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Thurmond, Byrd, Dingell

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

On long time Congressional figures, I always have to consider this phrase… cliche ridden purple prose:

His 30-term career not only mirrors the arc of 20th century history,

Skip forward to this, and it is more of the same:

Mr. Dingell has earned himself foes and friends and watched his cherished Congress change from the days when committee chairmen held sway to a body overrun with partisan discord and strife.

All right.  Electoral History for the taking.  For a man who has been in office for, it is said, more than 25 percent of the institution’s history.

This is the man Bill Maher had in mind, along with Lautenberg, with this editorial about the age of Congress.  The “cold dead hands” routine, and “Congressman for Life” — “We love this man in this district!”.  No, I do think Dingell should have lost a primary a decade ago.  Somewhere where the biography of the man turns from his record of achievement to a poetic musing on a changing America.

At least with Lautenberg there is a sense of “Best the Democrats can do for election”.

The main thing about John Dingell… is to muse about the oft heard remarks on Fidel Castro.  When his supporters would tick off a list of American Presidents he survived.  And, granted, the early ones had in for him for assassination hopes, but with Dingell it is a ticking off of “International Pariahs” and dictators he survived.  Say, for instance… the term limited  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

so, about Senator Inhofe

Sunday, June 16th, 2013

The Oregonian publishes a feature, apparently, where your questions are answered on a wide variety of matters of pertinence.

So it is I saw a question this past week… asking… if it is… possible… that the Department of Homeland Security… as personified by the decision making apparatus of President Barack Hussein Anti-Christ Gun Hater Obama… is buying up ammunition… causing shortages … for the purpose of creating shortages… to take the ammunition away from God fearing Gun toting Americans just interested in exercising their Second Amendment rights?

Or, roughly that.

And it is here that I’m left scratching my head wondering… Where the hell did that come from, and why is this being peddled to mainstream bunk / debunk purposes?  (Shouldn’t it at least be in “politi-fact” land?)

The Oregonian’s answer was a non-answer, not addressing the issue head on, but explaining what political figures are peddling this.

Looking back over the matter, I see the dailypaul headline:

OK Senator Inhofe confirms Obama’s DHS buying up domestic ammo to bypass 2nd Amendment.

Sigh.  Naturally if he said something hawkish about foreign or surveillance issues, they would not use the word “confirms”.

Look into the issue further:

Republican lawmakers are pushing legislation aimed at combating a threat to gun rights that even the National Rifle Association has described as pure fiction. […] Last fall, the NRA issued a statement saying the claim was being pushed in an “Internet rumor mill” and was designed to “stir up fear.” The “more incendiary authors,” the group said, “suggest that these government agencies are preparing for a war with the American people.”

Hm.  Interestingly…  Too many problems to sort out with this story.

correction noted on mr. paxton.

Saturday, June 15th, 2013

A correction, from hazy previous postings.  Floyd Paxton never ran for Senate, or governor.

So here it is is, his electoral history, for the man who invented the bread clip — those weird little things that snap bags together.

11/08/1966 9,585 (7.64%)  (running as a “conservative” in the general election.)
9/15/1970 10,245 (13.15%) (Republican in a “blanket primary)
9/19/1972 28,851 (25.69%) (Republican in a “blanket primary)
9/17/1974  17,872 (25.61%) (Republican in a “blanket primary) … He did beat this guy, to take the Republican nomination.
11/4/1974  59,249 (41.09%) … a general election defeat.

If there’s any more than this, I would be interested to know.

Interestingly enough, dipping into the New York Times archives and he (a regional president of the John Birch Society) had offered his employees a day off should Goldwater win the Presidency.  It was not to be.


Diane Sare in New Jersey and Lindsey Cosgrove in Australia — both battling the Queen of England wherever she may lurk

Friday, June 14th, 2013

Your alternate history for the day…
Greatest Fictional Accomplishments of Elizabeth II’s Reign:
11. During a drinking session with Colonel Sanders, decided as a lark, to plant joke “evidence” at Lyndon LaRouche’s house that they were conspiring with the Pope and the Rothschilds to rule the world.

Interesting, a Royal Family conspiracy gets some rebuff with:  And speaking of looking behind the scenes, I checked into the Schiller Institute. It was founded by Lyndon LaRouche’s wife, and he is highly involved. As a former Chicagoan with memories of the LaRouchies, I can only laugh.

Blasts from the past:  Since Lewis was so big, and usually surrounded by a gaggle of LaRouchies, they would have to surprise the former national prep-school wrestling champ when he was unguarded.

Comparative Cult Studies:

A blast from the Past item.  From the late 1970s…  What was behind the Jonestown Cult, as reported by EIR:
Both the “black propaganda” in most media, and the horrifying events themselves, are no spontaneous sociological phenomena. As a careful examination of the facts shows, the whole hideous business was deliberately created, cultivated, and deployed by a closely knit group of conspirators, whose control traces back to the British Special Operations Executive (SOE) and the cult formations in which the power around the British monarchy is organized. Its purpose is to wreck the foundations of the American political system, beginning with the Carter White House, to establish the preconditions for a massive wave of Baader-Meinhof style terrorism in the United States under the cover of fanatical pseudo-religious cults, and to remove all obstacles to the installation of Senator Edward Kennedy as President on, or before, Jan. 20, 1981. 

