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2 dozen running

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

Big question as Lindsey Graham announces his presidential bid…

Will Joseph Lieberman endorse him?

There is some comedy in that the McCain — Graham — Lieberman brand is seriously reported in the news media as a thing.

Ayotte is the newest member of the “Three Amigos,” having filled the void that was left when Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn.) retired from Congress in 2012.

They visit Iraq once or twice, and then congeal into a beltway media favorite band.

Though… that’s not enough to get him into the top tier of candidates, and so as of now being left out of the debates… a top tier composed of, oh, 10 candidates and including obvious non-candidate Donald Trump.

On the Democratic side, where the debates look like they will include anyone who wants to murmur about a presidential run (Jim Webb will be in, whether or not he decides he’s running… )  … because we’re down to a cool 6 candidates, it looks like… and the odd duck is Lincoln Chafee who’s making a splash by coming out for the Metric system… here’s a quotient of folks rallying behind the Metric System idea…  and redoubts that his campaign is out of time.  Personally, I don’t think Chafee goes far enough.  Way too much of a squishy moderate on this issue.  I’m waiting for someone to chime in on behalf of the Decimal Time system put in place by the French Revolution.  Anyone?

history’s mysteries and political dynasties

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015


The American political landscape has changed considerably since 1856, when a crowd of Ohioans stormed the home of a young attorney named Benjamin Harrison, urging him to run for office merely because his grandfather, William Henry Harrison, had been elected president of the United States in 1840. “My ambition is for quietness rather than for publicity,” the younger Harrison protested. “I want it understood that I am the grandson of nobody.”

Why was everyone clamoring for a return to a presidency that lasted all of one month?

“With at least 18 senators, dozens of House members and several administration officials boosted by family legacies, modern-day Washington sometimes resembles the court of Louis XIV without the powdered wigs,” hooted the Washington Post.

Bring back the Powdered wigs.