2 dozen running

Big question as Lindsey Graham announces his presidential bid…

Will Joseph Lieberman endorse him?

There is some comedy in that the McCain — Graham — Lieberman brand is seriously reported in the news media as a thing.

Ayotte is the newest member of the “Three Amigos,” having filled the void that was left when Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn.) retired from Congress in 2012.

They visit Iraq once or twice, and then congeal into a beltway media favorite band.

Though… that’s not enough to get him into the top tier of candidates, and so as of now being left out of the debates… a top tier composed of, oh, 10 candidates and including obvious non-candidate Donald Trump.

On the Democratic side, where the debates look like they will include anyone who wants to murmur about a presidential run (Jim Webb will be in, whether or not he decides he’s running… )  … because we’re down to a cool 6 candidates, it looks like… and the odd duck is Lincoln Chafee who’s making a splash by coming out for the Metric system… here’s a quotient of folks rallying behind the Metric System idea…  and redoubts that his campaign is out of time.  Personally, I don’t think Chafee goes far enough.  Way too much of a squishy moderate on this issue.  I’m waiting for someone to chime in on behalf of the Decimal Time system put in place by the French Revolution.  Anyone?

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