Um.  “Huh”, indeed.  No, this makes no sense, though I suppose it’s curious to see they had a more complicated view of Carter than the “Carter Hitler” menace.  It is sometimes fascinating to see the boilerplate fill in the blanks nature of this article.  “blah de blah Queen of England blah de blah…”
Other blast from the past:  Michael Aquino, founder of Temple of Set was aa key player in the Lyndon LaRoucheframe-up in the 80’s, spooks vs spooks;) chuckle

NEO-NAZI CORNER, and anti-semitic corner… Your StormFront Curio of the Day
Interesting monograph on the Jews and the British Empire, originally published in 1935.  (link to Dennis King page)
I don’t know that all Larouche publications are entirely credible but have found them worth reading for what otherwise unspeakable truths they might convey.
Curious.  Dennis King’s link to show the history of some of Larouche’s rhetoric and positions lead a neo-nazi to the confusion that they’re looking at something form Larouche, to express their mixed opinion on him.

Then there’s this, which I’ll stick here due to where the discussion goes after this post:  Many volumes written on JFK assassination, 99%+ disinfo. LaRouche says JFK hit done by Permindex company which also participated in MLK assassination & attempts on DeGaulle’s life. Permindex situation rather mysterious until I read Dope Inc last week which really fleshes out the details.
Weirdly from there everyone blames it on the Jews.

And odd bit from the past:  It appears that Larouche exposes Frank Lautenberg’s part in the Grand Jewish Conspiracy.
And, new commentary from the larouche cryonics movement.


This is probably the most viewed “larouche” reference of the week on the Internet.  An article on Libertarians.
The weak logic and bad scholarship that suffuse libertarian responses to my article tend to reinforce me in my view that, if they were not paid so well to churn out anti-government propaganda by plutocrats like the Koch brothers and various self-interested corporations, libertarians would play no greater role in public debate than do the followers of Lyndon LaRouche or L. Ron Hubbard.

Hm.  “Speak on the City of London and you’ll be labeled a Larouche follower“, and so the need to dismiss such an insult.
I’m independent, always have been and always will be. Those that wish to put me in a Lyndon LaRouche or Webster Tarpley bracket, feel free but I will not dismiss all their information just because one has connections to the Grand Orient De France etc. Parts of their information come in handy but I’ve got more of my City of London knowledge from another set of people entirely who are not that well known, plus my own study into the region and control from there.
Ron Paul fans insult the nonsense of the cult.  I saw Larouche promoters promoting Hamilton and his national banking system. They say it was used to fight the British. I though lol. The Bank of the US was quasi-private. 80% of its share were owned by foreigners mostly people who were British. Hamilton himself was foreigner from the west Indies. Hamilton also favored a monarchical government. Great logic Larouche’s followers have a private British owned bank is going to protect us from the British.
It is the latest YouTube conspiracy theory, a 19th Century kraut is crushing our minds! […] Let me guess, the video is a joint production of Alex Jones and the Larouche clan, right?

Donald Trump ruminates on 2016 run brings us this thought on Christine O’Donnell 2016:  (I´m giving 3-1 on Christine with someone from the Larouche group as her VP pick).

