Youtube algorithmic

This guy’s commentary pops up on my YouTube algorithm. And to be sure, that’s because I occasionally watch it. A basic habit he has is to say “Now, I don’t really pay attention to Hollywood celebrities, but –“, as a preface for ranting on for ten minutes about the latest celebrity / political brohauhau feeding A lot of Twitter feeds..

I am not watching this one, and maybe he clarifies this and offers an opinion different from that which conservatives and Republicans did have with Jon Stewart, but Trevor Noah “destroy” ing The Daily Show does imply Stewart ran a fantastic ship. Did Trevor Noah make this show political? Or (gasp) is there some recognition on the nuances of Stewart’s political positioning — who get did burned a couple times in trying to be reasonable to his conservative entities and assuming good faith. (The Acorn sting video comes to mind.)

I have zero opinion on Trevor Noah, but his show looked successful enough, considering the glut Jon Stewart created. Maybe Comedy Central should look for a Craig Kilborn and let Colbert and Kimmel battle this liberal political fight.

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