the natural law party — still gnabbing the rounding error percentages

Nikki Matson of the Natural Law Party received…

627 votes.

More specifically, the Results

Maria Carl                            REP           17987
  Jonathan Tade Williams                REP           16950

  Pamela Pugh Smith                     DEM           22667
  Casandra E. Ulbrich                   DEM           21336
  Kimberly Moore                        LIB            1941

  Gregory Scott Stempfle                LIB            1201
  John Adams                            UST            1654
  Karen Adams                           UST            1275

  Sherry A. Wells                       GRN             921
  Nikki Mattson                         NLP             621

In the US House, Michael Burgess received… 1,673 votes.

He doesn’t seem to be into Transcendental Meditation… but this isn’t the same party as 2000 when it was upending Pat Buchanan, or even 2004 when it was amusing Dennis Kucinich.


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