How to insult a band’s touring promotions:  3) They turn their shows/merch tables into Lyndon LaRouche campaign stops, spreading the most fucked-up garbage to impressionable young fans.
HAR INDEED!  So does Lyndon Larouche, Jeff Schoep, and a handful of other fringe figures. I don’t consider that “scary” so much as “delusional.”
Oooo.  Burn.
One study I read twenty-odd years ago when I taught this stuff pointed out that even news and opinion shows that prided themselves on covering the whole spectrum of political opinion in the US were likely to include representatives of what almost anyone would consider right-wing extremism (the Christian Identity Movement, the Tea Party, the LaRouchies), but nobody furtherleft than the Democratic Party.  Believe it or not, there are political groups in the US to the left of the Democratic Party.  (I used to do legal work for some of them.  BTW, they always paid their bills, unlike Lyndon LaRouche and his buddies.) They turn up in the news only when they get arrested for sabotage, like the 83-year-old nun currently on trial.
Until you open the box and discover it’s just filled with old Lyndon LaRouche pamphlets and shredded newspaper.
“Anything a human being does to aLaRouche follower is justifiable on the grounds of self-defense.” – Kevin Bold.  (I have to disagree with Kevin Bold, even though it’s a lark and a joke.)
Greek Parliament
It is the mix of corrupt police,secret service,nazis,agent provocatuers,parts of the armed forces,most corrupt politicians,mass media and 5-10% of population which can be “bought” to cause fear and insecurity in the first stage (even in calm times) and civil unrests,military dictatorship in the final stage when ever needed.
This is why it sounds so familiar – ever hear of these guys
Haha LaRouchies, these douche bags were constantly handing out their pamphlets at our college.
A more common “not Tea Party” group that often buts into any large rally is people from the Lyndon LaRouche movement.
To an over-hyped over-ventiliating man stopped for passing out fliers.  They’re like those aggressive, insane LaRouchies that plague the DC metro.  […] Oh, thanks for the flyer, into the trash it goes.
AND… We had a leftist named Lyndon Larouche who tried to recruit kids when I was in college with random stupid shit like “Rock Music Causes Impotence.” Also argued that 9/11 was an inside job so we could go to war in the Middle East. The Democrats stopped letting him enter their presidencial primaries.  Response:  Ralph Nader really fucked hm over.
I‘m wondering why the hell I spent most of my morning reading about Lyndon Larouche. What a dick.  All I wanted to do was swot up a bit about the American Civil War and the UK’s relationship with the Confederacy and the Union (I watched Lincoln last night) and suddenly I’m reading about that nob. My bad.
Jill Stein would have been completely out of her depth, like Sarah Palin or Ralph Nader or Lyndon LaRouche.
Nick Benton gets slashed for his history here.  Hm.
WoW playing:  Probably when everyone complained in Cata that it was too easy. […]  That was right after Lyndon Larouche was elected president, right?
HEY!  Maybe we can make “When Lyndon Larouche was elected president” a new “Monkeys fly out of butt” slash “Jump the Shark” combo.
Nah.. they are not “new converts”. It is just more of the anti-Semitic LaRouchie/Paulbot types talking the same old bullshit and pretending they were once rational and reasonable people.
You are a Soviet propagandist kike.
JIM BAKER!!!  your footnote to his history.
Got anything from Lyndon Larouche? How about Rand “use-drones-to-kill-shoplifters” Paul?
“Yah Republicans”:  Consensus, Compromise, Statesmanship, Shared Vision, Bipartisanship, Working Together, and Licked Fingers Held In the Air played no role in this. (And, I should point out, neither did Gary Johnson, Lenora Fulani, Lyndon LaRouche, Ross Perot, or any of those other “third-party” banner carriers, who were all sitting on the sidelines in this endeavor, licking their wounds and “waiting for next time,” as usual).
(‘could’ve voted for [link to ron paul]. Yeah, well we could have voted for Lyndon LaRouche too.
Interesting that even listing your other options besides Obama, you still pick the fascists.
LaRouche, only you would, Lux...
ALEX JONES; various alignments
First comment here:
Very disappointed to see Mike Judd in cahoots with America’s modern day Lyndon LaRouche, Alex Jones.
I thought Lyndon LaRouche was America’s modern-day Lyndon LaRouche? Seriously though, LaRouchies are still on college campuses, living in communes, forbidden to socialize with others, “donating” their time and money, drawing Hitler mustaches on pictures of Obama, and yelling at passers-by.  In short, Alex Jones doesn’t have a full-blown cult. Yet.
You got your LaRouche-ites MO right — I’ll tell you whuuut.
The attempt to take over the Virginia Pinsula Tea party continues.  And they are informed that
Anglo-Dutch Empire Is the Structure of Evil and The Only Real Enemy Of Mankind.

The State of the Stephenson County Board, and a politician’s focus onthe  “Agenda 21” UN plot:
“This is like the time the LaRouchies surprised the Democrats years ago and got two of their people on the statewide ballot. Six of the eight are brand-new. The next time the election comes around for these people, I think they’ll have trouble getting re-elected.”
Martindale scoffs at such talk, calling his critics “RINOs,” for Republican in Name Only. He says his colleagues and he are trying to break the good ol’ boys network, shine light on government shenanigans, and cut spending, taxes and regulations. He’s not opposed to all state funding, citing motor fuel taxes as an example.

and borderline communists like Webster Tarpley who has previously held close ties with Lyndon Larouche a man who is a known Trotskyite.
It is interesting to see larouche crap being posted right now to alt.socialism.trotsky.

Regarding Bilderberg… from the Telegraph.
Among its fiercest critics is Lyndon Larouche, a serial US presidential wannabe turned shock jock […] Sane people have their concerns too,
(Yeah, well…)

The George Soros boogey-man.  Did the Larouchies manage to corner the market on Soros hatred in 1996?
And conspiracy theories reverberate:  Yeah thanks for the link to the LaRouche mag, but the evidence of DDT being phased out (not banned) leading to the return of malaria …
And Bertrund Russell is rolling his grave, and weeping.

