Davos and anti Davos and what is a Davos and what is an anti-Davos?

In his exit, Steve Bannon assailed the Trump administration as now purely beholden to Davos — I think a sliding away from that old nationalist big works products mixed as it were with the building of The Wall toward the end of an upper class tax cut.  It’s interesting to note that, naturally, the reception at Davos is… hostile.  In and out.

davostrumpnocoal  And sure, they’d be out with any American president, and Bush with Iraq.  This one’s notable in that Trump’s big faux pas in the Davos  with Davos is an “anti-globalism” protectionist stance… so where do the protesters come about on the issue of the neo-liberalism globalist order?

It’s also interesting to note the protesters message conflicting with that, in a sense, with noted member of the “Resistance” — if any politician can be called that — Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown — a man who, it is rumored is — along with every other elected Democratic official — may be running for president or vice president or has his name being floated out there because there’s no one else anyone can think of

Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, applauded this week’s decision on tariffs and said he had been dismayed when Trump delayed decisions about whether to impose restrictions on steel and aluminum imports.

Notably, he likes the protection on solar panels.

Of course, this is the policy prescription that won Trump OhioPennsylvaniaMichiganWisconsin, and thus the election…

(whistling because no one likes to suggest Trump won with policy prescriptions of any sort ascribed to traditional Democratic policies.)

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