the obituary will probably be in the below fold in the NYT

So.  What is his legacy?

We note that the Executive Intelligence Review, the publication of his cult, has been wont to start mis-spelling his name.

In the early rounds, no major news source of “wikipedia notability level” is getting it up, and we’re stuck with twitter feeds.

His “twitter feed” hasn’t been updated since 2009… if this is indeed the real Lyndon Larouche, and not to be too conspiratorial but I have reason to believe it isn’t.

Altogether a dripping of this.

I always thought of LL as the quintessential 70s talk show punchline and was surprised by a Boston University undergrad shilling for him on their campus in the mid-2000s. I assumed he was already dead by then. When pressed for Lyndon’s stance/worldview, I was reminded of his classic “shotgun” approach that placed virtually everything and everyone into the same hell-bound handbasket. Thanks for entertaining us!

And that.

Oh man. Lyndon LaRouche RIP. He taught me it was okay to be weird.

In honor of Lyndon LaRouche’s death, here is the article in which his publication called my father the ‘High Priest of E…
Who hasn’t been tagged into the Lyndon Larouche conspiracy vortex?

Lyndon LaRouche is dead. The Rothschilds deny responsibility. Alex Jones reportedly is in a secure location.

 Apparently, someone called #Larouche is dead. I’ve never heard of him. Never will again either.

Yes.  In the early going, it’s pretty meager.

Will this “name as insult” all fade away?
When President Trump wakes up and misplaces his mind on Twitter like some street-corner LaRouchie,

Or, for that matter, the off-shoot brands

The Law Council of Australia, who oversee federal legislation, declined to comment to The Echo on their position on the laws, while Greens senator Peter Whish-Wilson supported the laws and attacked the Citizens Electoral Council as ‘full of shit.

The likes of Mike Billington jump to declare a “We must now continue to advance his life’s work” and the cause… we have his marching orders in this headline:

The Next Twelve Months’ Work Must Consolidate and Systematize the Cosmological Ontological Standpoint of Cusa’s Founding of Modern Science

Get to work, Larouchies.  The next 12 months are crucial!
I guess the big work is to get the masses to sign a petition for Trump to “exonerate” Larouche?  (Last legacy project indeed.)

Where will Roger Stone go to now, in off-kilter alliances of the desperate?  (And what the hell did he get from his jumping in with the cult in the first place?)  It does seem to hover to the top of what immediately concerns the likes of dailykos.

The Larouche organization used to run a bookstore in the downtown portion of Leesburg, Virginia, upriver from Washington. D.C.  As I recall, it was called the Benjamin Franklin Bookstore.  I stopped into it one time to check it out.  Lots of American history stuff in the front. At the back of the store, books about Hitler, including Hitler’s own Mein Kampf, and recordings of music by German composers, especially Richard Wagner.
My first encounters with Larouchites were earlier, when they used to pass out pamphlets while standing on Seventh Avenue in Manhattan, just outside of Pennsylvania Station.
One of Larouche’s goals which he touted during one of his Presidential runs in Democratic primaries was to build a canal across the midsection of Africa so that merchant vessels would not have to circumnavigate the Cape of Good Hope.  I guess that that canal will never be built now.

And the memories commence.

His legacy reverberates in what others had to fight against… He leaves behind a Trail of causes

The 92-year old actor, artist, and advocate — who fought for equality in New York before becoming a Los Angeles activist in 1971 — is still highly engaged with the resistance and hasn’t lost an ounce of her stage presence. Biographer Judith V. Branzberg and Bottini had a spirited discussion about her life that spurred the audience to laughter as she recounted the outrageous undertaking “liberating” the Statue of Liberty. She also recalled her involvement in historic moments like stopping the Briggs initiative, and The La Rouche initiative, being one of the founding members of the first ever chapter of the National Organization for Women, and designing the NOW logo, still in use today.

Will Helga Zepp now close down the US branch?

Or, as we used to call him at the Iraq War protests, “comic relief”.
Hey! … you probably picked up the fountain-head notion of everything running from the Straussians from him.

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  1. Justin Says:

    NYT as a measuring stick, which was when I suspected we’d get the most bulge of interest here.
    It was above the fold. I suppose he’s the most interesting of the three obituaries the paper had to publish. Not that I’m sure what that matters these days — most readers will read it online. It was also pretty darned long. Or maybe reasonably long, if it were of higher quality.

    Now I guess I can try to assess the state of the cult. My theory of Zombie existence… it’s declared death a hundred times before, and it sort of is but… returns at half power.

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