Sounds like good speculative fiction.  (Note: this is narrowly tied to this one post; I will not comment on the rest of this thread.)
Though I was somewhat intrigued by the Tea Party, the really got bought out or sold out and became a shill for the very lobbyists they seemed to originally were against. Some of the original Tea Party seemed as anti-Wall Street as Occupy. I remember I wanted to write a comic about a kid that gets involved in political activism. Maybe toss in some nuts like the LaRouche people. Plus the Tea Party. Then, in the story, I was gonna have an anonymous-like group start going after the government and lobbyists the way they went after Scientology and rally behind a whisle blowing web journalist… then the damn thing happened in real life!

Who is this Examiner Reporter?
Kenric Ward reposts what are essentially Larouche press releases.  Here on Tom Harkin putting Glass Steagall into the Senate bill docket, and then here… your rather — odd — perspective on the NSA story.

This spying operation that Obama’s been running on behalf of the Queen of England, has brought them to the point that people are now — on that account, and several other related accounts which have been piling up — ready to throw this bum out of the presidency.” AND...
“It’s not good for Obama,” LaRouche said, characterizing the administration actions as “intentional crimes against our citizens and against our system” that have eclipsed Nixon’s Watergate travails. (which he defended at the time.)
“Obama is on the edge of being thrown out of office. Whether that charming event will occur or not, has not been decided. But if you take the proceedings that occurred in the Senate, in answer to this (Kirk-Holder) colloquy, that colloquy already indicates, that despite a few dissidents who still are covering up for Obama, the majority of the Senate is for a housecleaning, now.”
We have that bi-partisan group of a mix of — I guess we can applaud Lindsey Graham for his bi-partisan consistency — and figures who’ve proven to be partisan hacks with regards to Bush v Obama — er… Al Franken. All adds up to more than 50 not “ready to throw the bum out”… But this is a curious line here…

Ironically, it was a British newspaper, the Guardian, that broke the Verizon story. […]
Ironic because of the Queen of England and all that?  This is where that fictional land of fantasy becomes convoluted.  But the reality is Greenwald has long been a critic of Obama on civil liberties, so there is no irony here at all.

In other media dumps…  SGTBULL and Harley Schlanger.  Press TV has conducted an interview with Bill Jones, with the Executive Intelligence Review, Leesburg about the issue of an NGO that has warned the Turkish . Bill Jones on NSA spying — Press TV.   They’re proud of an appearance in Russian weekly Zavtra.     Ian Williams — Press TV.

The White House has condemned Assad’s forces for taking over Qusair and has called on Hezbollah and Iran to withdraw forces from Syria. This as, Syrian rebels have attacked Lebanon. Lawrence Freeman, Executive Intelligence Review magazine, joins RT studio for some analysis on the situation.

Due to recent downturns of attention, I dispute this last line for this particular part of the equation.  Unless you count “their” media. The only Obama hate groups around here are Libertarians, LaRouchies and Teabaggers.
The former two hate him with the blazing fire of a million suns and shout at strangers in public places.
The latter glare at everyone and mutter to themselves a lot since the elections last year.
They all have media on their side.

the Impeachment Drill

Who is behind some Impeachment ad or other?  Well, they may have cornered the market enough to be the first guess

One obvious thought concerning the current big political discussion:  Organizations which drill into new recruits sexual histories for later embarrassments (for one example) have no standing to weigh in on civil liberties concerns — with the last administration, with this administration, with the next administration…

Larouche, the insider and snowden need to cough it up…. stop stalling boys….
Snowden has some things to cough up.  The Insider doesn’t.  Larouche doesn’t.  But we go on…

Okay… From the “Unhived Mind” — one of those weird photo-shop jobs which shows your “MK Ultra“.

And so we get the this thing.  To the Lunatic Outpost, which honors the man over here.

On April 11, 2009, at a LaRouche PAC webcast in Washington D.C., LaRouche famously and accurately portrayed Barack Obama as a Nero-like dummy who could be manipulated to do anything on behalf of the policies of the British Queen who controls him. This portrait was highly controversial at the time.
Now, LaRouche emphasized, the issue is that [Obama] “has been allowed to go to the point that he is seeking absolute, total dictatorship over almost everybody” and this fact has suddenly become conscious within leading circles. Comparing Obama to Richard Nixon, LaRouche noted, “the time has come for that lawful process that dealt with a President earlier and threw him out of office, back in the early 1970′s –the same treatment, with probably an extra kick or two, is coming to Obama.” [“Probably an extra kick or two”?  Little help here: what is this supposed to allude to?]

