supported Lyndon LaRouche. 10 minutes and we’re talking Secret Space Program, and then the Dove of Oneness. This doc gets straight to the good stuff. Seems to be a worth a watch for us “rare species of exotic floral studies” types.

Louis CK does “Fox From Space Commune”. Good on Fox’s trajectory; bad on Louis’s.

Burke during a thingy: Does a point produce circular action, or does circular action produce a point? Reply: Dec.17/78 (New York)* Dobbs: Lyn, have you ever noticed that the central feature of all machines is rotation? LaRouche: Now that’s a mouthful, Bob! I’ll have to think about such a sweeping generalization, but my first impression is it has the ring of fact. *may not have occurred

RIP John Train

One mention in the NYT obituary.

Mr. Train’s other oddball preoccupations that led to books included “remarkable words with astonishing origins,” “mots justes and indispensable terms” and “remarkable occurrences” (in 1895, for instance, only two cars existed in Ohio, and, Mr. Train claimed, they collided).

He treated his political interests less jokingly. A committed cold warrior, he wrote for The Wall Street Journal about military affairs. He became concerned that the conspiracy-monger Lyndon LaRouche was a “possible Soviet agent,” Mr. Train’s longtime assistant Sara Perkins said in a phone interview, and he convened meetings at his home for journalists, law enforcement agents and others in government to raise awareness about research he had done into Mr. LaRouche.

Mr. Train’s activism provoked a ferocious reaction from Mr. LaRouche’s followers, who accused him in 1991 of serving as “chief propagandist in the ‘Get LaRouche’ drive.” In 2007, Washington Monthly wrote that Mr. LaRouche had encouraged his followers to believe that “they were the victims of mass conspiracies” that were “usually perpetrated” by Mr. Train.

Youtube algorithmic

Saturday, October 1st, 2022

This guy’s commentary pops up on my YouTube algorithm. And to be sure, that’s because I occasionally watch it. A basic habit he has is to say “Now, I don’t really pay attention to Hollywood celebrities, but –“, as a preface for ranting on for ten minutes about the latest celebrity / political brohauhau feeding A lot of Twitter feeds..

I am not watching this one, and maybe he clarifies this and offers an opinion different from that which conservatives and Republicans did have with Jon Stewart, but Trevor Noah “destroy” ing The Daily Show does imply Stewart ran a fantastic ship. Did Trevor Noah make this show political? Or (gasp) is there some recognition on the nuances of Stewart’s political positioning — who get did burned a couple times in trying to be reasonable to his conservative entities and assuming good faith. (The Acorn sting video comes to mind.)

I have zero opinion on Trevor Noah, but his show looked successful enough, considering the glut Jon Stewart created. Maybe Comedy Central should look for a Craig Kilborn and let Colbert and Kimmel battle this liberal political fight.