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congress. mature as ever.

Monday, May 8th, 2017

The message was a little muddled, in the singing of “na na na” on the House floor at the passing of the “Obamacare“…

Sometimes reported as Republicans singing “na na na” to Obama’s signature domestic achievement, it was actually Democrats making a weird reference to the Republicans singing of “na na na” in 1993 at the Democratic Congress’s passing of the Clinton tax hike.  I wish it were immediately available on youtube.

And will only make sense if the supposed history repeats itself, something no one expects to much happen, but we’ll see I guess.

It’s possible some confused Republicans heard the chant, then decided to join in for their reasons?

the European Project restored!

Monday, May 8th, 2017

So.  What lessons can be learned for American politics from the French electoral landslide of Emmanuel Macron over Marine Le Penn?

A defacto redo of the whole Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump race, right, except moved to France?

And with a 39 year old man in the role of the long tenured woman…

With the establishment party evaporated…

And the Bernie Sanders character in the election had his chance, and came in … 4th?  5th?

(But how would he have done against Le Penn?  Or Trump, for that matter?)

The Center Holds!

small details

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017


Across the street, friends Josh Elms and Ryan Falck sported red scarves and carried small Soviet flags as they prepared to march in support of workers’ rights.

Yes, I know… some protesters will be more radical than others, but… Here’s to The Soviet America?
I suppose it precludes bringing out the Mao Posters.

Ironically enough, the Soviet flag might be a symbol of Russian nationalism… and we see herein

Hundreds of thousands showed up in the Russian capital to celebrate International Workers’ Day, according to state-run media. In Red Square, people waved Soviet and Russian flags, as well as banners supporting President Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party. “Decent work, wages, and life” is a common theme at the gatherings.

Sure.  The Communist Party is probably useful to Putin’s managed government.
The current occupant in the White House frequently cited, though I suppose recent bombings fray the point, as “Putin’s puppet”.  The protests in part a support for the occupant in the White House?

It is a different May Day parade that happened last night than the one portrayed in the 1950s in Harvey Kurtzman’s Humbug — barricaded street, a handful of Communist troopers in an empty street marching behind sign saying “Unity”.