Into the weeds of the comments section… Breaking News!!! President Obama Indicted By Federal Court? Yes, Says Larouche. Or A Rumor?
Mr. Lyndon Larouche, a well respected journalist and political activist received word from his sources within the United States government that … [HAR DE HAR.]
Obama won’t be impeached because first he’ll be charged with document fraud pertaining to his birth certificate making him, not the president, but a normal everyday criminal/usurper. THEN every bit of legislation he’s signed under false pretenses will be NULL and VOID. A much happier scenario than impeachment which will KEEP all those laws in place
Ppl America is not a country America is a corporation The act of 1871 was when Congress sold every person to the Rothchilds bankers. Which put every person in slavery. I beg every American to look up the Act of 1871.
It was not a citizen grand jury that indicted this pice of garbage barack hussein obama but a federal Court in DC . A number of people on those blogs keep saying citizen grand jury trying to mislead people about the indictment . Obots !
dont buy the lies friend. the real leaders of alquaeda are your leaders. obama is the head of alquaeda. bush b4 him
dont buy the lies friend. the real leaders of alquaeda are your leaders. obama is the head of alquaeda. bush b4 him
The “connecting the dots on a whim” that fees the Larouche Movement.
A popular radio personality always has said “watch the other hand” when it comes to these types of things. If they intentionally broke the IRS and prism scandals, they are on the brink of being exposed for something fucking HUGE and unprecedented.
I 100% agree. There was some ‘nut-job’ journalist that came out in January, I think, and they said they had evidence that 0bama would not finish his 2nd term and it would likely end in treason and impeachment. Most discredit the guy and call him a conspiracy theorist and I tend to feel the same on most occasions but always kept his words from that proclamation in the back of mind. I wonder if this is the stuff he was referring to. I don’t keep up with him…I think his name or the name of his organization is LaRouche or something like that. BTW…I was just listening to that ‘popular radio personality’ and their show was pretty spooky today.
The irony here is that the Larouche Movement would be working to wean the posters at such a forum away from their “gore shock” loving hobby, and call it a British plot.
Sheesh.  LaRouche served time in prison for political crimes so I tend to listen.
I thought it was for credit card fraud?
provide a link or shut the hell up.  (I thought their tact here was not to deny the history but to call it a political attack…)
Hm.  On June 2nd, 2013, Founder and President of the Schiller Institute, Helga Zepp-LaRouche delivered an address to the Daniel Estulin conference in Barcelona Spain, via a pre-recorded video message.

A note  on their lobbying efforts for Glass Steagall — which, failing to pass will destroy the Solar System:
He had a lot more to say about the filibuster and the fact there is almost no public support for it being the main reason but he threw in that “Most people humor the LaRouche people, but only one or two offices actually take them seriously.” The two offices he refers to are Charles Rangel and Walter Jones, of which the former sent greetings to LaRouche on his 90th birthday and the latter meets with the LaRouche-folk on a regular basis, and has even gone so far as to hold joint-press conferences with Jeff Steinberg moderating.  The ideological insanity ensures that the popular support necessary to carry important legislation (…) will never be accessible to LaRouche sponsored measures.

Well… And this Letter to the Editor describes the sheer amount of baggage that the Larouche Movement has dumped on what is otherwise a worthy measure.  It’s sad.  Because…
You’d think LaRouche had invented Glass-Steagall. He some of the qualities of a carpet salesman.

A retro  Joker Obama icon-er asks about Obama’s Impeachment as sure thing, and gets this response:
ONE FEARLESS PREDICTION, HOWEVER — No matter what Obama does, no matter how his political fortunes turn, some Republican TROLLS and Larouche supporters will continue to accuse him of every crime in the book from jaywalking to pederasty & murder.


Nicholas of Cusa Shows Us the Path.
Dodd-Frank’s Mass Murder Mandate Is Treason: Crush It!
The Mars Debate:  A New meaning of Space.

Hm.  In bizarro world, Jay Leno’s “Headlines” bit moves on from the long running highlighting of headlines the nation over and goes to snickering over Larouche headlines such as these.  Hey!  I’d watch!

And here we have a REVIEW OF POLICY MEETING WEBCAST.  Avoiding too much sweeping statements into Kremlinology , but always need to note.
Last Monday LaRouche admonished the entire Policy Committee on the show, repeatedly. Referring to people not showing up (Rachel Brown notably was absent if I recall). LaRouche said Mondays were sacred. The rest of the week went off in the usual ho hum manner. LaRouche referenced internal Saturday and Sunday meetings no one would know about outside the org, futher reinforcing the idea that these are not shows really intended for the general public to be watching. .yeah.

The Larouche Irish Brigade … is it feeding CNET, or is CNET feeding it?, asks Democratic Underground

Just now saw this on Twitter…
Was #CNET story pirated from LaRouche site?
Note: The LaRouche article was June 14th, CNET was June 15th.
And characteristic reactions:
 surprised they are still around, from what i have seen most have turned into ron paul groupies
It does no good to argue with a cult. They know it all and know nothing, all at the same time, and hate all who don’t go along.
Wow! CNET’s even less honest than the LaRouchites in quoting folk!  That may represent a genuine low point in American politics!

