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Across the street, friends Josh Elms and Ryan Falck sported red scarves and carried small Soviet flags as they prepared to march in support of workers’ rights.

Yes, I know… some protesters will be more radical than others, but… Here’s to The Soviet America?
I suppose it precludes bringing out the Mao Posters.

Ironically enough, the Soviet flag might be a symbol of Russian nationalism… and we see herein

Hundreds of thousands showed up in the Russian capital to celebrate International Workers’ Day, according to state-run media. In Red Square, people waved Soviet and Russian flags, as well as banners supporting President Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party. “Decent work, wages, and life” is a common theme at the gatherings.

Sure.  The Communist Party is probably useful to Putin’s managed government.
The current occupant in the White House frequently cited, though I suppose recent bombings fray the point, as “Putin’s puppet”.  The protests in part a support for the occupant in the White House?

It is a different May Day parade that happened last night than the one portrayed in the 1950s in Harvey Kurtzman’s Humbug — barricaded street, a handful of Communist troopers in an empty street marching behind sign saying “Unity”.

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