THE  Diane Sare and Lindsey Cosgrove CAMPAIGNS
And so it’s sort of official… Your Petition candidates against Chris Christie:
New Jersey requires 800 signatures for an independent candidate, or for the nominee of an unqualified party, to get on the ballot for a statewide race. This year, only five petitions were submitted for Governor-Lieutenant Governor. See the state’s list here. They include Steve Welzer for the Green Party, Kenneth Kaplan for the Libertarian Party, Diane Sare for the LaRouche organization, and two independent candidates: William Araujo, who hasn’t chosen his ballot label yet, and Hank Schroeder, who uses the label “Don’t Look Back” in half the counties and “Economic Growth” in the other half.

After participating in a local discussion on the planned shutdown of New Jersey’s Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station, Diane and campaign activist Bruce Todd discuss the necessity of maintaining and expanding America’s nuclear energy industry and other development projects, only possible with a full reinstatement of the Glass-Steagall Act.
Is anything possible without the reinstatement of Glass Steagall?

So, let’s see… into this Diane Sare corner I go…
Diane briefs supporters on the battle for impeaching Obama and reinstating Glass-Steagall, and why the popular cult of “worshiping money” simply doesn’t work.
This is an odd message for the “Bogota Meet and Greet”.  Goes to show a shaking of message away from the Tea Party, I guess.

 And With her updating on the East Jersey Tea Party, we get these very Tea Party comments.  Lovely speech Diane, such great points you touched on here, especially the whole Bill Gates eugenics operations he is rolling out and the Dodd-Frank bill.
Lol what was going on this place though? Sounds like it was done in the office area of a zoo, with all these chirping noises and interruptions 🙂 People need to sit their butts down and listen, damn it! 🙂

Amazing how evil doers (goes back to creation, Satan) can turn around untruths and make it appear that it is the truth. We, the people, need to pay more attention to what this corrupt government is doing to our liberties! Vote with conviction or don’t vote at all!

(Hm…  This speeching is, frankly… HILARIOUS!!!  At least for a while.  I like the comment about Canada having the indignity of the queen being on their currency.  But there’s only so much of it I can take.

The New Jersey paper publishes this:

“Diane Sare,” writes Salvador RIzzo, “a classically trained musician well-versed in Bach, Beethoven and bank regulation, said the key to fixing the state’s finances is investing in public works and reinstating the federal Glass-Steagall Act, which etc etc.

The comments section is full of Diane Sare Larouchies pretending to be “interested in reading her newsletter”.

And this is interesting.  Look at who else is running for New Jersey Governor:

Araujo seems to have taken some of his program from the “United Front Against Austerity” which is the brainchild of conspiracy theorist Webster Tarpley. On the surface, the UFAA  sounds ok. It’s not a socialist program against austerity, but for some, it might seem like a good start, with its call for job creation and nationalizing the Federal Reserve, etc..
But who is Webster Tarpley?  

Yes.  It’s the Larouchites versus the Tarpleyites.  (In other Tarpley News… he believes Snowden might be with the, wait wait don’t tell me… CIA double or triple agent.)

Batting through this candidate… and a “hm”…Lindsay Cosgrovehere, and   - this article here and its mention of “third campaign”  — it’s the same –

Election results:  541 (0.67%) — (2004 seat).
The 2001 “Independent” bid for something brings similar results:  215 (0.31%).
Well, supposing this is the same person, that does show he doubled his total in 3 years.  This might be the product of political party identification — the awesome power of the “CEC line”.  We’ll see if 9 years has brought him even further still.

Treading the old Social Democrat line with a right wing stance on the social issues… “(People) can be whatever they like but I don’t know that I would legislate for gay marriage… God said one go forth and multiply, he didn’t say one go forth and not multiply.”

And, for image
POINT:  “So this time [electors] might look at an alternative a bit more closely,” he said.
COUNTERPOINT:  I would find it hard to vote for someone who can even turn their collar down properly.

Post Office Tour

Dateline Livermore
Gardener says the group makes stops throughout the Bay Area raising awareness and funds to try to remove Obama from office and make changes to the laws governing banking.
According to Gardener, who equates the financial calamity which recently occurred in Cypress as being the potential fate of the United States, by reenacting the Glass Steagall Act originally put into place by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1933, Americans will be financially better protected.

One idiot with a floppy hat makes a group?
Don’t impeach him. That is the cowards way out. You voted for socialism. You deserve to get it good and hard. It’s what you wanted after all. Even if you weren’t aware that is what you were getting.
P.S. Those LaRouche guys are there all the time. Several times a year.
I too see then out there all the time but instead of the thumbs up, I flip them off;)

Dateline Somewhere or other:  gots him next to MLK for some reason with “I Have a –”
Mr. LaRouche’s life is the epitome of the long, strange trip.
ah, sort of like L. Ron Hubbard on LSD.
Trouble is, he has said so many things in his life that when a few of them come true his followers say, “Oh he prophesized that!” Ignoring the blatant untruth of the rest of it.
I made the mistake of starting a dialog with a 20-something-year-old Larouche supporter on the street the other day. He was deeply convinced that everything good in DC is a result of behind-the-scenes work by Larouche supporters. Once it was clear to me that there was no way a real dialog was going to result, I walked away, only to have him shout after me, “Come back, don’t be lame!”

Dateline Baraboo:
Comes out in favor of Glass Steagall (agree, with some quibbles — perhaps to make his point, he overstates a bunch of “general consensus”); disagrees with Obama Hitler.
The poster linking Obama to Hitler was not despicable, it was sad.
One observation about Dodd Frank: he fails to agree with Larouche on it being Mass Murder.

You know it is going to be a long essay when a question about the German’s “blank cheque” to the Austrian-Hungarian empire leads to an answer involving the Rothschild(s),paper currency, and for some unknown reason, Stonewall Jackson.
Strong chances the student or his dad is a Ron Paul supporter.
Anything about the Queen of England? Could be a LaRouchie…

Your typical perspective.

Lyndon LaRouche was able to run for president of the United States. And he thought that the monarchy of England was behind the World Trade Center attack. (Or something like that. The free book I got from one of this supporters outside a post office tended to ramble.) He didn’t get many votes, of course. (And I’m sure many of them were “protest” votes by people who wanted to “stick it to the system.”) IIRC he also did time for credit card fraud related to his presidential run. Should he not have been allowed to run? Hell no, as long as he qualified. Because if the government can block him from running, who could they block next? Anyway I’d rather that type of candidate be allowed to run because that way we can keep a better eye on them.

Not that SFWA is the government. (Lord help us!) But they have to follow governmental rules, as well as their own guidelines. They can’t ban someone from joining if they qualify as a professional SF/F writer. Who would be next? Would some people try to ban Orson Scott Card? Or would some people try to ban writers such as John Ringo and Tom Kratman? Then someone would retaliate by trying to ban more liberal writers, and … Yikes! You think it’s a mess now?


That doesn’t make him wrong… (1+ / 0-)  Remember the blind pig and the acorn?
Recruiting for LaRouche (26+ / 0-) on this site makes the diarist wrong and should get him/her thrown off the site ASAP.
I get it now (9+ / 0-)  I saw the last line but missed the first one and didn’t get the heavy recruiting hit.
you’re missing the shtick (20+ / 0-)  by which the larouchies operate. they latch on to an issue that appears popular at the time, and then rant about it in hopes of roping you into listening to their longer spiel, which ends up in you joining their cult or walking away in frustration at having been trolled.
HRd for LaRouche (20+ / 0-) No way, no how is this turd gonna sit here.
This is one long-term sleeper troll (18+ / 0-)
5 years, no comments till today.
Hey, I’m all for reinstating Glass-Stegall…but shouldn’t we do something about the drug ring Queen Elizabeth is running first?
The Queen is a Lizard Person, so I heard..
I thought she was a mole person. nt……
Poor queen.
Dude, while you’re at it, can you report back to LaRouche headquarters that it’s really annoying when you take out that half hour ad every four years and preempt Seinfeld? Seriously, I just want to eat my dinner and watch Seinfeld with Mr. Beagle in peace………..
Hey thanks for those Obama-Hitler moustache posters. Awesome..
La Douchies really? No…
You Get Concert Pitch A-440 Outlawed and We’ll talk.
Wow, a real live Larouchie. Let’s study it! Actually, let’s just ban it and move on

And into this Thom Hartmann forum.

Herschel Kurstofsky drops in to wack wikipedia for not bowing down to his Larouche sock-puppet army, and then goes on to give some high falooting explanation on how Larouche is the nex Renaissance Man.
More like eyes rolling. He’s not good with economics. He’s as crazy with economics as he is with the other stuff. As far as “alarmist” goes – if one’s “alarmist” for 40 years, and eventually a major recession happens that doesn’t make you any less crazy. Stopped clock and all that stuff.
And just read the rest of Hersch’s comment if you need any more proof that it’s all just nutzoid gobblydook.
Yeah, I always thought that whole business of “dynamic” thermoses was a load of crap too, until I actually met one at a wife-swapping party in Bensonhurst one night. I mean, this ordinary-looking thermos just got up and started kicking major ass. I was lucky to get out of there alive, I don’t mind saying. I still can’t remember if my wife made it out…
Anyway, I would agree that LaRouche’s abilities as an economist are compromised by his pessimism and general disdain for any authority figure not named “Lyndon LaRouche,” but I don’t think he’s crazy when it comes to economics. It’s an oversimplification to say that he kept predicting a recession would occur until it finally did… Still, I don’t want to come off as a supporter or anything, I just think he should stick with what he knows. Besides, he’s like 91 years old, so what does he still have time for – two, maybe three more Presidential runs? At some point you’ve got to stop worrying about obtaining ultimate political power and start thinking about how you’re going to get from the bed to the bathroom in time to avoid soiling yourself.
I’m not sure where that leaves LaRouche. I corresponded with the man once over e-mail and found that even when he was way out of his depth, he took particular solace in appealing to his own philosophical convictions. This is actually a rather common condition of many “anti-scientists”. Has LaRouche ever admitted that he was wrong?
So back to the topic: marginalizing fringe views seems like a pretty good thing for an encyclopedia to do. In fact it’s nearly tautological!

I knew I recognized “His Majesty’s” crazy – he is a LaRouche-ite
In response to:  When you get above the 33rd degree you will know that it is illuminati in disguise. It’s a form of trickery use to lure people into luciferian. The purpose of above 33rd degree is to server Satan. The representation of Satan is the Satanic crown, that’s currently being held by Queen Dracula The Eqyptian Pharoah Queen Elizabeth II. That’s why the British pound is worth more than all currencies. All other countries’ currencies value must be lower than the British Pound (where the crown of Satan is held); It’s luciferians way of creating slavery world wide.

a daily paul thingy.
Lyndon LaRouche warned us about the evil plans of QE2, and now it looks like the genocidal dirty old Queen of England has finally found a way to reduce the population of the earth to less than one billion people… in fact, right down to zero.
Damn the old Queen, and her wretched Prince Philip too!
Just discovered satellite of QE2 to be named “Prince Phil” in honor of the 93 year old consort of the Queen of England, most famous for his passionate desire to be reincarnated as an incurable pandemic bacterium which eliminates most of the human population.
Heh. Everyone should have a dream.

Larouchie spreading the word on what the IRS issue is all about:
 I am a Democrat by the way, which really does not amount for much, bipartisanship is the name of Constitutional government so you do not get it both ways, call it big government when it is convenient to your side, or crying that you are being “victimized” when it so happens you are showing bias against a specific grouping of individuals. Civil servant? She serves a specific interest all right, the HSUS, those who did not want Lyndon LaRouche to speak, and now did not want the Tea Party nor any group that educates people on the Constitution, to exist.

And Creepy indeed.  As noted by Tenenbaum at factnet:  Need a specific corpse for a “6 word story”.  Goes with… Peter Tenenbaum.
No idea.

no, we never heard this line of attack from jefferson or adams.

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

There’s a tendency to scoff at “political negativity” by doing the historical reckoning with the harsh political rhetoric of the past.  See the supposed political attack ads of 1800.  Which may be a bit like pointing out that there isn’t really any golden age of civil liberties.

Yeah, well.  There’s some word play there at least, isn’t there?  Long winded thoughts and the like.  Today we just skip to the bottom line.

“I can be really brief tonight and just say, Mitch McConnell sucks,” Yarmuth said Thursday, according to the Washington Post.

McConnell campaign manager Jesse Benton called the comment “classless.”

“The liberals are coming completely unhinged,” he told the Washington Post.

To be fair the McConnell response than goes on at great length, with a reasonably partisan line of attack.  And this may be the point of the 3 word “Mitch McConnell sucks” line — Yarmuth didn’t just walk off the stage at that point, his speech finished, and the rest of his speech wasn’t reported; just as the response was clipped right off after “liberals are coming completely unhinged”.

To be honest, I’d be much more sympathetic to a McConnell response of “I know you are, but what am I?”

As for who they’re running in Kentucky– the Democrats… they’ll get someone out there, eventually.  And they’ll be plenty of time for positive feel good ads that add much more to the public discourse.


where to focus in on when staring at the leaker of the moment

Monday, June 10th, 2013

I saw the CNN blare for Edwards Snowden is pretty curious and interesting.  “From High School Drop-out to Security Clearance”.

So this is where we land for short-cut insult to the man.  It’s going to be de rigueur for pundits in arguing against him to slide that phrase in — ad hominem style.   (To be honest, I would have much prefer if they go with “Damned Bradley Manning wannabes.“)  I suppose it would tag us better over to the realm of indicting the government for lax standards — the man somehow wormed his way in with but some damned community college computer classes and Army career.

Or maybe we take this bit of the story and go with the idea that evaded indoctrination into the National Surveillance State?  (Damned John Taylor Gatto wannabe… or, something?)

Whatever the case, the problem with this focus …

You know, Peter Jennings was a high school drop out?

… beyond the messenger becoming the message, is that my guess is that public polling would show the demographic most congenial to “frying the guy” would be your high school diploma-less.
May be.

As we go into the debates on tapering down the line about the encroachments into “Total Information Awareness” — I kinda like this comment:

Frank Church weeps.

We can make it the new slogan for all Administrative civil libertarian concerns.  “Frank Church weeps”.  “Frank Church is rolling in his grave.”  Just to find out if anyone knows what the heck you are talking about.

Then there’s…

For a putative martyr, Snowden’s had a pretty cushy existence, it seems, and yeah, there’s pretty clearly a narcissism problem when someone in his 20s decides to give Barack Obama a chance to “keep his promises” before leaking what he knew about PRISM.

Wait.  Narcissist.  I think the entire generation has already been indicted for that, and from there we do have further debates on the nature of the millennials and what the legacy of their vast Narcissism is going to be.  Apparently it’s this.  Far out and groovy.